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  • Knowing The Wisdom Of God

    To know the wisdom of God is to know the mind of God. It is having an in-depth revelation of who Jesus truly is. Knowing Jesus is knowing God's will and purpose as we walk closely with Him in obedience which comes by revelation through His word by His spirit.


    Revelation brings conviction and conviction, real movement [ movement of Faith, sacrifice ].


    Revelation, brings obedience. And where love is lacking, there's no revelation.


    No one can walk closely with Jesus without knowing Him also as wisdom. We come with the wisdom of the world and of the flesh, but the wisdom of God is, and it is for His glory and for our glory.


    The wisdom of God will always be in conflict with that of the flesh and of the world, for the wisdom that comes not from God is to live in comfort of the flesh, it is lustful, to love Jesus in part, not giving Him our all.


    The wisdom of the flesh, our wisdom, always is a restraints, a deterrent to God's will. However, the wisdom of God is fetched from the deep fountains of God, as we allow our hearts in humility and love to be Immersed deeper in the of His water of Life to enable Him have Lordship over our hearts, bringing to complete fulfilment His will written concerning us before the dawn of creation.


    The wisdom of God is spirit, “the spirit of wisdom.” That of the flesh and of the world are carnal from our fallen nature. Our flesh also is a gateway for the deception, “corrupted wisdom” from the evil one. What we call wisdom must be fetched from God and then processed in the brain and not the other way around.


    Not only must we have Jesus, not only must we be saved, we also must have access to God's wisdom lying dormant or untapped in us. Anyone can be saved, but not everyone have access to the wisdom of God or in much depth, because it comes from death to flesh allowing Jesus as Lord over our lives as we sink deeper in His word to birth revelations of His reality.


    The flesh, our carnality must give way for the wisdom of God to be manifest.


    If we have the wisdom of God in part, it'll be impossible to walk fully into all God has called us, because the wisdom not of God is corruption to God's wisdom which is pure.


    The will of the flesh is a restraint to God's will. Whatever comes from here, without bearing witness, support from God's word is a restraints and an opposition to God's will. We're God's building, and anyone who relies on wisdom that isn't examined in the light ( holy spirit ) of God's word. He'll be restrained from becoming fully what God has designed Him to be.


    Love also, is humility. The wisdom of God is spirit, and unless we come in humility for our hearts to be unveiled through God's word to allow Him Lord over our lives, we'll continue to see blindly or partially and therefore deterring our walk Into all God has called us.


    It is humility to see that we're still too far from Jesus even when we really are walking closely with Him, then more of Him will be unveiled to us. It is humility, just like the woman of many sins who anointed Jesus' feet under the roof of a Pharisee.


    In all, apart from the few who were with Jesus in the house of Simon the Pharisee, she was the only one who had the revelation of ”Jesus, the redeemer.”

    She saw through the eyes of faith that it is the spirit that changes, makes a man, the spirit of God ( the holy spirit ) or the spirit of death ( sin ).


    While the others, even though some righteous, were veiled in pride, they were satisfied at their poor revelation of Jesus. They had revelation from the flesh, all they could see was just a different regular man. They couldn't have a glimpse of the revelation of Jesus the savior, redeemer. Neither, could they like the centurion have revelation of Jesus as the King of kings who came to restore us fallen kings from fallen nature back to our thrones in His kingdom.


    “ When Jesus heard it, He marveled, and said to those who followed, “Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!

    And I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.


    But the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
    Matthew [ 8:10‭-‬12 ]


    From revelation to revelation we grow. Our revelation of Jesus will determine His place in our lives and also, our place in Him.


    To have revelation is to become, not to have knowledge. There's knowledge that comes from flesh, and there is knowledge that comes from the wisdom of God, being processed in the mind. Yet, to have revelation is to become, when we walk into it as we grow in maturity of faith.


    Knowing Jesus as “savior” is the first revelation of Jesus given to us by the holy spirit, without it we cannot be saved. However, resting, having only a revelation of “Jesus the redeemer” will limit us from walking into other revelations of God in other to become God's person. Surely, we'll remain saved because this is our revelation of Jesus, we walked into it by Faith, this is what we are yet, there's more to Jesus than “Jesus the redeemer.” Leaning on this revelation only, will become a restraint, a hindrance to God in our lives.


    If we only have revelation of “Jesus the redeemer,” then all our lives will be outlived, spent on the temporal, awaiting only to get to heaven. Such a life lived in selfishness, neglecting that Jesus desires our love. And so Jesus said; just as the wicked servant who knew the master reaps where He doesn't sow, yet buried his talent in the ground. He remains a servant, yet a wicked one.


    If we have an in-depth revelation of “Jesus as Love,” naturally by His spirit of Love, we'll never be satisfied at where we at in our relationship walk with Him, we'll have revelation that our walk with Him is eternal, we'll know Him also and have revelation of “Jesus the Judge” who'll measure our love as works, materials burnt, tested by fire.


    Meanwhile, if we have a revelation of His love, we don't love to be rewarded eternally, but rather to be given more to give out more, that we may bear much fruit as His love overflows from us to all creation. He's coming quickly, and His reward is with Him. Love him, let us love. To the extent we're close to Jesus, to that extent we'll give out His love.


    We walk in eternal life, our revelation is eternal, and Jesus said;


    “ And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”
    [ John 17:3 ]


    Don't be satisfied.


    If we have revelation of “Jesus the redeemer” only, sure we'll become saved because of the foundation of the word, yet never discovering our true identity in Christ Jesus. We all like colored pencils in a color pack, no color is the same, don't wait for eternity before you discover your true identity.


    When we become too religious we see less of God's wisdom. To become religious is not only merely being religious, it is being satisfied with seeing party from the flesh and not all things from the spirit. It is being fine with your opinion, and not God's. Don't makes your opinion become God's, I mean; don't confuse your limitations, your thoughts, feelings and emotions for God's wisdom, rather makes His yours.


    We should have humility to discern knowledge from God's wisdom. For our knowledge can be influenced by the devil and is always of limitations ( death ). Never make your knowledge God's wisdom, else you'll be far from all God has call you. The little that seems irrelevant and doesn't seem to matter when seen by the flesh, will be a great deterrent from becoming God person. We should not be okay seeing only or mostly from this plain, see everything thing from the spirit. Everything life has to offer is like a sheet of paper with two sides, see everything, Everything! from the spirit.


    The little things that seems so ordinary in the physical actually holds more weight in the supernatural, good or negative. we only need to flip the other side of the sheet. This last generation is nearing it's end and a great deception has been cast into the church right from the beginning of it. A great deception for the church to see partly flesh and partly spirit, hence hindering their walk with God, many are restrained, limited and at the same time many aren't because they see everything from the other plain of the sheet.


    This is how satan gets so many of us and also how many walk in so little of their calling, because they refused to see God In everything, they become satisfied. Jesus is eternal, He's never satisfied because we walk in His eternal path.


    This was why the simple and task collectors in [ Luke 7:29 ] believed Jesus “the word,” the wisdom of God which gives Life, because in humility they were Immersed in water ( the word ) by John the Baptist who came to prepare the hearts of men to receive the kingdom of God. Unlike the doubtful Pharisees who chose to see only through the flesh.


    “ Wisdom is proved right by all her children.”
    [ Luke 7:35 ]


    To be her children is to have humility to see everything by the spirit of wisdom even when we're in truth.


    However still, from truth to truth we walk with God. God's word is revealed from truth to truth in accordance to our maturity of Faith. Every time we hear God's word in humility, our hearts are being unveiled to behold Jesus in more dimensions of His glory, the veil in our hearts are being striped off to know more of Him even as we become like Him. Else, well remain stuck, becoming satisfied. Meanwhile, to be unsatisfied is to have humility that there's more to God we've not yet seen.


    To have an in-depth revelation of Jesus is to know Jesus. How much of Jesus is in you? This, the holy spirit will testify in our heart, before God and to all creation.


    Your revelation of Jesus is how much you've become like Jesus, this is what will be revealed by God. We can never live more than our revelation, only if we walk into new revelation. So, I've heard, do correct me if I'm wrong; a shark cannot grow bigger than it's tank unless moved to a bigger one or the ocean.

    Jesus cannot manifest, unveil more of Himself ( Love ) through us, Unless we see and become more of the revelation of Christ Jesus as we sink deeper in death in His waters.


    Humility, love, Lordship and sacrifice.


    To have humility is to be not satisfied with our current walk with Jesus. To love, is seeing to it His will being fulfilled through sacrifices. And to sacrifice is to come under His Lordship; to listen to the command given by the holy spirit to sacrifice in obedience to His will, as He wills, for Love ( God ) to dwell more in us and given out to creation. Greater Faith and love is it for one to obey the holy spirit without yet having revelation of the command he's been given, because we know his will is for our benefit.


    Ask Peter at the seaside and he'd tell you in [ Luke 5 ]


    We'll never see many fish, we'll never have an in-depth revelation of Jesus until we launch out into deeper waters as Jesus commanded Him.

    Revelation comes from staying in God's presence, as we take in the life of Jesus, becoming more of Him and less of us.


    We take in the life of Jesus, when we invite His presence in our heart constantly by either hearing from or talking to Him In spiritual songs, thanks, acknowledgement, just talking to Him, see Him in everything, let Him become your thoughts, the meditation of your heart day and night, every minute and every second.


    As we become more of Him, we grow also in His wisdom. Not only must we be renewed inwardly, we also must have knowledge of revelation of the cross. Without the necessary maturity of faith as we  build intimacy, it's impossible to have revelation of the cross.


    Walking not in the path of the cross, is walking out of our eternal destiny, our true Identity, why and what God created us for. This world is just a passing through, and all who bears their cross does so with the revelation of being glorified at the end for the glory of God.


    Without walking the path of the cross, ( God's calling in our lives ) we won't be glorified as Jesus is, because we're called as a reflection of His life, to be glorified just as He is, In other for God to be glorified in and through us as we walk in His master plan, bringing to completion the project He has designed us a part of His kingdom building.


    The life of Jesus is our road map, we don't take some part and leave out a great detail, were given will, for “will” is true worship. Yet, we're called to follow it in full reflection.


    Distractions from the world which comes from carnal knowledge, remains the greatest hindrance from building intimacy to walk into manifolds revelation of Jesus.


    Not only must we have intimacy, but also walking in sacrifice. God will remain sealed and veiled in us unless we walk the cross. The revelation of Jesus through us as we walk the cross truly ushers us into the making of our glory. In other words, our relationship with Jesus is interwoven in twos;


     - Intimacy
     - The cross [ sacrifice, the path of death ] which is the unveiling of our true identity in God.


    Still, intimacy remain the backbone of the cross, else well be crushed by it, because we cannot continue in the cross being far off from the one who bears the weight with us “Jesus.” Together He bears the weight with us. The lesser we stay in His presence, the lesser we walk in Love, the farther we get from Him. And the farthest we get, the weight of the cross crushes on upon us.


    How much we stay with Him, and walk the cross will determine it all when it's all said and done.

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