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  • Keep Thy Well Spring Of Waters

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    He that has repented from the depths of his heart, having remorse towards his sinful life, not going back to his old ways, is he who is born again.
    To be born again is to be born again with the  spirit of Christ. It is a change of identity from the uniform of darkness unto the uniform of light that is the spirit of Christ.


    You know some people will say things to comfort their heart to continue in sin, they will convince themselves that it's impossible to stay without sin, because they are not serious to pay the price to receive salvation. And anyone who says he's born again and still fall back to sin from time to time is not genuinely born again, he is just deceiving himself. If it were so, that all born again sins everyday, then nobody will enter into the kingdom of God. It's just an education of the devil, even the devil can quote the scripture, but the only difference is that there is no life in what he is saying but only to deceive men.


    It is good to be born again, by grace we have heard the gospel, we are called to repentance. Being born again is a mystery let alone to God, but the process is not. Being saved by grace is like this;


    It is like an empty bucket which is our heart waiting to be filled, for every gospel you hear by grace is a water being poured into the bucket, the bucket is not yet full that's why were still living in sin. As you hear the word of God from his vessel, in accordance to the extent of their holy ghost anointing, to that extent the word can fill your heart. That's why when a prophet of God gives you what God speaks to his hearing, even if that bucket is empty it will be filled to the brim at once.


    As time goes on when you hear the gospel it fills your heart because it is the water of life, but here's the mystery given;


    Three people, both of them heard the word by grace, a work is being done in them without them knowing, and when the bucket is filled, it is a mystery. Because, one will pour that bucket of water away and make it empty once again, the other will pour out his water remaining half of it while the last will allow his bucket of water to remain till it overflows.


    All those whose water were poured out continue in sin, but he that his bucket overflows will then receive gospel repentance and turn to Christ. Than he'll say by grace I have been hearing about Jesus and now by grace I'm saved. This is the big mystery known only to God, why did the others pour out their water. Well the problem is not from God nor from his vessels, but from man himself.


    You who have emptied your bucket of water, go back and fill it so you'll have a repent heart to follow Jesus. In this last age, this kingdom age, God is no longer looking for stray sinners, rather He is more interested in gathering His elect who are scattered in the world still waiting for someone to give them the gospel. You who's bucket has overflown, who have had a repentant heart by grace, but are still pressured by sin grow that you shall overcome and attain salvation


    Every one born again in Christ is born again as a little child in the spiritual, that is; the spirit man is now a child in the spiritual, unless he grows to become a son, unless he grows to become an adult in the spirit he'll still be weak in times of temptation and trials and also weak in spiritual warfare. It is not the will of God for us to be born again and remain a child, what kind of parent would be happy when they gave birth to a child and child refuse to grow.


    God's purpose for us here on earth is for us to be born again and then grow to become sons of God, not children of God, but sons of God to establish His kingdom here on earth. Every son has a duty to be fulfilled in his father's house, but a child is still a child and has nothing to do and does not also know the business of the father. A child does not receive an inheritance, he only receives food, shelter and clothing, but a son receives the inheritance of the Father, so it is with the kingdom of God.


    If you remain as a born again child and by grace you enters his kingdom, surely you'll receive eternal life but your rewards in heaven will amount so little, but he that grows to become a son while on earth and has done works for the Father, will receive a mighty and glorious reward. Lets give an illustration; if a child's inheritance will be like a bungalow in heaven that of a son who have Worked and suffered for Christ's sake will have an inheritance  like that if an estate.
    Daniel 12:3


    " Those that are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who led many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever."


    To be grow in God's word to manifest His spirit in us to maturity is indeed what every born again Christian should desire, because if you don't grow you cannot overcome sin, the power to overcome sin comes from the word of God for it is the power of God unto our salvation. The reason why some born again do fall back their life of sin or are still pressured by sin, it's because, they don't have the strength to overcome sin due to the fact they're still a child. How can a child fight a giant.


    And that is why even though you might be living in sin, still, strive to come out of it. Whatever you take into your heart is a food to the spirit in you and as that spirit is being fed, it grows into a giant, the question lies; which spirit is it? Is it the spirit of God or of sin? If it is of sin, the evil one will force you to feed it, because every spirit wants to be glorified, every spirit wants to be fed. If it is sin and you continue feeding it with worldly songs, lying, cheating, disobedience, fornication, masturbation, stealing whatever it is, that spirit of sin will grow into a giant.


    However, if it is of God, then feed it with things of the spirit of God, with God's spiritual programs and activities like; prayers, scripture meditation, evangelism, holiness and so on. When you do, the spirit of God also will grow into a giant in you


    The reason why people can't overcome sin is this; for anyone who've heard the gospel, there's a substance of the word deposit in their heart enabling a them come unto repentance. You who have come to repentance by grace, do not lose what you've been given, pay the price to grow, because while you were living in the world you've been feeding the spirit of sin in you. Check how old you are now, if it is 20 years, you've been feeding that spirit of sin for twenty years nurturing it into a giant.


    But, now you are born again as a child, can a child fight a giant. If that giant is a giant of sexual immorality, and he comes with his temptation, it'll press and keep on pressing your head till you say; " i give up " although you don't want to, but you have to accept defeat because of your weakness and then you fall back to sin running back to you Father crying


    " that man that wicked man beat me up,"


    then your father will say to you;


    " I will not deal with that man because I allowed it for your growth to give you experience in dealing with the Giants to come, I have given everything to you, I have given you food, do not throw it away, I have given you shelter, I have given you guards, I have given you everything, use it wisely I'll watch over you as you go."


    If that child decides to grow, and when  he does and grows into a greater giant, he can face off with any giant and beat them black and blue. If it is giant of lust, he’ll beat him down. This is is when that man can boast and say
    1john 3:9

    " He that is born of God cannot sin because God's seed remains in him "


    Because he has be given the power through the word by the holy spirit to overcome sin.


    The way out is a simple, but there are powers that has sworn to keep you in bondage that's  why it's difficult. Have you ever wondered why the devil doesn't hinder one from praying, but rather does all he can to prevent one from feeding on God's word. It is because he knows the power in it. Grow on the word, for without it you cannot have the holy spirit to live without sin, he is the one who will teach you what is right and wrong, you woman that is saying my dressing isn't wrong well I won't tell you to change, but if you have the holy spirit he'll convict you and tell you it's wrong.


    Feed the spirit of Christ in you to became a giant, if not you'll be crushed therefore hindering you from gods kingdom. And you who is already living without sin, grow that you'll have strength to fight wars, because although the devil can no longer lure you to sin anymore he still stand to hinder you from hearing from God.


    The Lord has revealed to you the mystery of your downfall while struggle to live a holy life, the lord has played his part, you also have your part to play, pay the price and fight the good fight to overcome. I pray the lord gives you strength for the battles ahead, and let zeal for His word consume your heart in Jesus name Amen!

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