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    Matthew  21:12-13


    " Jesus  entered  into  the  temple  and  drove  all  those  who  were  buying  and  selling.  He  overturned  the  tables  of  the  money changers  and  the  benches  of  those  selling  dove. ' It  is  written,'  He  said  to  them;

    " my  house  will  become  a  house  of  prayers,  but  you  have  made  it  a  den  of  robbers."


    The  age  of  the  past,  is  indeed  a  much  better  time  than  now,  I  mean:  if  you  take  a  look  at  the  past,  the  gospel  we  are enjoying  and  benefiting  from  today,  came  with  much  impact  from  the  people  God  used  in  that  era,  I'm  not  saying  God isn't  using  people  mightily  today. Let's  go  back  in  time  a  little  bit,  the  time  of  the  law,  before  Jesus  Christ,  even  still  in  the  time  of  Jesus,  it  was  the  duty  of every  Jewish  Father  to  educate  their  sons,  in  the  teachings  of  the  law.


    They  all  took  the  laws  and  the  book  of  the prophets  to  heart,  although  it  had  a  side  effect,  (  of  course  the  devil  will  always  find  a  side  effect  in  what  ever  God establishes  in  man  )  because  when  a  man  thinks  he  is  wise  and  has  knowledge  of  the  scripture  from  beginning  to  end, he  becomes  full  of  himself,  not  keeping  the  law  to  heart,  but  to  memory,  causing  him  to  be  full  of  pride.


    Such a man  thinks is  a  chosen  one  better  than  others,  thinking  he  is  without  sin,  when  indeed  pride  is  a  sin  which  can  also  lead  to  diverse sins.  As  you  can  see  the  relationship  between  the  Pharisees,  Sadducees  and  Jesus.  And  God  said;
    1 Corinthians 1:19


     " I'll  destroy  the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate."


    True wisdom of God's word  comes  only  from the holy spirit  which God  has  deposited  in  our heart  through  His  word. Without the  Holy  spirit  in  us,  we  do  not  know  Jesus,  yes, you  can  say  it  with  your  mouth  and  even  in  tears,  but  if  you  don't  have  the holy  spirit,  you  don't  know  Jesus  and  He  doesn't  know  you,  because  He  gives  us  the  spirit  as  a  deposit  guaranteeing what  is  to  come.  It  is  our  trademark.


    Jesus  Christ  died  that,  that  which  the  Father  has  promised  those  who  believe  in  His  name  will  be  poured  out  on  them, which  is  the  holy  spirit.  The  Father  has  poured  out  His  spirit,  and  is  at  the  door  of  every  man's  heart,  knocking,  but  the question  is,  will  you  open?  Only  those  who  are  willing  to  take  up  their  cross  everyday  and  deny  themselves  and  follow Jesus will  receive  His  spirit.  Just  as  the  holy  spirit  comes,  so  also  a  time  is  coming  when  he  will  leave  this  earth.


    It's painful to know that the  Holy  spirit  has  been  around,  but only few seems  to have notice of his presence,  also  it impossible  for  the  world  to  accept  him, because  they  don't  know  him.  It  is  the  handy  work  of  the  prince  of  this  world actually. As  long  as  the kingdom of darkness  has  been  established  on  the  earth for  a  short  while, the prince of this world  has  the  power and  has  staged  and  program this world,  the activities of many with lots of  distractions  so  that  they  can't  have  the  spirit  of  the God in them.


    It's  up  to  us  to  decide  which  government  well  bend  our  will  to.  God  is  not  forcing  anyone,  He  gave  us  free  will, we aren't  robots,  it's  the  requirements for Him to know those  who are qualified to rule  and  reign  with  Him in His kingdom.  whether  you  like  it  or  not, no  matter the  multitude  rushing  into  hell,  still  God  will  take  more  to  His  side,  He's  not  a  loser,  that  He'll  lose  a  gamble  the  devil tried  to  play.


    Just  don't  be among the  ignorant. It's  just  like  when  a  driver  is  driving  on  a  bridge,  and  then  he  notice  a  safety  sign saying;  " bridge  under  construction," he  won't  drive on  into  his  death,  would  he?  only  if  he's  foolish  or  has  a  death wish.


    Our  hearts  has  become  so  busy  today  that  we  don't  have  time  for  God,  man  has  advanced  so  much  in  knowledge  that they  think  don't  need  God  Anymore,  they  can  solve  their  problems  on  their  own,  we  who  are  suffering  in  our  defective and  poverty  ridden  country,  we  also  don't  have  time  for  him,  we  become  so  busy  looking  for  money,  looking  for  pleasures to  kill  away  our  pain  only  for  a  short  while,  forgetting  that  God  word  said;


    " He  has  the  time  set  for  men  and  the  exact  place  in  which  they  shall  stay,  He  did  this  so  that  all  men  will  seek  Him."


    people  don't  go  to  churches  again,  on  a  Sunday  you'll  see  people  selling  as  if  God  is  not  the  provider  for  them,  and  even we church  goers,  not  born  again,  but  church  goers,  we  still  patronize  and  encourage  these  people  to  sell  on  a  Sunday  by buying  from  them,  if  everybody  decided  not  to  buy  on  a  Sunday,  do  you  think  you'd  see  any  shop  open,  but  funny  enough, if  it's  a day of festival,  all  shops  will  be  closed.  We  do  seem  to  forget,  that  we  should  seek  God  first  and  all  other things  shall  follow.


    Jesus  entered  the  temple  and  found  people  buying  and  selling. To  put  in  Human  understanding; the  word  of  God ( Jesus ) has  been  moving  to  and  fro  looking  for  a  free  heart  to  rest,  but  when  He  comes  to  His  temple  which  is  your  heart ( the  spirit man  ) will  He  find  a  place  to  dwell?  Because  our  heart  is  the  temple  of  God,  when  He  comes  and  finds  out  you  have turn  it  into  a  place  of  buying  and  selling,  into  a  den  of  robbers, a heart full of sin,  what  do  you  think  He  would  do,  do  you  think  He'll  enter?  You  who  have desecrated  his  temple. God  said;
    1 Corinthians 3:17


     " If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple."


    When are we going to let  Jesus into  our  heart  and  ransack  every  buying  and  selling of sin and worldliness taking  place  therein?  The  devil  has infiltrated  so  much  and has turned the hearts of many into  house  of  buying  and  selling,  into  a  world  trade  center.  He  comes  in  with lots  of  merchandise  for  sale  be  it  rage,  anger,  lust,  lying,  disobedience,  drunkenness,  and  so  on.


    Most  Christians today,  I  mean  church  goers  think they're  following  Christ  when  they're  not,  they  think  going  to  church  will  automatically  write  their  name  in  heaven,  the devil  has  made  their  hearts  busy  with  the  things  of  the  world,  things  like,  the ungodly songs of the world, the  unfruitful  things they engage themselves  into,  spending  too  much  time  on  businesses,  education,  irrelevant  chatter  with  men,  there  are  so  many,  anything  that'll  make  you  spend  less  or  no  time with your  Creator. Jesus  wants  to  come  with  the  Father  and  make  His  home  in our  heart,  but  we  just  wouldn't  free  our  heart,  that's  why  we  can't  hear  Him.


    God  created  man  for His pleasure and also for service,  this  is  our  main  purpose  on  earth. How  much  time  do  we  spend  with  God? have  we  ever  picked  our  Bible?  have  we ever  prayed?  how  often  do  you  pray?  because  He  said  pray  without  ceasing,  how  often  do  you  worship  him,  when  he  said;


     "speak  to  one  another  in  hymns,  in  psalms,  making  melodies  in  your  heart."


    This  shows  we  should  praise  and  talk  to  God  always  in  our  heart, even  if  we  are  having  conversation  with  someone.  If only  we  can  obey  what  we  hear.  If  we  can  praise  God  in  our  hearts  when  we  are  speaking  to  someone  do  you  think  you can  insult  someone  or  get  angry,  because  you  are  conscious  of  yourself,  you  can't  actually  say  thank  you  Jesus  and you're  insulting  your  neighbor  at  the  same  time,  you  can't  actually  worship  him  in  your  heart  and  at  the  same  time  plot evil  or  have  grudges  against  someone.


    Once  our  heart  has  become  so  busy,  that  we  don't  have  time  for  God,  then  we  can't  pray  and  when  you  can't  pray,  the enemy  strikes,  not  your  flesh  enemy, because  we  wrestle  not  against  flesh.  This  is  why  we  suffer  today,  we  don't  have time  for  God  and  when  we  are  faced difficulties  we  complain  that  God  is  wicked  when  we  are  the  ones  who  drove  him away.  That  doesn't  mean  if  you're  born  again  you  won't  face  trials  and  difficult,  know  that  if  you  do,  and  you  will,  its  only for  your  strengthening  because  God  approves  of  it,  just  as  he  did  Job.


    A song  writer  wrote  the  song:

    Don't  allow  the  things  of  this  world  take  you  away  from  God's  hands. Atlas  you  hear  a  voice  saying " i  know  you  not."


    Let's  examine  our  lives  and  pray  that  we  shall  be  filled  with  the  holy  spirit,  that  the  holy  spirit  should  reign in  our  hearts and  flush  away  every  buying  and  a  selling  taking  place  therein,  in  Jesus  name  Amen!

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