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    Jesus disciple

    Nothing delays in our lives apart form sin and for those who are born again, functioning in God's kingdom, nothing delays more than unwillingness to yield to the holy ghost
    Man is limited by so many things, because of his fall, that's why Jesus came for our sake, not only to be free from sin, but to be restored back to the original position he made us for.
    I've seen many gone for crusades, I've seen many gone for deliverance, because of their limitations, hindrances, yes, there are spiritual entities that hinders, but today I'll emphasizing on man's main hindrances.
    Before any hindrance, our main hindrances is sin, our first and original limitation. Your hindrances might be a generation curse, but first it is sin, and many has gone binding their fathers, mother's and relatives when they themselves are the cause generating shackles which binds them in deeper bondage, the more they pray, the more they become bound, because they call on Jesus with a dead heart. Life attract life, and death attracts death. If you cry out in prayers when your heart is dead, you'll cry out to demons to afflict you even more.
    It's as simple as that, unless we choose to allow Jesus deliver us from sin, we'll remain limited. That failure you're having when it is not of God's design in preparation for where He's taking you, is caused by because of sin. Untill you've fought sin and overcome it then can you talk about alters of darkness that shock the light of God in a man's life if there's any. Dealing with alters, alters of darkness hinders a man from going further in his relationship with God, it hinders the manifestation of God in his life. They can only be broken down and replaced by the alter of God through prayers.
    You'll need to service your alter to raise offerings unto God through prayers to dismantle every alter not of God. Unless your heart becomes an alter free from contamination, then God's presence breaks into your realm and you begin to walk in His presence constantly, and you what happens when you begin walking in the presence of God, everything about you is life.
    We men of God should emphasize more on sin, of what good are healing, blessing, deliverance, if the spirit of sin is not yet erased from the hearts of men.
    If the spirit of sin is not casted it. You know a deliverance, healing can be done by anointing, but the spirit of sin won't be casted out if the energy level of the authority of Jesus in the servant of God is not high enough to imposed life into the heart of the oppressed. It's is authority that rules out sin birthed from life. What makes a man not being subjected to sin is; the holy spirit dominating him given on the fullness of God's life in him which brings about deliverance from sin. While some men of God can operate under the authority of Jesus to drive out spirits of sin by imposing life into the hearts of men, you need to spend time on the word to be delivered, for it is the power of God unto salvation, it is His word that birth life.
    For us born again in the holy ghost, it is yielding that removes hindrances in our relationship with God. The holy ghost always speaks to us, but we fail to yield in obedience, that's why we need to be filled else, we'll be limited. Still, one thing to be filled, it's another to listen and discern what the holy ghost whispers to your heart, telling you what to drop or what to do .
    A time comes when we've obeyed all obedience to attain salvation, we are then ushered into a new dimension of life in God, the true purpose of God in our lives. God's true purpose for us isn't blessing, wealth, healing, yes they're all good, neither is it salvation, because salvation is just a ticket to usher us into that relationship with God we had lost because of sin. Having being saved at the end and restored, we do not merely live our lives as those who wants to be get into heaven immediately, rather a new desire is given by the holy spirit to fulfil the mandate of God in our lives, our true purpose, to be relevant amongst the immortals.
    Whatever we do here that ends in the flesh is vanity, unless we unlock the realms of the kingdom, this is the path where relevance lies, where whatever we do every second of our lives is invested on God and they're being recorded with rewards attached for all eternity. Untill you begin to walk in the fulfillment of God's kingdom, you'll have little reward in God's kingdom, you'll be given charge over little, because over there, we'll be crowned kings of different rankings and authorities. Being a child of God and not a son, you'll be clothed, fed and sheltered for sure, however your limitation as a child does not give you access to inheritance and also access to whole house of God.
    The moment we've obeyed all obedience, then the holy ghost takes over to build a new relationship, where God's blueprint for His project in our lives will be handed to us. However, if you fail to discern the move of God, if you fail to yield, you'll be considered unworthy. That's why we have few men manifestation the power and glory of God, because most of us couldn't discern the time and even some of us who did discern, failed to yield to the holy ghost to be cultivated until the day of harvest.
    The flesh is the greatest limitations that hinders the manifestation and the move of God in our lives. After man has overcome sin, there lies the flesh, it is a spirit that makes us of no value unto God. You can't pray your way out of it, it is dealt with on sacrifice, you must die to the flesh to become clothed with the spirit of God. Unless we are clothed, we cannot become a conduit to harness, contain and function in the fullness of God's life.
    God wants to manifest Himself though us, He wants to express Himself, unless we allow Him, He cannot find more expression in this realm, thereby hindering His kingdom advancement. Our failure to yield, is the cause of the dominion of darkness on earth, it is our fault, we must be awakened to pay for what we've done by surrendering to become valiant warriors of God who'll retake the territories overrun by darkness.
    If you've not yet entered the kingdom, You've not started, your life begins to count when you begin to invest and function in God's kingdom in whatever way God designs for you. Whatever you do must gives expression to life of God.
    Our life eternal begins on earth on acceptance of Jesus to heart, but that life begins to have relevance when we begin to yield in order to break the limiters that hinders us from walking in the fullness of His life. We must be the mediums through which God's life is birthed on earth, this is our true purpose on earth  You'll be rewarded by how much life you generated while on earth and how much it was used by God through you.

    Jesus disciple

    Prayer is not all about our demands, we children of God are sentenced to a life of prayer, not for our demands, but to attend to the demands of God, it is a kingdom activity. God has demands for the advancement of His kingdom on earth, it is when you yield to attend to God's demand, He'll ferry His government on earth through you as a gate way. Unfortunately many live to meet the demands of the devil.
    We mortals are medium for spirit entities to find expression in our realm, our lives is more than what we ought to know, we live for spirits. We ought not to pray for material bread, all you need is obedience to God and they shall be given. The Lord said;

    Matthew 6:26
    " Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father in heaven takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds?"
    However, the devil brings challenges to keep us bound, seeking God for our demands and not God's. All your demands are selfish and will perish along with the earth, as long as they don't resonate to meet the demands of God's kingdom. If God blesses you and you do not use it to bless others then, it's all vanity, the only reality is the realm of the Immortals. That's why we don't invest on the flesh, but we store up treasures in heaven by sacrificing the flesh and you can't do so if your heart is not found in heaven, that is; if you're not born again with the spirit of God, and also, if your heart is not aligned to function in God's kingdom.
    " Give us this day our daily bread," many seems to get it wrong. What Jesus meant was; gives us this day our daily bread of life ( God's word ), for us to be filled with life, so we can become a channel of life for the advancement of God's kingdom on earth. The Lord's prayer is a kingdom prayer, not a material bread and protection prayer, you see it as so, because of your relationship that only demands from God, a selfish one, a wrong motive.
    Prayer is a life, men always ought to pray and not to faint. As long as we dwell in the mortal realm, we are sentenced to a life of prayer in order to break the chasm that separates us from the spiritual, we pray to invoke the presence of God to dwell in our earthly tabernacle.
    We, sealed temporarily in the flesh are disconnected form God, we've lost our relationship with God, but for us to be restored, we need to pray to create a breach for the kingdom of heaven to interweave with our physical realm to easily access God. In order words; one who prays without ceasing, without fainting has direct access to God at anytime, he's not far from home, because he's walking in an Interwoven dimension of heaven and earth, he just needs the right amount of faith worth to access it.
    The more we prays, the more God's presence becomes more dominate in our lives. One who prays always can break into heaven at anytime compared to one who only has designated time of prayers and he who only asks for material bread. We ought to pray always without ceasing in our heart as a sacrifice. Men, being sealed in the flesh, are made for sacrifice unto spirit entities, be it of light or darkness. This is a kingdom issue, but for those who still need protection, praying without ceasing keeps you the armory of God always, as long as you don't overstep your jurisdiction, no evil can breach your barrier so easily, because you're shielded.
    Whereas, we can pray protracted prayer. Prayers can be divided into two;
     - prayer as a life; drawing us closer to God and,
     - prayer for warfare, a kingdom prayer. These are also protracted prayers. There are times we need to make declarations.
    Protracted prayers must be accompanied with the word, just as prayers without ceasing draws us closer to God to easily access the heavens, protracted prayers must be interwoven with the word to become more effective. The reason you pray for certain things according to God's will and yet, results delay, is, because your protracted prayer is not weighted with the word, it's does not carry the weightiness of God's life.
    It is the life of God we deliver when we pray and this life conveys the authority of God birthed in us, if God's word, God's life is not dominating you, you can't pray weighty prayers, that's is; your prayers will be of little life, therefore; having less authority. 
    Protracted prayers are the secondary aspect of prayers, the primary aspect is to pray without ceasing, prayer as a life. Protracted prayers must be mechanized with life, it is the weightiness of life packed in your words or prayers that births the authority to make utterances come alive.
    Protracted prayers are prayers specifically for warfare, it's is like shooting without missing, because you know what you're aiming for, this comes by revelation of the holy spirit. Still praying without ceasing is more necessary, because it builds intimacy with God, being closer to God makes protracted prayers meaningless, you'll only need it for His kingdom warfare. It might be to deliver, to break the walls that hinders salvation in the hearts of men, it might be for a territory.
    Protracted are intercessory prayers mostly for the church and for the lives of others, it is a selfless prayer for Kingdom advancement. But it must first be used on you, because there are demonic entities that will hinder you from journeying deeper in God and so you'll need to have deliverance before you can deliver others.
    Protracted prayer is like this; it's like a gun ready to shoot it's target. Prayer is gun to shoot the target, but the strength to shoot the gun is drawn from God's  the word of God. A strong man who has balance will shoot without missing, because he has the strength to wield the gun properly and the recoil of the gun cannot shake him, therefore, he cannot miss. However, if you have little strength when you shoot, the recoil will affect your stance thwarting your balance to shoot off target.
    We must cultivate the habit of praying without ceasing. It is the in-depth of intimacy with God through perpetual prayers that makes us appear in heaven at anytime, you'll be known over there, although men see you walking the earth, but as long as the dimensions of heaven have broken into your realm. If you want to make dealings with men, you'll deal with those you trust and have easy access to, men who pray always are these kinds of people, before God looks for anyone else He finds them first. 
    The reason why God is not much interested in you is, because you fail to journey closer to Him through prayers. As you get closer to God, then you become an entirely different being, a man whom God can entrust His kingdom.
    In order for you to be able to pray without ceasing, you must be filled with the holy spirit, the holy spirit grows in our hearts through God's word, now you now see why we spend hours in the word, not because we want to have knowledge of it no, but because we want to grow the spirit in us to maturity to encompass our heart.
    It's like a deflection twisting balloon, until the balloon is filled with air, it cannot have relevance, it cannot be bent into shapes for entertainment. That's how the holy spirit works in us, we need to be filled and inflated to be used.
    Praying without ceasing begins little, it's like a little child who doesn't know how to talk, if you're not yet filled with the holy spirit you'll find it difficult to pray without ceasing, you must be filled, and to be filled with the holy spirit you need to spend time in the word to feed Him, he must take control of your being. There are times when I'll spend less time on God's word and the holy spirit will constrain and remind me go back to the word to harness more life,  prayers then, will be a bit of a struggle.
    When a child is given birth to, he doesn't know how to talk, but as he's being fed, from time to time he grows and talks gradually, till he comes to maturity where talking becomes natural to him. Lets give a little on  how to go about it, now that's you've known what we need to fan the spirit to pray without ceasing.
    For me, this is what I meditate in my heart at all time, every second, as my prayers;
    - Thank you Jesus
    - Take more of me and give me more of you Lord
    - in the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus.
    - Jesus ( I do these continually.)
    You can also add these;
    - Lord mead me not into temptation.
    - locate me in your mercy, locate me in your favor.
    Just do as you see fit, you can add yours also. As long as you're consciously talking to God in your heart, and also in spiritual songs, it is prayers. Always pray continually in your heart, it will be difficult at first, but everything starts little, in time the Lord will assist you and it'll become natural as breathing.
    Praying without ceasing raises incense unto God from our heart to invite His presence, in the presence of God there's no darkness and so when His presence fills your temple, you become a mobile tabernacle that houses God's presence, every alter generating darkness in you will cease to function, and the spiritual balance in the life of those around you might be altered depends on how much His life overflows from you.
    When you pray without ceasing you're locked in God's presence, and in his presence there is no lack, no failure, no fear, even if there is sickness is just for a little while. This is why we don't pray for physical bread. For one to pray and get results instantly, he must be filled with the word, he must have much life which comes from the word, because life is our currency in heaven, you can't purchase premium resources if your life is of little worth.
    You must find time to meditate on God's word, at least two hours per day for a start, don't just read it, but devour it as food, because indeed, it is the bread of life. If you don't have life abundance, you'll be weak and you'll worth little or nothing in the spiritual, you just can't do anything.
    - The word builds faith, eliminating fear in the process naturally.
    - It is where we draw our strength from.
    - the word makes us become more like Jesus, because He also, is the word.
    Jesus has come and gone physically, but he left the written word for us where we can find Him or through his vessels who delivers God's life through His word, for us to be transformed to become more like Him. The more you feed on God's word, the more He dominates your being, His nature is built in you to become an expression of the fullness of His life.
    When you are to feed on God's word, you must come with a free heart, a heart without sin if you haven't and ask the holy spirit to teach you, because he is the teacher of our age. The words I am writing to you, where do you think they come from, you might not exactly see them in the scripture, but they are birthed form the fountain of the life of Jesus in me through His word, by His spirit. These aren't just words, they are life sealed in written form, only those who have a free heart can access it.
    Words are just transport mediums to convey the life of God. So also, if you spend time in His word you'll be filled with the life of God to become a channel of life.
    You cannot do anything without the word, you cannot pray effectively without it, the word is our shield, you cannot be shielded in God's fortress if you don't have the word and also the more you spend time in His word the stronger his barrier around you.
    It's not all about prayers, in fact, the in-depth of your intimacy through God's word will affect the  authority in your prayer, the more you devour God's word, the more your authority level In prayer increases. Your life with God must be integrated with the word and prayers
    Praying without ceasing as a relationship, is an intimate journey unto God. One who dwells more in the word will be slingshotten further into God's presence with much force of elasticity. While in protracted prayers, he that is filled with the word will deliver weighty prayers than he that prays lengthy words with little word substance in him. These are little mystery many believe are lacking. The word and prayers
    Let your life be balanced with the word and prayer. It is how much intimacy, how much God has infiltrated and dominated you, He'll be manifested through you in diverse dimensions. When you pray, it no longer feels faint, but the Lord dwelling in you will be the one speaking, you're being clothed by His spirit and so a spirit being is the one talking when you make utterances and His words are expressed in more reality, you see God immediately. Your words become packed with life, manifesting high level authority. You utterances compacted with life, will weigh the authority you'll deliver.
    In summary, he that dies and dwells in the word to harness life, will pray without ceasing, because the compatibility of the spirit of prayer is synchronized with his spirit man. Therefore, when he wants to manifest authority, all he does is declare and instantly it is authorization.
    God's word dominating our heart Increases our faith. Faith are heavenly currency to purchase heavenly resources. The more we devour God's word, the more our faith has value to access heavenly resources. If you want healing and you have no faith value to do so, you can't, you can't get what you don't have the currency to purchase.
    God's word is life and life also is our heavenly currency, which is called faith, for faith comes from the word, and the word is life. That's why a man in sin can't purchase anything from God because he has death, and where death lies, there's no life ( faith ). The only resources a man can purchase is salvation, and salvation still wasn't purchased by him, he was purchased and given freely on acceptance of Jesus, It is then, the acceptance of Jesus that activates life in him.
    How much of God's life ( word ) in you will determine your faith. Faith is life, without life you can purchase nothing. It is the amount of life you've harnessed through God's word that gives access to higher resources in heaven. Life is more than a currency, it’s more like an authorization key card to access classified credentials, there are things you can't access in heaven from earth if your life value is not worth it.
    Although, you might be able to break into the heavens anything through praying without ceasing, but you'll have restrictions if your life, faith or authority level is low. That's why one can pray a dead man back to life, but you can't, because you've not been granted such access. Go back to the word, harness more life to get more access.
    For God to begin to functioning in us, we must become a perfect conduit, fit, built by the holy ghost for Him to flow through, and this can only be achieved by intimacy, in His word and prayers. His word and prayers births the holy spirit. It is our yielding to the holy ghost that guides us in this path of the kingdom. That's why i didn't talk much on the kingdom, because it is the holy spirit that builds and ushers a man into God's kingdom. However, that can't happen if he's not a man of the presence.
    Be integrated with the word and prayers, there's more to life than material bread.

    Jesus disciple


    By Jesus disciple, in The Reading Room,


    Impartation Is more than anointing, it is the transfer of life, however, the life transferred can only be unlocked and accessed when the receiver pays the necessary price to unlock it, only then will he walk in the fullness of it. In order words, impartation lies dormant in man, unless he meets the requirements to activate and walk in it. A great number of God's servant might lay their hands on you, but you won't see results, unless you key into it.
    Impartation Is not blessing, neither is it deliverance, many seems to be mistaken, it is the transfer of a cultivated and consecrated life of holiness for you to become a functionary for the advance of God's kingdom. If you can key into it, it is better than the blessing or healing you've received, because your blessings, healing will perish here on earth if you don't invest them unto eternity. When Jesus delivers through his vessels, it is meant to shorten the spiritual reaction that'll trigger the existence and function of such a man in God's kingdom.
    The reason why some are imparted and get immediate manifestation of the Impartation is, because they've already died to sin and the flesh to pass the necessary requirements, but you if you've not, then…
    Impartation is not only given on laying on of hands, it can bend through space and time, time and space does not have an effect on it, as long as the heart is ready to receive, you can be imparted by merely watching or listening to be connected to the source of life through the media. It doesn't matter if years has gone by after God's life has been transferred through his vessels, you just need faith to break the laws of this realm in order to download through time and space that which has been done years ago.
    This life is transferred by the holy ghost when his fire engulfs you. Those who have been prepared and refined already, are immediately ushered to walk in the dimensions of life imparted in them, but for many, they need to fan it through yielding in obedience to the government of holy ghost, he is the fire that activates it and this fire is fueled by life, God's word.
    The first Impartation is a life of holiness cultivated by the giver, when Imparted, the holy ghost does a quick check on the receiver, if such a man is not yet born again, then he engulfs him in flames, giving him a new life of holiness which he needs to maintain. It is a quick way to salvation if you're given the grace by God, what others strive to attain, you get it cultivated and refined, transferred from the giver, all you have to do is maintenance.
    While you're reading this, it is also an Impartation of life form Jesus through the writer, the only difference is, how much the writer has died to birth life? If he has died more, then you'll find the Lord acting in you according to His will, for His purpose, through His word, by His spirit in you. You begin to live in the influence of God's life transferred to you, if you choose to maintain it, that is.
    However if a quick check is done by the holy spirit and the receiver is found to be filled with the holy ghost already, the second phase of Impartation is triggered, a phase for the receiver to begin walking in his ordination in God's kingdom.
    You can be imparted, but still, amount to nothing if you don't key into it, it'll look as if nothing happened. Many have been touched by men of God, but due to the fact they lack knowledge of it or not being born again, they do think that being touched by that man is all about blessing, no, that's not blessing, of course it might set you free from bondage of poverty, but that is Impartation, the transfer of life, you'll need the holy spirit to discern and walk in it, to make it a reality.
    For example if you're imparted by a servant of God, and he has the life of two, that is; the life of God cultivated by him and his mentor, and then he imparts you with life, then it'll be given the cultivated life of two in addition to your zero life. If you grow to harness your own life in addition, then it'll be three cultivated life you've gotten and then you transfer to another, it goes on like that, it makes things easier for God.
    God advances from generation to generation, we Christians don't know we can transfer the life of God unto generations, we live our legacy on earth by the life we impart, if only we choose to get there and if only those who have been imparted knows what happened to them.
    Many desire to be Imparted, but only the few knows it is a transfer of life. Have you ever wondered why you see a man of God in a revelation? Or why you find your self speaking in the holy ghost, being influenced slightly by the way the man of God speaks? You begin to walk, being influenced by the life that has been passed down to you. Many have been touched by genuine prophets, apostles, servant of God, but they won't function and become an expression of that life imparted until they're first born again in the holy ghost.
    I was once touched by an apostle, then I wasn't born again in the holy ghost, it felt just like a normal touch I didn't fall or manifest any demon, because I was born again, but still on a shaky foundation. Untill years later I became born again in the holy ghost, then the life imparted was unlocked, I began walking in it, the life transferred from the Apostle's mentor to him was transferred partly unto me, then i began to walk in it naturally in; character, is spiritual habit and in speaking of the words of life from within, the words spoken by the holy spirit through me were in line with his, and the path they thread and the dealings of the holy spirit with them I threaded also, although not in details, but they birth my foundation.
    Impartation is not all about anointing, if you bear anointing without the required quantity of life to support it, it'll cripple you, and  Jesus said;

    John 17:19
    " And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they also may be sanctified by the truth."
    When you carry the life of God, you can also release life, when you speak God's word to someone in spirit and truth, that is; in life, that's also impartation, even your presence alone can cause the transfer of the life of Christ unto others influencing them to live like Christ. It's just that, the degree at which God's life dominates and flows through you, will determine how much you'll release, that life released is an Impartation by the holy ghost unto others. If you stand that person stands, if you fall, he might also fall, because he is connected to you and influenced by the life of Jesus you've cultivated and transferred.
    For example, you cannot speak life to deliver someone from lust, if you haven't be delivered from that spirit, because that spirit will come to you for a check. And also, you can't transfer the life of zeal for God's word to consume the heart of a man if you've not also cultivated such a life.
    Many think until you fall to the ground or until you're charged then Impartation has taken place, no. The reason people fall or go out of control during Impartation it's, because they're not yet a perfect conduit to carry the voltage passed by the holy spirit, they have not grown enough in spirituality to synchronized with the fire of the holy ghost. However, one who has sacrificed to grow in Christ to an extent, can become a perfect conduit to contain the energy of the holy spirit transferred.
    The highest peak of Impartation is to walk in the ordination of your calling by God. After all obedience has been obeyed, he becomes a functionary in God's kingdom project.
    However, impartation can be corrupted by the devil, creating a negative impact. That's why we must be filled with the holy spirit in order to possess the ability to discern the spirit driving who is to impart a spirit unto us. Impartation is a transfer of spirits also, if you are imparted by a corrupted medium, either by laying on of hands or even by hearing the message a corrupted medium who preaches the word, you'll be imparted with an evil spirit if your foundation in Christ is not strong.
    That's why mostly, pastors and chorister are dragged into lust, sexual immorality, masturbation by the devil, because they are the ones who imparts the church the most. When such a preacher speaks or when such a chorister sings, the atmosphere is charged with the spirit of lust and those who are weak, having little or no foundation In Christ, will think that they've received from Jesus, but unfortunately they've being imparted with the spirit of lust. And so we must sanctify ourselves that others may be sanctified
    You can't reach the hearts of men if the life you proclaim is not lived through you. It is the life you have lived as an evidence of Christ dominating you, you birth in the heart is men through the word. This is impartation.

    Jesus disciple

    The  streets,  is  a  parade  of  spirits,  though  you  are  seeing  human  flesh  walking,  but  it  is  a  parade  of  spirits.  In  the  spiritual realm  you  see  a  mix  up  of  different  spirit  of  darkness  in  their  numbers  and  also  same  spirit  of  Christ  in  those  born  of God.  They  walk, communicate,  and  even  at  times  war,  but  you  don't  know,  you  just  go  on  with  your  daily  lives.
    It  can  be  likened  also  to  a  parade  of  cars,  because  we  in  flesh  have  a  soul,  and  in  every  soul  there  is  a  spirit,  either  of  sin or  of  Christ  which  drives  us  like  a  vehicle  into  acts  of  sin  or  of  Holiness.
    However,  that's  not  where  I'm  getting  at,  we're  getting  somewhere.  When  you  walk  in  the  streets  as  a  child  of  God  you come in  contact  with  so  many  spirit  of  sin  living  in  the  hearts  (  souls  )  of  men,  they'll  always  want  to war against you,  but  if you're  shielded  in  the  word,  that  is; if  you've  grown  in  Christ,  being  prayerful  also,  their  attacks  will  prove  meaningless. That's why  a  child  of  God  can  walk  in  the  streets  and  see  people  dress  naked,  but  still  not  affected  because  of  his coverage  by  the word of God based  on  his  spiritual  height.
    I  mean  also,  it  depends  on  how  much  the  word  (  which  is Jesus  in  personality  )  is  dominating  his  heart.  Also  at  times,  these  spirits  might  not  care,  because  to  some,  are  assigned a  different  job,  that  is  we  children  of  God  are  not  their  aim,  we  just  cross  path  and  nothing  happens.
    In  this  we  see  that  there  are  spirits  which  functions  for  a  particular  purpose  and  those  who  you  just  meet  and  just  decide to  touch  you  spiritually  if  you're  not  burning with fire.  The  ones  you  encounter  in  the  streets,  might  not  be  harmful  for  a  child  of God,  because  they're  shielded,  but  the  ones  with  a  purpose  if  you're  not  careful  as  a  child  of  God  they'll  cut  you  down. Example  of  a  spirit  with  a  purpose,  are  those  projected  into  symbols  of  sin  like  the  worldly  music  most  people who  even claim  to  be  born  again  listen  to  and  watch.  This  is  the  main  reason  I'm  writing  this.  I  simply  can't  neglect  what  God  has shown  me.
    Most  of  us  claim  to  be  Christians  but  still  listen  to  worldly  songs,  sing  them  and  watch  them,  and  sell  them,  sharing them  via  sender  applications,  there  by  multiplying  sin.  Well  you  might  think  it's  normal,  but  it's  not.  You  see  it  normal, because  you've  been  blinded  by  the  devil. Anyone  still  in  the  bondage  of  the  world  won't  enter  into  the  kingdom  of God.
    Don't  get  offended,  but  it's  the  truth,  I  too  was  once  there,  i  did  listen  to  foreign  songs,  at  least  not  Nigerian  songs because  they're  the  worst  kind  of  bondage  in  the  music  sector,  but  through  the  power  of  the  word  at  work  in  me  i  can't even  listen  to  them  for  five  seconds.  It's  not  impossible,  you  just  have  to  pay  the  price.
    As  I  was saying,  spirits  you  encounter  in  the  streets  might  seem  harmless  if  you've  grown  in  Christ,  but  those  set  for  a purpose  can  be  dangerous  if  you're  not  careful. The  lord  gave  me  a  revelation  after  this  happened;
    I  went  to a  Barber's  shop,  waiting  my  turn.  The  TV  was  on  playing  worldly  songs,  in  my  curiosity  I  said  " I haven't  seen  this in  a  long  time, "  so  out  of  my  curiosity  i  just  look  for  less  than  two  minutes  and  then  got  back  to  my  phone,  nothing happened  even  with  all  the than half  naked  girls,  I  wasn't  moved,  because  of  the holy spirit  in  me that compels a man to holiness.
    However,  the  lord  gave  me  a  revelation,  the  spirit  of  lust  projected  by  that  music  came,  she  tried  to  seduce  me,  let me not  go  into  details  before  I'm  destroy  some  weak  minded.  She  tried,  but  nothing  happened,  I  wasn't  moved  even  though she  said  enchantments  i  couldn't  get,  because  of  the  power  of  Christ  in  me  nothing  happened.  Then  i  said to her
    " what's  this  one  doing,"
    Then  I took a clothing and covered  her  with it.
    There  the  revelation  ended.  If  i  wasn't  prayerful,  if  I  wasn't  burning spiritually,  surely something  would  have  happened.  Though  the  victory  had  already  been  won  right  from  the  beginning  I  saw  the  song playing,  but  the  Lord  showed  me  this  in  order  to  warn  those  who  listen  to  worldly  songs.  Watching  and  listening  to  the things  of  the  devil,  projects  evil  spirit  to  attack  you  so  you  won't  be  born  again  or  to  hinder  your  growth  in  Christ.
    You  now see that,  giving  your  heart  to  all  these  worldly  songs  and  all,  is  like  a  bullet  fired  at  you,  compared  to  what  you saw  by  mistake.  If  done  on  purpose  or  out  of  curiosity,  It's  like  challenging  someone  to  shoot  you.  if  you're  not  strong enough  in  Christ,  you'll  be  driven  to  sin,  and  that's  why  some  people  still  masturbate  even  though  you  don't  fornicate, some people smoke,  drink,  steal,  anger,  why?  because  these  worldly  things  are  intoxicating  and  are  feeding  the  spirit  of sin  in  them,  thereby  choking  the  spirit  of  God  deposited  in  them.
    Some of people  have  let  sin  encroach  into  their  heart  to  an  extent  that  there  is  no  more  room  for  Jesus  to  take  over.  Why  not feed  the  spirit  of  Christ  in  you  with  things  of  Christ,  like  spiritual  songs,  the  word  in  obedience  and  prayers.
    One  can  be in  Christ  and  be  protected  by  his  angels  when  spirit  of  sin  comes  around,  but  just  as  we  born  of  Christ  can be  subject  to  the  holy  spirit,  so  also  is  the  holy  spirit  subject  to  us.  If  the  spirit  says;  " don't  look  at  this,"  we  can  also  say; " no!  no! I  want  to  look "  and  this  is  where  you  get  attacked  because  he  has  left  you,  if  you're  strong  in  Christ,  well,  but  if you're  not  you're  in  big  trouble.  With  this  you  now  see  that  most  people who  profess  to  be  born  again  aren't.
    But  in  the  end  you  can't  be  free  from  bondage  of  the  world  if  you're  not  free  from  bondages  of  sin  to  have  the  spirit  of Christ,  because  the  bondages  of  sin  keeps  man  in  the  bondage  of  the  world,  and  only  one  with  the  spirit  of  Christ  can  be free  form  the  bondage  of  the  world.  I've  talked  on  how  to  have  the  spirit  of  Christ  a  lot,  I  won't  write  it  here,  if  not  this write  up  will  get  too  lengthy.
    He that  is  wise  should  be  wise,  and  treasure  wisdom  like  gold,  but  he  that  is  foolish  should  continue  in  his  foolishness, but  I  pray  that  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  will  do  His  work  through  the  word,  in  Jesus  name  Amen

    Donna Williams

    The Father's Love is so deep that we cannot comprehend or explain it, but we have experienced it through our personal relationship with God the Father through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was His love for us that compelled Him to sacrifice His Only Begotten Son on the Cross. The Word of God tells us that there is no greater love, than the One who lays down his life for his friends. It was the Father's love that gave Jesus the strength to die on the Cross at Calvary. Everything that He has ever done has been because of love. Accept it, believe it and don't ever doubt it; because the love of the Father will never fail. Even in your time of testing, when the tempter comes to present his lies, don't doubt the Father's love for you because He promised, He will never leave you or forsake you. His Promises are True!

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