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  • Love Your Wives As Christ Love The Church.

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    Men, love your wives.

    Ephesian 5: 25-33


                All scripture is given for reproof and encouragement. With that in mind I would like to explore the idea of A-dam both the first and the last who loved theirs wives for our example. First off, just how do I love my wife as he did or perhaps, like they did?

    The scripture of the word of God being written by the Spirit of his Holiness clearly states that Yeshua/Jesus is the second A-dam. Thus, it is not out of order to say that the first A-dam is like Christ. But in what way one might ask here? Trying to explore a line of reasoning I came across, I wish to present to you my thoughts on the matter and see if it is sound reasonable to go down this road or turn around. So let us begin.


                We know that Yeshua, the second A-dam, did indeed die for the church, his bride. He love her so much he gave his life up as a ransom to redeem her from the punishment of her crimes before the almighty God. So just what did the first A-dam do for his wife, his bride how did he love his bride and what did he do for her to show her his love for her?


                In the first beginning; The Spirit of his Holiness wrote down that Yeshua, as God created mankind as a male and as a female. The first A-dam, (Red earth or clay), was made in the image of God. His bride, Eve (Mother of all living), was made in the image of A-dam from his side. Thus out of A-dam came his bride.


                Just as in the second beginning; The Spirit of his Holiness recorded for us that the second A-dam, God as the man Yeshua (Safety), was made in the image of man. His bride (the ecclesia or called out by him), was made to be conformed to the image of the Christ, Yeshua.


                So, in the first beginning we see Eve being talked into eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. A-dam was by her and said nothing. Why? I think it because it was her choice to do so. She had total and complete free will in the matter. If she did not then it would not have been a temptation. A-dam being in the image of God did not over ride her will or take her will away, because that would take away her freedom in the matter. (Just like God does with us.) Thus she was free to do what she wanted and deal with the consequences. He love her too much to take away her free will rom her. But once she did yield to the temptation she fell and A-dam saw her in her fallen state. He still loved her and he had not fallen yet so his love was untainted and pure as God’s was.


                A-dam love her so much that he could not stand to be without her, even if it meant she was in a fallen state he still completely and totally loved her. But how was he to bring her back from her fallen state? The truth was that he couldn’t. So what was he to do? A-dam chose to be with her even if it meant to be fallen with her.


                In God’s provision and his knowledge of knowing the end from the beginning he knew that if A-dam hadn’t done this there would not have been the opportunity for her to be redeemed. It was in his joining her that she had children and in the children the redeemer came into the world. Thus fulfilling the saying within scripture, 1 Timothy 2:15, “The woman is save through child birth” in a sense.


                The second A-dam had a similar problem in his life. His love his bride (The ecclesia). He saw that she had fallen and needed to be brought back from her fallen state. He loved her so much that he joined her in her fallen state for the purpose of taking on the punishment she deserved onto himself so she didn’t have to. He was able to redeem her to himself and back to God our Father.  


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    Very interesting and well written, but I'm troubled by it too. I think it's problematic to suggest that Adam fell for Noble reasons while Eve just plain sinned. And, saying, "Honey, maybe we shouldn't", wouldn't have taken away Eve's free will any more than God saying "Don't eat" took free will from Adam and Eve.

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