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    I am devoted to the Lord Jesus as I learn, first, how He meets my need, and secondly, how superior He is to everything and everyone. The heart likes to be devoted to the one who commands (i.e. attracts—NC) its affections. Thus there are two kinds of devotedness, both true, but the one greatly in advance of the other.
    The first, which for distinction I call the lesser devotedness, is produced by the conviction that in myself I am lost, as to my standing and state, but that the Lord Jesus is my Savior. This is known in measure by every happy saint. The second, or the greater devotedness, is produced when, in addition to the knowledge that He is my Savior, I find that everything I need or could value is in Him, that He is superior to everything in myself, and that He imparts to me of Himself. As I seek Him because of this, my devotedness is of the highest order.
    It is not only that I delight to make little of myself in order to make much of Him, which is true where there is any real devotedness; but I suffer in order to be with Him, losing myself for Him; my heart, glad of the exchange, enduring all things, counting all things but loss, that He may be my gain. It is mercy or the greatest favor—that of a Savior to a lost sinner—which produces the lesser devotedness; but it is the knowledge of the Savior Himself, in all His personal attractiveness, which produces the greater. “That I may know Him . . .”
    Knowledge of the greatest service which could be rendered to me produces the first devotedness; knowledge of the heart and ways of the greatest Person, the one who has rendered the service, produces the greater. There is nothing really satisfying to the heart but the personal knowledge of a heart full of the deepest and truest interest, while perfect and holy in all its tenderness and care – and this we find only in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    As my heart becomes acquainted with Him, as I see the perfection of His life, the depth of His interests and love in the holy manner of all His ways and the supreme beauty of His movements in everything, my heart turns with delight to Him. It boasts in Him as the One perfect Man before God, hastens to refuse and repudiate everything of man and the scene here where He was refused, and knows no joy, values no possessions but Himself. All else is but dross.
    In the lesser devotedness it is one’s own possessions which are surrendered as the expression of devotion; but in the greater, the one thought is to possess Him, and for this everything is surrendered. In the one case I have received the greatest and I return my greatest. In the other I abandon everything. I leave myself and the earth (consciously per Eph 2:6 – knowing its certainty is as if presently there through Christ via connection with His Spirit in us—NC), to possess Him who in Himself captivates and commands the affection of my heart. “Set your affection on things above, not on the things of the earth.”
    The greater devotion cannot be without knowing what He is. Nothing but association and intimacy with Him personally where He is can lead to this. He comes to my side and walks with me in my sorrow, as He did with Mary; and until He does this, whatever one may hear of Him or read of Him, one can never know the tenderness or the nature of His heart. Unless one has been in the depths of sorrow and death-darkness, one cannot know the touching expression of His love, or what He is at a moment when no one else can even come near me. To know Him there—His step, His tears, His sympathy (Heb 4:15), the greatest company of the weakest, His heart told out in my sorrow—binds my heart to Him in a way that acquaintance with Him in joy never could.
    — J B Stoney

    Chuck Kralik

    “ ‘Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland’ ” (Isaiah 43:18-19, NIV).
    God had a message for his chosen people, the nation of Israel. His was a message of deliverance from bondage in Egypt through a sea-splitting escape from Pharaoh and his army. It was a message of God’s past glory, his present protection, and his future provisional abundance. Yes, God had a message for Israel, and although he reminded them of former things, they were to no longer focus on the past. God was ready to do something new, something grand, something only God could accomplish.
    I believe God wants the same for his chosen people of today, followers of Jesus, believers in his truth. You need to hear his message today! Perhaps you are wandering in a wilderness of doubt and despair, and there seems to be no clear path out, but God is telling you that he will make a way for you. Maybe you’re in what can only be described as a wasteland, a barren space filled with skeletons of your sin, your regrets, and your shame, but God is about to refresh these dry places with a stream of his righteousness. 
    What if you truly are standing on a precipice, looking out across a land, a life, that God has promised and provided for you? What if you’re just one faith-filled step away, one prayer away, or one decision away from receiving what God has planned for you? I’d say to you – hold on, because God wants something good for you. God wants you to know that you are loved with a love that only he can give. He wants you to experience abundant life, both now and eternally. He wants you to know that you’re forgiven, that you’re free in this life and in the life to come.
    Yes, God is truly doing a new thing! And, all we need to do is receive it by faith. May God bless you in your journey as you trust in him.            

    Jesus disciple

    Whatever was done in the law or in the flesh ( physically ), are all reflections of what has been fulfilled in the spirit, in Christ Jesus. For He didn't come to abolish the law but to fulfil as He said,
    " Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill."
    [ Matthew 5:17 ]
    It was made so, that all, all might be saved and not a selected few just as Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well;
    " But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him."
    [ John 4:23 ]
    Everything physically done by the Jews were all reflections of what we have been given by grace through Jesus Christ. Whatever was done, be it; sacrifices on alters, circumcision, the Passover, water baptism, whatever it is, were all translated spiritually into our hearts in Christ Jesus.
    The sacrifices on alters; is a reflection of Jesus using our hearts as substitutes for physical temples and alters. For all who receives Him, their hearts are being unveiled for Him to come in, just as the curtains at the temple were torn at the hour of His death. Upon our hearts therefore, sacrifices are made, for we are made to become living sacrifices unto God. When we ask for forgiveness, when we pray, our hearts becomes that alter, and the blood sacrificed on it, becomes His spirit in us and the fuel, His word.
    The Passover, is a reflection of being sealed in the covenant of blood of Jesus. As a lamb was slain, with it's blood at the door post, so also, Jesus was slain and those who are willing are sealed in the covenant of His blood, in other to be broken free from the covenant of sin and death and eternally escape it's judgement. The same goes for some of the Egyptians who escaped the angel of death by staying at the houses of some of the Israelites. So also, all are called to be saved.
    The circumcision, is a reflection of the nature of sin and death in us being cut off when we genuinely accept Jesus. When we receive Jesus, our hearts are being circumcised, and all that is of no relevance with God, standing as a hindrance will be removed by the holy spirit who, also is our mark or rather, identification as God's children. Circumcision really is painful, and so not many do go for it or see it through to the end. You know what I'm talking about.
    Don't you see how the Lord Jesus made things easy and brought salvation and the presence of God upon all. We must glorify Him for all He has done in our stead as a sacrifice. He has brought us all together as children to become sons of God. Meanwhile, it is written;
    " Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law.
    They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.)
    This will take place on the day when God judges people's secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares."
    [ Romans 2:14-16 ]
    Those who've not heard about Jesus, but still living in darkness, but in accordance to the law, rightfully, doing that which is right and not wrong, they'll be a judgement unto themselves. We who've known the Lord are called to build in His kingdom, i.e. those who know Him in spirit and truth are called to be in His government. Not just Heaven, but part of His government. This is why the gospel is being preached, that upon the restoration of men from death unto life, they might become lively stones being built into God's kingdom.
    We've said before, that everyone on earth has been foreknown and predestined by God. But we live in a fallen world of death and darkness, and so many being dead cannot perceive that which God has made them for. It's up to us then, whom have received the gospel to live as functionaries of the kingdom to advance the Kingdom of God in whatever way God has called and made us fit, so that those in death will know Him who is Life, not for heaven's sake, but for the will of God " the kingdom."
    We who are born of God, it is for us to be restored and enthroned, so we also, can revive the fallen thrones of kings all over the earth that have been laid wasted by sin, this is the true and main perspective of the gospel, " the kingdom gospel."
    However, it's unfortunate, not too many preach or fight for the kingdom, their limit is "heaven," heaven a place of rest and hell a place of unrest. We are at war for the kingdom, Satan isn't necessarily fighting for you to get to hell, he has been fighting against the Kingdom of God, you just happen to be part of it, because indeed you are that kingdom.
    If these men should die in righteousness without knowing Jesus, they'll be in heaven, but because they've never known the authority in the name " Jesus," and also, sealed in His blood to become a building block of His kingdom, they won't have an inheritance. In the end it's our fault for failing to live in accordance to the blueprint God has made us.
    Do pardon me, seems we've digressed again. Now you see why the gospel is being preached. Meanwhile, not everyone is predestined and called to preach, there are those who are warlords, war generals ( Intercessors ), if they don't dethrone the principalities and powers of darkness, those who are called to preach cannot get the word to the hearts of men, because of the great wall blocking their hearts.
    Today there has been a heavy task upon those who are advancing the kingdom, those who are called to proclaim the word and now also war generals, because of the lack of men rising to their ordination. Well, your Minas has been given to them, an extra reward. For God is just and He'll fulfil His will completely whether your part of it or not. Those who haven't heard, but lived right, won't have the grace to become a building stone, because we've failed in wasted years.
    Unless you come under the authority of the name Jesus you can't build. And if you're in that government and you don't build, then, what more should I say?
    Being baptized in the name Jesus, is being immersed completely in Him ( The word ) by the authority in the name given " Jesus." Without one coming under the government of the Christ by the authority in the name " Jesus " he can not be baptized, immersed in Him.
    However, Jesus needs your input in this, because He needs your heart also, to will it. He'll come with His authority, waiting for you to act in accordance to His government of the Christ by the holy ghost. The holy spirit reveals naturally the laws and life of the Kingdom when you come under His authority, then He'll require of you to get in the water ( word ). The "water" which is God's word is already provided, it is your will to get in and become immersed, being infused with the life of God, then the ceremony has begun. A ceremony of death, to gain life.
    When you're immersed in Jesus ( God's word ), then His death at the cross will begin to function in you, to fade away all darkness, all that is of sin and death, weakness or whatever old nature, so that you can be filled with His life, being resurrected from the old to become restored and renewed by his spirit. However, this doesn't happen immediately, when you accept Jesus you're written in the book of life already, but to attain salvation, a firm foundation in Jesus, then you must remain to attain death at the depths of the water of life.
    It is at the end of this baptismal ceremony you then are resurrected in salvation to live a life of holiness naturally by the holy spirit through the word dominating you. If you come out half way, at consecutive Intervals like a drowning man struggling to catch his breath, you can't attain salvation and so you begin to falter all the time. This is why many will say it's not possible to live without sin, because they weren't completely immersed in the word. You and the word must become one, integrated. It's like frying a chicken with oil, it becomes chicken fries.
    The moment you decide, the moment you answer the call, you're in for baptism, it is authorized by the holy spirit. The holy spirit is that voice crying out which draws you to God, not you, but the voice of the holy ghost. He has been crying out through God's word, it resonate everywhere in creation, even within you. It is when you decide to harken to His voice then, you're drawn by a force to make your genuine decision of heart against death or to gain more life in Jesus. 
    When the name " Jesus " is mentioned genuinely, then the ceremony begins by the authority of that name. Then, you're being brought under the government of the Christ. it's like taking an oath, when you take an oath under an authority, you're bond to the government of that authority. So also, the moment you accept Jesus as Lord over your life in the government of the Christ, your name is written in the book of life as one restored and sealed in God. This is baptism In the name Jesus.
    Still, salvation hasn't come. Unless you're proved faithful, there are chances of falling away, because of a weakened foundation being built from scratch, this is where  baptism in water ( word ) and communion comes in. Before we go further do take these down;
    Jesus is the word, God's word is life and Jesus is the word of life. If you meet the word, you meet Jesus, In other words, He is the written or spoken word of God. The word of God is the fountain or well of life, and Jesus is the water of life.
    If you must be baptized in the name Jesus, then you must be immersed in the water of life which is Jesus ( God's word ) and become one with Him. And for this to be achieved, you must come under His government by the authority in His name for you to be given key access " faith " and the " holy spirit " to feed on His word until you become completely immersed in it.
    Unless you see God's word this way, as life that is, unless you see it in the vistas of the spirit, then the word will remain irrelevant to you. This is why many read the Bible, not " feed," but " read," and are not immersed in God's life, they can't  find Jesus in it. Forget the history, it's for spiritual knowledge, you must first see it as life, and take a dive in it, for no other reason, but to become immersed in it.
    Without being baptized in the name " Jesus," in spirit, by genuinely accepting Him as Lord through faith, baptism in water ( word ) and communion can't take place, because the authority of the name Jesus is needed. Just as some churches won't baptize you until you've become a member and have undergone discipleship classes. Now you see why many get baptized in actual water and still fall into sin, because in heart they were never under the authority of the name Jesus.
    Let's get to the scripture, then you'll know why many do live in the dark even though they're baptized in physical water.

    " While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word.
    And those of the circumcision who believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also.
    For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God. Then Peter answered,
    “Can anyone forbid water, that these should not be baptized who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have? ”
    [ Acts 10:44‭-‬47 ]
    Do you want to know one dangerous thing about water baptism? It's can most likely turn out like the seven sons of sceva, when the evil spirits told them,
    " Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?”
    If you're baptized in water when you're not yet born again in the holy ghost. Since water baptism is a public declaration, It's like proclaiming to demons you're born again when you're not, because men aren’t the only witness there, there are devils. They'll come and do a quick check on you and when they can't find any light in you, they'll say,
    " We know this Mr. we know that one also, who are you?"
    They'll get you so bad and you'll become even worse than you were in sin than you can ever imagine. This is all for claiming what you're not. Those who are water baptized but not having a firm foundation in Christ in the past or none at all, they know what I'm talking about. They know how much the pressure of sin became intensified.
    Let's look at John, the Baptist. Many don't understand how the spirit worked with John. John was the originator of baptism as it was given to him by the holy spirit to reveal the Messiah. Upon anyone the holy spirit descended upon as a dove during baptism, He is the Messiah.
    John's baptism wasn't the main thing, John was a preacher, a voice crying out in the wilderness. Men never came to be baptized, they were drawn by the holy spirit to hear him. And whenever he does baptism, he preached he gospel and brought life into the hearts of men, breaking the wall is sin and unveiling their hearts to restore God's spirit in them, this was why John's baptism was effective, because the people received God before or after when they are baptized. Meanwhile is strategy for baptism was by the holy spirit to reveal the Messiah.
    But many has taken this as a doctrine, that one can't get to heaven unless he's baptized. Now this will strike fear in the hearts of many, through doubts and fear is not of the spirit of God, then you'll be leading them to hell by giving them that spirit of fear. If you're a pastor in this, I'm talking to you. You can continue with baptismal ceremony, but don't make it the basis of salvation.
    In most churches you get baptized before you can partake in the holy communion. But in Christ Jesus, you do so simultaneously and when salvation is attained you communion also for the rest of your life, every second of it. When God's word says we should pray without ceasing, it means also; we should drink wine, the blood, without ceasing to become filled with the holy spirit.
    In communion;
    The bread is the flesh of Jesus, God's word while the wine is the blood of Jesus, the holy spirit.
    " And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” 
    Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you."
    [ Luke 22:19‭-‬20 ]
    When you're called and restored to Jesus, you must attain salvation which lies at the end, a firm foundation in Christ. And so you must remain immersed in the word for it is the delivering power of God unto salvation. You must dwell on God's word to become completely immersed in Him until death is achieved. Then, you'll be resurrected in life to live in holiness naturally, by God's spirit acting in you through His word.
    When you're saved then, you must do this in remembrance of Jesus " communion," by breaking of bread and drinking of wine. You must meet and eat with Jesus daily, and the only way we can remember Him is by spending time in His presence, in His word and in prayers.
    A life filled with remembrance you must have, in breaking bread, that is feeding on God's word slowly, attentively and repeatedly and drinking of the wine "His blood," I.e. in prayers, to become filled with the holy spirit. Without eating the bread you can't drink the wine, I.e. without being filled with the word you can't pray to become filled with the holy spirit.
    This is were our kingdom Journey really begins, when you communion with Him always, every second, then He'll begin to reveal to you things that are to unfold and also prepare and strengthen you for the Journey to ahead. You must eat and drink for the Journey ahead is far, only those who have and continues eating and drinking of the bread and wine will be taken on a path of the kingdom, our eternal purpose.
    The reason why many fall to sin is, because they failed in their communion and also, the reason why it seems a selected few are called by God is, because many failed in their communion after attaining salvation.
    I'm not against ceremonial baptism and communion, you can choose to if you want, but in this advent of the spirit which Jesus has brought unto us by His grace. You must be baptized in His name, through immersion in the word and in communion, by breaking of bread and drinking of wine ( in the word and prayers ).
    In all this, we commune with Him daily, at all times, every second, that we shall remember Him and as we do, He'll remember and become closer to us more than a brother and a friend and that which has been hidden in creation will be revealed.
    How much you remember Jesus will determine how much He'll reveal Himself to you. Remember Him.

    Jesus disciple

    We are all are parts of God's blueprint, designed for His kingdom. And unto everyone is ascribed a piece. You are a unique piece of God's kingdom blueprint. The blue print of God concerning each and every one of us, not many can find and have access to, it is given only to those who are certified in faithfulness to fulfill the will of God. it is not impossible, neither it is for a selected few, it is only revealed unto those who desire to know more of God.
    Knowing God more, is to become less of yourself and more of Him, and as you become more of Him, then you'll no longer be the one living, but God living in you to bring to full perspective the aspect of His kingdom upon the earth.
    The reason this is hidden from many it's, because it is a desire given only to those who genuinely desire to hear from God. It all starts from wanting to hear from God and one can't hear from God without a life filled with prayers, because it forms the core basis at which our intimacy in God is built. Prayer is the main requirement not only to hear, but to have a constant relationship with God. God speaks constantly to us, you just have to venture into His presence with a right heart and tune in to the right frequency in other to hear Him more distinct and clearly.
    First, your heart must be still and quiet, not easily distorted by the distractions of the world or issues of life. Our hearts are too loud. Your heart must be in a right state before the spirit can pray through you, else you'll be like Cain, and it'll become meaningless. Praying ( Journeying ) to God do take time, depending on how much of your life time is spent in God, and at the appointed time which God chooses, He'll reveal Himself to you and how He'll choose to do so also. You don't tell Him how or when.
    No one can pray without being filled with the word. If you want to measure the scale of your spiritual health, it's either in the word or in prayers. If you can spend hours in the word or in prayers without being disturbed by the flesh, then your spiritual life in God is healthy.
    For anyone born of God, the first thing the holy spirit puts in him is; zeal for the word, zeal for God's word must consume your heart, you must spend hours, it's a must, the holy spirit doesn't neglect this foundation. If you truly want to hear from God, do not read the word, but feed on it slowly, attentively and repeatedly, not for anything but to draw from God's well of life, for it is life. At first, it will be difficult, because of the flesh fighting against the holy spirit, but in time He'll assist you, then it becomes natural and interesting.
    There must be an infilling of life to become filled with the spirit. When you're filled, then the holy spirit will switch into a life of prayers, because you've been filled with the holy spirit already through God's word to operate naturally in things of the spirit. It is the holy spirit dominating us that quickens and prays in us. He does as He likes, at times it might be balanced, ( prayer and the word ) but you can't have a life of ceaseless prayers without being filled with the word. There's no God's general or anyone used by God, be it in the secret or in the open who has walked this earth without a life of ceaseless prayer. Jesus was cut off from God at the cross with the weight of sin upon his shoulders just for a few moments, and then He shouted
    " Why has thou forsaken me."
    But you've been living years not talking to your Father as a son and you feel comfy.
    When, you begin to hear from God at the time He pleases Him to reveal Himself, then in processing, He'll take you through the path of death as He unveils gradually that which He wants you to be. I know many don't like to hear " death." Death to self, actually is interesting when you've become a dead man to this world and flesh, and without it you won't go far in God. You want to pass through the eye of the needle, you must be squeezed and become dead to self to pass through it, If you're rich in flesh, you'll be too bulky to pass through.
    " And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
    [ Matthew 19:24 ]
    Jesus wasn't talking about Heaven, he said " kingdom," that is; except you lose yourself, all that is of the world or self that'll stand as a hindrance, you won't be able to become a functionary in His Kingdom, you'll be just a regular Christian. All that is of hindrance, the holy spirit will unveil and stir your heart to drop them, if you refuse, He'll let you alone and find someone else, there's always someone.
    You must be willing to become obedient to the holy spirit as he take you through death. When all disobedience have been avenged then, then He'll reveal unto you, your blueprint, a part in God's kingdom building, you then, begin to build from that firm foundation you've filled through the word.
    When you've been dwelling in the word, all you've been doing and will do is lay a firm foundation, unshaken. Your prayers is a means to get you to Journey unto God to get that blueprint, without it you'll remain in the foundational level. You have to pray for hours daily, I'd say ceaselessly, rather, because it'll get you there on time. Who gets to his destination in time? One who takes breaks or one who doesn't?
    It's one thing to be in heaven, it's another to be part of that kingdom building as a building block of that new Jerusalem, God's government.
    It takes a lot of chiseling to be a perfect block. But, then your foundation in the word and intimacy with God to trap revelations and hidden mysteries of God's dealings with men pertaining to that dispensation of time, will bring conviction, which will then give you faith to make real movement in obedience to the holy spirit without thinking twice. Jesus said and it is written;
    "And another also said, “Lord, I will follow You, but let me first go and bid them farewell who are at my house.”
    But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
    [ Luke 9:61-62 ]

    It is a path of death, and it defies all that a babe in Christ knows. For example; many believers thinks a child of God can't die. Well when you get to walk in rankings and authority as functionaries and not merely by grace then, you'll know that if you've not outranked a demon, they can kill you if you overstep your bounds ignorantly. Don't say;
    " what!"
    You have the seven sons of sceva and Jesus disciples trying to cast out a demon they didn't have the authority for when he went it the mount with Peter James and John.
    When you're given your blueprint, when God have revealed your real purpose in creation, then the real process begins, a complete death to self to birth more life and authority in God. I'm not trying to scare you, maybe I've been saying much of death. However, God's will cannot be fulfilled without walking in the fullness of His authority as you waste in death. If all Christians really do manifest the fullness of God's authority in the name Jesus the moment they become born again, then they'd have done even greater things than the apostles, but why is it restricted to a certain few?
    God can speak to us as He wills, for some who are of great faith, He might choose not to reveal Himself to them physically in His glory, all He'll do is speak through revelations or visions, whatever. For some who are had to break or because of the urgency of the kingdom, He might reveal Himself unto them in His glory physically, or even take them to heaven, He does as He wants. But your heart must be still, because He'll begin as a small still voice, don't call it you mind. Everyone's thoughts are influenced by spirits, either of light or of darkness.
    It is a long process, but as you do this genuinely, the holy spirit will help you and you'll see it in full manifestation. It is the will of God to have a close relationship with us.
    That's just it, that's just the summary, the rest of it all, the holy spirit will unveil if only you're faithful and obedience to death at the cross where glory is revealed.
    This is a path in Christ Jesus that defies all logic and all the milk many have been drinking as babes in Christ. However, it is a path of sons, a path that restores and enthrones us as kings in God's kingdom.
    You've achieved and have had many goals in life, but none of it all was about hearing the voice of God and knowing also, the true purpose He created you for. It's not too late, God can restore that which the canker worm has eaten.
    For those who haven't heard me talk about a life of ceaseless prayers, I'll give you my prayer Life, still you can choose that which is fitting for you, as long as your heart is busy in God, it is prayer. In this world of too much distractions, you'd need it, so that even in your office, in your classroom, wherever, your heart will be busy in prayers.
    I'll be repeating that which I've said before, giving some scriptural references, then show you also, how I do pray without ceasing;
    [ 1Corinthians  14:15 ]
    " What should I do, then? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray also with my mind; I will sing with my spirit, but I will sing also with my mind."
    [ Colossians  2:6-7 ]
    " So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up  in  him, strengthened in the faith as you were  taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."
    [ Ephesians  5:18-20 ]
    " Do not be drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead be filled with the spirit.  Speak to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord, always giving thanks to God for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
    [ 1Thessalonians  5:16-18 ]
    " Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
    Praying without ceasing is of heart, it's not in the mouth, but in your heart, for me I meditate on these constantly in my heart;
     - Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord
     - Take more of me and give me more of you
     - Jesus, ( continually in my heart )
     - Locate me Lord in your mercy
     - in the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus
     - Then I switch to spiritual song at times
    You can add yours if you feel like.
    These are all prayers, as long as you are communicating with God constantly. What do you think happens when you're disconnected from a dear one for a long time, there be a decline in relationship, so it is with God.
    I was listening to Andrew Wommack’s some time ago, and he was saying the same thing, he did said " even if you look at the trees and say,
    " God they're beautiful!"
    That's also prayer, he said. These are what many don't know, but this was the daily life of the Apostles. Peter would say;
    " But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word."
    [ Acts 6:4 ]

    Maggi O

    I went to my Fathers house today,
    but It wasn’t in a church.
    It wasn’t anywhere quiet,
    or peaceful in that way.
    Rather it was noisy, 
    people jostling getting in the way.
    Lost in thought, word and deed
    in the hurly burly rain.
    Yes.. I went to my Fathers house today,
    I met him on the train.
    We talked a little, not too much,
    as I sipped my coffee 
    and thought of the day,
    and how I was going to make it through
    another long and chaotic day.
     I went to my Fathers house today,
    as I stared at the screen,
    and the words went grey and then I 
    thought I heard him say.
    Stop.. be still, be silent, be present,
    because each day with you is always the same,
    I can barley get two words in.
    Your worried about this,
    your worried about that,
    your worried about being worried,
    where is the sense in that?
    so child I am asking you this once, to sit with me
    Quietly for a minute in your day.
    I know you can do it,
    if you let me lead the way.
    So I went to my Fathers house today,
    it was noisy, it was loud, there was no 
    peace to be found. 
    But as I looked out the window, 
    hanging limply on a tree ,
    I spied a small blossom,
    almost unnoticeable it was hard to see.
    I uttered a small prayer to the Father, 
    I was present at last, awake from my slumber
    for a minute and a half.

    Maggi O

    😂😂😂 lol...  I hope you enjoyed this and will join me in the daily struggle to be ever present to the Fathers voice in a world which constantly demands our attention.



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