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  • Our Righteousness

    Jesus disciple
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    A time  I  was  meditating  and  then  the  holy  spirit  reminded  me  of  what  someone  quoted  to  me  from  the  scripture;


    " the  righteousness  of  men  is  like  a  filthy  rag  in  the  sight  of  God."


    Though  what  the  person  said  to  me  was  right,  but  in  the  end,  he  was  just  quoting  the  word  without  understanding  the power  thereof,  simply put, though  she  has  knowledge  of  the  scripture,  she  was  just  quoting  it  as  ordinary  words,  mere literature  to  suite  her  desire.


    The  righteousness  of  men  is  a  filthy  rag  before  the  sight  of  God,  it  is  indeed  true,  but  there  is  an  in  depth  meaning  to what  the  Lord  meant,  that  is  why  we  do  not  study  the  scripture  with  our  own  knowledge,  but  with  a  free  heart  without  sin, before  the  presence  of  God,  asking  the  holy  spirit  to  teach  us the word  so  the  mysteries  of  God  will  be  made plain  in  our  hearts.  With  this,  the  scripture  was  inspired  by  God  through  his  servant,  that  the  learned  men  of  the  world won't  have  an  understanding  of  it,  but  only  those  who  truly  seek  and  diligently  follow  him.


    There  is  a  righteousness  that  is  filthy  and  that  which  isn't; The  righteousness  of  a  simple  man  (  sinner  )  and  that  of  a child  of  God.  The  righteousness  of  a  sinner  struggling  to  overcome  sin  is  filthy,  but  that  of  a  man  born  again,  standing firm,  unwavering  in  Christ  is  not  filthy  in  anyway,  it  is  holy  and  a  fragrance  offering  unto  the  Lord.


    By  our  own  strength  we  cannot  be  saved,  never,  anyone  who  says  he  is  saved  by  his  strength  is  a  liar,  though  you  my  try to  stop  a  sin  like  lying  or  masturbation, by  your  strength  you  subsided  for  a  week or two,  thinking  you've  won,  but lacking  knowledge  that  the  devil  is  lying  in  wait,  so  when  you  think  you're  victorious,  he'll  pounce  on  you  like  a  wild beast stalking  it's  prey,  and  that  which  you  said  you overcame  you'll  find  yourself  even  worse  than you were before.  if  you  masturbate once  a  week,  you  might  end  up  graduating  into  five  times  a  week.


    By  our  strength no one  can  be  saved, so  that  we  would  not  boast  of  our  righteousness,  but  by only  through  the  grace  of  Jesus  we  might  be  saved,  not  we  are  saved,  but  we  might  be  saved.


    Knowing this, the  devil  as  sly as  a  fox,  came  into  the  hearts  of  men  who  are  weak  in  spirit,  who  do not want  to  pay  the  price  to  follow  Christ,  he deceived  men  making  them  think  that,  by  grace  we  all  are  saved  because  Jesus  has  already  died  on  the  cross  for  our sin,  and  so  they  continue  in  sin  that  grace  may  abound.  But  i  tell  you  the  Lord  shall  not  contend  with  man  forever,  when your  grace  expires  and  you  refuse  to  repent,  He'll  cut  you  off  and  toss  you  into  the  unquenchable  fire.


    Most  people  no  longer  preach  the  truth  today,  they  preach  words  to  pamper  the  hearts  of  men  keeping  them  in  their bondages  of  sin.  The  gospel  came  to  set  man  free  from  his  bondages  of  sin  and  the  only  way, is  for  him  to  receive  it.


    For  the  gospel  has  been  crying  out  from  the  wilderness  searching  for  who  is  willing  to  receive,  but  the  way  to  the wilderness  is  patchy  and  rough.  Everybody  hears,  but  majority  won't  go  into  the  wilderness  in  search  of  who  is  crying out,  only  the  few  who  desires to  see  who  is  that  crying  out  might  receive  him. They  changed  their  direction  in  search for  the  word,  though  the  path  is  rough  and  thorny,  making  it  difficult  for  them  to  go  through, but by  grace  the  way was  made clear  in  order  to  find  the voice crying  out.


    This means;  although  everyone  has  been  hearing  the  word  for  too  long,  but  are  to  busy wallowing in  the  pleasures  of sin,  not  wanting  to  sacrifice  their  pleasure  to  attain  true  life,  because  they  want  an  easy  life,  but  the  end  is  destruction. However, those  who  heard  the  word  and  try  to  overcome  sin  by  their  own  strength,  they  repented  and  became  born  again,  but still  struggle  in  their  sin,  because  of  their  own  strength,  they  say  they  won't  lust,  but  in time they went back to their vomit, though  they  don't  want to.


    Many  of  them  have  become  tired and have  given  up,  those  who  gave  up  are  those  who  say  it  is  impossible  for  man  to  live  without sin,  not  remembering  the  word  that  says;


    " he  that  is  born  of  God  cannot  sin, because  God's  seed  remains  in  him."


    But  those  who  still  press  on, are given grace, and empowered through the word to overcome  sin to live life of holiness. And they'll give the testimony;


    " Glory to God, I  was  once drowned  in  sin,  but  by  His  grace  I  am  saved."


    Only  those  who  persevere  to the end are  truly  saved  by  grace,  so  they  won't  have  to  struggle  over  sin.  But  those  who  gave  up,  my  friend,  if  you  think grace  is  covering  you,  you're  deceiving  yourself,  the  only  grace  covering  you  is  grace  that  you  will  not  die  in  your  sin giving  you  chance  to  repent. This  grace  also  expires.


    Unless  you  put  effort  which  is  your righteousness  to obey  the  word  and  with  prayers,  can  you  truly  become saved  by  Jesus. Though  you  might  be  struggling  in  sin  but  a  work  is  being  done  in  your  heart through the word without  you  knowing.  Meditate  on  God's  word  in  obedience  for  it  is  the  sword  of  the  spirit  that  destroys  every  darkness from  the  hearts  of  men.  And  when  that  work  is  done,  suddenly  you'll  realize that you're no longer bond to sin.


    It  is  then  you'll  know  that  one  who  lives  a  holy  life, live  such  life  naturally  without  the  struggle  of  sin.  Then  you  can  be  sure of  your  salvation.  If  I  should  ask  many  if  they  know  where  they'll  end  up  if  they  die  now,  surely  many will  say  I'm not  sure,  why? because  of  sin  living  in  them. Still  some  ignorantly would  say  I  not  going  to  hell even if it's obvious that's their destination.


    However  we  should  know  that  just  as  there  is  a  righteousness  of  a  born  again  there  is  also  a  righteousness  for  a Christian given by the holy spirit.  Now  if  you're  saved  by  grace  you  should  know  that  the  way  to  the  kingdom  is  on  war,  the  evil  one won't  let  you  walk  away  freely,  he'll  try  to  get  you  back. After  all  a  runway  slave,  though  he  ran  away,  but  still  possesses  the brand  of  old  master.


    His  master  will  do  everything  to  get  him  back,  even  if  it  means  killing  him.  That  is  how  it  is  with  our spirit  man  warfare.  Though  you're called into repentance by grace,  escaped  from  your  former  master,  but  still  have  not  done  what  it  takes  to  make you  a  freeman,  because  you're  still  carrying  his  brand.


    When one is  saved  from  sin,  there  are  still  property  of  that  sin  he  is  bond  to,  though  he  doesn't  indulge in that  sin  anymore, but  since  he  is  carrying  that  brand,  his  former  master  still  chases  after  him  with hunter dogs. The  slave  master  takes  his dog  and  give  the  command,  go!  sniff  him  out,  after  all  he's  still  wearing  my  cloths,  he  has  not  had  his  bath,  it'll  be  easy  to find  him.  Unless  you  settles  that  which  you  carry,  unless  you  change  your  clothing  and  take  your  bath  you'll  be  sniffed out  and  if  possible  torn  to  threads.


    The  slave  master  is  the  devil,  these  dogs  are  his  demons tracking and luring  men  into various  sins,  these  dogs  Sniff's  out  that property  of  sin a man is  carrying,  though  he is  free,  but  he's still  wearing  that  cloth  that  reeks  of  sin.  Though  he has settled  physically  by  running  away,  he also  need  to  settle  spirituality  by  taking  off  every  property of  sin he's still carrying through  the delivering power of the word and prayers.


    It  is  through  this  that  righteousness  of  a  born  again  comes  to  play.  It's  not  like  God  is  not  seeing  your  struggle  He  knows, but  He  did  allowed this  to  see  those  who  are  truly  for  Him. This is when those who  say  by  grace  we  are  saved,  wanting  to  live  an easy  life,  are  not  really  serious, because  when  the  trials  and  temptation  comes  they'll  be  torn  to  threads.


    Anyone  who  says  the  path  to  the  kingdom  is  easy  is  a  liar,  do  not  be  deceived,  fight  to  overcome,  anyone  who  does  not suffer  and  deny  his  flesh  is  not  worthy  of  the  kingdom.  If  you  want  to  kill  an  animal  for  a  feast  and  finds  it  on  the  lose, won't  you  do  everything  to  catch  and  kill  that  animal,  so  it  is  with  the  devil,  he  won't  let  you  go  scot  free,  unless  you  run faster  than  he  can  catch  you.


    Righteousness is  your  effort  applied  to  maintain  your  salvation  and  grow  in  Christ.  The  fight  to  remain and  grow  in  Christ  has  many  stages  and  Bosses,  no  boss  in  your  stage  is  stronger  than  you  only  if  you  don't  prepare, if you beat  him,  you  gain  more  power  and  progress  to  the  next  level,  it  goes  on  and  on  until  the  Lord  calls  us  home.


    Everyday we fight  to  attain  victory,  and  a  time  will  come  when  you'll  no  longer  desire  the  kingdom  for  you  know  your  name  is already  written,  rather  what  you'll  desire  is  to  establish  His  kingdom  here  on  earth  to  bring  soul  unto  him.


    Search  you  heart  to  know  that  which  is  trying  to  corrupt  your  heart,  then  pray  to  fight  that  spirit,  is  it  the  spirit  of  lust, lying,  stealing,  command  that  spirit  to  get  out  of  your  life  through  prayers,  and  don't  forget  the  word,  because  if  you  don't  have it  in  you,  which  is  life,  your  prayers  will  have  little  or  no  effect,  the  word  and  prayer  cannot  walk  separately.  The  more  you chew  on the  word  the  more  you  deliver weighty prayers.


    After  you've  done  everything  to  stand,  stand  firm  lest  so  you  won't  fall.  When  you  have  fought  the  fight, taken  off  the  clothes  of  sin,  the  dogs  will  come  to  a  stop  seeing  it  on  the  floor,  and  Pursue  you  no  further.


    Though  you  have  taken  off  your  clothes  and  shackles,  unless  you  take  your  bath,  they  can  still  sniff  you  out  before  you get  to  the  slave  trade  Abolisher.


    They  might  catch  up  to  you,  but  with  the  new  strength  you  have  attained  you  can  beat  them  up  and  escape  from temptation,  but  they  will  still  come  again,  this  time  with  more  men,  and  unless  to  put  more  effort,  take  your  bath  ( sanctify  your  heart  )  and  get  to  the  slave  trade  Abolisher  to  register  you  a  delivered  man,  free  from  the  bondage  of  sin they'll  track  you  down  and  finish  you  off.  When  you  become  a  free  man,  you're  not  only  free  from  your  sin,  but  also  you'll be made anew, to become  a  slave  trade  Abolisher to save others.


    One can receive Jesus on repentance to be free. However there are still works  to  be  done  to  be  delivered  from  the  bondages  of  sin  so  he  can live  a  holy  life  naturally  without  struggle  against  sin.


    It  is  then  we  come  to  the  sanctification  of  hearts  by  the  holy  spirit  to  purge  us  of  all  impurities,  that  our  hearts  will become  a dwelling  temple  for  the  lord  to  be  used  for  His  purpose  as  fishers  of  men.


    Sanctification  is  another  aspect  of  the  gospel,  which  will  take  time  to  explain,  but  he  who  overcomes  sin  will  be  filled with  the  holy  spirit,  he  will  teach  him  what  is  right  and  wrong  in  other  to  be  used  and  carry  out  his  duty  as  a  son  in  the family  of  God.

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