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  • Jesus Is In The Boat

    Peace! Be still,
    Jesus is in the boat.


    When you have Jesus, you know by Faith. I mean, His spirit testifies that He's right there in you. Jesus is right there sleeping in your heart. He's might seem quiet for your own benefit, because He had promised to get us to our destination. Without Jesus being silent, we cannot in reality grow in maturity of Faith.


    What is your destination? Be it known by revelation or not yet known, He has promised to see you through the storm. For many who haven't yet come to know Jesus more, the storm is to bring to light the true revelation of Jesus to their hearts, God's eternal purpose. And for many who've received their revelation through deep intimacy with God, it is for their preparation, building and refining of their heart to become a perfect conduit to bear the glorious weight of their destiny in Christ Jesus.


    Like the disciples on the boat, while the storm was raging, even though Jesus did told them they would cross over to the other side, even though He did give them a revelation still, they looked away from Faith, they looked away from the word, allowing fear to blur out Jesus' vision, His promise of crossing to the other side. And so, they lost Faith and vision, forgetting that Jesus was in the boat.


    When we see by Faith that Jesus is in the boat, it'll either draw us closer to Him or prepare us for the future He's bringing us into to live as His will, as we build the nature of God in us until it's time.


    Jesus was in the boat sleeping, because He knew all was fine. He sees what you don't see, we can only have joy, peace of mind, only when we see what Jesus sees. It takes the eyes of Faith to see by revelation what Jesus sees, and to see by revelation is to have a free heart, drawing more closer to God. Because prayers, I mean, being in God's presence, inviting Him into our heart always, brings revelation and revelation, conviction, conviction, real movement, movement of vision and Faith.


    Why then are you worried? Don't let your situation blur out your vision, God's promises, making you forget that all is fine. You'll get to the destination, slowly, but surely because;


    Jesus is in the boat,
    Peace! Be still.


    Remind yourself of this always, and focus on your relationship, building God's character. Your destination is what God wants to call you to be. You only needed to go through the storm to get there.


    Don't trade your joy with your situation, when you trade your joy with your situation, your situation will overcome you.


    We as souls wearing earthen vessel, are like persons in a house. What happens to the house doesn't affect us in anyway, only if we let it. I mean, your soul having Jesus, is wearing an earthen vessel. A man can choose to have a heart failure or not when it was merely His house that was being damaged and not him. Pay no attention to the house, but to the one in the house with you.


    We're in a house, and Jesus also, dwells with us in that house. Pay no attention to the house, come what may, sunshine or rain, it is meant to keep you prepared for a new movement. Everyday comes with a new movement that brings us closer to what Jesus really has called us to be, every movement brings us closer to and closely conformed to the glory of God.


    Jesus is in the boat,
    Peace! Be still.


    Do not fear, remain unwavering. Remember, Jesus never promised a sail without storms. Surely, there'll be storms. However still, remember “Jesus is in the boat.”


    Our storms are either meant to keep our relationship in check or to prepare us into becoming all God has called us to be. When it's due time, He'll calm the storm.


    As we sail through this storm of the flesh, it is meant for our glory. Soon our sail will come to an end, soon we'll get off this waters.

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