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  • He Ruled Out Our Excuses

    Jesus disciple
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    God  told  Abraham  to  count  the  stars,  he  tried, but  he  couldn't  for  they  were  many.  We  have  billions  of  stars  let  alone  in our  galaxy.  God  promised  Abraham,  that  his  offspring  shall  be  numerous  as  the  stars,  God  was  not  referring  to  his  blood line  descendent  as  some  of  the  Jews  still  believe  they  are  today,  but  He  was  referring  to  his  children,  the  children  of  God born  of  faith.  Abraham  believed  God  and  it  was  credited  to  him  as  righteousness,  he  was  the  father  of  faith.


    We became children  of  God  by  hearing  and  accepting  the  word  of  God  in  our  heart  through  faith  by  His  grace.  Being  an offspring  of  Abraham  isn't  something  acquired  naturally  through  birth,  it  is  given  to  you  spiritually  through  the  cleansing of  the  blood  of  Jesus.  No  one  complained  before  birth,  neither  did  anyone  choose  which  family  he  would  be  born  into,  so we had no choice  there,  but  being  born  as  an  offspring  of  Abraham,  that  is  being  born  of  God  is  of  choice,  it  is  up  to  you to  decide  which  family  you'll  be  registered  into.


    So  many have counted  themselves  unworthy  of  entering  God's  kingdom,  but  whether  you  like  it  or  not  this  earth  has been  existing  for  over  4.5  billion  years,  and  humanity  has  being  in  it  for  millions  of  years,  just  as  the  word  of  God  to  man is  millions  of  years  old.  Billions  of  people  have  died,  and  billions  of  people  have  gone  to  heaven,  mostly  through  infancy death,  through  those  who  became  a  law  for  themselves,  (  that  is;  they  haven't  heard  the  Gospel,  but  still  lived  a  righteous life,  )  and  also  through  salvation.


    If  you  think  hell's  population  will  be  more  than  heaven  think  again,  because  some  have formed  a  habit of thinking  " at  least  I  won't  be  the  only  one in hell, my  friends  will  be  there  too." Must  you  follow  them,  it's  not  a  place you'd  want  to  go,  don't  see  it  first  before  you  come  to  your  senses,  even  if  only  one  person will be qualified to enter  heaven,  be  that  one man.


    God  knows us even  before  the  beginning  of  time,  He  foreknew  us,  and  since  he  knew  us  already,  since  He  knows  those who shall  be  saved,  He  predestined  to  do  greater  things  for  Him,  and  those  who  are  not  of  Him,  though  he  is  still  calling out  to  them  for  He  wants  no  one  to  perish,  he  gave  to  the  devil.


    Christ  came  in  flesh  and  blood,  and  died  on  the  cross  for  our  sins,  that  we  might  be  saved,  and  His  grace  which  has  been, before  the  beginning  of  time  was  revealed  through  His  resurrection  from  death,  that  we  who  are  lost  might  be  saved  by His  grace.


    By  his  grace  we  are  saved,  being  saved  by  grace  is  one  thing,  but  that's  not  enough,  we  need  to  do  our  part  by  working out  our  salvation  in  fear  and  trembling,  because  a  slight  mistake  or  change  can  send  us  crashing  to  the  ground.  Even  as we keep  an upright  life,  not  living  in  sin  which  is  our  work,  our  righteousness.


    He  then  gives  us  His  spirit  to  strengthen  and guide  us  that  we  shall  not  struggle  to  live  a  life  without  sin,  but  that  we  shall  live  freely and naturally in  Christ  Jesus,  for  he  has  given us  freedom,  those  who  are  filled  with  the  spirit  will  understand  what  it  means  to  live  without  struggle  with  sin  as  if  it doesn't  exist.


    Still  many  will  make  excuses, saying: " it's impossible  to  live a life without  sin,"  yes!  the  world  today  is  full  of  sin  wherever  you  go, whether  you  live  as  a  hermit  in  the  mountains,  you  can't  even  run  from  it,  because  it  is  in  your  heart  that  sin  is  generated, only  if  God's  word  lives  in  you  then,  can  you  live  without  sin.


    Satan  has  come  up  with  many  ways  to  keep  people  chained  in  sin,  scientist  would  say  this  and  that,  like;  it  good  to  use sex  protection,  some  will  say  sex  or  masturbation  relieves  stress,  because  of  these  excuses men gave themselves  to  sin, to  the  pleasures  of  this  world  with  a  continual  lust  for  more,  being  blinded from the fact that;  the  penalty  for  sin  is  death  both  spiritual and  physically  and  eternal  condemnation.


    For  this  reason  God  made  Jesus  the  righteous,  perfect  judge,  over  all,  He  sent  Jesus  not  only  to  save  us,  but  to  bring judgement,  for  Jesus  said  if  we  haven't  heard  His  word  we  wouldn't  have  been  judged.  You  have  no  excuses  for  living  in sin.  Jesus  came  in  flesh  and  blood,  and  suffered  in  the  flesh  as  you  have  suffered,  He  was  tempted  and  has  faced  every temptation  of  the  flesh  you're  facings  today,  don't  say  it's  because  he  came  from  heaven,  no!  he  was  born  of  woman  like you  so  you  will  have  no  excuse.


    And  Satan  knowing  that  man  is  prone  to  sin  decided  to  tempt  Jesus,  but  Jesus  rebuked Satan  the  third  time  to  show  us  that,  we  too  can  overcome  temptation through Him.  If  you  resist  the  devil  he'll  flee  from  you.  Have  you ever  tried  to  resist  the  devil  or  you  just  simply  give  in  when  ever  he  comes.


    Once  lived  as  man  in  the  flesh,  Christ  suffered  and  died  on  the  cross,  paid  the  price  for  our  sin,  that  we  shall  make animal  sacrifices  no  more,  but  through  his  blood  that  cleanses  every  heart  who  chooses  to  follow  Him.  Having  once walked  in  flesh  and  blood  He  understands our  sufferings,  and  was  appointed  judge  by  God  over  all  to  show  mercy  and faithfulness, He  intercedes  on  our  behalf,  because  He  knows  what  we  are  going  through  in  this  world  of  sin.  Only  He  the high  priest  can  sympathize  with  us.


    And  through  his  blood, He  made  us  part  of  God's  covenant  with  Abraham  that  we  shall  be  His  offspring  and  inherit  his blessings,  for  through  Abraham,  his  offspring  shall  be  blessed.  Through  His  blood, Jesus  made  us  His  brothers,  and  as we are  His  brothers,  we  also  are  sons  of  God. Being sons  of  God,  in  time,  He  shall  put  everything  underneath  our  feet, everything,  and  we  shall  reign  with  Him  over  all  he  has  created,  even  His  angels  who  are  serving  us  as ministering  spirits.
    Hebrew  2:18


    " Because  He  himself  suffered  when  he  was  tempted,  he  is  able  to  help  those  who  are  being  tempted."

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