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  • Prayer, A Journey To God

    Jesus disciple
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    Last  time  we  talked  about  prayers,  and  now  we  are  still  talking  about  prayers  as  a  continuation  from  last  message.  We talked  about;  he  that  prays, and  He  that  prays  in  a  man,  what  kind  of  prayers  we  should  offer,  we  gave  some  definitions  on prayer  and  today  well  be  talking  more  on  these  definition  of  prayers  for  it  is  our  main  purpose  for  praying.


    Today,  people  pray  and  pray,  lacking  knowledge  of  why  God  wants  us  to  pray,  we  focus  more  on  our  fleshy  and  material desires,  when  there  is  a place God wants to take us, " the spiritual realm." God is spirits and  except  we  possess  the  spirit  of  prayer  ( the  holy spirit ) we  go  nowhere.  I  can  recall,  we've  talked  about  this  before  some  time  ago  under  prayers,  but  still  it  is  the  word  of God  and  we will  talk  on  it  again  for  the  word  giveth  life  and  what  is  a  man  if  he  is  dead  on  the  inside.


    Every word  is  given  for  our  spiritual  growth,  it  is  not  for  joke  or  for  formality,  it is a priceless treasure,  most  of  us treasure  other  things  like  our  gadgets,  jewelry,  even  pictures  stored  in  our  memory  cards,  but  I  tell  you  if  you  don't treasure  the  word  of  God  now  that  it  is  closer  to  you,  a  time  of  famine  will  come  when  you'll  look  for  it  and  you  won't  find.


    Prayer  as  a  journey  to  God,  prayer  is  a communion  with  God,  but  have  you  ever  asked  yourself  this? 


    " This  God  you're talking  to,  have  you  ever  heard  Him  talk  back  to  you,"


    Is  not  like  He  doesn't  want  to,  in  fact  He  is  always  speaking  to  us, but the fall of man  has  cut  us  off  from  His  presence  making  us  unable  to  hear  from  Him.


    As  God once walked  and  relate  with  Adam  at  the  garden,  so  also  He  wants  to  speaks  to  us,  what  kind  of  Father  doesn't  relate and  tells  his  son  about  his  business.  But  sin  has  driven  us  far  and  that  is  why  we  need  to  start  again,  being  born  again  of the  spirit  of  God  which  we  had  lost.  Born  again  is  fine,  but  unless  you  pay  the  price  to  grow  you'll  never  hear  from  God and  relate  with  Him  as  a  son, and your duty as a son in the house will never be known to you.


    Though God  has  been  speaking,  but  we  can  not  hear,  because  we  are  too  far  from  Him,  well  only  very  few  of  us  are  close, some of us a bit close, many are too far. How  can  you  hear  someone  calling out to you from Africa without a telephone when you're in  Europe,  it's not  possible. That's  why  we  have  prophets  today,  not  false  prophets,  but  men  who  have  paid  the  price  to  hear  God.  When God  speaks  they  hear  and  then  delivers  to  those  who  doesn't  hear,  they  are  like  delivery men.


    The  Lord  sends  a  package  and  they  are  the  ones  to  deliver  it  to  us.  However,  how  long  are  you  going  to  be  a  recipient and  not  that  post  man,  being  baptized  in  the  holy  ghost  is  not  only  for specific people, it  is  for all who are in Christ Jesus, because  that  is  God's  original  plan  for  us  here  on  earth,  to  hear  from  Him  and  carry  out  His  project  assigned  to  each  of us,  not  just  to  enter the  Kingdom,  but  to  have a relationship with Him. Any man born again has been assigned a project by God to be completed, but  how  can you complete your project when you don't have the complete blueprint.


    To  hear  from  God  is  not  for  everybody,  because  though  some  are  born  again  they  feel  they're  okay  the  way  they  are,  they want  to  maintain  a  Christian  life  which  is  indeed  dangerous,  because  if  you  don't  grow,  surely  you'll  be  brought  back  to sin,  but  a  man  who  pays  the  price  to  grow,  goes  far  and  reaches  the  Father.  No  one  can  hear  from  God  if  he's  still  in  sin.


    He that  maintains  his  spiritual  growth  in  Christ  in  one  position,  in  time  will  fall,  how?  There  is  no  such  thing  as  a  normal Christian  it's  either  you  go  forward  or  you  fall  backwards.  It's  just  like  a  man  standing  on  a  rickety  bridge  with  an  heavy weight,  if  he  doesn't  go  forward,  surely  in  time  the  bridge  will  come  crashing  down,  but  he  who  moves  forward  will  cross over.


    Desiring  to  hear  from  God  is  not  just  our  desire,  in  fact  no  one  can  have  the  desire  to  hear  from  God  if  it  doesn't  comes from  the  holy  spirit.  There  comes  a  time  when  a  man  has  grown  in  Christ  to  live  without  sin,  the  holy  spirit  then  puts  in him a new  desire  to make sacrifices in order to be restored back to the original position God has made him for. It  is  God's  original  plan  for  us  to  be  restored  to  that relationship  which  we  had  lost, so we can expand his kingdom.


    No man can thread  this  path  if  he  still  has  sin  properties  in  him,  only  those  who  have  paid  the  price  and  are  sanctified  by the  holy  spirit  can  walk  this  path,  for  God  is  holy  and  we  should  be  holy  as  He  is  holy.  He  wants  to  make  His  home  in  our hearts, but  our  heart  are  too  dirty,  even  if  just  a  speck  of  dust  is  found,  He  won't  come  in.  Many  doubt  it  is  impossible  to hear from  God,  thinking  you  must  be  called,  well  even  those  called  still  paid  the  price  to  maintain  that  which  they  have gotten,  like  Paul.


    Some do desire,  but  with  empty  words,  because  the  spirit  that  drives  a  man  unto  God  isn't  there.  However  you  who  still desires  are  you  ready  to  war,  are  you  ready  to  lose  your  life  to  gain  it,  are  you  ready  to  deny  yourself  of  everything  and sacrifice  your  time  for  God,  be  it  your  food,  because  spiritual  men  don't  eat  anyhow,  is  it  your  friends,  your  daily  activities that eats away God's  time for you.  It's  like being a  pregnant  woman,  you  mind  whatever  you  do,  wherever  you  go,  you  are  careful  of  that which  you're  carrying  inside  of  you,  if  not  you'll  have  a  miscarriage.  Unless  your  heart  is  sanctified  you  cannot  hear  from God.


    How is  sanctification;  sanctification  is  a  two  man  game,  a  man  play  his  part  by  denying  himself  of  all  things, which  is  his righteousness ( effort ). It is then however, by  your  righteousness  your heart is  judged  by  the  holy  spirit  to  see  if  he'll  move  you farther  spiritually,  because  he  is  the  one  that  sanctifies  the  heart  in  preparation  for  the  Lord  to  come  in,  if  you're not  paying  enough  price,  hell  leave  you  there and find a replacement, you need to become a dead man to be called by God, you must sacrifice  your  Isaac. Only those called by God, are highly recognized in heaven.


    And  thus,  sanctification  is  on  prayers,  pray  without  ceasing  as  the  apostles  did,  I  don't  mean  praying  with  you  mouth,  I mean praying  with  your  heart  constantly,  our  heart  is  too  porous,  you  hear  things the  holy  spirit  in  you  don't  want  to hear,  you  see  thing  the  holy  spirit  don't  want  to  see,  and  unless  you  constantly  clean  your  heart  through  meditation  your heart  will  become  too  dirty  for  the  Lord  to  enter.


    You  must  constantly  sanctify  your  heart  in  hymns,  psalms,  spiritual  songs  and  in  prayers as  the word says  in;

    Colossians  2:6-7


    "  let  your  heart  overflow  with  thankfulness,"


    Even  just  the  word  " thank  you  Jesus!"  is  a  prayer, because  you  are  conscious  you  are  talking  to  God. Prayer  is  being conscious  of  God, whatever  you  say  to  God  in  consciousness  of  Him  from  your  heart  by  His  spirit,  through  His  word  in you, are  prayers.  Whether  you  say  in  your  heart  these  words;


    " lead  me  not  into  temptation,' ' take  more  of  me,  give  me  more of  you,"


     Even  the  name  " Jesus " alone  is  enough,  just  constantly  in  your  heart,  soon  you'll  get  to  God.


    Prayer  is  talking  to  God,  prayer  is  walking  with  God,  when  you  walk  with  Him,  His  glory  in  your  life  will  continue  to expand.  Prayer  is  our  journey  to  God,  when  you  pray  constantly  in  your  heart,  you  journey  to  Him  and  the  more  you  pray without  break  in  your  heart  the  faster  you  get  to  Him.


    It's  just  like  two  vehicle  journeying  to  same  destination,  one  stops  frequently  to  take  break  along  the  way,  because  of  the long  journey,  legs  gets  cramped,  backs  aches  and  all,  but  the  other  vehicle  decides  to  take  no  break  at  all  till  she  gets  to her  destination. Figure out yourself which  one  will  get  to  her  destination  first.


    You  now see how it  is,  meditation  of  heart  that  is;  praying  without  ceasing  is  our  only  way  to  God,  it  is  the  key  to  journey unto  God,  in  order  to  hear  from  Him.  Like  i  said;  the  journey  is  long,  causing  body  aches  all  over,  so  it  is  also  with sanctification  of  heart,  you  must  endure  it  till  the  end, you must be crushed ,broken and remolded


    It  is  not  an  easy  journey  it's  on  price  payment,  you  deny  yourself  of  most  things  in  life, yielding your heart in obedience to the holy ghost. Whatever  your  activities,  you involve God,  whether  you're  reading  your  book,  you  sing spiritual melodies also  in  your  heart, whether  you  are  watching  a movie,  talking  or  walking,  you  keep  your  heart  busy with God in prayers. Keep your heart occupied, until it is occupied by God completely He won't reveal Himself to you.


    It  is  difficult  at  first,  but  the  Lord  is  always  watching  to  see  if  your  heart  is  genuine,  if  you  are  genuine  then  he'll  step  in and  snatch  you  by  the  hand  when  you're  drowning, just like  Peter.  However  no  can  thread  this  path  without  the  holy  spirit  in him,  because  he  is  the  one  who  gives  the  desire  and  sustains  a  man  in  the  journey.


    You  who are in  sin  and  want  to  hear  from  God  repent  from  the  depths  of  your  heart  to  be  born  again  of  the  spirit  of Christ,  when  you  have  grown  to  overcome  sin,  at  first  your  desire  will  be  to  enter  God  kingdom,  but  when  you  have  grown higher then His  spirit  is  being  made  manifest,  He  gives  you  the  desire  not  of  the  kingdom,  because  your name  is already  written  there,  but  the  desire  to  hear  from  God,  to  be  baptized  in  the  holy  ghost  to  established  God's  kingdom  in the  hearts  of  men, and breaking down every encroachment of darkness.


    Such  a  wonderful  and  glorious  life  to  hear  from  God  directly,  you  know  where  to  go,  because  He  tells  you  where  to,  you know  what  to  say,  because  He  speaks  to  your  heart audibly on what  to  say,  you  can  preach  the  gospel  to  every  man,  because  He knows  the  hearts  of  men  and  he  reveals  them  to  you  in  other  to  save  him,  if  He  says " drop  your  career  and  follow  me," you'll  do  it,  because  you  know  the  one  who  is  speaking  to  you,  what  a  life. No man can get there without laying down his life ambition, and surrendering to the purpose of God for his life.


    People  just  go  on  evangelism  without  hearing  from  God,  how  can  you  convert  when  you  don't  know  the  problem  of  your patient,  how  can  you  treat  diarrhea  with  malaria  drug,  but  if  God  speak  to  you,  He  speaks  to  you  what  to  say  to administer  the  right  treatment.  That's  why  people  preach  and  not  convert  at  times,  in  fact  these  days  sinners  go  on evangelism.


    One  who is  filled  with  the  holy  spirit  lives  a  life  without  sin,  because  Christ  in  personality  has  dominated  his  heart.  Some will  say  all  have  sinned  and  have  fallen  short  of  the  glory  of  God  misinterpreting  the  scripture,  yes  all  have  sinned. However  you  who  have  sinned,  Christ  went  on  the  cross  to  delivers  us  from  the  jaws  of  sin  and  curse  of  death,  are  you willing  to  pay  the  price  to  be  without  sin.


    He died  that we  might  receive  his  spirit  to  be  like  the  Father,  when  one  is  tagged  a  sinner  and  he  is  delivered  from sin,  remove  the  word  sinner,  what  then  is  he  called,  how  can  you  call  the  spirit  of  Christ  that  lives  in  a  man  born  again and  delivered  from  sin  a  sinner,  then  you  tagged  Christ  a  sinner.  You  say  this  because  you  have  tried  and  gave  up  on overcoming  sin,  but  I  tell  you,  there  are  people  who  have  done  worse  things  and  overcame.  They  will  stand  as  a judgment  to  you.


    If  you're  still  in  sin,  go  back  to  the  word  don't  just  confess  by  mouth,  but  go  back  to  the  word  for  without  it  you  cannot have  the  holy  spirit  to  live  without  sin.  You  want  to  hear  from  God,  do  you  think  God  will  speak  to  a  sinner,  if  no  man  is without  sin  then  no  man  will  enter  into  he  kingdom of God,  for  nothing  of  sin  will  enter.


    You  who is  filled  with  the  holy  spirit,  pay  the  price  then, be dead to the  flesh,  deny  your worldly friends,  better  a  man  in  Christ  with zero  friends  than  a  man  in  the  world  with  multitude,  chew  on  the  word  like  grass  that  it  shall  become  a  part  of  you. The  more  the  word  dominates  your heart,  the  more  your become spiritual,  the  more  your  are  strengthened  and  when  you  journey  into  God's  presence  by  meditation,  you  go  fast  faster  like a  jet  engine


    However,  if  the  word  is  not  dominating  you,  you'll  move  with  a  bus  engine  and  before  you  know  it,  before  you  reach  God your  life  on  earth  is  over  when  people  has  already  gotten  to  God  ever  since, because  of  the  price  they  paid.  A  bus  engine is  cheaper  than  a  jet  engine,  but  he  that  puts  his  hand  to  the  plough, sold himself, paid  the  price  and  bought  the  jet  engine  will  in  the end  see  the  glory  of  God revealed in his life.

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