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    Larry Kuka

    Have you ever thought about where the water coming from the tap comes from? What about that bottled water you purchased at the store? Is it from a surface water source or is it from groundwater source?
    Why should you care about the location of the water in which you drink? Public water from municipalities and counties contains fluoride and chlorine. Both of these chemicals are poisonous.
         Fluoride is used to make rat poison and as a pesticide (See the youtube video posted in references). In countries where fluoride is added to the water, there are high rates of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In countries where fluoride is not used, their rates of these diseases are low. The African countries of the Rift Valley have naturally occurring fluoride, due to volcano deposits. All of these countries have high rates of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Fluoride also removes the enamel from your teeth, causing tooth decay. That is why dentists always give you a tube of toothpaste with fluoride in it when you leave their office. It creates repeat business. This is why we have a dentist office on every corner. Fluoride also affects thyroid function and can cause lethargy and depression. Fluoride also affects IQ and memory.
         The facts about chlorine are more startling. Chlorine is used in industry, to make bleach and was used to kill soldiers during World War I. According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk to people that drink chlorinated water is 93% higher than those that don’t. The Council also reports chlorinated water increases risks for heart problems, kidney problems, headache, dizziness, asthma, skin rashes, weakened immune system, eye, sinus, and throat irritation, birth defects, miscarriages, and low sperm count. So chlorinated water kills bacteria but introduces other risks.
         The use of these chemicals in public water supplies is protected by the Chemical Manufacturers Association, the American Dental Association, and the corporations that lobby, donate and control the U.S. Congress and the FDA.
         Bottled water gets mixed reviews. Much of the bottled water is just tap water from a public water source. Some bottled water is pure spring water. Other bottled water contains added sweeteners and chemicals. Read the labels on the bottles. “Pure Water” does not mean anything. It may be pure fluorinated, chlorinated water.
         Public water supplies may come from rivers, reservoirs or drilled wells. Sometimes the same river that is the source for the public water supply is also carrying the waste from the sewerage treatment plant upriver. If the source is a river, find out which municipalities dump their sewerage upstream in that river. Also, find out how many times the sewerage plant was breached and raw sewerage was dumped into the river. You have to do some research to find out. You might be in for some big, big surprises. Find out where the source of your public water supply is. Your health and your families’ health depend on it.  by Larry Kuka

    Jesus disciple

    What Must Be Done

    By Jesus disciple, in The Reading Room,


    Every one born of a woman is born of sin, God created us in His own image and deposited His spirit within us. However, the corruption of sin inherited by blood, must be sanctified to unveil and manifest the spirit of God in us which has been shrouded in darkness. We must remove every property of sin that hinders and then bring the property of Christ, the original landlord of the house, because we are the ones who  kicked him out and now  he is standing at the door knocking.
    You have to make up your mind absolutely, not partly but absolutely, anyone who wants to following Him must deny himself ( of all pleasures ) take up his cross and follow Him anywhere, even into darkness, because there'll be dark times ahead to test your faithfulness, but fear not, be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. And anyone who puts his hand to the plough must not look back.
    For anyone born again, his heart has been laid on the foundation of the Lord Jesus and there's a build process to be made into completion, a temple of God, where God's dwells within. For this structure to be built, a man must genuinely repent of his old and follow Jesus.
    Repentance is a total rejection of your past, to following Jesus. There's no such things as rise and fall, The Lord said;
    1 John 3:9
     " No one who is born of God will continue in sin, because God's seed remains in him."
    This part is complex, when you start you might fall back at times, even I too fell so many times, but don't use this to encourage yourself, I was not serious then. Be alert, we are at the end time, a spiritual age, where every spirit of evil wants to find expression in the hearts of men. Light and darkness are fighting ferociously to fill the vacuum in a man's heart. If you fall back in this era you'll become worse than you were, therefore finding it difficult to get back. Jesus has given us grace before the beginning of time and this grace was revealed to us on the cross but He said,
    " Shall we continue in sin that grace might abound."
    Don't get discouraged or comforted that one do fall at times, there is a way out. When a man recieves the holy spirit, there are still works to be done. He needs to build and grow that which he has been given. There is the height you'll get to, even when sin comes, you can command it and it will flee. But there are requirements to get there, and these are;
     - Faithfulness
     - meditate on the word of God day and night
     - Prayers.
    Faithfulness, also is obedience. Without obedience we  cannot be saved. A man who is not faithful to spend time in God's presence to secure that which has been sown in his heart cannot be trusted by God. God is searching for men, men of standard who are qualified to rule and reign with Him, if you're not serious, then you're not serious also for God's kingdom. To the degree you yield your heart in obedience to God's word, our Lord Jesus is willing to give salvation, because salvation lies at the end for those who endure.
    When a man accepts Jesus, he is still a child, he has to grow into maturity to stand firm in Christ Jesus. Being a child, he is weak, but as he strives, with the word backing him up and with prayers also to secure himself, the Lord judges his heart by his righteousness to see his genuineness. If he is genuine, then he'll be saved, the Lord will stretch out His hand and snatch him out of the drowning waters.
    Being born again is on war, it's like being recruited into the army. The moment you become a child of God, you become an enemy of Satan, he fights you with his every breath. This is where the word comes in. The word of God is Jesus in personality, as seen in John 1:1-3
     " In the beginning was the word ( Jesus ), and the word ( Jesus ) was with God, and the word ( Jesus ) was God, He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made."
    God's word is life, and anyone who drinks of this water of life shall never, ever thirst again. Any man who has not drank of the water of life, has not drank of Jesus, he does not have Jesus in him. The souls of the ungodly are weary, they're spiritually dead because they lack  the water of life.
    Every other water a man drinks quenches his thirst temporarily, that is; the effort of a man to overcome sin without the help of God's word. But he that drinks of the water of life, shall never thirst again, his strength shall be renewed for eternity as he drinks of the water of Jesus, this is the water that gives the strength to overcome the evil one. One cannot do anything when he's dehydrated. When you're faithful in the faith, the more you spend time in God's word, your jars of water overflows into a river of life, it is the overflow of this river of life in your heart, you can give salvation to others just as you were given.
    God's word is also the sword of the spirit. His word is sharper than two edged sword, cutting through bones and marrows, piercing through the heart and soul dividing it asunder. What is it dividing? It is dividing darkness from light. God's word is unstoppable, and it never goes back to God void. God's word pierces the hearts of men cutting down every bondages of sin that has entangled the hearts of men.
    Unless these cords of sin are broken, unless these dark clouds are swept off by light a man cannot receive salvation. However, man remains the problem, a man can decide if the word, the sword of the spirit should cut him free or not. You see the reason why, when you give the gospel at times the ungodly man might get angry, because a sword has pierces his heart but if he's willing to change, he'll allow God's word to bring him salvation
    God's word is power and authority. The power to overcome sin is in the word, for it is the power of God unto our salvation. I'm a testimony, if it were not true I wouldn’t be writing this, because it takes the holy spirit in a man to give God's word with life. if anyone says he overcame sin without consuming God's word to become part of him he is a liar. It is the word dominating out heart, that gives birth in us the holy spirit to live a holy life. The holy spirit acts in accordance to God's word coming our heart to live a holy life.
    Studying the word of God daily builds Christ's personality in us, since Jesus is the word, the more you meditate on it, the more Jesus Christ fills your heart, the more he gets hold of you.
    John 6:56
    " Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him."
    This means; the more you consume the word as your spiritual food which is the same thing as eating Jesus, it sounds weird right? but is part of the mystery, the more you become like him. When you study the word and Christ is in you, the word will automatically act in you to live a new life, you'll no longer be the one living but God acting in you according to His will for His purpose. Just like when you were eating the food of sin, Satan was the one living in you.
    How do we meditate on the word ? By studying it slowly, attentively and repeatedly. You must first have a free heart without sin and then ask the Holy spirit to teach and interpret the word because He's the one who teaches.
    Prayers is not child's play, the word of God and prayers can't walk alone they must go together, but let's not get there. Without God's word dominating your heart, you render lifeless prayer. The word of God is the substance, and prayer is a means to carry the substance word unto God as a fragrance offering. Our heart matters a lot to God, the degree God's word dominate your heart, is to that degree you can release faith, your heavenly currency unto God as an offering. Cain and Abel is a typical example of heart offering.
    The moment you say " Lord Jesus, I'll following you to the end " war breaks out. And how do we win this war? It is on prayers, prayers is   our warfare artillery to bring down every territory of darkness, God's word empowers and strengthens us to take up our artillery and fight tirelessly and victoriously with power and might. The more God's word dominate your heart the more artillery you can wield, the more Angels of God you can mobilize.
    A soldier who has grown in rank by feeding on God's word can make a call through prayers giving a command, and the heavens will be open to back him up.
    A prayerful man is a powerful man, no demon can touch him. You can't overcome sin without prayers, just as God's word is the power of God unto our deliverance from sin, prayer is also. The more you pray the more God is willing to listen, sometimes it might seem like He's not hearing, but don't worry, He does always, as long as you're righteous;
    " For the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God " and for the righteous, His eyes are always on them and His ears always attentive to their prayers."
    Prayer is our security, if you don't call out, no one will respond. Prayer also is a relationship with God, the more we talk with God in our heart to grow spiritually, the more He becomes more intimate with us. A man who is more intimate with God is he who God entrust with his kingdom business.
    If you're still bound to sin, say this prayer;

    Lord Jesus I'm a sinner, come into my heart, forgive me my sins, I turn my back on my sin and I renounce any spirit that has me bound, take more of me and give me more of you Lord Jesus,  thank you Jesus, Amen!


    The Hypostatic Union

    By NetChaplain, in The Reading Room,


    Life and living are concerned about the possession of a physical body, and as the Lord Jesus has always been the One-of-a-kind Son of God, He now and will ever also be the One-of-a-kind divine Human (theanthropic, as the writer shows); all of which results greatly in additional glory and joy for Christ and the Father—via Their Holy Spirit of course!
    As we were created in God’s image, so has His Son permanently taken on the addition of our form of physicality in order that we may see the degree of nearness we are to Them. The Son—divine, sinless and human; His saints—human and eventually sinless! No closer can we be to the Father and His Son than for His Son to be forever-human with us. Christ’s life ever in us (Col 3:4) and God’s Spirit residing with us (Jhn 14:16; Rev 22:1); that we may be one with and in Them (Jhn 17:11, 22)—now and forever more!
    The Hypostatic Union
    The Lord Jesus Christ was not only an equal member in the Godhead before His incarnation, but He retained that reality in “the days of His flesh” (Heb 5:7—the Son being deity can do all things, as being born a divine babe, then grow and remain divinely human. So great expression of love in such a willingness of humility!—NC). But the experience of the incarnation by which two (lives) natures are united in one Person belongs only to the Son (I’m of the preference conceiving that Jesus is two forms; Son of God and human, but only one nature, divine. Conversely, believers are two natures but one form, human. The nature after Adam’s humanity is sinful; the nature after Jesus’ humanity is divine, which divinity is incommunicable with the created, e. g. man and angels)—NC).
    The Father and the Spirit are seen to be associated and active in all that concerns the Son; but it was the Son alone who took upon Him the human form and who is, therefore, through glorification, a Kinsman in the human family; and as complex and difficult as it may be to our human minds, the original Trinitarian unity abides as perfectly after the incarnation as before (cf. John 10:30; 14:9, 11).
    By means of the incarnation the Lord Jesus assumed a complete and perfect humanity (with exception to the infirmities of the body that He endured for us—NC). This He did not possess before, and its addition to His eternal Deity has resulted in the God-man which He presently is. Though His Deity is (has always been—NC) eternal, the humanity was gained in time. Therefore, the theanthropic Person—destined to be such forever—began with the incarnation.
    It is also revealed that though the assumption of His humanity was first a condescension and afterwards a humiliation (Act 8:33; Phl 2:8, 9), through His death, resurrection and ascension He acquired a surpassing glory (the addition of being the Head of the Father’s children—NC). There was a joy which was “set before Him” (Heb 12:2), and, because of the obedience manifested in the Cross, God “hath highly exalted Him” (Phl 2:9). Reference is thus made to a glory and joy exceeding every glory and joy that had been His before.
    A glorified man whose humanity has not been renounced is in heaven. As such ministers on behalf of His own who are in the world, and as such He is seated upon the Father’s throne expecting until, by the authority and power of the Father committed unto Him, His enemies shall be made the footstool of His feet (Heb 10:12, 13), and the kingdoms of this world are become “the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ” (Rev 11:15). Therefore, it is to be recognized that the theanthropic Person is very God and very man, and that His humanity, perfect and complete, is as enduring as is His Deity.
    The truth that is so evidently taught in the New Testament is that undiminished Deity—none other than the second Person, whom He eternally is—has been incorporated into His Being that perfect humanity which He acquired and ever will retain. Of these two natures (lives) it may be affirmed from the evidence which Scripture provides, that they united in one Person, and not two; that in this union, that which is divine is in no way degraded by its amalgamation with that which is human; and, in the same manner and completeness, that which is human is in no way exalted or aggrandized above that which is unfallen humanity.
    It is only natural to suppose that the divine nature would be injured to some extent if combined with that which is human, and the human nature would be exalted out of its precise limitations if combined with the divine. The teaching of the Scriptures serve to save us from such natural conclusions. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ is unimpaired by its union in the one Person with that which is unfallen human nature, and the unfallen humanity retains its normal limitations. The confusion and uncertainty that would follow if these natures were subject to problematical alterations are beyond estimation.
    - L S Chafer (1871 – 1952)
    Excerpt from MJS devotional “None but the Hungry Heart” for September 18 (which addresses what I believe is not a commonly known problematic issue in contemporary Christendom and still has delayed many in the growth of their faith in the last few centuries, i.e. admixture of law and grace—NC).
    “The Reformation, for all of its rise from Rome, to this day has never really gotten off the ground” (-Miles J Stanford).
    "Almost all the theology of the various ‘creeds of Christendom’ dates back to the Reformation, which went triumphantly to the end of Romans Five, and, so far as theological development or presentation of the truth was concerned, stopped there. Therefore, you must not regard yourself as bound to accept all that legal doctrine of sanctification, which has been and still is predominantly, the sine qua non of orthodox belief." - William R Newell (1868 – 1956)
    "The contrast is painful in the extreme between the uniform language of the New Testament about Christians as thus called to worship in liberty and joy and nearness to the Father, and that of liturgies ancient and modern; and this because the results of redemption soon became merged and hidden in Jewish forms, and the law was recalled to the place of the Holy Spirit, and man in the flesh intruded wholesale into realms which belong only to those solemnly accredited as God’s Church, the Body of Christ.
    "The liturgies of ritualism merely fall back upon the feelings of man, with a slight tincture of Gospel and a large infusion of law. There may be sublime language and glowing ideas, chiefly borrowed from the Old Testament; but in substance they are utterly beneath spiritual or even intelligent Christian use."
    – William Kelly (1821 – 1906)

    Jesus disciple

    When  a marathon race  is  run,  everybody  crosses the  finish  line,  some  gets  the  prize,  others  won't.  That's  how  the  race  of  sport  is. However this  race  I'm  talking  about,  it's  not  our  normal  sport, many  will  run  and  many  have  been  running  this  race.  Not  everybody  runs  the  race,  but  I  tell  you,  no!  I  came  to  warn  and remind  you  that  many  who  are  running  this  race  won't  get  to  the  finish  line.
     In  this  race  anyone  who  crosses  the  finish  line  gets  the  prize,  but  I'm  sorry  to  say,  not  everybody  will  cross,  because  many will branch off from  the  race  track, thinking  that  path  is shortcut which  will also  lead  to  the  finish line. Many  who  are  standing  in  the  streets doing  nothing  will  cut  in  and  overtake  those  who  are  off  the  track,  even  if  it's  just  few  seconds  to  the  finish  line,  they'll  cut in  and  finish  within  a  short  distance,  compared  to  those  who  has  covered  long  distances, such an abnormal race, isn't it.
     We as Christian  should  be  encouraging  and  admonishing  one another  on  how  to  grow  spiritually.  For  how  long will most of us remain as children,  it  is  not  meant  to  be  so,  the  gospel  came  for  the  salvation  of  the  lost,  but  you  who  have heard  and  received  the  gospel  before,  you  should  be   building your  spiritual  life,  Instead  most  of  us  aren't.  How  then shall  we  talk  of  our  spirit  man  strengthening,  how  then  shall  we  talk  about  being  restored  unto  sonship,  that  relationship with  God  we  had  lost  because  of  sin,  how?  when  we  aren't  ready  to  grow, some still  rise  and  fall  in  sin.
     Unless  we  decide  to  stand  firm,  only  then  can  we  talk  on  spiritual  growth,  it  is  no  wonder  we  continue  hearing  messages of  repentance,  and  we'll  continue  to  hear  it  until  we  decide  to  grow.  Though  they're  those  who  are  growing  in  spirit,  but you  who  won't  repent  can't  you  see  that  you're  hindering  another  man's  growth in the church,  by  letting  a  pastor  called  by  God  preach more  on  repentance  over and over  again. Let me tell   you a story;
     I saw  a lady  i  knew,  well  i  had  always  known  her  to  be  an  unbeliever  even  though  she  tries  posing  as  a  born again,  though she  engages  in  things  concerning  the  church  which  seems  right  to  normal  judgement,  but  her  heart  isn't  right  before God.  I  saw  her some time ago, if  I  hadn't  seen  her  face  I  wouldn't  have  noticed  she  was  the  one,  she  was  giving out  invitation  for  a  church  program,  but  her  dressing  to  seduce  gave  her  away even though she was wearing a gown. You can see it  is  not  only  about  exposing  your  body,  but  even  with  the  body  covered  from  head  to  toe,  the  content of  the  heart  matters, of  what  content  is  your  heart?
    The  content  of  her immorality in her heart  to  look  attractive  to  seduce was expressed on the outside. To  her, she  might  be  giving  out  invitation, doing the  work  of  Christ,  but  in  reality  the  spirit  of  sin  in  her  is  giving  out  an  invitation for  sexual  immortality, because  some of the weak brothers won't come for salvation but  for  her,  or  for  others  because  of  the spirit personality they encountered in a lady . You can now see that: although  she  thinks her  ways  are  right,  but  the  end  of  it  might  leads to  her  death  if  she  doesn't  wake up.  With  this  Jesus  said:
    The  task  collectors  and  the  prostitutes  will repent and enter Into the  entering  the  kingdom  of  God  ahead  of  some church goers.
    The  church  is  like  some  of  the  Jews,  though  elected  by  God,  though  chosen  first  by  God,  m going  to  church,  being born  in  a  Christian  home. All these doesn't  qualify  them  for  knowing  Christ,  they  only  knew  Him  by  name,  but  not in spirit.
    Though  they  go  to  church,  but  being  blinded  by  the  devil  thinking religion  will  save  them,  keeps  them  in  their  bondages  of sin, " after all  Grace  will  save  us," they'll  say.  In  this,  men  continue  in  their  sin,  but  God  shall  not  contend  with  man  anymore. One  was telling  me  a  time  that;
    " who  I'm  i  to  say  he'll  end  up  in  hell  if  he  doesn't  change,  don't  you  know  that  God  can  call me to be a pastor,"  he  said.
     I pitied  him,  God  will  make  him a  pastor?  this  is  not  a  generation  for  pastors,  it  is  a  generation  where  God  is  raising  up  an army  who'll  stand  for  Him, a generation where mighty Apostles will be raised. Even  if  you  become  a  pastor,  which church  do  you  want  to  pastor  when  the  church  age  is  coming  to  an  end.
     Don't  sit  around  and  fold  your  hands  thinking  God  will  call  you  like  He  did  Paul,  He  has  been  calling  you  right  from  time, but  you!  are  you  willing  to  accept  Him,  you  want  Him  to  accept  you,  but  you  won't  accept  Him,  how  is  that  possible. Nobody  wants  to  suffer  before  enjoyment,  some  even  use  others  and  the  scripture  to  back  up  their  sins.  I  saw  a  young man foolishly  giving  bible  references of Solomon  marrying many  wives  and  still  enter  the  kingdom,  and about David's adultery not  do  this. Making  excuses  out  of  foolishness,  but  never  asking  himself,  in  the  midst  of  their  sins  didn't  those  people  had  a repentant  heart  and  went  back  to  the  Lord.
    God  is  losing  interest  in  the  church  due  to  their  unwillingness  to  seek  Him,  so  He  has  and  is  raising  an  army  to  set  the captive  free, those wandering  in  the  streets.  You  church  goers  your  days  are  numbered if you don't remember your God,  retrace  your  steps  and  chase  after  that which  you  have  forsaken,  for  it  would  be  better  you  hadn't  heard  the  gospel  on  the  day  of  your  judgment.
    Salvation  is  free,  but  is  the  evil  one  willing  to  let  you  walk  home  free  with  that  which  you've  received.  If  you  won  a  lottery won't  you  be escorted  with  security  till  you  get  to  the  transaction  point.
    Lazy  generation,  you  don't  want  to  pay  the  price,  but  you  want  to  eat  of  that  which  you  didn't  fight  for.  The  path  way  to  the kingdom  is  on  war,  if  you're  not  ready  to  pay  the  price  by  denying  your  flesh,  by  losing  your  life  to  find  it,  in  other  words dropping  off  every  property  not  of Christ  in  you,  if  you're  not  ready  to  suffer,  if  you  don't  suffer,  then  know  you're  not  a Christian.
     The  Lord  has  been  working  even  before  you  were  created,  and  He  has  gathered  men  like  fishes  in  a  net  both  bad  and good  through  the  gospel.  Just  as  Jesus  said  in  the  parable  of  the  King's  banquet,  everybody  came  with  a  wedding  dress, except  for  a  man.  Everyone  is  called,  but  not  everyone  is  willing  to  pay  the  price  to  get  the  wedding  dress,  they  rather think  they  can  fool  God  by  sneaking  into the  banquet.  These  are  those  who  go  to  church,  to  cover  their  sins,  they  go  to church  and  still  go  back  immediately  into  fornication,  masturbation,  smoking,  drunkenness,  orgies,  parties,  cheating, lying  and  so  on.
     The  people  who  were  first  invited to the banquet,  that  is; the  people  closest  to  the  master, are the religious  people  born  in  the church,  born  in  a  Christian  home,  born  in  a  less  persecuted  region,  rejected  his  invitation.  Therefore  the  master  said; these  my  friends  and  relatives  aren't  serious,  they  are  taking  me  for  granted.  Go  give  unto  the  strangers  in  the  streets, they  surely  will  attend  if  invited.  These  strangers  are  the  lost  who  don't  even  know  Christ,  or  those  so  deep  in  sin,  like  the prostitutes,  the  occult  and  so  on.
     Do away with whatever will  hinder  you,  all  of  you  that  have a thousand friends  on  Facebook,  well  you  don't  have  the  spirit  of  God  so you  won't  know  if  it's  wrong  or  right,  he  that  spends  time  with  God  does  not  spend  all  his  time  with  men,  and  things  that'll keep  him  from  God.  You  have  twenty-four  hours  a  day,  give  to  God  your  heart,  and  most  of  your  hours  to  God.  This  is  the  man who truly  worships  his  God  in  spirit  and  in  truth.  Live  a  holy  life  and  let  your  heart  overflow  with  thankfulness unto  the Lord,  for  this  is  how  we  give  our  life  time  to  him.
     Pay  the  price  to  get  your  wedding  dress  to  enter  the  banquet,  though  it  will  be  difficult,  but  at  the  end  you'll  be  fed  and entertained  to  your  fill.  Those  of  us  who  are  standing  firm  in  Christ,  do  not  let  the issues  of  life  choke  the  word  in  you, give  Him  your life's time,  as  you  eat  three  times  a  day,  study  the  word  also,  for  it  is  food  for  your  soul,  for  your  strengthening, then  you'll  see  and  testify  of  the  power  of  God  that  delivers  from  sin  and  makes  all  things  possible,  for  faith  cometh  from the  word,  if  you  don't  have  the  word  you  can  never  have  faith.
     Know this,  he  that  is  not  sure  of  his  salvation,  he  that  is  not  sure  deep  down  in  his  heart  he'll  enter  the  kingdom  of  God,  is not  ready  to  enter.  You  must  be  sure  of  your  salvation  by  the  fruits  of  the  spirit  produced  in  you and the manifestation of God in your life.

    Jesus disciple

    Obedience,  is  all  that  God  desire  from  us,  it's  not  that  difficult,  it's  just  too  simple,  " obedience. " God  does  not  beg anyone  to  obey  Him,  you  should  know  that  by  now.  Whatever  the  Lord  wants  with  men,  the  dealings  of  the  Lord  with  men has  been  expressed  practically,  in  the  times  of  old.  If  you're  an  Israeli  reading  this  please  don't  mind  me,  one  could  say the  Israelites  were  like  an  experiment  in  the  lab  to  make  us  have  fear  of  the  Lord  our  God. In  an  experiment  there  are  always  many  failed  attempt  and  few  success.  Just  as  the  conclusion  has  been  reached,  it  is made a law for  the  next  generation  to  adhere  to.
     However,  men  are  not  like  that,  we  live  to  forget,  we  live  at  our  own  desire  as  if  we  came  here  on  our  own,  we  have  made experiments  that  suits  us  which  are  not  in  line  with  the  original  given  by  God.  And  that's  why  the  world  is  in  shambles, the  world  is  in  a  dire  situation,  not  because  of  demons,  not  because  of  natural  disasters,  not  because  of  this  and  that, but  because  of  disobedience  in  the  hearts  of  men.
     The  moment a man disobeys God and drift into  sin,  he  is  creating  gate  ways  for  the  evil  one  to  invade,  when  one  man disobeys,  an  enemy  infiltrates,  two  people  disobeys,  two  enemy  breaches,  what  happens  if  billions  of  people  disobeys, billions  of  demons  invades.  It  is  the  operation  of  demons  through  men  as  a  medium  that  has  turned  the  whole  world  into chaos.  It  is  the  spirit  of  evil  living  in  a  man  that  causes  him  to  do  evil.
    Now the question is;  who allowed that  spirit  of  evil dwell in a man’s heart ?  of  course  he's  the  one,  because  he  refused  to  be  saved  through the blood of Jesus.  It's  like  a zombie  infection, with  a  quarantine,  a  cure  for  it. Because  people  refused  to  be  quarantined  they  become zombies controlled  by  the  virus  of  sin thereby  causing  destruction.  Jesus  is  the  doctor  with  the  cure  serum.
    The  Lord  gave  us  the  ten  commandments,  and  every  sin  in  this  world  is  under  each  of  the  ten  commandments  being broken,  every  sin  cannot be  written  down,  even  the  scripture  says;
    "  men will  invent  new  ways  to  sin,  "
     and  that’s  is  why  we  have  the  holy  spirit, the  teacher  of  our  age  to  teach,  guide  and  remind  us  of  the  word  at  all  time.  if you  don't  have  the  holy  spirit  you  won't  know  if  what  you're  doing  might  be  wrong.  when  a  man  recieves  the  holy  spirit, then  he’ll  know that there are  many  thing  that  will  take  a  man  to  hell  he's  not  aware  of.  This  is  not  our  messages  for  today,  it is  a  broad  message  on  its  own. Men has disobeyed  God  in  so  many  ways,  and  the  devil  himself  is  not  static,  just  as  God  changes  the  devil  also upgrades,  and  one  of  the  common  act  of  disobedience  is  “ idolatry."
     One  will  say;  but  I  don't  worship  idols,  what  ever  you give  more  of  your  time,  forsaking  God  is  idolatry.  Spirits  don't  need  you  to  build  a  statue  or an  alter  for  them  anymore,  today men worship  men,  celebrities,  men  worship  their  gadgets,  like  handsets,  video  games,  TV,  so  many  things  that  draws men from  Jesus  to  the  world, it  could  be  money.
     All  these  are  all  designed  and programmed  by  the  devil  to  get us entangled  to  the  spirit  of  the  world,  to  worship and  glorify  that  spirit  and  not  God. Some people  will  wake  up,  the  first  thing  they'd  do  is  smoking,  some  their  gadget.  Chatting!  chatting!  and  chatting!  or doing  whatever  else,  all  these  are  idolatry,  which  is  very  detestable  before  God,  or  don't  you  know  that  love  for  the  world is  hatred  towards  God.
     Disobedience  has  wrecked  the  life  of  many,  because  it  takes  away  the  presence  of  God from  us,  and  once  He's gone  you're  handed  over  to  the  devil  to  be  used  as  rags.  Israel  is  a  practical example.  Israel  was  once  a  very  beautiful country,  very  beautiful  than  anywhere else in  the  world,  it  would  have  still  been  beautiful  if  only  they  had  obeyed  God.  If  you read  about  Solomon  and  what  he  did  with  the  vast  wisdom  God  gave  him,  you'd  know  Israel  was  the  most  beautiful  and enriched  place  on  Earth,  that  Kings  and  queens  came  from  all  over  the  world  to  behold  the  beauty  and  glory  of  God  and also  to  hear of the  wisdom  of  God  bestowed  upon  a  man.
     Solomon  was  a  celebrity  who  young  ladies  don't  run  after  like  it  is  today,  rather  Kings  and  people  of  high  status  flocked to  Israel  because  of  him.  He  was  the  first  botanist,  the  first  zoologist,  the  first  marine  biologist.  All  these  claims  by scientists about men being the first biologist   are  just  lies  because  they  have  no  record and knowledge of  Solomon's  work.
     He  was  the  greatest  mathematician  and  architect, his  imaginary  potential  was  far  more  than  human,  he  is  the  greatest  linguist being  able  to  speak  any  language  his  guest  spoke, he  built  and  designed  the  temple  of  God  and  his  palace  with  golds  and  high  quality  and  costly  materials,  Israel  was  so wealthy  at  that  time,  that  silver  was  common  like  biscuits.
     The  temple  and  the  palace  was  so  beautiful  that  words  could  not  describe,  until  seen  with  the  eyes. All these  glory  we  would  have  seen  till this   day if  not  of  disobedience,  because  of  his  disobedience  and  the  perpetual disobedience  of  the  Israelites,  Israel  depreciated  little  by  little,  all  it's  gold,  riches  and  everything  was  taken  away  as plunder.  In  their  continual  evil,  they  were  attacked  frequently,  but  still  continue  in  their  disobedience  until  it  was  raised  to the  ground  and  reduced  to  nothing  by  the  Babylonian  and  that  why  you  can't  find  much  of  the  glory  of  Israel  today.
     Where  is  their  glory?  where  is  their  wealth?  This  is  what  happens  to  a  man  when  he  disobeys  God,  he  is  wretched  and lives  a  life  he's  not  supposed  to  live  in  captivity  of  the  Babylonians.  The  life  he  lives,  even  though  rich,  is  not  the  one  God designed  for  him.
     Disobedience  depreciate  a  man  slowly  and  slowly  until  God  leaves  completely,  the  life  of  that  man  becomes  finished and  he's  handed  over  fully  to  the  evil  one  to  be  used  as  a  slave.  Disobedience  in  anyway  takes  away  the  presence  of  God, slowly,  yes!  But  if  there  is  any  sin  that  takes  away  the  presence  of  God  immediately  it's  sexual immorality,  because  he  has  defiled the  temple  of  God.  Do  you  not  know  your  body  is  the  temple  of  God,  and  when  a  man  does  this,  it  is  difficult  for  him  to turn  back  to  Jesus,  because  that  little  seed  deposit  of  God  in  him  has  been  trampled  upon  and  renders  him  nothing,  it takes  the  grace  of  God. Unfortunately  this  spirit  has  seized  majority  of  the  world.
     When you disobey  God;
     - He'll  cut  you  off  from  His  presence,.

     - You  cannot  relate  to  God,

     - He is  no  longer  your  shield  and  defender,  whatever  is  to  happen  will  happen  to  you,  anything  goes,  if  an  accident is  to  happen  now  even  if    You're  not  supposed  to  die,  because  you're  not  of  God  and  you  happen  to  be  there  it might  take  you  along.
    - He'll  take  his  peace  away  form  you,  all  your  life  will  be  filled  with  worry,  anxiety  and  fear.
     - You'd  be  like  a  wanderer,  playing  survival  of  the  fittest.
     When a man disobeys  God,  He  reduces  him  to  a  water  can  and  hand  him  over  to  the  evil  one.  You  know  when  little children  plays  with  an  empty  can  as  football,  they  kick  it  anyhow,  scratch  it  on  the  floor,  smash  it  together  against  their legs,  screech  it  on  the  hard  concrete,  until  it  has  become  flattened  and  without  shape  unrecognizable,  and  when  they're done  they  leave  it  there  till  someone  else  tosses  it  in  the  trash  for  long.  If  only  by  grace  you're  recycled.
     Jesus  has  come  to  restore us,  only  He  can,  there's  no  other  way,  He  is  the  only  way,  as  long  as  nothing  stands  in  the way  as  a hindrance,  that  is  just  a  false  spirit  to  block  you  from  meeting  Jesus.  He  needs  only  a  sincere  heart  of repentance  to  live  in  obedience  to  his  every  word  faithfully  without  faltering.  Obedience  is  better  than  sacrifice,  yes!  still you  cannot  obey  without  sacrifices,  if  it  wasn't  on  sacrifice  the  Israelites  wouldn't  have  find  it  difficult  they  found  it discomfort,  because  they  refuse  to  make  sacrifices  to  let  go  and  accept  a  new  life.
     When a wreckage  has  been  done,  although  you're  born  again  the  wreckage  is  still  there  and  all  things  needs  to  be started  anew,  restructured,  but  it  takes  time.  When  a  man  has  gone  astray,  though  he  might  return  back  to  Jesus,  but  the damages  caused  by  sin  are  still  there,  and  the  Lord  will  restore  him  back  in  his  own  way,  not  in  the  way  of  the  man,  but  in God's  own  way.  Everything  is  processing,  though  the  process  is  slow  but  the  end  of  the  project,  there's  joy.
     Finally,  he  that  obeys  will  be  kept  form  the  wrath  of  God,  because  a  time  of  trial,  of  great  despair  such  as  the  world has  never  seen  and  will  never  see  again  will  come  to  test  those  who  are  remaining  on  the  earth.  As  the  Lord  tried  the Israelites  in  the  course  of  their  journey,  so  it  will  be.  But  all  those  who  obey  and  endure  to  the  end  before  that  time  will  be saved  and  delivered  from  that  dreadful  time.  Because  Josiah  obeyed  God,  God  told  him.
    "  surely  I'll  gather  you  with  you  to  your  fathers,  and  you'll  be  buried  in  peace.  Your  eyes  will  not  see  all  the  disasters  I'm going  to  bring  on  this  place. "
    2  king  22:20

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