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  • Mistie And Sasha

    • shortstory

    This is just a little short fiction I plan on entering into a competition soon. I put it here so I could get some feedback. And if you see something wrong with it please, tell me in the comments. LOL I need all the help I can get. 




    “This one must have instructions.” Mistie told herself as she knocked on a door. Nobody answered. She pushed the door open and entered the house. She set her necklace on a table and walked up the stairs. 

    “Hello?” She called as she entered a room with only one small table in the middle. The table had a tiny bed and nightstand on it. She shrank to 2 inches tall so that she could get a better look at them. 

    “How…” A girl also 2 inches tall popped out from behind the bed. 

    “Hi! I’m Mistie! I’ve never met anybody with the same special ability as me! How cool is that?!” 

    “Umm…” The girl sputtered. “I’m Sasha. What’s a special ability? Never mind. Can you make me big?” 

    “Sure,” Mistie reached for her necklace only to find it wasn’t there. “Aww, nuts. I left my necklace down stairs. More adventure for us I guess.” She smiled and shrugged.

    “What does the necklace have to do with anything?” 

    “I need it to change form, but it’s no biggie. We just have to go downstairs and get it.” Mistie glanced over the edge of the table in an attempt to find a way down. 

    “Downstairs?! We can’t just go downstairs!” 

    “Why not?” She was to busy pushing the mattress off the table to notice the horror on Sasha’s face. 

    “You notice our size, don’t you?” Sasha asked. Thunk. The mattress landed on the floor and Mistie jumped down after it.

    “Yeah, 2.3 inches!  Now, jump!” Mistie called up. Sasha wondered why she would ever trust this stranger, but she jumped off the edge anyway. 

    “I just jumped off a three foot high table...” She mumbled to herself in shock as she got off the mattress. 

    “So tell me,” Mistie said as she jumped down another stair step. “How’d you get this size if it’s not your special ability?”

    “I don’t know. My father found me as a tiny baby. He almost stepped on me,” she chuckled. “I’ve lived here ever since.”

    “Probably cursed that way. Your dad ever see you in a different size?” Mistie jumped down the last step. Sasha shook her head. “Well, he’s about to.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You said he should be back from his work trip any minute, right?” She nodded. “Any minute now I’ll have us both the size we should be.” Mistie circled the leg of the table that held her necklace. They climbed up the leg and placed their hands on the necklace.

    “You’re sure this’ll work?” Sasha asked with her eyes closed.

    “Grosse!” Mistie smiled and they changed into normal sized people. “Wasn’t that fun?” She tied the necklace around her neck. Just then Sasha’s father walked into the room and gasped at the sight of his daughter, joy in his eyes. 


                                         The end


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    If you're looking for feedback, you should put this in the critique section of the forum.  That way a lot more people will see it and give you their opinions.  To access the critique forum, you'll need ten posts.  Also, be sure to read the rules when you get in :)  Hope that helps!  :D  

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