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    Many don't know where God is taking those who love him, they don't know what God has destined man for, neither  do they know the horrors of hell. Satan knows, he has been there, and he is very angry, he hates us as just as he hates God, because he knows that God is going to make us into something far greater than he ever was while he was with God in heaven. We are meant to be like God, a little lower than God.


    We shall be like God, we'll be like Jesus in His glory, though a little lower than Him, a little, we cannot be greater than God and Jesus, were just heirs, brethren with Jesus as the first son. The first son inherit most of the Father's. We shall be in this order;


     - God

     - Jesus
     - Man

     - Angels


    When a Father gives birth to a son, the son carries the trait and Gene of the father, he is like the father, so also it is with Jesus and the sons of God, Jesus is the son of God, the first, but we who have been called to Christ we have been restored back into the family of God and if we are in God's family, we are sons of God, siblings of our Lord Jesus, the first son.


    If we are siblings of Jesus, we shall be like Him, because we have the same Father, but we will not be greater than Him, we shall be like Him in everyway, but not greater, because the Father is greater than the son, and the first son is the greatest in the house of the Father. We do not know what we shall be like but we know we shall be like Him,


    Angels are ministering spirit and they have been serving us right from time as the Lord has ordained them, but if you can imagine the might of an angel, just an angel can tumble the whole world. It was the battle between the armies of Lucifer and Michael that rendered this physical real in decay, the universe was brimming with life, but because of a battle between supernatural beings everything was destroyed.


    Now imagine, if these angels were this powerful, how much more shall we be, for we shall be above them, we hall be like God. The angels have always marveled at God's creation " Man," they'd always marvel of God's interest in man, they do not know what God has in store for man and so they ponder.
    Hebrew 2:5


    " what is man that you are mindful of him"


    Do you know we shall judge angels, well i don't know what kind of judgement, but we shall judge angels.


    Every thing here on earth is just a fake, a bad and poor photocopy of heaven. To the inhabitants of heaven, we are just like caricature cartoons, a fake, and lifeless, all you ladies who likes gold, you should know that gold in heaven is as transparent as glass. We shall be like God, just as there is government here on earth, so also there is in heaven, everything here is just a fake, we'll be limitless, anything is possible, it's just like  a movie where one is suddenly given super powers. Vanity upon vanity, such is this world.


    In heaven many believers will be poor, I don't mean poor, I mean they'll have little rewards, because many believers today are living normal lives, like lot did. There just maintain their purity.


    You know sometimes I do wonder, there's no jealousy in heaven, but I do wonder how people will feel when they get they're only to find out their reward will be so little compared to their friends who looked like a nobody on earth. Every second of our lives lived on earth is an investment in heaven, every second of our lives lived in holiness, every sacrifice we make, the wars, the soul we have won for Christ, the battles we have fought as warriors not only for our sake, but for the safety of those in territory overrun by darkness. You might see your friend in heaven and you'll start wondering what!


    " What did this man do while he was on earth that made him ascend this high, what did he do that made is glory this glorious, his reward and authority so vast."


    God created us to Rule and reign with Him. It is because of the fall of Lucifer, God then decide to create man in His own image, He recreated Himself since He's the only one who can rule perfectly.


    Angels don't have the spirit of God, we do, God gave his spirit to is that we shall be like Him. It is when we are called home His spirit is made manifest, and then we shall be like God, we shall rule and reign with Him. Just imagine, billions, trillions of  planet  more than figures can number harboring life. We shall be given crowns of gold to rule all of God's creation, all of it.


    However God is just, He'll give to everyman according to His works, your life lived on earth will determine your value, your status in eternity. Eternity is like a pause, earth is like a video play, as the video plays, invest every second of your life for your eternal dwelling, for now is of work, when you get to heaven the video will be paused and the reward you'll get from the life you've lived on earth is what you'll have for eternity.


    No human will rank the same there, what do you think? The Apostles will rank the same as you? or your friend who lives a holy life of sacrifice, would he rank the same as you? Never!


    There are many mansions, there are garments of righteousness, all these will vary in glory in accordance to a man's life on Earth.


    The parable of the Minas is a typical example of this;
    Luke 19:17


    " Well done, my good servant! ' his master replied. ' Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities."


    Every one will be entrusted in accordance to how much investment they had made while on earth.
    If you're faithful with little here on earth, you'll be entrusted with little over there, if you're faithful with much, you'll be entrusted with much in heaven.

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