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  • Faith Feeds On The Impossible

    Faith feeds on impossibilities. It's is man's nature to doubt and doubt feeds on limitations, limitations from being Christ like.


    To walk by the spirit is to be “on” constantly on the inside in communion with Jesus, it is being in God's presence, carrying Him along in everything that has to do with us, everything! heart, soul and body. To walk by the flesh is to take even a second off of God's presence.


    When we live and walk constantly by the spirit we walk by faith, from Faith to Faith. However, when we live by the flesh, when we're more alive in the senses than in the presence of God, we naturally walk in doubts unknowingly like a tree rotting from the inside. It's evidence cannot be clearly seen yet, but in reality, we're being drawn far from all God has called us, then our doubt is manifest more as we become far from the impossible.


    To stay out of God's presence, is to break temporarily in Faith, it is a pause in our building and like buildings blocks we become naturally far from being concerned with God's will and then, naturally too concerned about what is seen and temporal.


    As simple as it is, the things that seems so irrelevant to the canal minded actually holds more weight in the spirit, in our walk with God.


    A many, even ministers, servants of God wants to do more as Jesus did, but just can't, because there are little restraints they seem not to have deliberately ignored and cast aside as irrelevant. One cannot take a thief to court if he himself holds a stolen property of that thief. Jesus said;


    “ Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me”
    [ John 14:30 ]


    Cast off your restraints as you listen to the holy spirit once more, He's always speaking, His mouth is like running waters. Many just get too irritated to listen and take all He's saying, because of carnality.


    Many are restrained from walking more as Jesus did not because it's impossible or it's for a selected few, but because, they don't stay always in God presence to become sensitive to His spirit and even if they do, they become too canal to listen to the holy spirit to make decisions, choices that seems so little and irrelevant, but having great spiritual effect. There are restraints that seems so normal, but stands as a great hindrance in our journey to the throne. The throne of God is in ranks, where you stop is where you at.


    To be sensitive to the spirit is to put God's interest first before ours, it is to please God first even though it hurts the flesh and surely it will. However, it's more easier to drown peacefully than in struggle, gasping for breath.


    To be out of God's presence in our heart is to walk in the flesh which displaces and replaces Faith with doubt, hindering us from becoming God's person. When we see a man not concerned about God's will, God's purpose, it is because he has lived too much time out of Faith to believe, i.e. he has lived more out of God's presence. This is why the words edifies us to pray without ceasing in hymns, spiritual song, thanks, acknowledgements, just talking or hearing from God through His word. Just talk or listen to God, rest in His arms under the shades. in other words being in God's presence always in our heart, for there He's invited.


    Faith comes from hearing and hearing God's word to heart, not to ear. And hearing is to become one with Jesus as we take in His life always, by inviting and  living in His presence inwardly, in heart. It is the presence of God that so fills inwardly that overflows and manifest on the outside.


    The more we hear God's word to heart or the more we invite Him to heart, the more He becomes part of us, to become infused, integrated as one, more and more. It's like adding more red wine to the water, it changes gradually until it all becomes wine, and the even more wine, then it can be likened to the original wine source.


    Without Love, there's no Faith. Where there's little love, there's is so little Faith. We do not lack Faith, we lack Love, for when we lack Love then, we lack Faith, for it is love to spend time with the source of Faith. To have Faith is to become increasingly conformed to the very image of the one who is Faith “Jesus.” How much faith we have will determine how much we'll press in violently to become God's person.


    Believing is acting Faith, the action of faith is believing i.e. putting faith to work is believing and one cannot have trust to believe when he is lacking in the very nature of the source of Faith.


    God is Faith, no one can have faith without God, to have Faith is to believe in the impossible as God walks the impossible. What is possible for others in Christ Jesus cannot be possible for us, only if we act Faith by believing. And to believe is to love, because as we love by building intimacy with God we're being built and restored more to the His very nature to live like Him.


    Intimacy becomes the very basis. We're created for a relationship, and relationship in God is restoration. How much we spend in intimacy will determine how much more increasingly we'll be restored to the very likeness of God.


    When we truly have Faith, we truly believe. And in accordance to the measure of our faith, we'll believe. When we truly believe, we'll do everything necessary by the holy spirit to see only God's will fully manifested not in part, but in full.


    To reach for the impossible is to reach out to Jesus, it is knowing Jesus by acting Faith. To act Faith is to act in the measure of Faith in you. I.e. it is living in the measure of Jesus in you, just like a five year old cannot live as a six year old. There's that much difference in Christ Jesus. Your heart, your soul, your true self with the spirit of God dwelling in you is Faith, Faith is your maturity in Christ Jesus.


    Your Faith is you, ( your heart ) you're your Faith. It's linked to age, maturity. When we ask God to help our unbelief, when we ask Him for Faith, we're not simply asking Him to give us Faith like a chocolate bar rather, we're asking Him to help us grow in spirit. And I tell you, no one can grow in spirit without being passed through fire.


    God has released same measure of Faith to everyone just as He does grace, for He is Faith, we only need walk into it. However, No one can act more than the Faith they've accessed, because Faith is God's word and God's word, “Jesus.”


    We'll only believe in accordance to the measure of faith infilling us i.e. in in accordance to the measure of Jesus indwelling and dominating us.


    To reach the impossibilities is to act Faith by believing. Believing is total surrender to God's will, living in sacrifice to see His will manifest no matter the cost or the pain. Sacrifice, is love and Love to the flesh is pain, but pain to the spirit is eternal joy and glory.


    The amount of Faith in us also, is the amount of Jesus in us. Choose to live to in sacrifice, in obedience to what He has revealed to you by measure of His spirit of wisdom in you, this will determine your reach for the impossible. The impossible is you, your true self in Christ Jesus.


    Work on your relationship, then you'll grow in maturity of faith i.e. you'll grow in spirit, to believe, acting in love to reach the impossible.


    Not only must we grow in spirit as we're being renewed Inwardly through intimacy. Not only must we grow in maturity of faith, rather we must put our Faith to work by believing to reach the impossible. Believing to reach the impossible is absolute obedience to the holy spirit without questions or doubts, because He's our guide, our helper, our teacher, our coach, He's all we need to reach the impossible, trust Him. Be filled and listen to Him.


    To walk in the impossible comes by revelation in maturity of Faith, i.e. knowing the mind, will and purposes of God in measure of how much He dominates us as we walk in Love, even obedience to death.


    To reach the impossibilities, is to journey to the throne of God. The moment we became born again of God's spirit, we all were set on a rough journey to the throne of God. How much restraints we cast off in obedience to the holy spirit will determine how longer and how much closer we'll be before the throne.

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