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    - Kingdom age, it's a new age with a new program, new education designed by God.


     - It is also a spiritual harvest of the souls of men to gather and regather all the elects of God.


     - It is also the last age of human existence in knowledge of God


    Kingdom age is the last age of  man on Earth, it is God's final program and dealings with men, where every man elected by God will be gathered from the streets to be employed into God's vineyard. It is an age where God is not just looking for ungodly men but rather, those whom he has elected before the beginning of time. These elects are people even when called to repentance by grace, will not only desire to enter God's kingdom, but yielding themselves to be used by God for the establishment of His kingdom here on earth in the hearts of men.


    This desire to be used by God isn't ours, it is given by the holy spirit in us as we grow in Christ Jesus. We elects of God already recruited into God's end time army, we are to give ourselves to follow God's new program on earth, to be spiritually educated and built into maturity, the fullness of God, to become His vessel. Except a man is willing to yield himself to the holy ghost to be taught of the kingdom gospel of this age, he will continue to live in the old. The holy spirit is our teacher and he updates us on whatever God has for us, for God's word is new every time.


    When a man is delivered from sin, the false foundation not of Jesus has been brought to ruin with it's structure and a new foundation is laid, which is the word of God ( Jesus ) and a new structure in his heart. Unless he pays the price to gain heavenly currency in other to purchase heavenly resources for his spirit man structure to be built into completion, until it is fully completed, the Lord God cannot come and dwell in his heart to become a mobile vessel for the Lord.


    We who have been recruited, ours is to grow and be baptized in the holy ghost, so we too shall in turn shall become vessels, recruiters, employers to recruit or employ the remnants still waiting to be employed in the vineyard. This is the last age where all men needs to be spiritual to understand the times, God's age for their life in other to make sacrifices to be qualified in becoming God's vessel ( a kingdom man ), because it is unless we have revelations and understanding of the times we're in can we make sacrifices, laying away all ambition to be restored to God. Then we shall be tested and tried to show our worth, our readiness to be used by God.


    In summary, it's an age where God is raising and building men of standard who'll be able to say:


    " thus says the Lord!"


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