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  • I Love Being A Mother

    Jean Chamblee
    • poetry

    I love being a mother so much!

    It’s the sweetest gift that I know

    A journey full of peril sometimes

    But it always makes you grow


    It plunges you into selflessness

    A tiny life looks to you

    It trusts in you without judgement

    Its love is pure and true


    Although you never feel adequate

    Or deserving of so much trust

    You know that God has made it this way

    Depending on Him - we must


    We surely won’t do it perfectly

    Thankfully that’s not required

    Sometimes we barely get through a day

    Because it can make you so tired


    But then comes the smile at the break of the day

    The shine comes out of their eyes

    It doesn’t matter how tired you are

    That sparkle becomes your great prize


    They grow, and grow and then turn around

    The time will slip by so fast

    You try to capture the moments

    But, oh, how quickly they pass


    The miracle happens one day you wake up

    And see the person they are

    Unique in the world, with gifts just their own

    To you they’re a shining star


    No one can reach so deep in your heart

    It’s something that you can’t let go

    Though they grow up with a life of their own

    There’s things only a mother can know


    That gift, the Lord can put in your heart

    Whether the child came from you or not

    It’s something that we can give away

    The power of love comes from God


    A richness and depth as the journey ends

    You hope you’ve done something right

    As you see a reflection that is something good

    You know you can rest for the night



    Trusting in God, they’re in His hands

    They were really His all along

    The God of the earth let us borrow them

    So that we could share His hearts song


    Through the joys and the sorrows, the love and the pain

    We catch a glimpse of Him

    As He watches intently each day of our lives

    We know why His Son He did send


    He held nothing back, and we can relate

    As we cuddle our precious child

    The God of the universe gave us a gift

    A mother’s heart, to have for a while.



    copyright  2018  Jean Chamblee Thomas

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