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  • His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Acrostic)












    His Eye Is On The Sparrow


    I  never knew such gladness,
    Sing  praises to His name,
    Because  He lives within me,
    I’m  joyful all the same,
    Happy,  alive, and breathing,
    I  cherish every day,
    Sing,  "Glory Hallelujahs!”
    Because  He came my way,
    I’m  not the one to suffer,
    Free,  I will always be,
    For  His loving arms surround me,
    His  arms are lifting me.
    Eye  above each kingdom
    Is  where I’m brought to see,
    On  each day I’ve knelt and prayed,
    The  Lord, my soul has freed.
    Sparrow  of God, please, take me
    And  fly, again, above,
    want to soar and sail once more,
    Know  Jesus and His Love.
    He,  my precious Lord and Savior,
    Watches  all that comes my way,
    Over  every situation,
    Me,  in whom He’s raised.


    Lighthouse Bob

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    This does not read as an acrostic...unless I fail to see the pattern. But regardless I love the flow and momentum....you remain one of my favorites!!!. Greetings to you, I took quite a leave of absence, it's nice to read you again!.

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    Thank you, I am happy to know that I am one of your Favorites, YaY, and, Yes, I also took a long leave of absence myself, but, anyways, I think you are right, I don't think this poem is an actual Acrostic, but more of a, um, Big Smiles, perhaps, Word-crostic?  Again, really, really nice to hear from you, Woman-of-Hope.


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    Thank you, Murwyn.  I am so happy that you liked the poem I wrote.  Though, I did a lot of thinking and not necessarily about such things, I'm thinking that the reason this poem is a bit like sing-song / thinking is, perhaps, because of the spiritual, hymnal type music that I grew up with as a youth.  I'm thinking, perhaps,the music back than was a bit more metric or followed a rhythm, anyways, followed a pattern a bit more than what the music follows today.  I'm thinking, Perhaps? Anyways, as always, thank you for your kind reply.

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