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  • How Much Is Your Desire

    Jesus disciple
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    How far  are  you  will  to  go? How  much  are  you  willing  to  sacrifice? Are  you  willing  to  sacrifice  the  pleasures  of  this  world and  follow  him? Are you willing to sacrifice your life on His behalf?


    Yes,  I  should  talk  about  those  who  haven't  received  Christ  yet  but,  what  of  you  who  says  you've  received Jesus,  what  is your  stand? Are you  really  sincere?  Let's  say  you  were  sincere,  how  are  you  living  this  new  life?  Are  you  really committed  do  His  will? Or are  you  still  struggling  with  sin?


    Surely  you  can  drop  every  sin, but every  man  has  a  weak  point  where Satan  uses  against  him,  have  you  discovered  your  Achilles's  heel  and  fought  against  it  with  the  word  of  God,  how  many times  do  you  feed  on  God's  word  per  day? Because,  we  should  know  that  it  is  not  in  our  power  to  overcome  sin,  our  power to  overcome  comes  from  the  delivery power of God's word in us. That  is;  Christ  in  us,  because  He  is  the  word  of  God.
    John 1


    In  the  beginning  was  the  word  and  the  word  was  with  God  and  the  word  was  God, The same was in the beginning with God, all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made, in Him was life. ( in  the sentences the word " word " was expressed, replace  them  with  Jesus  and  understand  it  better  ).


    This  is  a  spiritual  age  and  those  who  worship God  must  worship  Him  in  spirit  and  in  truth.  Being  born  again  is  not  just  a declaration,  you've  confessed,  fine,  but  what  have  you  done  to  defend  your  faith,  are  you  still  living  in  sin,  rising and  falling,  saying:


    " Eh...  Is  by  his  grace,  he'll  understand."


    Mind  you,


    " Shall  man  continue  in  sin  that  grace  may  abound."


    And  anyone  who  is  born  of  God  does  not  sin,  because  His  seed  remains  in  him.  This  seed  is  the  gospel,  the  word  of  God sown  in a man's  heart,  when  a  seed  has  been  sown,  it  has  to  be  nurtured  to  grow  into  a  tree.  Been  committed  to  live  for Jesus  always,  this  tree  matures  and  bears  fruits  of  the  holy  spirit.


    Salvation  is  total  commitment  to  Jesus,  if  you  truly  want  to  follow  Jesus, you  don't  just  stop  at  been  born  again,  it's more  than  that,  you  need  to  have  a  burning  desire  for  the  holy  spirit,  a  desire  to  be  baptized  in  the  holy  ghost,  to  be  filled with  power,  to  know  the  mind  of  God,  His  purpose and blue print  for  your life, to  hear  from  Him  more  distinct  and  clearly.


    Any  one  born  of Christ  has  the  spirit  of  Christ  in  him,  but  that  is  different  from  being  baptized  in  the  holy ghost,  when  you're  filled  with  the holy  spirit  God  speaks  to  you  through  your  heart,  and  he  also  reveals  Himself  to  you  through  other  means,  but  being baptized  in  the  holy  ghost,  this  is  a  different  level,  you're  transformed  into  a  spiritual  being,  you  operate  in  the  spirit,  and then  you  walk  with  God,  He  speaks  clearly  to  your  hearing,  where  He  says  you  go,  you  go,  if  He  says  don't  go  out,  you  obey, He  guides  your  every step and  tells  you  the  reason.


    This  is  the  desire  or  a  true  child  of  God,  to  have  this  intimate  fellowship  with God,  to  relate  with  him  like  He  did with man in  the garden  of  Eden,  and  like  He's  still  doing  today to those who  have given their all  to  Him. How do you know you have this desire driven by the holy spirit?


    Your  desire  to  listen  to  the  true  gospel  whenever  it's  preached,  you  don't  need  to  ask,  the  holy  spirit  tells  you  which one  is  true  or  false,  your  spirit  won't  agree  with  a  wrong  message because light  and  darkness  can't  go  together.


    You  have  desire  to  study  is  word  daily  to  be  more  like  Him,  desire  to  pray  occasionally  at  all  time.  Though  it  takes consistency,  for  Jesus  told  his  disciples
    Acts 1:4-5


    " Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about." Wait,  don't  go  out  until  you  receives  the  holy  Spirit  baptism, for John baptized with water, but in a few days you'll be baptized in the holy ghost."


    It  is  when  you  have  this  baptism by fire,  you  have  the  holy spirit  guiding  your  every  path  and  putting  words  in  your  mouth  to  speak,  you  have  boldness  and  courage  to  proclaim  His gospel  with  power  and  authority,  even  in  the  midst  of  lions.  This  was  why,  though  the  disciple  weren't  afraid when  they were  baptized  in  the  holy  spirit,  immediately  they  went  out  with  boldness  telling  about  Jesus.


    Let  us  pray  that  we'd be given the desire and also guided by the holy spirit to yield our heart in obedience to be baptized in the holy ghost, because it's not just something you pray for, sacrifices are made also in obedience to the dealings of the holy spirit with you. It  is  the  desire  of  true  sons  of  God,  even  Jesus  said:


    " pray  that  you  receive  the  holy  spirit."


    Let  he  that  think  he's  standing,  let  him  stand  firm, lest  falls.  And  when  we've  done  everything  to  stand  and have  being  baptized  in  the  holy  spirit,  we shall walk  with  him,  you'll  hear  from  Him  every  day,  the  day  you  don't  hear  from him,  you  know  something's  wrong.


    How many of you have this  desire? I  pray  God  gives  us  the  strength  to  do  what  it  takes  to  get  that  spirit,  what  a  wonderful  experience  it  will  be.

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