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  • Rudolph The Red Nose Rein Deer

    John Stinson
    • devotionals

                         Rudolph the Red Nose Rein Deer


       In Ireland, in the winter, during the time of St. Nicholas, people would use deer’s as a way to travel, but in the spring, summer and fall, the people would use horses as a way to travel.

       Horses can’t travel in snow, but deer’s can travel in snow. Not only can a deer travel in the snow, but it can pull something in the snow, just as well as it walks in the snow. In Ireland, in the winter, during the time of St. Nicholas, people would use a group of deer’s and a sled to travel from one place to another.

       Deer’s back during that time were more than capable of doing that because they grew much bigger back then, then they do now. If a deer would grow like it should, it would be almost the size of a horse. That was the size a deer was back then and it’s probably the size a deer is now in certain countries. So because of the deer’s size in Ireland back then, they were more than capable of pulling a sled that was big enough to carry two or three people at the time.

       Back during the time of St. Nicholas, the people who would use that method of travel were people who were rich and wealthy and St. Nicholas was a man who was rich as well as wealthy.

       St. Nicholas was a land owner and an animal owner just as many other rich and wealthy people were back during that time. In Ireland, during the time of St. Nicholas, rich and wealthy people would make deer’s a part of their cattle only for the purpose of winter travel.

       St. Nicholas had many deer’s he would raise as his cattle, but only a few of them were red nose deer’s. All deer’s are smart and very sensitive to the environment. Some deer’s are smarter than others animals. Some deer’s are so sensitive to the environment, they can stop at the same exact spot every time and a deer can do the same thing with a multitude or a number of stops and it will be the exact same spot every time they stop. Some deer’s can do that, but not all of them. But all of them are smart and very sensitive to the environment.

       St. Nicholas gave a lot of toy’s to a lot of kids on Christmas day, so because of that, he made several trips. The trips he made, they were the same trips he made every year as he would drop off presents to kids. St. Nicholas would use several deer’s to pull his sled, but the deer he had in the front would be the red nose deer. St. Nicholas would separate the red nose deer from the rest of the deer’s as he would raise them. It was extremely important for St. Nicholas to have a red nose deer because of the multitude of stops he had to make as he would drop off Christmas presents to kids. A red nose deer would make his delivery easier. A red nose deer would make St. Nicholas delivery easier because St. Nicholas couldn’t and wouldn’t get out of his sled to deliver the presents because there were so many stops. So what he would do is he would toss the presents out of the sled, when the red nose deer would stop the sled and the parents of the kids would come out to get the presents. So St. Nicholas needed a deer that could stop at the exact spot where he needed to be without any pulling, to get the deer to stop. The deer would stop on its own when it knew it was at the place where it needed to stop.

      The deer that was capable of doing that was called the red nose deer and because the red nose deer was in control of the other deer’s as they traveled, Rudolph was called the rein deer. This deer was the deer that St. Nicholas always had in the front. This deer was the deer that led the other deer’s. The other deer’s would know to stop by the red nose deer. The red nose deer was the deer that had every stop memorize. This deer knew when to stop, every time it needed to stop, without being told or notified to stop. This deer learned St. Nicholas route as it helped the other deer’s pull St. Nicholas sled.

       St. Nicholas had a few deer’s that were like that and he always put that deer in front. This type of deer was called the red nose deer because a deer’s sense’s is in its nose. In other words, the deer was and is sensitive through its nose.

       Back during the time of St. Nicholas, a deer’s nose was considered red when it had a very high level of sensitivity and the deer St. Nicholas had in the front of the other deer’s, had a very high level a sensitivity that would cause it to stop at the exact stop that St. Nicholas needed to stop, which was at the place where he had to drop off presents to a kid. The red nose deer was the only deer St. Nicholas gave a name too and he did that because of the deer’s intellect, which had everything to do with its sensitivity.

       When the tradition of Christmas came to America, the name, the red nose deer was changed to red nose rain deer. The American deer likes rain a great deal. The American deer will stand in the rain all day. It likes the feel of rain as the rain falls on its body.



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