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    I believe that this civilization will last for a long time, I believe that love is the force that will make humanity to return to primordial beginning, to return to the soul. I believe that the love that Jesus has given us is able to change the world so much that people will be appalled by the harsh word, let alone over some serious sin. I believe in the one who was born in a manger, crucified, resurrected, and living Jesus Christ. I believe in his pure love that will change mocking, violent and evil people, (I was once like that, too), into a very good people. I believe it will be with that love that World wealth finally gets distributed fairly and that rich countries will stop exploiting the poor. I believe that the love of Christ will turn greedy people into generous who will share their wealth with the poorest. I believe that we, all together can stop hunger, thirst and diseases in third world countries. I believe that the day will come when, for the first time in history, at least in one part of the Earth there will be no war. I believe in Christ's promise of the New Heaven and the New Earth which He will give us one day, but I believe the time has come to create something new. The time has come for a civilization of love, a civilization that will live in this world, but in the Kingdom of God! Jesus, bless us and give us love to illuminate this dark world. Give us love to encourage people who are afraid of the future, give us love so that we can love others the way you have loved us. And now, you who are reading this, ask yourselves who am I talking to, brother, sister, I'm talking to you. If you are wondering where to begin building the Civilization of Love, from where if not from ourselves, if you're wondering when this could be achieved, when if not now because this is the time of grace, this is the time of salvation!


    Nikola Dominis

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