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    Contentment, Faith and Love are some of the basis roots of our joy and peace and also our place in Christ Jesus.


    Let us cultivate a heart of love, for the extent of which we love God will determine how much we'll hunger for His word, inviting His presence into our heart. Love is the link between man's heart and the word, it is our love for God, by the spirit of God that draws us to His word, which then builds in us more of His nature.


    If we say we love God and yet, not drawn to His word, not for anything else, but to become filled with His life and knowing His mind and will, then we do not have or have failed in Love.


    Placing God's word first, as small as it may seems, “like a mustard seed” is the greatest desire the holy spirit puts in the heart of everyone born of God, because it branches to all, all that is in Christ Jesus. Nothing in Him is impossible by His word and spirit dwelling in us.


    It's sad many has failed to nurture this mustard seed. From walking naturally in the nature of God by being filled with the holy spirit to being baptized in the holy ghost, finding our blueprint and being empowered to walk in God's project for His master plan, It all starts with a mustard seed, “putting God first” by being immersed in His word, feeding on it. From a tiny little seed there comes everything that seems impossible.


    When we lack contentment, we're simply not satisfied with Jesus. Although, Jesus has promised He'll be with us always, yet because, of our selfishness and impatience to rely fully on God, not waiting for God's appointed time, we begin to doubt and question God.


    When doubts is harbored in our hearts, our Faith begins to decrease and decrease rapidly without us knowing. When our faith decreases, our trust in God decreases also, even when He speaks His word, when we hear His word, it doesn't get to our heart, our hearts no longer receives God's word, because our heart, out of lack of contentment, becomes filled with worry.


    When our heart becomes filled with worry, God begin to lose His place in our heart, we become less of Him more than we were before, and naturally we find ourselves spontaneously acting out of God's character when we begin to lose God's nature. When we begin to become less if God, every little thing irritates us as we begin to lose patience, having doubts and then lacking Faith in God's word. These destroys our relationship, because where there's no trust, there's no love. Such, have so little love for God, because it's no longer about God anymore, but rather self, it all centers around self, what we want and not what God wants.


    Meanwhile, what God wants is a free flowing fellowship, relationship like streams of water, not like tap water we can turn on and off. It is this relationship when built in maturity of Faith that brings about God's blessing naturally, because where God presence is overwhelmingly invited, there lies manifestation of life, and where life is, there lies everything, because life erases all that is death.


    Here, we come to a place of trust where Jesus can trust us with the will of God without it destroying us and others. And more importantly it'll usher us into finding our true identity in Christ Jesus, what God has written concerning us in His master plan.


    Be contented. To be contented is to have Faith in God both in good and bad times. It is a free heart, a heart of peace and joy, a heart that finds peace and joy in whatever life brings, knowing that in all, they're all allowed by God, working in us inwardly, a greater weight of eternal glory.


    It is this peace of heart, this free heart, that strengthens and increases our Faith even more to draw more closer to God in intimacy, not because we want out of the temporary light afflictions at hand, but rather, because we want to see the answer of God, what He'll bring of it all, and the answer is; “His glory” in us being revealed from glory to glory, a glorious future.


    We are this glorious future being recreated more in Christ Jesus to become an extension of His glory and power, manifesting the will of God naturally, we become God's hands of restoration to a dying world, to build His kingdom and to reign with Him eternally.


    Where there's absolute Faith, there's love, love to live no longer for self, believing that God has all things under control even when it seems not yet so in the material. We see through the eyes of Faith, what God sees, that all things are taken care of already awaiting to manifest at God's appointed time. His appointed time is when we're be lifted and built in maturity of Faith inwardly from glory to glory.

    With the mouth, everyone can say;


    “God has all things under control,”


    but it takes maturity of Faith to confess the same with a free spirit, ( a heart at peace ) even when the situation seems bleak and impossible.


    Where there's Faith, there's love, to love even more. Love, no longer for self, but love that desires to meet the need of Jesus. We're not the only one who has need, Jesus does too, such great a need that can't be met without our lives being given in return. We are that “help,” by living only for Him to become His hands of restoration reaching out to a dying world and to build the kingdom of the Father.


    Jesus has needs and our lives given are the only requirement to meet that need. This need also is “us.” We are His need to be met and our lives fully given are the requirements to meet that need. His need is to restore us, fallen from thrones to become a part of God's government for all eternity. He only needs our love just as He has loved us by laying down His life.


    When we live to meet the need of Jesus, we In turn meet our needs, because not only does He supply according to our contentment and love, but more importantly, our eternal need is met, because by living as His hands to build the kingdom, we're being renewed and glorified inwardly, in the glory of God just as He said;


    “Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.


    And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.”

    [ I John 3:2‭-‬3 ]


    To the measure we're glorified inwardly as we walk in love while on earth, to that measure we'll be more like Him, seated with Him upon thrones or as subjects, I.e. if we fail in our love walk.


    In all, it is man's to be lacking in things of the spirit. By man's natural ability, nothing in God can be achieved or attained, but only by God's spirit through His word. It is the infilling, indwelling of God's nature dominating us as we feed on God's word to become filled with life.


    To hear God's word to heart is to receive it as life with an open heart, not history or for mere knowledge. It is hearing God's word to heart that  ushers us into a God kind of life to live naturally in the nature of God. This becomes the foundation, branching into all that we are called into in Christ Jesus.


    Contentment, Faith and Love. Love remains the greatest, for without an ever increasing love, there's no contentment. Contentment wants what the Father wants, and without love there's no Faith, because love also is absolute trust.


    It takes believing of heart in the name “Jesus” to become part of God's family. However, it takes walking in love to get us a place in God's kingdom.

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