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    Jesus disciple

    In the last days the spirit of God will be poured out upon all flesh, only to as many that are ready and willing to receive.
    John 1:12
    " But as many as receive Him, to  them He gave power to become sons of God. "
    The moment you decide to follow Jesus, I mean putting your hands to the plough without looking back, He gives you that power, that authority. This authority only comes by His spirit through His word. For you are His son and as long as his blood which is the spirit, flows through your  vein, you  inherit that gene of authority through Christ Jesus to be like him. A man cannot give birth to a yam, he must reproduce a being which is more like himself, we are the image of God, what He is we shall be like, and a reflection of Him is seen and lived in His sons.
    This spirit of God wad restricted only to the prophets of old in their days, only them could inquire of God. But we, this end time generation, we have been given the  privilege to have the spirit of God. This spirit of God is what gives us rest, guides us and goes with us always, he said;
    John 14:26
    " But the counselor, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things, and will remind you of everything I have said to you."
    All spirits has been unleashed upon the earth in the end of age, but it is up to you to determine which spirit you'll be enslave to, either to evil or to the spirit of Christ. It is indeed better to be in bondage of Christ than the former.
    We get this spirit of Christ the moment we believe in Jesus through repentance. He gives us his spirit, because only with it can we overcome sin and the evil one. Yes, He has given us His spirit to over come sin, but once a man crosses from the other side unto Jesus, a war breaks out, a war against his soul, and if you doesn't equip this new spirit you've gotten, by the word of God and with prayers, I tell you, you'll be at the frontline defenseless and any artillery fired, you'll be the one to get hit first. And once you're hit, the devil if possible might take you captive from that front line  back into his  world.
    The holy spirit is given after in God's, it's like a seed sown in a man, you don't just plant a seed and leave it there, it must germinate into a tree and bear fruits, the more you water this seed with the water of life which is the word of God, and the more you pray to drive of every pest from damaging the crop, every external force from trampling on it, the more it grows. It's like a man who is weak, and says he wants to fight one bigger than him, unless that man goes to the gym builds himself up to be greater than that man, only then he can defeat that man. This man in general is " sin."
    This is when the Lord said; " anyone who is born of God does not sin, because God's seed remains in him."
    it is this seed when nurtured,  your efforts to nurture this seed, it grows into a tree and bears fruits of the spirit which are love, patience,  kindness, self-control etc. The time were living in is not a time to relax, the devil knows his time is short and so he prows around like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour. A lion cannot devour something bigger and stronger than him, and so he'll find every means to make you weak so that he can devour you.
    He uses the things of the pleasures of the flesh, material things, and then he uses the things of the world which are the distractions of this world, the music we listen to, the issues of life, that atmosphere produce by the ungodly in were we find ourselves and even our own life. I myself for example, a time came I discovered the devil was using my education during my exam period which was very stressful, he wanted me to compromise my meditation on the word and praying day and night with my studies.
    If I had fallen  for his trap and then say, " because of exam let me study first before prayer and his word," surely I'll be weakened and he would've  taken  any chance to pounce on me, but the sooner I realized I said no! in fact I prayed and meditate on His word even more. You see that all these things, though painful to loose them are what Satan uses to devour our time we should've used for God.
    Satan has designed this word in such a way to draw men from God, don't let the things of this world eat up your time for God, until we drop all these we can't hear from God more distinct and clearly, and we cannot walk with Him like He did in the garden. I pray God will put in us His spirit  to have the desire to yearn for him, even more in Jesus name Amen !

    Jesus disciple

    God  made Daniel  wrote  about  his  vision  for  the  people  of  the  end  time,  that  is;  for  us,  this  last  generation. The  angel  said;
    Daniel  12:9;
    " Go  your  way,  Daniel,  because  the  words  are  closed  up  and  sealed  until  the  time  of  the  end."
    The  book  of  Daniel,  is  one  book  people  don't  read  these  days,  when  it's  indeed  meant  for  this  last  generation,  we  only know  about  Daniel  being  thrown  in  the  Lion's  den,  but  we  don't  care  about  the  visions  God  gave  him.
    Daniel  9:25;
    " Know and understand  this:  from  the  issuing  of  the  decree  to  restore  and  rebuild  Jerusalem  until  the  Anointed  One,  the ruler,  comes,  there'll  be  seven  " sevens, " and  sixty-two  " sevens. " It  will  be  built  with  streets  and  a  trench,  but  in  times  of  trouble."
    This  vision  has  been  miscalculated  by  few,  choosing  the  year  Israel  got  their  independence,  the  year  1948  (  when  the  UN declared  Israel  as  a  state  ),  but  in  reality  it  was  the  year  1967,  when  Israel  recaptured  Jerusalem  and  decided  to  make  it her  capital,  but  doing  this  wasn't  easy,  as  said  in  Daniel;
    "  It'll  be  built  with  streets  and  a  trench,  but  in  times  of  trouble."
    As  we all  know  ,  Israel  has  gone  through  perilous  wars  against  nations,  and  faced  so  many  trouble,  just  in  the  name  of making  Jerusalem  her  capital  that  the  word  of  God  be  fulfilled.  But  Atlas!  glory  be  to  God,  His  word  has  been  fulfilled, and  yet  to  be  fulfilled.
    As  I  was saying,  if  you  count  the  year  1967  and  then  add  the  '  seven  '  sevens  '  which  in  Bible  time  calculation,  equals  49 years.  You'll  discover  it  ended  in  the  year  2016.  Intriguing  right?  Yes,  the  rapture  was  to  happen  on  or  before  the  year 2016.  But  thanks  be  to  God,  His  unending  love  and  mercy  extended  towards  us  has  placed  us  in  an  extra  time  of  four years,  from  the  year  2016,  that  is;  the  rapture  will take place most  likely  in  the  year  2019.
    Here's  why  I  said  his  mercy  has  placed  us  in  an  extra  time.  Those  who  had  known  that  it  would  happen  on  the  year  2016 and  had  waited  but  didn't  see  it  happen,  well  don't  be  discouraged,  or  don't  be  wronged,  just  because  God  gave  a prophecy  doesn't  mean  He  can't  change  it,  Just  like  He  did  with  Jonah  and  Nineveh.  Even  still,  I  thank  God  He  did, because  probably,  I  know  if  it  had  happened  then,  I  probably  wouldn't  be  raptured,  I  mean,  I  would  be  waiting  for  the Tribulation's  three  and  a  half  year  of  trial  after  it's  three  and  half  year  of  peace  is  over.
    The  rapture  didn't  happen  in  2016  because  of  Jesus’  intersection,  he  knows  many  would  be  caught  unaware  compared to  the  multitude  of  those  who'd  be  now.  Few  examples  it  would  have  happened  during  2016.  For  those  who  has  read  one of  my writings  I  wrote  about;
    General  Mark  A.  Miley’s  speech,  about  2016  being  a  terrible  year  not  only  for  the  Americans  but  for  all,  still,  mostly  the Americans.  Well  it  didn't  happen  then  because  of  God's  mercy. In  case  you  want  to  check  it  out  on  YouTube,  here's  the  title  -  BREAKING  NEWS-  Government  Warns  Military  of  Hybrid  & Alien  Threat.
    And  the  vision  of  two  American  pastors  who  saw  a  vision  of  the  last  president  of  America.
    But,  Our  God  is  not  a  God  of  confusion,  neither  is  He  a  man  that  He  should  lie,  He  already  gave  a  vision  of  two  presidents being  the  last  of  America  before  the  Antichrist  is  revealed.  So,  He  extended  Obama's  tenure  so  that  the  last  President's tenure  won't  end  in  2016.  Because  after  or  during  his  tenure,  the  rapture  will  happen,  leading  to  the  revelation  of  the Antichrist,  who  will  create  a  one  world  government.  Then  he'll  create  a  deception  to  curb  the  intense  disturbances  of  the sudden  disappearance  of  God's  own.
    God  has  prepared  for  us,  not  only  in  His  written  word  but  also  through  His  holy  spirit,  that  we  should  be  prepared  and  on guard,  so  we  won't  be  caught  unaware,  because,  it'll  be  a  terrible  thing  to  face  the  tribulation,  though  a  large  multitude,  of which  John  couldn't  count  in  the  book  of  revelation  will  scale  through,  but  I  tell  you,  it's  not  a  time  you'd  want  to  face. I  know  even  in  all  these  written,  still  some  won't  take  heed  to  the  Lord's  warning,  because  as  Jesus  said;
    " Not  everyone  who  hears  my  word  can  receive  it "
    But  still,  I  pray  that  his  spirit  will  quicken  us  to  be  like  the  wise  virgins,  always  prepared  and  on  the  watch  for  the bridegroom's  call.
    Only  those  who  have  the  spirit  of  God  would  be  raptured,  including  children,  I  don't  know  the  age  limit  though,  because Jesus  said;  if  anyone  must  enter  the  kingdom  of  God,  he  must  first  be  like  these  little  ones.  How  do  we  know  we  have God's  spirit?  We  know  by  the  spirit  he  has  given  us.  It's  funny  right,  you  can  only  know  you  have  the  spirit  when  you  have His  spirit,  if  you  check  your  life  today,  if  you  judge  your  self  sincerely,  you'll  know  the  side  you're  on,  if  you  don't  have  the fruits  of  the  spirit,  if  you're  are  still  afraid  of  death,  not  sure  were  you'll  end  up  when  you  die  or  when  that  day  comes then...
    The  only  way  we  can  have  his  spirit,  is  by  hearing  and  meditating  on  the  word  with  our  heart,  and  in  obedience,  of  course you  can't  leave  in  absolute  obedience  without  his  spirit,  given  after  receiving  the  word  in  heart.  Let  us  pick  up  what  we have  kept  aside  (  the  scripture ), and  desire  the  true  cravings  of  the  spirit  which  has  been  quenched  ( his  word  and  his spirit  ).

    Jesus disciple

    If you do understand the time were in you'll realize that these words of Jesus has been fulfilled even to the utmost,
    " the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first,"
    these words concerns us Christians, or should I say our regular church goers. Christians these days mostly were brought up in a Christian civilization, being brought up in a Christian home, they see Christianity as just going to church, a mere religion, forsaking it's original purpose.
    Christianity itself is not a religion, it is a life, living the life of Jesus in His fullness. If all who profess to be Christians really were Christians, then the world would have been a better place, because it will be dominated by Jesus, His kingdom government will be established, ruling out the kingdom of darkness that has lingered for so long.
    What I'm saying is this; although people goes to church, become a chorister, a deacon, a pastor, even go for evangelism, fine, but if God's word is not sown in you, all these you're doing is a waste of time. The Lord said;
    1 John 3:9

    " No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in him: he cannot go on sinning because he has been born of God "
    Without this spirit you can't tell you are His son, you're not sure of your salvation, the fact you can't tell means your ways aren't right, because it is only those who obeys his word He send the comforter ( the holy spirit). Now I won't leave you hanging, the road to salvation is easy, first; you have to come with a open and free heart of repentance on acceptance of Jesus. Accepting Jesus is just the first step, because salvation doesn't lie at the beginning but at the end, for as many that endures. Your confession of Jesus as Lord registers your spirit man in heaven, Jesus is now aware you're ready.
    The  moment you make the decision to follow Jesus, knows you're an enemy of the devil and he'll do everything to take you back. This is when you fight to defend your faith ( your belief in Jesus ) if you really meant it. You must be faithful at all time in; obedience, prayers and by feeding on His word always, day and night, because no man can walk this path of holiness without these principle.
    A prayerful man is powerful ( to every man who overcomes, to them He gave power to become the sons of God ). The word of God is the sword of the spirit, which is Jesus in personality, the water of life he fills your heart with life by fighting off every power of sin that brings death to the soul. No man can be delivered from sin without the word of God.
    The word is sharper than two edged sword, piercing through heart and soul dividing it asunder, what is it dividing? Darkness from light. If you don't have this sword of the spirit in you gotten from the word you cannot cut down spirit of sin keeping you in bondage, it's like a man yielding a stick in a sword fight. The more God's word fills you the sharper the sword, there greater your strength to yield it.
    Those who have been in the church for years, they've grown so accustomed to it that it becomes a mere religion, culture, they go to church on Sunday because everyone does like they go to school or work, forgetting that we the sons of God are the church not the building. They keep on living in sin ; lying, fornication, masturbation, which are the main sins youth indulge in this days, they've been blinded by the devil, saying;
    " its natural, after all God created us that way,"
    But on the last day, they'll be found wanting, because although proclaiming Jesus, but without his spirit deposit found in them. God does not care about the flesh, all He's cares about is the spirit man and the spirit possessing him, is it of the devil or of God? People, if you're not yet sure of your salvation, do a heart check, ask the Lord to search your heart to expose whatever that is not of His, because nothing of sin will enter the gates of heaven. For those who are standing, stand firm lest you fall.
    If you have the opportunity to hear the gospel and yet, still living in sin, then the Lord will raise up stones to replace you, he'll raise up the worst of men who you think don't have hope for salvation as replacements. These replacements are elects of God, don't think you'll continue in sin without remorse and then Jesus will call you out of nowhere.
    The main purpose of the church is for our empowerment and for our strengthening, because just as we are one body, we are of different part dependent on each other with Jesus the neck bringing us life to function as one through the God head.
    If you're still in sin, say this prayer; Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner, forgive me my sin, I turn my back on my sin, and I renounce every spirit that has me bound, I believe that Jesus died for my sin, come into my heart and be my savior, take more of me and give me more of you, in Jesus name Amen!
    If you have said this, know that you're registered by in heaven already, all you have to do is spend time with God in obedience, because you'll be tempted by the devil and tried by God to prove your faithfulness, God does not want another Lucifer in heaven, that why we all are brought here for an exam on qualification into God's kingdom.

    Jesus disciple

    So  many people  seem  to  have  misunderstood  the  difference  between  righteousness  and  born  again.  A  man  can  be righteous, but  still  won't  enter  the  kingdom  of  God  when  his  time  comes.  It's  one  thing  to  be  righteous,  still  it's  another to  be  born  again,  and  being  filled  with  the  holy  spirit.
    If  a  man  is  righteous, there  are  probabilities  he  might  not  see  the  kingdom,  why?  Because  righteousness  is  not holiness,  it  is  merely  the  effort  one  applies  in  other  to  live  a  holy  life, it  is  your  persistence,  your  effort  to  know Jesus more. Only  then  Jesus  will  say;
    " yes! this  one  really  is  willing  to  follow  me,"
    Then  He'll  will  pour  out  his  spirit  upon  you  which makes  you  born  again of the spirit of God.
    Being born  again  is  a  different  game,  when  one  is  born  again  he  can  see  heaven, but  that  doesn't  mean  he  must  get  to heaven, because  being  born  again,  you're  been  born  into  Christ  as  a  baby,  a  baby  can  be  vulnerable  to  harm  in  so  many  ways, because  he has little knowledge  of  his  surrounding and little strength for defense.  That's  why  one  can  be  born  again  and  still  fall  into temptation,  why?  Because  he  does not  have  enough  strength  or  rather  enough  knowledge  to  grow  in  Christ.
    This  strength  and knowledge  comes  when  a  child  grows,  for  instance  you  can't  force  a  child  to  eat  what  is  beneficiary  to  him,  if  the  child chooses  to  eat  the  right  nutrients  he'll  surely  grow  in  strength  and  knowledge  faster  than  the  other  who  lacks  the required  nutrients.  The  one  suffering  from  deficiency  cannot  advance  and  so  he  lives  a  life  of  weakness,  when  sin comes  he falls easily,  but  the  one  who  is  healthy,  who  is  not  deficient  will  continue  to  grow  in  strength  and  knowledge  so when  he  sees  danger  he'll  be  able  to  avoid  it.
    Even  though  he  ingests  poison (  sin  ),  though  he  might  be  weakened, but since  he  has  a  strong  immune  system,  his  antibodies  fights  off  that  poison  and  builds  a  resistance, so  when  next  he takes  that  poison  it  would  have  no  effect.
    Let's  also  liken  born  again  to  an  institution,  where one  undergoes  a  course  of  study  in  a  university. For  example  his  goal  is to  become  a  doctor,  unless  that  student  graduates  and  becomes  a  doctor,  still  he'll  be  called  a  student,  and  being  a student  he  can  drop  out of college  at  any  time,  preventing  him  from  attaining  his  goal. However if he endures to the end, passing through series of education, he'll be certified as a doctor.
    In  summary,  as  one  grows from a born  again child unto maturity in Christ Jesus, God pours  out  His  spirit  on  him  and  restores  him  to  live  a  holy life  without  sin,  making  him  a  son. Jesus  said;
    John 14:26
    " But the councilor, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you."
    God  is  not  wicked, He  wants  everyone  to  be  saved, but  still, salvation doesn't  just  comes  like  that, salvation is not on confessing the name Jesus. Confessing Jesus to gain Lordship over your life is just a registration into God's family. Salvation lies at the end, for those who have fought and overcome. Jesus has to see your genuineness before  He  comes  in  to  support  you.  Do  you  know  the  reason? it's  because  of  Satan.  Let  me  tell  you  a  little  reason  why God  wants  your  genuineness, because  of  time  I  won't  get  into  details;

    It  all  started  when  God  created  the  Angels,  God  gave  them  free  will,  He  made  Lucifer, one of the  highest  of  the  Angels. Because of the glory of God bestowed on Lucifer and also the position God gave him over all the angels at that time, pride got to him. He wanted to exalt himself above the throne of God, but he was foolish. Every angel was designed for a specific purpose  and Lucifer was designed for worship. Angel Gabriel was designed for wisdom, Michael was designed for warfare.
    However, since there was no war in heaven, Angel Michael " the sword bearer " was not that relevant, because it wasn't his time for service, until Lucifer rebelled against God. You know one thing, God didn't cast Lucifer out, He only gave the order, and Michael executed the task flawlessly, there the glory of Michael was revealed as the strongest of Angels.
    You've  seen  the  result of the fall of Lucifer in play today.  Our  God  is  a  perfect  God, He  created  all  things  beautiful  and  made  the  angels under His service over  all  He  created. But  during  the  fall  of  Satan,  war  broke  out  in  heaven,  and  all  of  God's  creation  was destroyed,  in  decay. God then had to begin a recreation, and brought man into existence, made in His own image, a direct replica of Himself.
    That's  why  you'd  notice the  creation  of  the  word  actually  started  in  the  book  of  John chapter one. The  world  was  without  form  and void,  meaning  it  was  in  existence  already, once ruled  by Lucifer. Since  God  is  not  bound  by  time  He  created  light  on  the  first day  dividing  day  from  night,  this  was  when  time  came  into  existence,  and  that  was  when  God  said;
    " In  the  beginning  (  when  time  started  ) ' let there be  light."
    A third  of  the angels  failed, so  He  recreated  Himself  through  man,  that's why  men are in  the  likeness  of  God.  But  just  a  Satan  rebelled,  so  also God knew man would fall,  that's why Jesus was the lamb that was slain even before the beginning of time. God created man in His own image to replace the angels, only Jesus was like God, but God has to create man to be like Himself, because only God can rule His creation perfectly. When we shall meet God, we shall see Him face to face, we shall be like Him, not In His full glory, but we shall be like Him greater than all His creation.
    God created the earth, and placed the  garden  of  Eden in the earth, creating man in it, to  test  man, in other to sieve out  those  who  when  are  in  His kingdom  would  turn  out  like  Lucifer. For those on the path to  hell, don't  say  " God  is  wicked."  It's  also a revelation that  if  you  were  to  be  in  heaven  you  also  will  rebel  against  God.
    But  to  those have overcome, He  will  give  them  crowns  of  gold  to  rule  with  Him. There  you  have  it,  this  world  is  just  a  selection  ground  to  see  those  who  are  capable  to  rule and reign  with God.
    Few examples of righteousness  is  seen  in  the  character  of  Zacchaeus  and  peter.  Zacchaeus  a  chief  task  collector wanted  to  know Jesus, but  been  a  short  man  he  couldn't  see  Jesus,  but  did  he  give  up?  No!  Unlike  some  of  us  who  will  go  halfway  and  say;
    " I've  tried,  its  impossible  for  one  to  live  without  sin."
    Rather, Zacchaeus  put  in  more  effort  and  climbed  a  sycamore  tree  in order to  see  Jesus.  He  did  find  Jesus.  Jesus  saw  his righteousness,  his  effort  to  know  Him  and  He  thought. When he saw the righteousness of Zacchaeus, his  struggle  and  desire  to  know him. That moment Jesus recognized Zacchaeus faith. And  Jesus  said;
    " Zacchaeus!  come  down  immediately,  today  I  must  stay  at  your  house."
    Zacchaeus  came  down  and welcomed  him,  even  in  all  of  his  righteousness  he  still  have  to  welcome  Jesus, unless, Jesus won't  enter.  Indeed  like  those  living  for  Jesus  today,  Jesus  came  into  their  house,  ate  with  them  and  renew  their strength,  and  gave  them  his  Spirit  to  be  more  like  Him  and  to  live  a  life  without sin naturally.  After  been  transformed, Zacchaeus  stood  up  and  said
    " today  I'll  sell  half  my  property."
    These  properties sold are  what  aren't  needed in heart occupied by Jesus. They  can  be  properties  of  sin,  the  things  of  the  world  and of the  flesh,  like immoral  dressings  and  ungodly  songs.  What  are  you  willing  to  let  go? Because  for  one  to  follow  Christ  he  must  leave everything  behind  and  take  up  his  cross daily and  follow  him,  though  it  might  be  painful  at  first  but,  in  the  end  it  becomes interesting.
    You also know  the  story  of  peter  walking  on  water,  that  was  his  righteousness. When  he  started  drowning,  because he  couldn't  walk by his own strength, Jesus  snatched  him  up  by  the  hand. You  can  live  a  holy  life  without  sin,  but  it  doesn't  just  happen  like  that,  you  have  to  start  with  commitment,  effort,  which  is your  righteousness,  your  righteousness  is  what  Jesus  would  use  to  recommend  you.
    I  pray the issues of life won't  let  us  slip  away  but,  rather  draw  us closer to  Jesus in  Jesus  name  Amen!


    At Ease

    By NetChaplain, in The Reading Room,


    To “walk in the Spirit is to have the Lord Jesus as actual source of all that arises in us of thoughts and feelings. A man’s spirituality is measured by this. What freedom from sin and all besides to fellowship with the Father, and to serve Him! “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” (Rom 8:2). For the Lord Jesus is the only Object of faith, the only One that satisfies us, as indeed, He is the Father’s Object; and if we have got but one mind with Him about the Beloved (Eph 1:6), our communion is with the Father, and with His Son.
    We do need to be taught of the Spirit, to enter, more deeply than we have done, into what the Father has given us in His Son. If we do not, some difficulties will arise which will demand the knowledge of that which we have not got, and there will be weakness; there will be the consulting of flesh and blood (natural discernment of what we think instead of what He thinks—NC), instead of going forward in the strength of God, with the eye fixed upon the Lord Jesus.
    To be saints of God, to be in His presence, at ease and at home before the throne of our Father, to have the privilege of beholding His beloved Son, and seeing Him in the glory which He had with the Father before the world was: there “is the hope of His Calling” (Eph 1:18). He has called us there, where no angel can be, no creature (heirs of salvation making us children of God wherein is no nearer fellowship—NC), save those who have a divine nature imparted to them; and who, by the Holy Spirit, are capable of entering into the deepest thoughts of God.
    This is communicated to us, even here in this world that our hearts may rise up to the consciousness of the dignity of our position in the risen Lord Jesus. Conscience will not keep a person from sin (it’s just a register of memories—NC). There must be the affections brought into play, and such an acquaintance with the Father, such a familiarity with His thoughts and feelings that they become the meat and drink of the child of God.
    Are not our souls too often satisfied short of this? Content with what is more simply suited to our need, or with what would be considered more practical. Why is it so, that we rest short of entering into what our Father gives us in His beloved Son as He is in His own presence now? It is because we are not walking in dependence upon the Spirit: it is the power of nature in exercise that hinders us. Nature always clings to something present—something that touches our wants as we see and feel them. Whereas, where the heart is more in the presence of the Father and in the enjoyment of the Son, while we are more sensitive as to what glorifies our Father, yet we learn a power in the Lord Jesus, and not merely in fact of certain things being right and wrong.
    Growth is not a mere question of new habits. It is the Father unfolding His Son to us—His own thoughts and feelings as revealed in His Son; and this is what gives us reality. Because, if I see God has really wrought in Christ this wonderful work, far beyond that of creation—the raising of the Lord Jesus form the dead, and setting Him at His own right hand in heaven—if we read that act in the light of God, we see what sin was, what Satan was, what the judgment of God was, who now, in grace passes over it all. All is gone now (the curse and every relative judgement—NC); all is passed over for us, that our Father might magnify Himself.
    While we are in the world, over which judgment is hanging, we are raised above it all—we have the liberty of heaven (presently using it—NC), while we are on the earth. We have passed in the person of the Lord Jesus outside this world; we have taken our position in heaven, we have been “made to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Eph 2:6). That is, we have been put at ease there, which the thought of sitting gives. All thought of pilgrimage is lost sight of in this range of truth (often having the sense of already being in heaven—NC). Our being pilgrims and strangers, though most true and blessed, is not so blessed a place as being seated together in places in Christ Jesus.
     - G Gardiner
    “Regeneration is a birth: the center and root of the personality, the spirit, has been re-created and taken possession of by the Holy Spirit. But time is required for that center to extend through all the circumference of our being. It is akin to a seed: the life of the Lord Jesus within must grow; and it would be against the laws of nature and grace alike if we expected from the babe in Christ the strength that can only be found in the young man, or the rich experience and stability of the fathers. Even where in the new convert there is great singleness of heart and faith, with true love and devotion to the Saviour, time is needed for a deeper knowledge of the old man and sin, for a spiritual insight into what the Father’s will and grace are.” – Andrew Murray (1828 – 1917)

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