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  • Excerpt, A Visit To Abraham

    When we're faced with challenges, we ought to pray about our weaknesses and not the situation. Because the situation is a check to mature us in Faith.


    Satan, the only thing be can touch is your possession and not your heart. He can touch your money, health, loved ones, anything, but he cannot touch your heart. He does this to destroy our relationship with God. When satan knows your faith is in God and not on your possession he'll stop disturbing you,

    becausehe can only touch your possession and he knows that disturbing you is drawing you closer to God. So, he has to give up.

    When he knows that your faith is not in your possession but on God, he'll stop disturbing you. If satan sees the disturbance he gives you draws you more closer to God, he'll let you off.


    When he hits our possession, many you begin to curse God by complaining.


    “why I'm i serving you?”


    Now when you want to pray, you pray for restoration, business, forgetting every good thing God has done for you. Every good thing God has done for you, you forget them. And imagine you saying that to your father, your biological father caring for you, instead of saying thank you. Until He restores that which you want, you'll not say thank you. Why forget everything He has been doing since you're an embryo.


    When satan knows your faith is not on your possession, but the giver of the possession, he'll stop when he knows that it draws you to God

    I judge people by the peace of heart, peace of heart is above all. A criminal can have everything, nothing he cannot achieve, but without peace of heart. We see Christians by the peace on the inside, not on the outside.


    A man can be poor yet be a friend of God, a candidate of heaven.

    When you see an unbeliever wanting the same contract just as you, many will say;


    “My God will get it for me”


    When you realize you didn't get it and the unbeliever did, you begin to curse God.
    How can you put your God to test, it is you God puts to test.

    At the end you mark God bad, He has failed, because you cannot get the contract.

    If your faith is not tested you cannot be promoted. You refuse to grow because you avoid test.

    Faith in possession is faith on satan, it's satan's trap.

    When it begins to take your time off God, that's faith in possession.


    You yourself, you're a possession, you have faith in yourself. If you have faith in your possession, satan can strike your health.

    God said to satan about Job.


    “touch everything, but not his heart.”


    Everything was his possession, everything including His children, his flesh, but his heart is where God is. Job puts his faith not on his possession, but on God that's why He didn't break, he didn't curse God. In so little time God restored and glorified him more.


    The devil, all he's fighting is your faith, he'll look for where or what you put your faith in, be it; health, bank account, loved ones, he'll strike to destroy your relationship with God. You must put your faith in God and acknowledge Him, draw closer to Him more and more. Our possession are unsecure, exposed tot he devil because we put our faith in them and not God who's the giver.

    T.B. Joshua

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    7 hours ago, jennifer1113 said:

    I like the part where is says..

    peace on inside not on the outside.


    very true!

    Lord I don't know what to reply, so I said.

    But to say;

    Thank you Jesus.


    I'd testify I haven't had worries, not from the very moment i was born again, but the very moment I told Him;

    “Lord, I don't care, do what you want, still I'll love you.”

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