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    Jesus disciple

    The  scripture  is  there  for  you  to  have  the  holy  spirit,  it  is  not  meant  to  be  read  and  crammed  as  literature. First  you  must have  a  heart  without  sin,  and  tell  the  spirit,  the  holy  ghost  that possessed men  to  write  it down, to  teach, guide, and  remind  you  of  the  word  at  all  time.
    You  don't  need  to  quote  what  one  has  said  in  the  bible,  yes!  it  is good,  but  those  word  weren't  written  before  they  were  said  by  God's  generals.  Let  the  word  be  in  you  and  speak  it  in wisdom and understanding  of  the  spirit.
    We do not study  the  word  to  quote  it,  neither  do  we  study  the  word  to  show  we  have  knowledge  of  the  scripture.  I remembered  a  roommate  of  mine,  he  would  quote  the  scriptures  back  and  forth  and  even  boast  he  has  knowledge  of the  history,  he  evangelizes,  yes!  it's  good,  but  still  he  lacked  understanding  of  the  power  of  the  word,  that  is;  he  doesn't  have the  word  in  him  which  also  is  Christ.
    We do not also  carry  the  bible  to  be  put  by  our  side  in  times  of  attacks,  well  if  you  do, you're  in  for  a  bigger  trouble. Rather  we study  the  scripture  to  know  and  to  desire  God  more,  we  study  the  scripture  to  grow  in  the  spirit  for  it  is  food for  our  soul.  The  bible  wasn't  written  so  we  can  know  the  history  of  God,  yes!  it  is  indeed  good  to  know  what  God  has done  through  His  word,  but  the  main  purpose  the  scripture  was  written  was  for  the  edification  of  our  spirit  man,  for  us  to have  the  spirit  of  God  so  we  can  live  for Him.
    Without  the  word, no  one  can  have  the  spirit  of  the  Father  and  without  the  spirit  of  the  Father  which  is  our  ticket  to  His kingdom,  we  are  going  nowhere.  The  body  of  everyman  contains  a  soul  and  that  soul  contains  a  spirit,  the  question  is, which  spirit? is it the  spirit  of  sin  or  the  spirit  of  God? If  you  live  in  sin,  you're  driven  by  the  spirit  of  sin  at  work  in you,  be  it  spirit  of  lying,  drunkenness,  orgies(  parties  ),  fornication,  masturbation,  lust,  hatred,  malice,  cheating, worldliness  (  songs  of  the  world,  the  clothes  we  wear  and  so  on  ),  just  name  it,  any  kind  of  sin.
    When you leave  this  earth  which  is  your  journey,  that  spirit  which  was  driving  your  soul  as  a  vehicle  will  stop  the  vehicle at  it's  destination  or  bus  station,  if  it  is  the  spirit  of  sin, it  drops  you  in  hell,  if  it  is  the  spirit  of  Christ  it  takes  you  to  the kingdom.
    With  this  we  see  that  we  should  live  no  life  in  the  flesh,  for  surely  the  flesh  will  perish,  it  doesn't  matter  if  you go  to  church,  giving a  billion dollar  to  the  church, being a  chorister,  an instrumentalist,  an  usher  or  being  close  to your  pastor  or  bishop,  as  long  as  you  have  a  trace  of  the  property  of  sin  in  you,  all  your works  and  position  doesn't matter  even  If it  has  led  some  to  Christ,  you  will  not  be  recognized  by  heaven.
    God  inspired  men  filled by the  holy  spirit  to  give  us  the  written  word,  the  words  were  written, because  we  need  them  for our  spiritual  growth, having  strayed  too  far  from  God. In  the  past, before  the  scripture  was  written  in  full,  people  have  lived their  lives  with  the  fear  of  God even  without  having  the  scripture, they  made  their  hearts  pure ( which  is the  temple  of  God )  for  Him  to  come  in.
    But we  are  so  far  away from God that  we  need  to  be  reminded  since  we  can't  hear  from Him. In all  this  Jesus  came, and made it clear; that just as the word has been sent by God, so also He (Jesus ) is the word in personality, and except we allow His word to dominate our hearts, we cannot get closer to God. For no one can come to the Father except through Him. Through  Him  we  shall  be  likened  unto  the  Father,  that  is;  we  shall  have  His  spirit,  having  His  spirit,  we  share  in  His personality  and  not  of  the  world.
    Jesus  gave  himself, " the  word " that  through  Him  men  might  be  saved,  those  who  are  willing,  for  He  is  the  only  way,  not  a way,  but  the  only  way,  no  one  can  come  to  the  father  except  through  him,  there  is  no  such  things  as  any  other  medium like  Mary  or  whatever,  there  is  only  one  way. Jesus  equals  to  God,  that  is;  Jesus  to  God ( a = b, not  a  +  b  =  c. )
    He gave  us  the  word  which  is  His  flesh,  that  when  we  eat  of  it,  we  eat  of  Him  and  He shall becomes  part  of  us  as  the  living  word, with  this  word  in  our  heart  which  is  the  word  of  life,  we  can  speak  life  and  not  empty  words.
    Having  been  filled  with  His word,  He  then  gives  us  His  wine,  which  is  His  blood, the  spirit  of  the  Father  that  we  shall  be  likened  unto  him. After  the  word,  comes  the  spirit,  without  the  spirit  you  don't  know  God  for  He  is  spirit  and  his  worshippers  must  worship him  in  spirit  and  truth.  That  is  why  he  said;
    "Unless you eat of this bread, my flesh and drink of this wine, my blood, you're not part of me."
    Without  the  spirit  of  Christ  you  can  never  live  a  righteous  and  holy  life,  and  without  the  word  you  can't,  because  you  can't have  the  holy  spirit  without  the  word.  The  holy  spirit  is  not  a  feeling,  as  some  would  say it is,  it  is  not  an  emotion,  you  know you  have  the  spirit  by  the  spirit  He  has  given  you,  when  He  gives  you  His  spirit, it automatically transforms your  life,  he teaches  you  to  live  a  holy  life,  here,  your  pastor  don't  need  to  tell  you what to do,  he  puts  it  in  your  heart,  what  is  right  and  wrong.
    Sometimes, even  the  clothing  we  wear  we  think  are  alright,  he'll  not  let  you  alone  until  you  change  them,  it  is  in  this  spirit that  one  doesn't  feel  alright  not  studying  the  word  twice  or  more  per  day,  it  is  in  this,  one  does  not  feel  alright  living  a  life without  prayers,  this  spirit  gives  us  the  consciousness  of  Christ  in  us,  you  don't  talk  anyhow,  you  don't  listen  to  worldly songs,  but  rather  your  heart  overflowing  with  thankfulness  unto God,  nobody  drags  you  to  church,  and  with  this  spirit  you can  know  which  gospel  is  real  or  fake. 
    You  now see how many people live  a  false  life  without this  spirit,  anything  they  see  they  take,  they  don't  even  know  if  it  is fake or of  the  devil,  they  live  a  life  to  suite  their  fleshly  desire,  not  realizing  that  any  one  in  Christ  must  do  away  with  the flesh,  he  must  suffer  and  crucify  the  flesh.
    Have  the  word  in  you  and  have  the  spirit  in  you. No  word,  no  spirit,  no  spirit  no  Christ.  You  can  quote  the  scripture  from beginning  to  end  but  have  no  knowledge  of  it's  power,  but  an  illiterate  who  doesn't  know  how  to  read  can  hear  the  word of  God  live  in  obedience  to  it  and  have  the  word  in  his  heart  (  spirit  man  ),  and  then  have  the  spirit  of  God  in  him.  Which make him  a different  person,  though  you  walk  by  the  flesh,  he  operates  in  the  spirit,  things  that  illiterate  man  knows, you don't  know,  why?  because  you're  an  illiterate  in  the  spirit.
    Once  again  I'll  say;  the  Holy  spirit  is  our  uniform,  our  mark.  One  cannot  claim  to  be  a  soldier  without  having  an identification,  and  there  are  some  who  fake  their  uniform,  well  I  pity  those  people,  they  pretend  to  live  a  godly  life  when  in the  secret  they  don't.
    You,  what  is  that  secret  sin  you  commit?  you  think  God  doesn't  know,  you  think  your  works  for  God  will  cover  it up,  if  you  like sing  till  your  throat  burst,  you'll  only  be  wearing  a  fake  uniform  and  I  tell  you,  it  is  better  off  not  wearing  a  uniform  than wearing  a  fake.  You  know  how  the military deals  with an imposter.  God  will  not  only  deal  with  you,  but  demons also,  for  trying  to  be  what  you're  not.  Only  the  true  sons  of  God  wear  the  uniform  and  are  recognized  by  heaven  and respected  by  demons.
    With  this  you  understand  why  the  scripture  is  written,  to  make  us  hear  the  word  with  our  heart  and  attain  the  spirit  of God,  the  holy  spirit,  which  is  our  heavenly  mark.
    Some of us quote  scripture  to  preach,  you  quote  the  scripture  to  defend  your  knowledge,  scripture  is  not  knowledge,  it  is of  the  heart  ( man's  spirit )  if  you  have  the  word  in  you,  you  don't  quote  scripture,  yes,  you  might  at  times  to  give reference  to  the  person  listening,  because  of  the  state  of  the  person's  heart.  Rather  you  speak  the  word  as  it  is  laid  in your  heart  by  the  spirit  of  God. When your  knowledge  of  the  word  finishes,  tell  me,  what  do  you  want  to  preach.
    Out  of  the  abundance  of  the  heart  the  mouth  speaks,  the  word  is  life  and  a  man  in  sin  is  dead,  if  you  don't  have  the  word of  life  in  you,  but  rather  empty  words,  how  can  you  speak  life  unto  that  dead  soul  in  sin.  For  it  is  the  spirit  of  life  that converts  a  soul  through  the  word  from  death  to  life.


    It is so hard to let God have full control of things. We thinks that our way is the right way when our way only leads to wrecks and destruction. Destruction sometimes leads to a road full of pot holes and a lot of problems. Sometimes i ask myself how do i let go and let God.
    I tell you that's my biggest problem is moving out of the way so God can move on in and clean up the mess that i brought upon myself. First we have to make Jesus our leader and our manager of our lives. Our problem usually is that we want to manager our own lives and so we argue and disagree with God. We think we know what's best for us.
    The reason that we are under a lot of stress is that we are constantly fighting the one who knows best and the creator who made us . he knows every number Strance of hairs on our heads and he knows us.  Every day that God give  us another chance to get things right we have a decision to make: Who going to be in charge of your life? who really in control - you or God? Every day, moment- by moment, you are making that decision, When we choose to make ourselves the leader and make God the follower of our own life. It brings conflict, confusion, and stress. 
    In Matthew 16:24, "Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead. You're not in the driver's seat", I am" When we become believers in Christ, We give him the driver's seat and then we hop in the back seat trying to give him orders. 
    We constantly giving him advice, " like, "No turn this way. Stop, Wait. Faster! I want to go that way. I want to see the sight." 


    Jesus disciple

    Certain  men  were  sent  fishing,  few  of  them  were  experienced  fishermen  and  the  others  were  novices. They  were  to  catch  fishes  with  their  bare  hands,  few  of  them  being  muscular  and  experienced  were  able  to  catch  five  at a  time,  some  were  able  to  catch  two  at  a  time,  some,  one  at  a  time  while  the  others,  though  were  able  to  catch  one,  but they  couldn't  keep  what  they  caught,  lacking  the  strength  to  grip  hard  unto  the  fish  it  struggled  and  struggled  till  it slipped  off.  The  latter  knew  the  fish  to  catch,  but  they  just  couldn't  grab  it  firmly  and  put  it  in  the  basket.
    From  this  illustration  you'd realize that, though  they  were  all  interested  in  fishing,  but  the  ones  who  were  able  to  pay  the price  to  be  experienced,  the  ones  who enhanced more in  skill  and  muscle  were  able  to  catch  not  only  two,  but  five  fishes  at  a time  without  losing  any, however  the  ones  who  were  weak  got  nothing.  At  least  some  of  them  caught  only  one.  In  the end,  everybody  caught,  but  not  everybody  caught.  So  it  is  with  the  word  of  God  and  our  battle  for  holiness.
    Here  is  the  meaning  of  the  illustration;  these  men  are  being  classified  in  measure  to  their  fishes  caught,  it  is  based  on their  spiritual  growth  rooted  on  the  price  they  paid  to  develop  the  muscle,  strength  and  skill  to  acquire  their  target through  the  word.  The  fishes  being  caught  are  classified  bondages  of  sin,  and  unless  these  fishes  are  caught  and slaughtered  these men  will  go  back  to  he  who  sent  them with  nothing  to  show  for.
    Being  born  of  woman  we  are  all  born  into  sin,  because  of  the  blood  of  sin  we  inherited.  But  glory  be  to  God!  He  sent  His son  Jesus  Christ  to  die  for  our  sins  that  though  we  are  sinners,  by  grace  might  be  saved,  i  said;  " we  might " not " we  are saved." Because,  although  He  is  knocking  at  the  door,  still  many  don't  want  to  open,  it  takes  the  grace  of  God  for  man  to  open  the door.
    It  is  not  by  our  strength,  it  is  by  His  grace,  but  now  you  who  have  received  Him  by  grace,  are  you  willing  to  let  Him  remain in  your  house?  This  is  where  the  mistake  of  many  comes  from.  By  grace  we  are  saved,  but  maintaining  our  salvation  is on  war.  You  have  opened  the  door  for  Jesus,  but  why  won't  you  let  Him  remain  in  you.  It's  not  like  you  don't  want  Him  to come in,  you  want  Him  to  come  in,  but  there  are  forces  that  have  sworn  men  will  never  enter  into  God's  kingdom,  unless these  spirits  of  sin  in  you  are  cut  off  you  cannot  maintain  your  salvation.
    When a man is repented  and  saved, his  name  written  in  the  book  of  life,  but  unless  he  is  being  delivered he  is  still  bound  to  sin,  though  he  might  not  sin,  but  these  properties  of  sin  keeping  him  in  bondage  will  from  time  to  time pressure  him  into  sin.  That's  why  although  some  of  you  have  repented  you  still  find  yourself  going  back  into  that  sin which  you  did  before,  you  don't  want  to, even  after  committing  such  act  again,  you  cry  in  repentance,  but  at  the  end still  go  back  again.
    This  is  where  the  devil  hijacks  many,  after  being  frustrated,  they'll say  it's  impossible  to  live  without  sin,  but  know  this; your  brethren  all  over  the  world  will  stand  as  a  judgement  unto  you,  because  they  have  faced  even  worse  temptation  and overcame,  because  they  paid  the  price. No one can overcome  sin  by  his  own  strength,  by  your  own  strength  which  is  your  righteousness  you'll  fail,  so  the scripture  says;.
     " Our  righteousness  is  like  a  filthy  rag  before  God,"
    The  holy  spirit  is  a  spirit  of  righteousness,  and  if  he  abides  in  you  to  aid  you  live  a  holy  life, then  your  righteousness  is  no longer filthy,  because  it  is  no  longer  you acting but  him in you,  God's  spirit  in  you  is  not  filthy.  You  can  struggle  to  overcome  anger  by  your  effort, but  because  it  is  not  backed  by  the holy spirit through the word of God, anger  will  still  overwhelm  you.  But  if  your  effort  is  on foundation  of  the  word  then,  surely  you'll  overcome.
    There  are  many  who  have  given  up,  and  there  are  those  who  are  rising  and  falling,  though  they  want  to  live  above  sin,  but from  time  to  time  the  spirit  of  sin  keeping  them  in  bondage  drags  them  back  like  a  chained  dog.  The  Lord Jesus  is  calling  on those  who  wants  to  be  saved,  this  is  the  age  of  gospel  truth  and  except  you  receive  the  gospel  truth  in  your  heart  you won't  be  saved. The  only  way  to  be  free  from  bondage  of  sin  is  through  the  word.  Jesus  said;
    " I  am  the  way," not  a  way, He's is the  only  way,  and  He  is  the  word,  if  you  don't  have  the  word  in  you,  you  don't  have  Jesus  and  if  you  don't  have  Jesus, then  you  can't  be  free  from  sin.
    Deliverance  from  bondages  of  sin  is  like  a  fish  being  caught  struggling  for  its  life,  it's  like  a  man  waiting  in  the  waters patiently  to  catch  a  required  amount  of  fish  for  slaughter.  These  fishes  are  classified  sins.  When  man  is  born  again  he needs  to  be  delivered  from  sin, if not,  he'll  go  back  into  his  sin. And  this  deliverance  comes  only  from  the  word.  Anybody that  says  he  is  a  Christian  and  does  not  study  the  scripture  daily  is  a  liar.  You  have  time  to  feed  your  flesh  why  not  your soul.
    As  in  the  illustration,  some  men  were  able  to  catch  five  fishes  at  once,  and  some  one,  and  others  nothing,  these  men who caught  five  fishes  did  so  because  they  have  the  strength  and  skill  to  do  so,  they  paid  the  price  to  build  their strength.  But  the  one  who  catches  a  fish  and  then  it  slipped  off  his  hands  is  weak  because  he  lack  the  strength  to  do  so, how can a hungry  man have  the  strength  to  grab  a  slippery  fish.
     The  word  of  God  is  food  for  our  spirit  man  growth  and  strengthening,  just  as  you  feed  your  flesh  you  also  must  feed  your spirit  man,  and  this  is  why  most  people  can't  overcome  sin,  because  the  strength  isn't  there to resist spiritually. They  have  starved  their spirit  man  by  depriving  him  of  the  word  of  God.
    God  didn't  write  the  scripture  so  we  can  cram  it  and  know  the  histories,  He  wrote  it  that  we  who  cannot  hear  from  Him will  do,  through  His  written  word.  That  is;  as  you  feed  on  the  word  like  food  in  faithfulness  and  obedience,  it  becomes  a part  of  you,  recreating Christ  personality  in  you,  because  He  is  the  word.  And  if  Christ  dominates  your heart,  how  then  can  you  sin. The  path  to  your  victory  over  sin  is  right  there  in  the  word,  why  not  pay  the  price  to  spend  time  eating  the  bread of life  at  the feet  of  the  Father.
    He that  sacrifices more, giving  himself  to  the  word  will  overcome  compared  to  he  that  gives  little time in God's presence. When  a  man  study's the  word  slowly,  attentively  and  repeatedly  in  obedience,  not  to  teach  or  preach,  but  as  food,  he  can  yield  the  spiritual strength  to  grab  five  fishes,  which  could  be  anger,  lying,  fornication,  drunkenness,  smoking,  if  he  has  seven  bondages he'll  be  able  to  grab  five  out  of  it.
    However,  he  that  gives  little  time  for  the  word, grows  slowly,  having  the  strength  only  to  grab  one  fish  out  of  the  7  fishes he  has.  If  one  of  them  is  to  be  delivered  from  sin  to  manifest  the  spirit  of  Christ, who  do  you  think  will  manifest  Christ  in time?  You  now  see  that  man  should  not  live  by  bread  alone,  but  by  the  word  of  God.  if  you  don't  feed  on  the  word  to  build spiritual  muscle  you  cannot  live  above  sin.  You  won't  be  able  to  grab  and  slaughtered  that  sin  of  lust  or  anger  in  you, whatever  it  may  be.
    All  that  is  needed  is  a  pure  heart  and  Faithfulness,  because  a  man  who  goes  to  the  gym  today  doesn't  build  muscle  in  an instant,  it  is  in  his  consistency  and  patience  he  builds  muscle.  Today  he'll  catch  one  fish,  but  as  he  grows,  times  will come when he'll  catch  two,  until  he  catches  all  his  fishes  and  slaughter  them.
    Have  you  ever  wondered  why  the  devil will let you pray,  but  hinders  you  from  studying  the  scripture,  because  he  knows  the power  in  the  word.  He  knows  that  it  is  the  power  of God unto our salvation.  That's  why  although you  pray  and  pray,  nothing  happens  why?  because  no  one  can  pray  in  spirit  except  he  has  the holy  spirit  which  comes  only from  the  word.
    Without  the  word  you  can't  have  the  holy  spirit  and  without  the  holy  spirit  you  can't  talk  to  God  because  He  is  spirit.  And so  the  devil  stops  and  frustrate  a  man  from  studying  the  scripture.  When  you  study  the  word  as  a  food,  it  gives  you spiritual  strength  to  fight  against  sin,  it  gives  you  wisdom  as  you  grow  from  child  to maturity  in  Christ Jesus to  understand  the mysteries  of  the  kingdom  of  God,  to  know  God's  mind  and  plans.
    The  word  delivers,  you  can  confess  Christ  over  and  over  again,  but  if  the  word  doesn't  dominate  your  heart, you'll  still  find yourself  walking  in  sin.
    We do not preach  church,  because  church  will  not  carry  you  to  heaven,  but  the  spirit  of  Christ  in  you  alone  will.  People have  been  preaching  church,  preaching  doctrine,  claiming church  and  pastor,  but  where  is  the  difference  in  their  life. They  can  defend  church,  okay! fine, you  can  defend  church,  come  and  defend  Jesus  now,  they'll  shut  up, why?  because  He  is not  in  them.
    Repent  and  go  back  to  the  word  to  have  the  spirit  of  Christ,  unless  you  have  the  holy  spirit  you  are  not  part  of  His  church, because  we  children  of  God  are  the  church  with  Jesus  being  the  head,  not  the  structure  we  go  in.  Go  back  to  the  word of God  your  salvation and spiritual advancement.
    Also  without  the  word  one  cannot  pray,  because  the  holy  spirit  is  the  one  that prays  in a man born again  and  if  you  don't  meditate  on the  word  to  have  the  holy  spirit  how  then  can  you  pray.  You  pray  lifeless  prayer,  because  there  is  no  life  in  you,  for  the word  in  personality  is  Jesus  and  Jesus  is  life.  How  then  can  you  breathe  life  into  a  dead  plant  when  there  is  no  life  in you,  you  can  only  give  what  you  have.
    Prayer  is  our  artillery,  like  our  Ak-47  and  the  word  of  God  dominating  our  heart  is  our  strength,  when  you  fire  a  gun  with heavy  recoil  and  you're  not  an  expert,  not  having  the  strength  also,  you'll  shoot  and  miss,  before  you  shoot  your  target, he has  gotten  you  already.  But  if  you  build  yourself  in  the  word,  you  have  the  strength  to  take  up  the  artillery  and  fire accurately.
    There's  much  to  say  but  I'll  stop  here. In  this  last  gospel  age,  the  word  has  been  made  simple  for  those  who  are  willing  to receive.  Meditate  on  the  word,  then  you  who  says  it's  impossible  to  live  without  sin  will  give  your  testimony  if  only  you're willing  to  pay  the  price.
    In  summary; To  be  free  from  sin  Is  to  eliminate  every  spirit  keeping  you  in  bondage,  there  are  many  spirits  that  keeps  men  in  bondage, as  you  grow  in  Christ  the  holy  spirit  reveals  them.  Some  are  not  sinful,  but  they  hiders  a  man's  relationship  with  God.
    You  can't  catch  them  all  at  once  it  takes  faithfulness,  you  catch  one  fish  today,  grab  it  firmly  not  letting  it  go  and slaughter  it,  tomorrow  you  grab  another  till  you're  delivered.  But,  still  while  some  catches  other  catches  and  lose  their fish,  because  they  don't  have  the  strength  to  grab  that  fish  and  when  it  wriggles  it  goes  back  into  the  water.
    A hungry  man  can't  grab  a  fish  firmly,  feed  your  soul  with  the  word  for  it  is  gives  spiritual  strength then, your deliverance  from  sin  will  come  naturally.  How  can  you  fight  a  huge  man  when  you  don't  have  the  muscle  for  it.  No wonder  sin  beats  some  people  a  lot  and  use  them  as  rags.
    Remember  if  the  word  does  not  dominate  your  heart,  there'll  be  nothing  for  the  holy  spirit  to  act  on,  to  remind  you  of  in times  of  temptation  to  deliver  you.

    Jesus disciple

    1 john 2:15-17
    Do  not  love  the  world  or  anything  in  the  world.  If  anyone  loves  the  world,  the  love  of  the  Father  is  not  in  him.  For everything  in  the  world;  the  cravings  of  sinful  man,  the  lusting  of  his  eyes  and  the  boasting  of  what  he  has  and  does comes  not  from  the  father,  but  from  the  world.
    Whatever  you  spend  much  time  doing, neglecting  God  is  idolatry.  We  all  have  heard  of  idolatry  often  times,  and if we should be asked  if  we  practice  it, we  would  confidently  say  " No!" but  in  reality  almost  everyone  does  these  days,  apart from  the  worship  of  idol  religious  people  practice,  like  praying  to  a  cross,  to  a  carved  or  man  made  object,  there  are  other forms  in  which  the  majority  worship  idols  without  their  knowledge.
    It  takes  the  spirit  of  God  in  a  man  brought  about  by  the  gospel  to  reveal  that  which  is  keeping  him  in  bondage,  because the  devil  has  blinded  the  eyes  of  men,  making  them  walk  in  darkness  without  realizing  it.  Walking  in  darkness  makes them  stumble due to their blindness  which  makes  it  difficult  for  most  of  them  to  follow  Christ  even  when  they  want  to, why?  because  there  is  something  their  heart  is  still  engaged  in  without  their  knowledge,  chained  by  this  spirit of sin, they  rise and  fall  even  when  they  decide  to  live  a  holy  life.
    To  be  free  from  every  bondage  to  follow Jesus, one  has  to  first  have  a  gospel  knowledge  of  that  which  is  hindering  him from  following  Christ,  you  can't  actually  fight  what  you  don't  know.  If  a  rat  keeps  eating  your  fish,  thinking  it  was  the  cat in  your  house,  will  you  still  have  your  fish  when  you  haven't  gotten  rid  of  the  real  culprit.
    There  are  many  spirit  of  sin  that  keeps  a  man  in  bondage,  but  today we'll be dealing with just one, one which  has  been  neglected by so  many, " idolatry."  Most  people  have  the  spirit  of  idolatry  in  them  without  them  knowing,  and  if  you  have  a  trace  of the  property  of  Satan  in  your  life  you  can  never,  never  enter  the  kingdom  of  God,  because  it  is  the  soul  that  get  there,  and once  your  soul  is  contaminated,  you're  rejected.
    The  world  has  been  in  the  hands  of  Satan  right  from  time,  after  all  God  casted  him  down from heaven, and God allowed him to  tempt  men  in order  to  select  those  who  can  truly  reign  with  Him in His kingdom. The  world  been  in  the  hands  of  Satan, ( though  the  holy  spirit  still  at work, )  has  been  devised  and  programmed  in  such  a  way  by  Satan  to  deceive  men  into  darkness.  Just  as  we  advance  in technology,  the  spiritual  realm  also  advances  in  ways  to  draw  souls  into  darkness  or  light. In fact our increase in knowledge is as a result of an advancement in the spiritual.
    The  soul  of  a  man  can  be chained  to  three  bondage  of  the  devil;  the  bondage  of  the  world,  the  bondage  of  the  flesh  and the  bondage  of  sin.  But  I'll  be  talking  about  the  bondage  of  the  world,  since  its  the  most  common  and  idolatry  actually falls  under it.  As  I  said  earlier,  the  devil  has  blinded  men  to  think  they  are  walking  in  the  right  path  when  they  are  not.
    Although  many  idols  have  been  destroyed, many alters brought down and  many, if  told  to  serve  a  man  made  object, would  definitely  reject  it. The devil knowing  this  has  brought  idolatry  also  into  the  hearts  of  men  by  making  the  things  of  the  world  more  enticing  and desirable,  he  makes  the  world  more  competitive,  he  makes  the  world  more  frustrating  so  people  will  give  most  of  their time  to  making  money  and  other  unnecessary  things,  while  neglecting  God.
    Whatever  you  spend  most  of  your  time  doing  neglecting  God,  is  idolatry,  our  God  is  a  jealous  God,  He  created  us  to worship  him  and  when  we  refuse  to  give  our lives to him in holiness which is our true act worship,  when  we  refuse  to  give  Him  our  times,  we  are  indirectly  giving ourselves  to  the  worship  of  idols.
    Take  for  example;  the  songs  we  listen  to,  God  gave  man  wisdom,  to  create  and  advance  in  knowledge  for  His  glory  and for  the  expansion  of  His kingdom,  but  whatever  man  created, Satan  also  ues  it  against  him.  God  gave  man  the  desire  to sing  melodies  unto  Him,  but  Satan,  has  taken  this  to  his  advantage,  he  created  in  man  the  desire  to  sing  songs  contrary to  God,  all  of  these  worldly  songs  we  sing,  not  only  drives  us  from  God  but  also  feeds  our  soul  with  spirits  of  sin,  be  it anger,  lust,  most  especially.
    You  might  ask, what  if  someone  sings  a  song  with  no  immoral  content?  yes  it  is  not  bad,  but know  that  God  created  you  to  worship  Him,  and  so  if  you  spend  your  time  singing  songs  that  are  not  of  God,  it  takes  us far  away  from  the  Father,  which  will  make  us  vulnerable  to  sin.
    Is  it  the  movies  we  watch,  there's  no  movie  you'll  see  these  days  without  a  love  affair  or  even  worse  a  sex  scene  in  it. Most  of  us  have  even  turned  to  worshipping  men,  we  spend  our  time  studying  and  bragging  about  a  celebrity,  a footballer  or  let's  say  a  musician.  Come  to  church,  no!  follow  God  no!  Study  your  bible  no!  come  to  church  on  time  no! but  if  it  is  to  go  for  a  celebrity's  concert,  you'll  even  be  there  before  the  stage  is  set.
    When are  you  going  to  give  God  your  time,  the  suffering  most  of  us  are  facing  today  are  not  just  there  by  coincidence, they're  forged  by  the  devil  to  engage  the  hearts  of  men  in  unnecessary  things  like  money  making,  having  money  is  not bad,  even  scripture  say  we  should  find  something  doing  with  our  own  hands,  but  when  you  work  and  forget  God,  you have  given  your  self  to  the  spirit  of  Mammon  as  your  idol.  Students  will  spend  all  their  time  talking,  partying,  plotting strategies  on  how  to  please  a  girl  or  a  guy,  leaving  little  time  to  study,  therefore  leaving  zero  time  for  God.  Even  some,  all they  do  is  study  like  a  machine  because  they  want  to  have a first  class certificate.
    So  many things  we  spend  our  time  doing  makes  us  an  idolater.  Check  your  life  properly  to  see  if  there  is  any  thing  you spend  your  time  doing  that  makes  you  forget  your  God.  It  has  become  the  habit  of  young  people  these  days  to  make gadgets, technologies, their  God,  they  wake  up  in  in  the  morning  the  first  thing  they  do  is  gaming,  is  it  you  who  has  make  social  media your  God,  you  can  chat  from  morning  till  night,  but  when  it  has  come  to  the  things  of  God,  you  can't  even  give  one minute.
    Satan wanted glory for himself and so he  rebelled against God, However that glory he was looking for, men are the ones giving it to him. You know when a man sings worldly songs, he is glorifying the devil, or whatever he does that is not of God.
    All  these  distraction  whatever  they  are  to  you,  draws  you  away  from  God,  and  if  you  say  you  want  to  enter  God  kingdom with  them,  then  you're  lying  to  yourself.  No  one  who  is  bond  to  the  world,  who  cares  about  the  things  of  the  world,  will enter  His  kingdom.  How  long  are  you  going  to  live  this  way?  whatever  you  do  that  is  not  of  God  is  of  the  devil. In  this world  there  is  only  black  and  white,  no  neutral,  if  you  don't  worship  God  then,  you  are  worshiping  the  devil.  Live  as  if the world doesn't  matter,  indeed  they  don't  really  matter.
    This world will pass away like a dream, and all you had, the pictures album you've made making you worship your fake beauty will be gone, you won't take them with you where you're going, if you'll be going to hell, your burnt and decaying body in hell will be worse and whenever you remember your old flesh you'll weep, but those who will enter heaven will forget about the old, because they will be given a glorious body we cannot imagine until we see it, we shall be like Jesus, and it'll look as if this world never existed.
    This world is just a business ground to make investment for our eternity, what kind of investment are you dealing on? Is it of God for a greater reward or do the devil for eternal condemnation.
    Be  less  concerned  with  the  things  of  the  world,  and  you'll  see  that  you'll  walk  in  the  presence  of  God,  with  salvation  being your  reward. The reason why men are too far from God, the reason they can't hear from God is not because God doesn't want to speak to men, it is because they are too engaged in the world. Why do you think we have more of God's general in the past, men who walked the earth in God's power as supernatural beings, they walked the dimensions of heaven on Earth, because they were no longer attached to the world of to the flesh.
    Those born again, unless you separate from the world  and the flesh, you'll leave this world unfulfilled, because God's original purpose for you live will not be established. You should know that every Christian will be rewarded according to how much they invest their time to God while on earth, if you live normal, you'll be a poor man in heaven, but those who did greater things, will be rewarded greatly.

    Jesus disciple

    The  desire  God  has  for  us,  is  for  us  all  to  have  His  spirit,  without  this  spirit  there  is  no  connection  between  Him  and  man, our  heart  is  the  contact  point  connecting  us  to God through  His  spirit.  He  desires  a  relationship  with  us  not  only  when  we get  to  see  Him,  but  right  here  on  earth. Our  relationship  with  the  Father  starts  here  on  earth.
    What  He  desires should  become  our  desire,  just  as  He  desires  us  to  be  filled  with  the  holy  spirit,  so  also  it  should  be  our  desire.  But  not everybody  can  attain  this  desire  for  it  only  comes, first;  through  the  washing  of  the  blood,  being  washed  by  the  cleansing blood  of  Jesus  prepares  the  way  for  His  spirit  to  get  hold  of  us.  He  Desires  us  to  have  His  spirit,  but  we  can't  desire  His spirit  if  we  don't  have  his  spirit.
    There  is  always  a  force  preventing  us  from  having  His  spirit,  it  is  in  man's  heart  to  following  and  serve  God,  but  we  born into  sin  in  human  nature,  keeps  us  bound  from  doing  the  things  of  God,  though  we  were  bound  in  sin  right  from  our mothers  womb,  it  is  of  no  excuse  to  live  in  sin,  because  no  power  can  have  complete  control  over  one  unless  he  desires to  give  himself  to  that  spirit.
    It  is  our  choice  to  choose  which  spirit  we  would  let  reign  in  our  heart. God  has  given  us  the gospel,  there  are  just  so  many  bill  board  on  the  high  way  calling  us  to  repentance  (  I  don't  mean  actual  bill  boards,  )  but we just  ignore  them.
    The  power  to  escape  from  sin  is  not  of  ours,  but  of  God,  just  as  we  were  once  sunken  in  sin  by  spiritual  forces  we couldn't  deal  with  our  physical strength,  we  also  need  the  help  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  to  free  us  from  these shackles.
    Therefore anyone  who  says  he  overcame  sin  by  his  own  power  is  deemed  a  lair.  You  can  struggle  all  you  want,  yet  you'll  never be  free  from  sin,  not  until  you  decided  to  let  go  and  leave  everything  to Jesus. Don't  think  about  how  to  overcome  your  sin too  much,  just  take  it  up  in  prayers  with  a  determined  heart  and  with  constant  meditation  on  the  scripture.
    His  word  is  sharper  than  two  edged  sword,  piercing  through  heart and soul,  the  word  which  is  also  Jesus in personality,  fights  off  every darkness  in  our  heart, thereby giving us  freedom from  sin.  You'll  then  realize  that on our own strength we can  do  nothing,  but  with  Christ we are a new creation  old  things  are  passed  away  and  all  things  are  become  new.  All  things  being  new,  you  won't  do  the things  you  do  before.
    So  many  will  say  it  is  hard  to  overcome  sin  well,  it  is  impossible  with  our  power,  but  they  seem  to be  missing  that  which  can  finish  the  job  " Jesus  Christ."  By  His  grace  we  are  saved,  grace  saves  a  man  from  sin,  even  in  the  brink  of  death,  but  if we don't  fight  to  keep  that  which  you  have  received  by  grace  through  faith  it  will  be  taken  away.
    Many  Christians  today,  not  that  they  want  to  live  a  life  of  sin,  but  they, neglecting  the  holy  spirit makes  it  impossible. Anything  of  God  receives  attack,  the  moment  you  decided  to  follow  Christ  you're  in  for  a  battle,  you  need  to  grow and equipped with the amour of God to  fight continuously  till  the  Lord  calls  you  home.
    Yet,  it  is  unfortunate  how  most  Christian  think  they  know Jesus  when  they  don't,  if  you  know  Jesus  and  you  don't  know the  holy  spirit,  you  don't  know  Him,  and  you  can't  know  the  holy  spirit  without  knowing  Jesus.  This  is  the  challenge  the church  is  facing  today,  not  knowing  and  desiring  the  holy  spirit  renders one a babe forever  in his Christian  life.  To  desire the  holy  spirit  is  to  desire more of Jesus, desiring Jesus  is  impossible  without  having  the holy  spirit,  and  this  spirit  comes  from  our constant  hearing  of  the  word  with  our  heart,  and  living  in  absolute  obedience.
    If  you  don't  find  it  interesting  to  meditate  on  the  word  a  day,  if  a  day  passes  by  without  studying  God's  word  and  you  felt nothing,  then  you're  definitely  not  a  Christian.  Not  meditating  on  God's  word  consistently  makes  us  children  who  desire only  milk,  it  makes  us  weak  in  the  spirit,  sin  or the evil one can  toy  with  such a man anyhow,  and  anyone  who  is  still  an  infant,  lives a  life  of  repentance  all  the  time,  that  is;  he  sins  and  repent  and  continue  the  cycle  all  over  again.
    He who is mature  feeds  on  hard  substance,  he  meditates  on  God's  word  with  consistency, Making  him  invulnerable  to sin  and  darkness.  Our  spirit  life  is  like  a video  game  where  you  level  up at each  level,  it's  either  you  level  up  to  beat  the  boss  at each  stage  or  you  get  a  game  over.
    Living  a  life  of holiness is  impossible  without  the  help  of  the  holy  spirit,  everyone  knows  their  weak  point,  you  can overcome  all  sin,  (though  not  totally  free,  )  but  there'll  always  be  one  that is  difficult, unless  the  holy  spirit  assist  you. That's why  God  sent  the  holy  spirit,  the  restrainer,  when  we  yield  our  self  to  God's  word,  he  gives  us  the  restrainer,  to restrain  us  from  all  sins.  When  the  holy  spirit  restrains  you  from  sin,  then  you'll  know  that  living  a  life  without  sin  is actually  easy  and  interesting,  everyday  you  emerge  victorious  from  each  battle.
    If  I should tell  you  how  to  know  you  have  the  holy  spirit,  well,  I  don't  think  I  can  even  if  i  should  try,  it  would  talk  a  lot  of  write up,  ( we  do  have  the  fruits  of  the  spirit  to  tell, )  but  one  thing  the  scripture  says;
    1 John 4:13
    " we  know  that we live in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His spirit."
    Still  the  devil  has  tricked  many,  deceiving  them  they  have  the  holy  spirit  when  they  don't,  some  think  it  is  a  feeling, others..  well,  humans  are  hard  to  understand,  others  think  going  to  church  or  working  for  God  means  they  do.
    The  holy  spirit  can  be  given  by  the  laying  on  of  hands  by  an anointed man of God,  but  only  those  who  truly  have  the  desire  to  follow Jesus  can  be  given. God's anointed servants knowing  this,  do  so  only  if  instructed  by  the  holy ghost.  You  too  can  have  the  holy spirit  if  you  truly  desire Jesus, only if you're willing to give Him your life time.
    When you've  decided  to strive, living without  sin,  Jesus  will  then help  you  by  asking  the  Father  to  give  you  the  holy  spirit,  the restrainer,  His  spirit  will  strengthen and quicken  you  for  the  battle  ahead  and  keep  you  away  from  sin  naturally like breathing,  because  a  life in  Christ  is  not  of  struggle  but  of  freedom. These  might  be  like  fantasies, because of the encroachment of darkness in this world,  but  if  it  were  not  true,  if  I  hadn't  experience  it,  I won't  be  able  to  tell  you.
    As  time  goes  on,  with  your  constant  feeding  on  God's word, the bread of life, the spirit of Christ born again in you as a babe will grow into maturity through obedience. Those  things  you  find  hard  to  stay  away  from,  the  lord  will  start  taking  them  away,  as  long  as  you  don't  grieve the  holy  spirit  by  doing  things  he  wouldn't  want  you  to  do  or desiring what  he  wouldn't  want  you  to.  As  you  grow  in Christ  through  the  holy  spirit,  a  time  will  come  when  those  ungodly  things  you  did  in  the  past  will  look  as  if  they were never in existence,  you'll  be marveled saying;
    " how is it  possible  i  was  living  this way  before,  how  was  I  living a life  without  Christ."
    Your  world  turns  upside  down,  it  turns  opposite,  the  things  you  did  before,  you  can't  imagine  doing  them  and  the  things of  Christ  you  never  desired,  you'll  find  doing  with  a  continual  urge  for  more.
    When the  holy  spirit  gets  hold  of  us,  he  restrains  us  from  doing  whatever  the  Father  wouldn't  want  from  us,  he  teaches us  all  that  is  wrong  in  the  sight  of  the  Father,  thing  you  never  thought  were  wrong,  he  teaches  us  things  that  hinders  our relationship  with  God,  he  shows  us  mysteries  the  ordinary  man  wouldn't  know.  He does not  only  restrains  us  from  sin, but  he binds  us  also  to  the  things  of  God,  never  letting go off us.
    When we were once infants  in  Christ, we  weren't  filled  with  the  spirit  and  so  we  often  go  astray,  but the  Father  in  his  infinite  mercy  is  always  willing  to  forgive,  because  He  knows  we  would  come  back.  But  when  we  are filled  with  His  spirit,  He  never  let go. Any  height  you  attain  in  your spiritual  growth  He  traps  you  there  until  you  go higher.  Let's  say  He  made  you  stop  listening  to  worldly  songs  and  makes  you  sing  only  spiritual  melodies  in  you  heart,  He traps  you  there  making  it  impossible  for  you  even  listen  to  worldly  son.
    He  puts  in  you,  that  when  you  don't  worship  or acknowledge  God  you'd  feel  empty,  you'll  start  wondering  how empty and void life can be without worshipping God,  you'll  start  wondering how the ungodly live  their  lives  without  recognizing  God,  it  will  feel  like  you're  an  alien  from outer  space  who came  to  study  humans,  because  you're  different.
    When the  holy  spirit  gets  hold  of  you  He  never  let  go, especially,  because  of  the  assignment  God  has  in  store  for  you,  His purpose  for  you.  He  transforms  you,  even  if  you're  the  type  who  doesn't want  to  talk  about  the  gospel,  he  gives you  the  boldness  to  defend  the  faith.
    Just  as  the  restrainer  is  here  to  stay,  a  time  is  coming,  and  is  very  near, a time when  the  restrainer  will  be  removed  from  the world  and  the  world  will  be  plunged in total darkness  by  the  demons  of  hell. The light of God in the world that illuminates through His children in this world of darkness will be removed.  And  this  will  not  happen  until  God's  children  have  been  raptured  to  meet  the  Lord,  for  they  will  not  face  the  trial that  will  come  upon  the  earth  to  test  all  men  living  in  it,  the  great  tribulation.  Revelation  3:10
    The  holy  spirit  is  here  to  assist  us  in to  live  a  holy  life, and to manifest also, the purpose of God in our lives. A time  is  coming  when  men  will  be  given  a  second chance  to  chose  God  just  like  the  Israelites  in  the  wilderness,  but  then  it  will  be  more  difficult  to  follow  God, because the restrainer  who  was  always  there  to  help  us  live  a  holy  life  will  be  taken  away.  Imagine  how  hard  it  is  for  most  people to  live  a  holy  life  even  when  the  holy  spirit  is  here  to  stay,  how  much  difficult  will  it  be  when  He's gone.
    Don't  wait  till  that  terrible  time  before  you  repent,  you  might  not  have  a  chance,  on  that terrible day  many  will  look  for  the  true gospel  but  won't  find  it,  so  many  things  word  can't comprehend  will  shake  the  hearts  of  men in terror. Someone once  said this about the  tribulation;
    " All  the  budget  in  the  world  put  together  will  not  be  able  to  make  a  movie  like  that."
    Holy ghost convert he  hearts  of  men  who  are  lost  and  encourage  those  who  are  in  Christ Jesus, Amen!
    The  holy  spirit  should  be  the  desire  of  every  Christian  because  he  is  the  only  means  of  relating  with  the  Father.

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