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    A child  of  God  is not a  son  of  God, though he is an heir of God's kingdom, but  still  a  child  of  God while  on  earth  hasn't  attain  sonship, he is still weak and can falter at anytime, and so nothing can be entrusted to him by God.


    Only those who have grown to become sons can stand  unwavering  to  the evil one and also to involve themselves in the Father's business, because they have grown to a stage where God can trust them. Can God trust you?


    A  child of  God  who  has  attain sonship  cannot  sin,  because  God's  seed  remains  and  has  fully  grown  in  him,  for  he  has  been  built  on  the  word  and  filled with  the  holy  spirit. A child  of  God,  though  his  name  written  in  the  book  of  life,  can  waver  if  he  doesn't  stand  firm,  he  is  a  child,  an  infant, because  he  is  not  yet  fully  grown,  making  it  possible  to  fall  astray  if  he  doesn't  give  himself  more  to  Jesus. But  you  should  know  that  everyone  who  has  attained  sonship  were  once  an  infant, therefore there is no excuse.

    Ephesians  4:11-14


    " It  was  he  who  gave  some to  be apostles,  some  to  be  prophets,  some  to  be  evangelist  and  some  to  be  pastors  and teachers,  to  prepare  God's  people  for  works  of  service,  so  that  the  body  of  Christ  may  be  built  up  until  we  all  reach unity  in  the  faith  and  in  the  knowledge  of  the  son  of  God  and  become  mature,  attaining  to  the  whole  measure  of  the fullness  of  Christ. Then  we will  no  longer  be  infants  tossed  back  and  forth  by  the  waves,  and  blown  here  and  there  by  every  kinds  of teaching  and  by  the  cunning  and  craftiness  of  men  in  their  deceitful  scheming."


    God  has  called  us  to  do  His  work  through  Christ Jesus,  we  can't  do  alone,  after  all  it  was  the  labor  of  the  apostles  we  are enjoying  today,  if  God  had  not  used  them  to  perfect  His  work,  we  would  not  have  heard  of  the  gospel  or  have  interest  in  it, that's  why  God  is  using  his  vessels  to  convey  his  word  to  strengthen  and  build  us  in  Christ  Jesus.


    Not  many  woke up one morning few  years  after  they  we're  born  and  decided  to  follow Jesus without  hearing  the word  of  God,  nobody  woke  up  one  morning  when  he  was  four  years  old,  picked  up  his  bible  to  study  when  he  haven't heard  the  word,  I  mean  can  a  four  year  old  even  read.


    That  is  why  God  has  been  using  his  vessels,  we  are  merely  vessels to  be  used  by  God  to  do  His  work  since  He  can't  come  down  to  earth  and  do  it  Himself,  all  we  have  to  do  is  surrender ourselves  totally  and  give  our  time  to  Him. That  is  why  He  also  sent  Jesus  in  human  flesh,  to  establish  a  new  era  of gospel  on  earth,  building  God's  kingdom  in  the  hearts  of  men  for  the  salvation  of  all  mankind.


    This  gospel  of  salvation  Jesus spread  through; first, His  apostle  and  then  till  this  day,  through  prophets,  pastors,  evangelist and  so  on. He  did  this so that  even  right  from  birth,  and  when  we  can't  read  and  write  properly  we  can  still  hear  his  word  and receive  it to heart,  because  everyone  is  born  of  sin.  God  has  planted  a  seed  in  the  heart  of  anyone  who  hears  the gospel.  Everyone  who  has  heard  the  gospel  has  a  seed  sown  in  his  heart,  and  that  seed  can  only  be  received  and developed  by  the  spirit  of  God  in  them.


    The  state  of  man's heart  matters  a  lot,  it  determines  if God's  seed in you will  grow  or  not.  Your  heart  is  your  spirit  man and your heart also  is  like  a  soil. There  are  different  soil,  just  as " the parable  of  the  sower."  If  you  degrade  your  soil, that  is;  your  spirit man  even  more,  the  more  likely  God's  seed  in  you,  which  is God's  word won't  grow.


    For  this  reason  he  has  sent  his  servants  to  strengthen  and  build  us  in  the  word  through  Christ  Jesus.  Right  from  the moment we become born again,  God's  seed  in  us  will  starts  growing,  so  that  we  will  no  longer  be  infants,  but  be  fully mature  in  the  fullness  of  Christ.  He  uses his  vessels  to give life out of the fullness of God's word deposited in them and also to reveal  the deep things God. But  still, only  those  who choose  to  grow  in  the  spirit  can  receive  his  word which is life  and  understand the mind of God.


    Everyone  mature  in  the  spirit  were  once  infants,  for  maturity  comes  after  infantry,  the  moment  you  become  born  again, the  moment  you  receive  Jesus  into  you  heart,  you  are  born  again,  born  not  as  a  man  but  born  again  as  a  child spiritually,  no  one  is born  as  a  man out  of  his  mother's  womb.


    Now  that  you  are  born  again  as  a  child,  you  need  to  grow  to  attain  sonship, though  when  you  are  born  again  as  a  child  of  God,  you  are  entitled  to  reign  and  rule  with  Him  in  His  kingdom,  but  it  is  not really  a  good  thing  to  remain  as  a  child, because a  child  can't  take  care  of  himself,  making  him  weak  against  the  attack  of  the evil  one.


    One being  born  again  doesn't  mean  he'll  enter God's  kingdom,  only  those  who  have treasured God's word stored in their heart to grow unto maturity, becoming sons, are sure  of  entering  God's kingdom.  It  is  God's  will  that  we  should  all  grow  in  Him,  for  it  is  the natural  process  of  a  child  to  grow unto  maturity.


    A child  has  his  vulnerability,  because  he  can't  defend  himself  properly,  he  doesn't  have  much  zeal  or  determination  for God,  that  is  why  you  see  most  born  again  today  rising  and  falling,  undergoing  same  circle  of  sin  and  repentance, because  they  refuse  to  grow,  they  thought  being  born  again  is  enough,  they  are  too  lazy  to  feed  their  spirit  with  God's word,  they  are  not  willing  to  sacrifice  their  all  to  follow  Him  in  Other  to  attain  maturity.


    The  battle  for  God's  kingdom  isn't  a  battle  for  children,  you  need  to  grow  in  other  to  be  victorious,  there  is  no  such  thing as  normal  Christian,  its  either  you  stand  or  fall,  because  the  moment  you  become  born  again  you  are  an  enemy  of  the devil,  he  hates  you  just  as  he  hates  God,  no,  he  hates  you  even  more  than  he  hates  God,  because  of  God's  eternal purpose  for  you.


    Let  me  give  an  illustration;  A  mother  hen  always  looks  after  her  chickens,  when  there  is  danger,  when  the  birds  of  prey strikes,  she  either  gathers  them  underneath  her  wings  or  fights  back,  since  the  chickens  are  immature,  they  aren't  always on  the  watch  except  the  mother,  when  in  times  of  danger  if  a  chick  strayed  far  away  from  the  mother,  it  gets  taken  away by  the  predator.


    So  it  is  today,  the  spirit  of  God  has  been  knocking  at  the  door  of  your  heart  to  come  in,  since  you  were living  in  sin.  The  moment  you  become  born  again,  you  become  an  enemy,  a  target  for  the  devil,  and  so  Jesus  is  always on  the  watch  protecting  you  from  going  back  into  the  world,  of  course  he  is,  but  if  you  willingly  stray  to  far  from  him  as an  immature  child  how  can  he  protect  you.


    Not  being  mature  renders  you  vulnerable  to  sin,  and  lacking  in  many  things  of  the  spirit,  like  the  mysteries  of  God  made known  to  a  mature  man  in  the  spirit  by  the  knowledge  God's  spirit  has  given  him  can't  be  understood  by  an  infant,  that's why  some born  again  can't  understand  the  time  we  are  in,  even  if  you  tell  them " Jesus  is  coming  soon,"  they'll  say;  " maybe in  fifty  years  to  come,"  not  understanding  the  time  they're  in,  they  plan  and  live  their  life  as  if  they'll  raise  generations.


    When you are  mature  in  the  spirit,  you  live  a  life  without  sin,  because  God's  seed  remains  in  you,  you  cannot  sin,  only those  who  are  mature  in  the  spirit  can  say  by  His  spirit they  aren't  bound  to  sin, unlike  others  who  would  say  from  time  to time  one  will  have  to  sin  and  then  repent,  but  remember  shall  we  continue  in  sin  that  grace  might  increase,  don't  deceive yourselves,  take  a  stand  to  grow  in  the  spirits


    I  will  say  this,  as  written  in  the  word  that  i  shall  not  boast,  but  for  the  encouragement  of  the  weak:


    " For  it  is  by  grace  we  are  saved,  through  faith,  and  this  not  from  yourselves,  it  is  the  gift  of  God,  not  by  works,  so  no  one can  boast.  '


    A child  doesn't  grow  in  a  day,  you  just  have  to  give  your  life  time  to  Jesus  in  faithfulness  and  when  you've  attain maturity  you'll  be  surprised  when  you  look  back,  and  say;  " was  this  the  life  I  was  living  before."

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