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    Raven Nicole

    My son and I have really been hitting the lessons on Spiritual Warfare, hard. He just turned 11, and is reaching an age where it gets harder and harder to reach kids with the Gospel. Anyone that is a part of the body of Christ, should understand that these times are the hardest for the church. Leaving all conspiracy theories at the door, and solely taking truth from scripture……this is warfare time. We are fighting a war in the spiritual realm, that if we are not equipped and prepared, our ship will sink.
    I explained to my son, in order to survive this world, you have to know your enemy, Ephesians 6:12.
    and the effectiveness of the word of God; the sword of the spirit, being used against him. You have to know how to use your weapons.
    Ephesians 6:11-15.
    We send our kids off, prepping them for college and careers, but, many do not know that they need to train up their children to know how to survive,when thoughts of failure sneaks into their minds, whispers of hopelessness planted by the devil makes them want to end it all. Those are the battles in life that millions succumb to every day, not having the knowledge that we live in a spiritual world, where there is a spiritual realm, and day in and day out….angels and demons are fighting, and the adversary is constantly on the prowl. 1 Peter 5:8
    If we could see with our natural eyes what surrounds us all of the time, we would not be able to withstand it.
    We do not have to see it, to certainly feel it.
    I said to my son, your greatest weapon in life is prayer. When you know how to pray you know how to win. When you speak the word of God with authority….you are casting down wickedness from high places. When you speak the name of Jesus, demons must flee. Just saying His name.
    Always remember this truth, Satan is the accuser. He will accuse you of sins God has *already forgiven you for. This is a part of that spiritual Warfare. If he can make you live in guilt…..he can keep you from prayer, from reading the Bible, singing, praise and worship…..all of your weapons to defeat him with. Know your enemy. But know your weapons and the God who provides them for your victory.
    ❤️Rae Nicole

    Jesus disciple

    The  gangrene  effect,  well  i  don't  know  if  you  know  about  the  gangrene  bacteria,  you  know,  the  gangrene  bacteria triggers  a dangerous  infection if  not  treated,  it  still  occur  in  this  present  age  but  it  occurred  mostly  during  the  era  of  the  American civil  war,  where  people  are  blown apart with  explosives or  shot  with  a  gun  fatally  in  the  leg  or  the arm.
    The  war  era  was  also  an  era  of  little  knowledge  on  medicine.  So  when  you're  been  shot,  if  you're  unlucky  the  red  cross  at  the  war  zone,  will tend your wounds and  if  fatal, the  doctor  will  give  you  anesthetic  and  then amputate the affected part off, be  it  your  arm  or  leg,  in  order  to  prevent  the infestation and spread  of  the  bacteria  " gangrene " which  will eventually  lead  to  the  patients  death.
    This is  the  gangrene infection,  it's  respecter  of  no  man,  even  a  fatal  wound  to  the toe  nail might  cause  a  persons  death  if left untreated in time or amputated  if  discovered  late. With  this, came  about  the  gangrene  effect. We'll be using this as an illustration.
    Two soldiers  were  badly  shot  in  the  leg  during  a  war,  they  were  taken  to  the  medics  without  their  knowledge  of  been amputated.  They  were  given  anesthetic  putting  them  asleep.  During  the  surgery  hour,  a  shell  was  fired  destroying  part  of the  medical  camp,  everybody  in  disarray,  before  the  doctors  could  put  themselves  together,  and  continue  the  amputation the  anesthetic wore off.  These  soldiers  woke  up  only  to  discover  the amputation  was  still  on.
    " we  can't  give  you  a  second  dose  of  anesthetic,  because  of  the  side  effect,  I'm  sorry,  bear  the  pain  a  little  while,  well continue  the  surgery, else  you'll  die  not  of  gangrene  this  time  but  of  blood  loss," Said the doctor.
    They agreed,  the  surgery  continued,  the  doctors  continued  with  the  amputation  by  sawing  through  the  bones,  really painful  it  was  for  both  of  them,  but  one  of  them  gave  up  just  only  when  the  saw  was  a  few  centimeter  into  his  bone,  he was  furious  and  said;
    " I  can't  bear  this  anymore,  give  me  some  disinfectant,  a  drug,  clean  my  wound  and  let  me  go."
    The  doctors,  warned  him saying;
    " you're  doing  this  at  the  cost  of  your  life,"
    still  he  refused,  and  he  left.
    The  other  soldier  bore  the  pain  and  continued  with  the  surgery,  his  bone  was  sawed  through  and  his  leg  eventually amputated.  Though,  the  entire  process  was  painful,  but  in  the  end  his  wound  healed,  his  gangrene  effect, erased. The pains  became  a  past  and  he  was  alive  and  healthy, left with a limb, because  that  was  the  price  he  paid  to  save  his  life.
    However,  the former, couldn't  take  the  pain and then disinfected  his  wound,  but  his  gangrene  infection  was  still  there,  from time  to  time  it  ate  all  through  his  body  and  died  of  gangrene infection due  to  his  cowardice  and  ignorance  to  pay  the price,  even  though  he  was  trained  a  soldier.
    So  it  is  with  a  man  who  receives  the  word  and  he  who  doesn't.  A  man  who  heard  the  gospel,  though  painful  to  his  heart, he  knows  he  has  to  Change,  he  accepted  the  word,  paid  the  price,  no  matter  how  painful  it  is,  but  at  the  end  he  received his  salvation  and  his  past  pain  forgotten, life was added to his life, who knows there could be a regenerative serum in the near future, were lost limbs can be regenerated.
    However  one  who  doesn't  accept  the  truth  because  it  was  too  harsh  for  him  to  handle,  and  still  became  ignorant,  not caring  about  the  dying  state  of  his  soul,  will  be  eaten  up  gradually  by  his  ungodliness,  and  eventually  lose  his  life  for eternity.  Even  if  he  does  comes  back  to  his  senses  eventually,  by  then  he'll  pay  extra  price  because  his  gangrene  has done  so  much damage.
    This  is  the  gangrene  effect.

    Jesus disciple

    Men don't like being used, but unknowingly to many, they've  been  used  right  from  the  beginning. Your actions are not just your actions, they're driven and coordinated by the spirit you yield your heart to.  Are  you been  used  by  Jesus  or  by  the  devil.  If  you  ask  most  people  today  if  they're  been  used  by  the  devil,  even  though  they're, still  they'll  reply  " no! "  Some  out  of  ignorance,  others  just  because  they  don't  know,  and  many  they  know  but  wouldn't want  to  change.
    At  a  point  in  time  we've  all  been  used  by  the  devil,  even  the writer of this message,  for  we  were  all  born  into  sin.  Sin is  like  an gene, passed down from  generation  to  generations  right  from  the fall on man. We are created by God, sent from heaven to be clothed in flesh, so we can fulfil God's purpose for our lives, He has deposited in us, His spirit. That's why when a man wants to do evil, there's a whisper in his heart telling him not to, but if you go dip into sin, this spirit of God will be completely shrouded in darkness. Such a man will no longer be able to hear the whispers of God.
    God gave us His spirit, but since  we  were  born  into  sin, His spirit in men has been suppressed by the spirit of evil, if not, men would have walked the earth in the likeness of  God. That's  why  Paul  said;
    Roman 7:15
    " I do not understand what I do, for what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do."
    he  said  this  because  of  the  war  between  light  and  darkness  in  a  man's  soul,  but  then  again,  he  said;
    Romans 7:24-35
    " What a wretched man I am!  Who  will  rescue  me  from  this  body  of  death? Thanks  be  to  God  through  Jesus  Christ  our  lord! "
    That's  why  Jesus  came with the gospel, because during  the  time  of  law,  a  man  lives  a  righteous  life  for  the  fear  of  death. But  Jesus  knew  it  is  not the  flesh  that  makes  a  man  sin  but  the  spirit  of  sin  in  a  man. Just  like  the  adulterous  woman  who  was  about to be stoned to death,  Jesus  knew  it  was  not  her,  but  the  spirit  in  her,  he  knew  that  even  though  the  woman  was  killed  the spirit  won't,  because  spirit  don't  die,  it  will  only  leave  for  another  host.
    So  Jesus  came  with  the  gospel,  a  message  of salvation  unto  a  dead  man's  soul  delivering  him  from  the  bondage  of  sin.  This  gospel, God's word, is  also  the  sword  of  the  spirit  which  pierce  through  the  heart  and  soul dividing it asunder, separating  every  darkness from light.
    You  see  now you don't  have  any  excuse  living  for  Jesus,  the  moment  you  heard  the  gospel  you  are  fit  to  follow  Jesus, you  then  see  that  If  you're  not  following  him  you  are  the  one  who  let  the  evil  one  dominate  your  heart,  A man who does not walk with Jesus has no excuse to offer, because Jesus has made a way for salvation, so that a man will no longer be bound to sin. the man who walks in darkness willing offer himself to darkness, after  all  God  has given  us  free will  of  choice,  though  He  created  hell  for Lucifer, still  He's  not  happy  over  the  loss  of  a  sinner.
    However God hates  sin, and  the  only  way  to  destroy  sin  living  in  a  man  is  to  destroy  the vessel harboring it.  That's  why  Jesus  said  there's great  joy  in  heaven  over  a  repentant  sinner.  A  bell  is  ringing  always  in  heaven  When  a  soul  is  won  to  God,  why  can't  you be  among those  who keeps  that  bell  ringing,  even  if  you  won't,  others  will  take  your  place.
    For  us  to  be made  ready for God,  is  to  surrender  ourselves  to  Him,  but  still  it's  not  a  man that  changes,  it  is  the  holy  spirit  that  changes  a  man. The  day  gospel  comes into our heart,  it  changes  it, giving  that us  the  desire  to  know  Christ  more. But  then  a  war  against  your soul  between  light  and  darkness  starts,  that's  why  many can't follow Jesus, because  they gave  the  devil  chances  to  take  over,  Again!
    And  then  they  become  worse  than  they  were  before. Because  if  a  demon  is  driven  out  of  a  house  and  that  man  did  not occupy  that  house  with  the  properties  of  Christ,  the  demon  will  come  with  seven  other  demon  stronger  than  the  first,  to live  in  that  house  and  the  conditions  of  that  man  would  be  worse  than  before. That's  why  when  you  try  stopping  a  sin  like sexual immorality with  your  own  power  instead  of  taking  it  to  God  in  prayers,  though  you  might  think  you've won,  but  I  tell  you  if  that  spirit  should  come  back  again,  instead  of committing such act,  let's  say..  Twice  a  week  like, he'll  do  it  even  seven  times  in  a  week.  Overcoming  sin  is  not  just  by  self  determination,  you  must  be  determined  and assisted in spirit also.
    The triumphal  entry  of  Jesus is a typical example of gospel meeting a man. When  Jesus  sent  His  disciple  to  a  town to bring him a colt tied there. He  told  them  to  untie  it, and  if  anyone  asks  why? They should reply " the  Lord  needs  it." They  brought  it  to  Jesus, threw  their  cloak on  it,  and  Jesus  rode  on  it  even  as  the  people  spread  their  cloths along the  pathway rejoicing.
    Jesus  sending  his  disciples  to  get  the  donkey  is  the  same  as Jesus  sending the  gospel  to a man's  soul. If the  seed, the  word  of  God,  fell  on  a  good  soil,  that  is;  if  a  soul  accepts  Jesus  not  by  mouth  but  by  the  confession  of  the  heart, Jesus will come in and be the driver of his soul.
    The path to the kingdom is on war, except we strive to stand firm, we cannot be saved. After  you've  done  everything  to  purify  yourself  which  is  your  effort  to  live  without  sin, supported by the righteousness of the holy spirit,  He  than sanctifies  your  soul,  giving  you  a  new life of holiness by  untying  you  from  every  sin  that  has  you  bound. This  the  disciples  did,  by  untying  the  colt  setting  it  free  from  it's  bondage.
    Then, Jesus  takes  absolute  control  over  you  life,  just  as  he  rode  on  the  back  of  the  donkey,  you  know  a  donkey  driven  by its  rider  doesn't  wander  off  carelessly,  he  goes  where  the  rider  commands.  This  applies  to  the  driver  driving  your  soul,  be it  Satan  or  Jesus,  if  it  is  Satan  he  will  seat  on  that  colt  leaving  it  tied  in  bondage  till  his  weight  crushes  it,  but  if  it  is  Jesus, He will  untie  it,  ride  on  it because His  burden  is  light  and  his  yoke  is  easy.
    He'll  ride  that  donkey  into  a  new  life  of  glory where  people  will  spread  their  cloaks  on  the  way  as  he  passes  with  shouts  of  joy.  Just  like  the  angels  would  when  you're walking  with  Jesus.  You'll  walk  on  carpets  without  getting  your  feet  stained,  living  a  life  of  joy  and  rest.  Though  there'll  be trouble  even  as  the  donkey  walks  through  a  rough  path  but  in  the  end  the  rider  knows  his  stuff,  He'll  bring  that  donkey out  of  it, and  he  will  continue  to ride that donkey unto the glory of God.


    Believers are not intended to walk within the Law for their righteousness, for it is only Christ and His work that brings one to rebirth and which imputes His righteousness! Surly there is nothing more hindering to Christian spiritual growth (but not to receiving salvation itself) than to misapprehend the intention of the Law concerning its purpose and application (which knowledge will probably not become common enough in Christendom until the translation of the Church)! It has been accurately stated that “The New Testament is "enfolded" in the Old Testament, and the Old Testament is "unfolded" in the New! It must be well understood though, that this has only to do with the individual identification and purpose of each system, and that neither have application to the other beyond the types and shadows of what God will do and has done concerning the salvation of believers.
    “That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us” does not design the motive that the Law is fulfilled in the believer, but that the righteousness—to which the Law directs—“condemn sin” and deliverance in Christ (which “the Law could not do” - Ro 8:3—NC), is fulfilled in the believer! The Law was not intended for deliverance (not even for Israel to whom only it ever applied) but only to identify and reveal guilt of sin, and rather direct one to deliverance (Gal 3:24). It was in the sacrificial ordinances and not obedience to the Decalogue that forgiveness was obtained (Num 15:24-31); which ordinances had only Christ’s sacrifice in mind, and it is here where deliverance is “finished” or completed! The purpose of obedience to the Decalogue was to manifest faith in God and His commands, especially concerning the ordinance of the sin-offering, which alone brought forgiveness.
    The same applies to Christian obedience, because obedience does not deliver but manifests there has been deliverance, for there must first be deliverance before than can be true obedience, because it requires the right heart in the obedience (new nature after Christ’s nature - Col 3:10). One walking “in the Spirit” with the “new man” or new nature, glorifies God in manifesting that salvation has been applied to the soul only because of what Christ has done, and this provides for us to ask God for faith in His Son and His work.
    Also, please excuse the excessive cementations below, due to what I feel are issue-pertinent, thanks!
    Vicarious Law-keeping?
    “Even so through the obedience of One” (Rom 5:19). This was our Lord’s death, as an act of obedience: “He became obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross” (Phl 2:8). He was of course always obedient to His Father, but it cannot be too strongly emphasized that His life before the Cross—His “active obedience,” as it is called, is not in any sense counted to us for righteousness. “I delivered to you,” says Paul, “first of all that Christ died for our sins” (1Cor 15:3).
    Before His death He was “holy, guileless, undefiled and separate from sinners” (Heb 7:26). He Himself said, “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit” (Jhn 12:24). Do you not see that those who claim that our Lord’s righteous life under Moses’s Law is reckoned to us for our “active righteousness; while His death in which He put away our sins, is, as they claim, the “passive” side, are really leaving you, and the Lord too, under the authority of the Law?
    “Justified in His Blood,” and of that alone, reveals the direct lie to the claim that man must have an “active righteousness” (self-works—NC) as well as a “passive righteousness” (Christ’s works—NC). The specious assertion is, that “inasmuch as we have all broken the Law (even though God says that Gentiles were ‘without law’—and those in Christ are not under it) and inasmuch as man cannot by his works himself recover his righteous standing, Christ came and kept the Law in man’s place; Then He went to the Cross, and suffered the penalty of death for man’s guilt so that the result is an ‘active righteousness’ reckoned to man—that is, Christ’s keeping of the Law in man’s place; and second, a ‘passive righteousness,’ which consists of the putting away all guilt by the Blood of Christ.
    Now, the awful thing here is the unbelief concerning man’s irrecoverable state before God (self-works being applied for redemption and not because of redemption is the same as demonstrating works-salvation. It’s Christ only, as our works should show—NC). For not only must Christ’s Blood be shed in expiation for our guilt; but we had to die with Christ. We were connected with the old Adam; and the old man—all we had and were in Adam, must be crucified—if we were to be “joined to Another, even to Him that was raised from the dead” (all of which are far from the workings of the Law – Ro 8:3—NC). Theological teaching since the Reformation has never set forth clearly our utter end in our death with Christ on the Cross (which answers to the reason why so much attention is given to the admixture of Judaism and Christianity, i.e. the Judeo-Christian concept. This is acceptable if the meaning here is proselytizing from Judaism to Christianity, which was the initial intent of meaning. But to conceive of amalgamating the two systems would result, if were possible, in detracting force from both—NC).
    The fatal result of this terrible error is to leave the Law as claimant over those in Christ: for “law has dominion over a man as long as he liveth” (Rom 7:1). Unless you are able to believe in your heart that you died with Christ, that you old man was crucified with Him (Rom 6:6), and that you were buried, and that your history before god in Adam the first came to an utter end at Calvary, you will never get free from the claims of Law upon your conscience. Such is the plight of Reformed theology. Both Calvinists and Arminians think that the flesh (old man; Adamic sinful nature of one’s spirit—NC) is not so bad that it cannot be acted on for God by Christ using the Law of God and giving it power through the Spirit (I am still researching if these two doctrines believe this claim—NC).
    The ascended Lord Jesus Christ is our righteousness. His earthly Life under the Law is not our righteousness. We have no connection with a Christ on earth and under Law. We are expressly told in Romans 7:1-6 that even Jewish believers who have been under the Law were “made dead to the Law by the body of Christ, that they might be joined to Another, even to Him who was raised from the dead” (Rom 7:4).
    It is only the desperate legality of man’s heart, his self-confidence, that make him drag in and cling to the Law—even though Christ must fulfill it for him (leaving self out of any credit for salvation is the only true faith within Christ-only-salvation—NC)! Vicarious Law-keeping is Galatian heresy! Christianity begins with the resurrection (spiritual resurrection from sin and death—NC).
    - W R N (William R Newell 1927–1992)

    Jesus disciple

    In  this  last  age  and  generation, the  devil  has  been  cast  down  and  he  knows  his  time  is  very  short, the  scripture  says;
    Revelation 12:12
    " Therefore  rejoice,  you  heavens  and  you  who  dwells  in  them! But  woe  to  the  earth  and  the  sea,  because  the  devil  has  gone  down  to  you,  he's  filled  with  fury  because  he  knows  that  his time  is  short."
    We are in the end time were all  spirits  and  demons  of  hell  have  been  unleashed  like  a  dark  cloud over  the  earth, every demon no longer wants a physical alter, but rather, to manifest themselves through the hearts of men so that they can also be glorified for a little while. Every spirit finds expression through the hearts of men, even the holy spirit, because man was created as a vessel with a vacuum for spirits. Darkness has encroached the earth for too long, and so in this last days, God's is raising an army, mighty men of valor who'll bring deliverance unto the remnants of God, and to crush the powers of darkness. He  said;
    Joel 2:28
    " And afterward, I'll  pour  out  my  spirit  upon  all  people."
    That  is; those  who  are  elected  for  His  kingdom  shall  receive  His  spirit  if  they  are  willing.  Just  as  the  devil  is  mustering his army,  so  also  is  the  Lord  God  Almighty,  as  seen  in Joel  2:1
    " Blow the trumpet in Zion: sound the alarm on the holy mountain. Let  all  who  live  in  the  land  tremble,  for  the  day  of  the  lord  is  coming. It is close  at  hand. A day  of  darkness,  and  gloom,  a  day  of  clouds  and  blackness. Like  dawn  spreading  across  the  mountain  a  large  and mighty  army  comes,  such  as  never  was  of  old  nor  ever  will  be  in  ages  to  come."
    Right  from  the  very  day  a  lost  sheep  gets  found  and  brought  back  into  the  flock,  he's  recruited  to  be  trained  to  defend itself  and  the  flock  also,  which  is  God's  kingdom.
    Note; " a  lost  sheep,"  he  was  created  to  be  holy, but  because  of  the natural  law  of  the  spiritual,  once  a  man  is  born  of  this  world,  conceived  of  a  woman,  he  is  already contaminated with  sin,  and  so he's  lost. Glory to God for sending Jesus  to come  redeem  and  gather  all  strayed sheep  the  Father  has  given  Him.
    Once  a  man is purchased  at  a  cost,  he  is  bound  to  whoever  purchased  him,  so  also  the  very  day  a  man  chooses  to  follow Jesus whole  heartedly, he  has  been  recruited  into  the  army  of  the  Lord. In  the military  there  are  soldiers  of different  rankings,  it's  all  up  to  them  to  choose  how  far  they'll  progress,  anybody  can  be  recruited  but, not every one can become a high ranking officer.
    The  battle  is  fierce, and it is spiritual, but we should known that the spiritual is interwoven with the physical, whatever is made manifest in the physical has already transpired in the spiritual. Therefore, we should be armed ready for battle at all time, putting on the full amour of God, for it is a continuous battle without truce until we get to the kingdom.
    Here are three major requirements to engage in this phenomenal battle as a soldier not as a civilian.
     - Obedience
     - Food  or  soldier  enhancement  serum  - which  is  the  word  of  God
     - Artillery  -  which  are  you  prayers
    Obedience is the absolute, it is total  commitment, any soldier who doesn't follow orders, is a cast away, he'll be punished, deprived of food, and when the enemy fires into the barracks, well he might end up wonder or dead.
    Feeding,  of  course  is  also  very  important,  after  all  war  isn't  won  on  an  empty  stomach.  Here  I'm  not  talking  about physical  food,  I  am  talking  about  spiritual  food.  If  you're  the  type  who  eats  much  you'll  have  to  reduce  what  you  eat, because  too  much  of  food  is  too  much  flesh. The flesh acts as a spiritual barrier that gives limitations to the manifestation of God in a man. Unless you suffer the flesh, denying it it's comfort and pleasure, unless you thin the barrier of the flesh, it'll be hard becoming a spiritual warrior.
    One of the best way to neutralize the flesh to zero is by eating less, forget scientist saying; man must eat three square meal. Jesus know the hindrance of the flesh, when he said;
    " Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."
    God's word sustains a man both spiritually and physically.
    Even God's desires us to subdue the flesh, that's why you can see when Elijah was fed by God, he was only given food twice a day. And you can see how Elijah manifest the dimensions of heaven on Earth so easily.
    A soldier  needs  his  food  to  give  him  strength  for  the  battle  ahead. This  food,  is  the  word  of  God, the bread of life. Many  people  have  over  looked  the  word  of  God  and  labelled  it  useless,  have  you  ever  wondered  why  the  devil hinders a man  from  meditating on  the  word.
    Without  your  food  which  is  the  word  you  can't  pray  effectively.  Praying  and  the  word  of  God must be in alignment.  That's  why  some  soldiers  can't  pick  up  their  artillery  and  fire,  even  if  they  do,  they  shoot  poorly, because  the  strength  and  skill  isn't  there.
    The  word  of  God  is  Jesus  as  seen  in  John  1. The  word  of  God  is  life,  and  so  also  Jesus  is  that  life,  Jesus  Christ  left  the  world,  but  just  as  he  left, He also  asked  the father  to  send  the  holy  spirit.  You'll  need  the  holy  spirit  to  fight  this  battle  (  a  warrior  can't  call  himself  a  warrior  without having  a  warrior's  spirit  ),  and  the  only  way  you  can  have  this  spirit  is  by  constant  meditating  and  obedience  of  the  word.
    He said  at  the  last  supper, that unless we  eat  of  the bread  which  is His  flesh  (  the  word  of God  )  and  drink  of  the  wine  which  is His  blood ( the  spirit  of God ) we are  not  part  of  Him  and  His  spirit  cannot remain  in  us.
    Let  me  put  it  in  simple  terms,  if  you  take  in  cocaine  or  probably  muscle  enhancement  steroid,  that  steroid  remains  in  you and  the  more  you  take  it  the  more  it  reshapes,  strengthen  and  transforms  you.  So  also  is  the  word  of  God  the  more  you feed  on  it  the  more  Christ  becomes  evident  in  you.
    What  more should I say; if you're  to  eat  the  heart  of  a  fire  breathing  dragon  to  gain  it's fire  breathing ability. if  you  eat  half,  you  will  only  get  half  and  so  you  can  only  breath  out  half  the  fire,  but  if  you  eat everything,  I  tell  you,  you  will  breathe  out  enormous  fire  as  the  dragon  did.  That  is  you  are  now  the  dragon  and  the  dragon is  you,  living  inside  of  you,  you  are  one  with  it.
    So  also  is our relationship with Jesus,  the  more  you  feed  on  his  word,  the  more  his  presence  fill you,  you  then  become  a  representative  of  Him,  His  proxy  here  on  earth,  when  you  walk, it's the  same  as  Jesus  walking.
    The  extent  to  which  you  mediate  on  the  word  matters,  that's  why  I  said  earlier, that  soldiers have  different  ranks. If you're not filled with the word, you  won't  have  enough  strength  or  skill  to  fire  any  artillery and prayer is our artillery. Since  you  don't  have  enough  strength,  since  you're  not  one  with God, there  are  some  battles  you  won't  be  able  to  conquer or  probably,  there  are  some  classified  credentials  you  won't  have  access  to.
    The  more  you  are  soaked  in  the  word  the  more  you  become  one  with  Christ  and  I  tell  you,  you  can  bend any  situation  according  to  your  will  for  His  glory  and  you  can  turn  the  tides  of  the  battle  like  a  one  man  commando.
    Without obedience one cannot have God's word dominating His heart, and if a man's heart is not saturated with the word of God, he cannot pray, because the spirit that prays in a man isn't there and you cannot have this spirit without consuming God's word to live in obedience. If  you don't have the holy spirit, you're not recognized spiritually as a soldier for Christ, rendering you a civilian in this war torn kingdom.
    The more God's word dominate your heart, the more you deliver weighty prayers, God's word dominating a man is the power of God that is released, prayer is just a means to release that power. It's like firing a gun, the gun is just a means to release the bullet in it and the quality of the bullet comes in variety.
    That's why some people pray with little result, because they are not immersed in God's word, they're not one with Jesus, it is a man that is soaked in the word that can say; " be healed! " and healing will take place immediately. Only a man who is immersed in the word can be filled with life to give life unto dead souls bring many to salvation.
    The only way  to emerge victorious, is to be given an artillery to defend your self, this artillery is prayers. Prayer is the weapon we use in this spiritual warfare, and your spiritual height in Christ Jesus determines the artillery that'll be given you. A new recruit, not built in God's word, does not have the strength to take up a machine gun, so he'll have to use his bare hands for combat, until he has been built and trained on God's word to be empowered to wield a machine gun.
    The man with a machine gun can gun down many enemy. However, the general is of the highest rank, they talk directly to Jesus and strategize with Him, they have the authority to sink a territory of darkness with a nuclear strike, these men are God's generals, men who can take a whole nation from the captive of darkness unto salvation in Christ Jesus.
    These are men whom God can entrust with much, because of the sacrifices they have made to get where they are. These men are in a whole different level, these are those who are ordained by God; Apostles, great prophets . Only few can thread this path, only few can attain this rank.
    If you don't sacrifice much to grow in Christ Jesus, you'll be entrusted with little territory, but he that is dead to the flesh, giving his life time to Jesus, being immersed in the word and prayer, he is the one given charge over greater territory.
    And on that day of judgement, they'll be rewarded with much, as men of valor. They'll be the ones recognized in heaven. Of the millions of soldiers, only few will be recognized. If you should go to heaven and ask of Peter, of course everybody knows Peter there, but not everyone is recognized there by the immortals. What will you do to be recognized?
    This is the protocol of the Lord's army.

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