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       I thank God the Father and the Lord Jesus for being so good to me. I thank the both of Them for allowing me to know as much as I do about Them. I thank the both of Them for keeping safe from all harm and danger.

       The scriptures I will explain through the Holy Spirit are from Matthew the 21st chapter beginning at the 33rd verse and ending at the 39th verse.

       I will not type the scriptures I am writing about in this writing like I normally do; so if you can get a Holy Bible and follow along that would be the best thing to do or unless you know the scriptures by memory. In the gospels, Jesus said many things to the people that were around Him at a particular time in His ministry. When people were around Jesus He always said something to them that related to the Kingdom of God. Jesus also said many things to the people that allowed for them to know how God thought about certain groups of people that were on this earth at that particular time.

       The Jewish leaders were not humble people. They thought they were accepted by God before they heard from Jesus what God thought about them. But the Jewish leaders were so sure of themselves that even after Jesus has told them how God thought about them, they still didn’t believe what Jesus said.

       There are people today in the church who don’t want to accept the fact that God is not pleased with them and the reason why they think that way is because they don’t really know God like they think. There are some people in the church who should know God more than they do, but God had allowed for that information to be taking away from them by the devil, which is something the devil came do if the person doesn’t accepted the things that God wants them to believe. If a person doesn’t want to accept what God wants them to believe, than God will allow for the devil to come and steal the information that God had given them about Him.

       There were many Jewish leaders that understood a lot of things that Jesus preached because the things that Jesus preached were already in the Law and the Old Testament. The Jewish leaders that understood most of what Jesus was preaching were the Scribes. They were the wisest of the Jewish leaders and the reason why they were the wisest is because they spent more time in the Law and the Old Testament than all of the other Jewish leaders. Jesus was approached constantly by the Jewish leaders. The Scribes study both, the Law of Moses and the Old Testament. The Pharisees and Sadducees studied just the Law of Moses.

       The Jewish leaders were negative and evil people who claimed to be children of God. They were so sure of themselves that they gave themselves a title they didn’t deserve. Not only did they give themselves the title as being children of God, but the other Jewish people gave them that title as well because they thought they were actually children of God because of the faithfulness they seemed to have towards God. The other Jewish people were deceived about the Jewish Leaders because they didn’t understand God like they thought, but the Jewish leaders should have understood God more than they did because they had a decent understanding of the Law and the Old testament, which they received from God because they were God’s people, but they didn’t in His Son Jesus and that was where they made their mistake.

       For many years, before Jesus came here on this earth in the flesh, God had given His people over to the Jewish leaders so they could guide His people to Him and also to keep them on the correct path to God. God had given the Jewish leaders that task when He allowed for a system to developed in which He had expect for the Jewish leaders to be in charge of, and let it out to husbandmen. The first place God’s people were located was Jerusalem. Jerusalem was a city that was specifically created by God for His people and God had given King David instructions on how to build the city, which later became holy because of the people that lived there in the time of King David and the people that lived there, they were holy just like God because of King David.

       So Jerusalem was around ever since the time of King David. After the death of Kind David, the people began to stray away from God, but not all of them. God was able to keep them on the right path through the holy prophets that He would send to them.  The purpose of the holy prophets that God sent to Jerusalem was for them to keep the people of God on the correct path they were on before King David died. Like I said, King David was the holy man who built Jerusalem at God’s request. King David built Jerusalem exactly the way that God had told him to build Jerusalem. God told King David, that after he created the city of Jerusalem, he was to build a wall around the entire city. The people in Jerusalem were always supposed to be ready for the coming of God by being holy for God and they were supposed to have a celebration for their holy accomplishment, there was a certain householder, which planet a vineyard, and hedged it round about, and digged a winepress in it, and built a tower.

       The householder was God. The vineyard was Jerusalem. The hedged it round about was the wall around Jerusalem. The winepress was the celebration the people of God were supposed to have because of their holy accomplishment. The tower was their awareness that comes to a person when they are holy like God and through their awareness they are able to see when God comes because they recognized God.

       During the time of King David and much before the time of King David, there was a system that was created by God that was design to be over looked by the people that were chosen by God to be the leaders of the people of God and this system was created by Moses and the system consisted of the holy priest who would make sure that the people of God was on the correct path and to make sure they stay on the correct path, and let it out to husbandmen. Sometime God will do something through an Angel and when the Angel is done, the Angel will go back to God’s Kingdom, and went into a far country.

       There were many other leaders that came after Moses who God had put in the same positions as the holy priests that Moses had appointed at the commandment of God. But the only difference is there were many things that were changed from the original system of leadership of the holy priests.

       One of the groups of people that came long after the time of Moses, who were put into the same position as the holy priests during the time of Moses, were the Jewish leaders during the time of Jesus and they were the Scribes, the Chief Priest, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and there were also some others. Those kinds of leaders were here on this earth during the time of Jesus and about 2000 year before Jesus, which would be 2000 B.C. These Jewish leaders had the same position and task as the Hebrew leaders back during the time of Moses, when the system of holy leadership for the people of God was created.

       After the death of King David, God started sending holy prophets only to Jerusalem, to put the people of God on the correct path because many of them went off the correct path after King David died. The holy prophets only went to Jerusalem because for hundreds of years, the only place where the people of God lived was in Jerusalem, but during the time of Jesus they were all over the land of Canaan. After the death of King David, God would constantly send holy prophets to Jerusalem. The reason why God sent the holy prophets to Jerusalem was to get the people of God on the correct path and not only that, but God thought the people should be holy by now, and when the time of the fruit drew near, he sent His servants to the husbandmen, that they might receive the fruits of it. The servants were the holy prophets of God and the husbandmen were the Jewish leaders. 

       The holy prophets of God were always mistreated and insulted by the people they went to check on for God, but then it got to the point when they were beaten and killed and the people who did that were the same kind of Jewish leaders that Jesus had confrontations with when He was here on this earth in the flesh, and the husbandmen took His servants, and beat one, and killed another, and stoned another.  

       This kind of treatment towards the holy prophets started when the religious leaders, became the same Jewish leaders, that Jesus had confrontations with. They were the religious leaders that beat and killed the holy prophets of God when the holy prophets would confront them, just like Jesus did when He was here on this earth in the flesh. When God first began sending holy prophets to Jerusalem, He only sent a few of them and they were Elijah, Elisha and Isaiah. Because the people of God didn’t listen to them, God sent more holy prophets in number than, He did during the time of Elijah, Elisha and Isaiah, again He sent other servants more than the first: and they did unto them like wise. Those holy prophets were Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Micah, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi and there were many others.

       So when Jesus came here on earth in the flesh, the people who were religious leaders about 2000 years before Jesus came here on this earth in the flesh, they were the same religious leaders that Jesus came in contact with on a regular basis. It was there ancestor who had beaten and killed the holy prophets that were sent to Jerusalem before Jesus came here on this earth in the flesh. After God had sent many of His holy prophets to Jerusalem, God had decided that it was time to send His Son, but last of all He sent unto them His Son, saying, They will reverence my Son.

       When Jesus was here on this earth in the flesh, many people admired Him because of the many wonderful miracles He was able to do through the Holy Spirit. Even the people who didn’t like Him and didn’t believe in who He was, they admired Him and they always wanted to be around Him. Before Jesus came here on this earth in the flesh, the Jewish leaders had a lot of power and control over the people. The other Jews would do what they said and not only the Jews, but other people who weren’t Jews, did what they said, but when Jesus began His ministry, He took just about all the power away that the Jewish leaders had over the people and the Jewish leaders didn’t like that and that was one of the reasons why they had Jesus killed and I would be confident to say, it was the main reason why they had Jesus killed. The Jewish leaders thought if they would kill Jesus than they would get back the power they once had over the people, but when the husbandmen saw the Son, they said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let kill Him, and let us seize on His inheritance.       

       When the Jewish leaders became successful in having Jesus killed by the Roman authorities, they had Him lead outside of Jerusalem to a place called Calvary where He was crucified to death, and they caught him, and cast Him out of the vineyard, and slew Him.


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