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  • Resting On God's Promises

    Jesus disciple
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    Years  after  years  people  keep  making  promises of change in their lives,  but  in  the  end  it  always  come  to  nothing  why?  Because  their  promises  are  not  of  God,  but  of  the  flesh  and  of  the  world,  and  anything  of  the  world  and  flesh  is  not  of God, what  is  not  of  God  cannot  last  or  come  to  fulfilment.


    These  days  people  make resolution  in  their  businesses,  change  in  budgets,  change  in  personality,  change  in  pleasures,  change  in  so  many  things. Yes, it's  good  to  change  for  the  better,  but  as  long  as  God  is  not  involved  in  your  change,  all  you're  doing  is  just  in  vain, because no  matter a man change without the help of God, the  devil will still be in  control  of his life. He'll  keep  on  repeating  the  same  cycle over and over again. Here's the funny, thing, it's a pity though, men makes plans as of they're God, they have God so far thinking they don't need God.


    Many have planned and failed, many have planned and died without fulfillment.  In  all  this  we  come  to  our  consciousness  and  say; " it  is  by  the  grace  of  God,  if God  wills,  we  will  do  so  and  so in days to come."


    The  only  way  to  be  sure  your  plans  will  succeed  without  risking  your life  is  only  through  Jesus,  because  the  moment  you  give  your  life  to  Him  he  draws  out  a  new  plan  and  purpose,  and  as long  as  you  live  in  obedience  you  will  never  leave  this  world  until  His  purpose  for  your  life  is  fulfilled, no  matter  what  the devil  say, I am writing  this  to  you  as  a  living  proof  of  God's  love  for  his  own.


    We have made lots of plans and vows, where have they gotten us. Only vow to live in obedience to God's word. To  those  who  have  the  desire  to  follow  Christ and are living in absolute obedience, i congratulate your  faith,  and  I  pray  your  faith  will  not  fail,  because faith  is  of  man's  heart.


    Our heart is the only thing God is interested in, the  belief in  our  heart, without faith no man can please God, if your heart is not right before God, if you're still double minded, God will never be pleased. Obedience  in  Christ  is  not  an  easy  task  to  complete,  it  requires  sacrifices. Obedience is sacrifice, sacrifice is love, when you love God you sacrifice freely to please Him, whatever it is that is not pleasing to Him, you sacrifice, for His pleasure. 


    The  way  to  the  kingdom  of  God  is  not  of  eating  and  drinking,  only  the fiercest soldiers  can  scale  through,  not  the  weak and fearful. A soldier  always  yield  to  last command  to  matter  the  situation, his personal choices and opinion  doesn't  count he  just  follows  orders,  that's  the life  of  a  Christian.


    The moment I declared I don't care of this world anymore and  what my future holds, that  was  the  time  I  found  true peace  in  Christ  Jesus,  and  that  was  also  the  time  he  gave  me  what  I  had always wanted.  And  till  this  day  I  still  thank  him  for letting  me  go  through  all  that  trouble and discipline because  if  I  hadn't,  I  wonder  what  kind  if  life  I'd  be  living,  a  life  without  Christ. Every soldier must be disciplined, if not he'll be weak in time of war.


    Obedience in Christ Jesus is the only way to scale through every  warfare  unscathed. A song writer  once  wrote; 


    " Trust  and  obey,  for  there's  no  other  way  to  be  happy  in  Jesus  ,  but  to  trust  and  obey."


    Without  him  your ambitions and achievements on earth  will  be  a  miserable  one. The only true and original ambition of a man, is an ambition that never perishes, the purpose of God in a man's life for His kingdom.

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