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    Anon Reel

    Moving in the past, present, and future
    The Holy Ghost operates as preceptor
    Light in shadowy darkness
    Author of truth made manifest
    Seen only with the mind
    Unlaced by space and time
    Stand aside with reverence
    Be still for the promise of deliverance
    In a moment glory will abound
    Heralded by trumpets, voices will sound
    Joining of the body and spirit at last
    Moving in the future, present, and past

    Anon Reel

    Transformed into a celestial light
    A navigational clue in the depths of night
    Like moths to a flame stray masses draw near
    Charmed by the fire there is no fear
    Orientation is fixed by positive detection
    Seeking an escape, looking for protection
    A comforter rises out of the earth
    Showering praises and promises of mirth
    Hearken unto thee, come close and see
    Signs and marvels full of mystery
    Speaking in words careful not to convict
    A bond sealed
    Spirit; evict

    Anon Reel

    Every hour the spiritual battle rages
    Desirous of Truth I read through the pages
    History revealed in the Spirit shines forth
    A merciless enemy rises out of the North
    Taking control by subtlety
    Convincing masses with intrigue and flattery
    Desolation verily to ensue
    As spoken by the Prophet ringing true
    In a fallen world there are only two
    Separated by Grace, a chosen few
    Not by works, but faith alone
    A sole Redeemer from God is shown
    The Lord of Glory
    First and Last
    Saving souls from evil past
    Suffering trial and persecution
    A perfect work upon execution
    Burst asunder the bands of decease
    Spirit at rest, soul at peace
    Glorified is His name
    To Satan, an open shame
    To those who are called
    To those made wise
    Press forth towards the mark
    Seek ye the Prize!


    the gift of sight I have received
    the difference hard to believe
    only perfect sight was conceived
    now that it's here I'm so relieved
    it’s been one year since I could see
    anything in one eye with clarity
    everything was opaque and shadows
    couldn't distinguish hand from elbow
    effectively blind in one eye
    I was afraid someone could die
    cause driving at night was scary
    at times it got kind of hairy
    I prayed for one of the best
    a doctor above all the rest
    GOD opened the doors for me
    surgeon's top ten in our country
    surgery jitters fit to be tied
    even though the LORD was at my side
    many people were praying for me
    helped relieve my anxiety
    patients waited nervous restless
    awakened reaction speechless
    a blessed surgeon his hands were skilled
    sight adroitly given patients thrilled
    through years of schooled dedication
    long nights spent in concentration
    skills acquired through years of practice
    he's been able to cure blindness
    in all of his patient's reactions
    he's awarded satisfaction
    GOD'S surgeon he is called to be
    this thank you poem is from me
    K River USMC
    ______________________________________                                                                                                                                                                            Authors note:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         K River USMC is my pen name                                                                                                                                


    Better Than Perfect Sight
    This is a story of a personal journey that started in May of 2016. I began to notice a slight difference in my sight. Nothing too major, just a problem seeing at night. Sometimes the light from cars coming towards me bothered me. I started praying about it as my eyes grew worse.
    I have never really had good eye sight. This was a problem all through school. Because I was tall, I was always forced to sit in the back. But, then I couldn't see the board. I have worn extremely thick glasses from the time  I was two yrs old. In the early 1950's I had major eye surgery for lazy eye. In fact, just prior to this problem with my eyes occurring I was told when I had my last pair of glasses made that they couldn't make them any thicker.                                         
    During the Summer my eyes really had begun to bother me. I went to the Veteran's Hospital telling them I had a problem with my sight. They said I had to wait six months to get an appointment to get a referral. Then wait several months after that to see an eye doctor. In September I went back to the VA because my eyes were by this time quickly getting worse my right eye was almost gone. They wouldn't see me and told me to come back when I had an appointment. It didn't seem to matter if I went blind while I was waiting. I went back in November and got the same answer. By this time, I was deeply concerned that I was literally going blind. All I could do was pray and have others praying too about a situation I had inadvertently found myself in. On Christmas Day, my right eye went completely blind. There was light and I could see the outline of my hand if the edge of my little finger was touching my nose. But the sight in my right eye was opaque. I could still see with my left eye but not all that well. 
    Now, I was really worried that this was going to be a permanent situation. I started praying and thanking GOD for my healing. I had no idea how or when it would come. I just knew that GOD had promised me in HIS word that I was healed. So that was good enough for me simple as that. It was a done deal no questions asked as far as I was concerned. I didn't know or care how it would happen I just knew it that would. All I was required to do was believe. I didn't know what to do next.            
    The door to the VA had been closed. So lacking the wisdom I needed, I proceeded to pray and ask GOD for guidance. A little while later, I happened to need something on my desk. During my search, I found a booklet advertisement I had saved for some unknown reason with doctors names. My mom had an eye doctor that she really liked. I figured I couldn't wait on my eyes. I needed to see someone right away. I looked for the name of her former doctor. It was in there, so I called. They said I would have to wait three months to see someone. When I explained what was happening with my eyes. They let me come in the next day. I saw a regular doctor that they called in especially just to see me. He said that I had cataracts. The right one had ruptured and it was really bad. He also told me that I needed operations on both eyes. I made the appointment to see the surgeon. I was seen a few days later. He sent me to a retina specialist to have them checked. Then the preparation tests for the surgeries began. In the meantime, I started praying about the up coming surgeries.                         
    I have always been extremely apprehensive when it came to someone tampering with my eyes. In fact, when it comes to them I am down right paranoid. I started praying for a surgeon. But not just any old surgeon. I was praying specifically for one of the top ten best eye surgeons in the country. I didn't want to trust just any surgeon with my sight. I wasn't about to go to the VA. Based on my past experience from a long time ago it wasn't a risk I was willing to take.                  
    My only option was to pay for these operations myself through medicare. and personal finances. I didn't care about the cost when it came to my eyes. When it came to choosing the lens that would go into my eyes or if the doctor should use a laser or a knife. Medicare would have paid for the whole thing if I had gone the cheapest way. But the outcome, the lens, and the longer recovery time would not have given me optimum results. I wanted nothing but the very best. I figured I would have to go into debt to pay for it. I had the rest of my life to pay for them. It would be worth the struggle to have the perfect sight I had prayed for. Besides, I knew the LORD was opening all the doors for me to get the surgeries. I decided to leave paying for all of it up to HIM too. I couldn't get the doctor my mom had.                                             
    I looked the surgeon I was given up on the internet. You probably guessed it by now and you are correct. He is at the pinnacle of the top ten eye surgeons in the country. He is one of only a handful of surgeons in the country that would even attempt to do the surgery I needed. Even then if they did do it they would only do one or two in an entire year. The surgeon, I was about to trust with my eyes did this specialized kind of surgery from referrals all the time. He also teaches other surgeons how to do it. The LORD had more than answered my prayers.                                                                                                                                                                            
    The day of my first surgery for my right eye came. I was so nervous I’m about ready to jump out of my skin. They don't put you to sleep for this type of procedure. Instead, they use a kind of twilight sleep. But, because I was so anxious about it. They put me out. When I came around. A male nurse was putting a clear protective cup over my eye. I could see him clearly. I was in complete shock. I could see him better with my right than my left. I was astounded that I could see him at all. Because remember for all intent and purposes, I was blind in my right eye before I went in. I was shouting that I could see in the middle of the hallway in the surgical suite and praising the LORD at the top of my lungs. This area was so quiet that it made a library look like a noisy bookbinding factory.
    I think the hospital staff thought I had flat out gone around the bend and was a pretty good candidate for the men in the white coats. I had come into the surgery intake sucking on a rock. The nurse caught me when I took it out of my mouth to answer her questions. She must have thought I was half crazy. Then with my behavior later, it sort of encouraged that impression. The rock was a trick I had learned to help keep from being thirsty. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink after midnight. Instead I sucked on a rock, it worked too. So, when I started shouting you can just imagine what the nursing staff must have thought. I can now easily imagine what the blind men experienced when JESUS healed them. It is an interesting biblical insight to have. The second surgery went by without any complications and it wasn't as dramatic of a shock. Each day my sight has improved. It is like looking at everything on an extremely clear TV screen. The brightness and clarity is stupendous. Compared to trying to see through a pair of extremely dirty windows smeared with Vaseline. 
    GOD chose to do quite a number of small miracles in closing and opening doors to lead me to the right surgeon. All of them were in answer to prayers regarding the condition of my sight. Some might say that it was just a series of extraordinary circumstances. But to get the people and the events all lined up at the precise time that they were required becomes a difficult question to answer without the acknowledgement of GOD'S intervention. The probability factor against all of these things happening on their own and all with the correct timing I am sure must be astronomical. The LORD also answered my prayers about how I was going to pay for all of this. A non-family member and outside source provided the $7,000.00 to pay for the surgeries.
    Anyways, that is the story on my eyes and the answer to all the prayers.   said on my behalf.  I am praising the LORD for their answers. May all the praise, honor, and glory of these events in my life of course be placed where it belongs. It is freely given to GOD the FATHER through my LORD JESUS CHRIST. It was by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT HE anointed the surgeon's hands. This ultimately resulted in the healing of my eyes. I praise and thank my LORD for all it took to make that happen. I had by faith expected my eyes to be perfect. But the gift of sight I have received is literally better than 20/20 vision. My sight is extraordinary and way beyond simple perfection. I now have better than perfect sight.

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