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    Mark 1:21-28


    I remember the 1st time I heard expository preaching. It was different for me in so many ways. It really penetrated my heart because I was understanding the Scripture the way it was meant to be understood – in context. It challenged me to not only grow deeper in my knowledge of God’s Word, but to grow in my daily life of living that Word out.


      I could not fully explain these things that day and I imagine that is how the audience in this synagogue is feeling as well. There was just something about this Jesus guy, something different from all the other teachers.


    When I teach, I will quote sources when I use them, and the scribes did the same thing when they taught in the synagogue. Jesus would explain the Scripture in a way that they had never quite experienced and then I suppose they were looking for the source of those words. Jesus never quoted anyone because He was the source. The author was standing right in front of them. They could see the Word that we read with their very own eyes and they could hear his voice with their very own ears.


       And then in verse 23, “A man in the synagogue who was possessed by an evil spirit cried out.” The only one in that religious gathering that knew who Jesus was, was the evil spirit. When the Word of God is spoken it has so much power. It convicts your heart and it initiates a desire in you to listen. It breaks you down and makes you aware that you are sinful; that you are separated from God. The people’s hearts were just so hardened that they could not turn to it. They wondered but they would not accept.


         I want to make you aware of this. Where was this evil spirit at? This is a question I want you to answer. Comment below.

              These people had never experienced anything like what took place that day. Jesus, the Son of God was right in front of them. Nature knew it, Satan confessed it, Angels recognized it, and here in this passage – the men felt it! But they would not accept it.


    How about you?

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