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  • Christianity, A Relationship

    Relationship actually, is what makes us Christians. Without being Immersed in the word, without the word dominating our hearts we cannot be filled with the holy spirit who helps in our relationship with God. Salvation restores our relationship, but it is the holy spirit that maintains and builds that relationship when we let Him. We cannot pray unless the spirit prays in us, we cannot spend time with God unless the spirit quickens us to.  No one can do the things of God, only the spirit can, by acting on the word in our hearts.


    It is the holy spirit that helps in our weaknesses to be in constant relationship with God. Unless we have the foundation of God's word in our heart, dominating and ruling us we cannot be completely influenced or taken over by the holy spirit to stay closely with God.


    To be filled with the holy spirit, we have to be filled with the waters of life and then, like the sacrifice of Elijah, the fire will lick up the waters, consuming the sacrifice. In the new covenant, our hearts becomes the alter, the water, God's word, the fire, is the holy spirit. God revealed this in the old covenant through Elijah's sacrifice, now we have Jesus in our heart.


    It is the fire of the holy spirit that consumes the fallen nature, sanctifying our hearts to become a place where God not only dwells but also, builds His home. I mean, to build in us His kingdom where He functions. in preparation for God to dwell therein and make His home, our hearts must be sanctified and put in order, straightening every crooked path for Him to dwell.


    Be Immersed in the word and you'll be filled with the holy spirit. No one can live in holiness without being filled with the holy spirit, no one can think the thoughts of God without being filled with the holy spirit and no one can do the acts of God without being baptized in the holy ghost. It is a process. Immersion in the word, being filled with the holy spirit and then, being baptized in the holy ghost. To become filled is to walk in the nature of God. However to be baptized in the holy ghost, is to be empowered to become God's hands.


    To be Immersed in the word, we must give to God our quality time feeding on His word slowly, attentively and repeatedly not for anything else but, to become filled with His very nature of Life. How much of God's word dwells in us is how much of Jesus actually dwells in us. To the extent the word dwells, dominates us, to that extent we have Jesus in us. Time with God is sacrifice, time with God is eternal Life.


    If we truly are Christians, the holy spirit will testify to how much we are like Jesus. Without relationship built on the foundation of the word, being a Christian or rather being more like Jesus will be null and void. When I say “relationship,” I mean “sacrifice.” True love does not come with sacrifice, it is in reality “sacrifice.”


    Relationship ( love ) is not forced, anything forced is not Faith. To the extent you're willing to love Jesus to that extent you're willing to sacrifice. God knows the hearts of men and will pour out Himself more only to those who desires to know Him. The desire to know Him comes from His spirit. Every step of Faith to build our relationship, He becomes our step to bring us into Jesus more and more. He moves in us only when we take steps of Faith.


    A Christian is known by his love, how much love we give out will be a reflection of how much we love Jesus. Because without loving Jesus, there's no loving others, without loving others, there no loving Jesus. We begin to Love when we shut our eyes to this world and open them to a world of glory, only then can we become true Christians, because to be a Christian is to become Jesus.


    Salvation brings us to Jesus, but relationship makes us more like Jesus and when we become more like Him, we experience more of Him. The evidence of Christianity is the evidence of Jesus in us, how much of Jesus is given out through us. Jesus was given by the Love of God to fulfil His will and so also, we are given by the Love of God to fulfil His will. The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch, because they were more of a reflection of Jesus.


    Today many portrays us as mere religious, because many have the word of God but not the power of God, i.e. they have Jesus but Jesus cannot be seen in them, they have Jesus but without an in-depth relationship. If you're a Christian, the world will hate you as it hated Jesus, your depths of love for Him will only magnify the hatred of the evil one towards you, because you're building what He has destroyed. The difference between religion and Christians is selfish acts and relationship.


    How much you know Jesus, I mean; when your love for Him begins to overflow, He'll not only entrust you with, but also, guides and flows through you on how to release His overflowing Love to others. The love of God you give out is the divine nature God made you before the dawn of creation. Like a unique color pencil in a color pack, I'd often say. You're your own color out of Jesus. The color pencil is your true divine nature, the color's lead is the dimension of Jesus In you, love rather.


    When He colors through you, a different color is seen, but all for one purpose. When He colors in creation through you, a different manifolds of His glory ( love ) is released through you. No one's a copy, all is for one purpose, “His will,” drawing out His master plan for eternity.


    We can only become true Christian when we become Christ like, by giving our all to draw His attention. That's love, that's sacrifice. Not what He can do for us, but what we can do for Him. In all, it is “Relationship.”


    He brought us to being for His love and for His will. However, we're given free will to yield either to His or ours. His will although hard and unpleasant to the flesh, but to the spirit; for our glory to the glory of God. This is why we need to be filled with the holy spirit, so God's love won't become pain to us, because to the flesh it is. The flesh is a thorn to God's spirit, God's spirit also is a thorn to the flesh. It hurts Jesus when we fail to walk in His will, not because He's at loss, but because we are, we truly are. Unless we open our eyes of Faith we'll remain blind to see. Let's not wait till the last day before our eyes of faith are open. Relationship lost here can't be gain there.


    Relationship is knowing Jesus, how much of Jesus we do have. To know Jesus is to lay down our lives just as He did. By laying down our lives, we become dead to self for Him alone to be seen, walking through us in a dying world, outpouring His love to restore that which was fallen. To be a Christian is to lose our fleshly identity for Christ to be seen.


    “ Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
    [ John 15:13 ]


    If we are ready to lose our lives, we'll gain it. To lose our lives is simply making Jesus visible as self gradually diminishes. Just as He laid down His life for the world, we ought to, by faith and love. Where faith and love so overflows, fears are shrouded and erased. Fear becomes a boundary that hinders us from knowing and experiencing the eternal and overflowing love of God. Where there's love, there no fear. When we are willing to lay down our lives, love overflows naturally, erasing all fears giving us Faith that God's in us and we in Him.


    Fear hinders God in us, but when we love by acting Faith looking unto God and not to self, we trust Him that as we sacrifice and stay more closely with Him, He'll strengthen us to destroy the boundaries of fears that so hinders His love from overflowing In us.

    God is love and Love is God, when we allow Him to remove our fears He gives us more of Himself to give out more of Himself. He fills us more to give out more.


    Now I know It's natural to have fear wearing an earthen vessel. Jesus did also, when He was nearing the end of His assignment, His last days before the cross, He spoke out in fear;


    “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”
    [ Matthew 26:39 ]


    However, rather than looking unto self for security, He looked unto God, trusting and relying on His strength, on Him rather. Looking unto self for security actually is insecurity. In the end, hindering or pulling us farther from God ( being more of a Christian ).

    Then He changed His confession both second and third time saying;


    “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”
    [ Matthew 26:42 ]


    A many Christian have been hindered by hindering God with their fears. They look to self to save their own skin rather than risking the scars by looking unto God who has promised all is meant for His glory and to be with us always. Jesus is in us, there's no position we're in, He doesn't feel, we only need to turn it into a greater weight of glory when we pass. The answer is simply love. And so Jesus said;


    “ For whoever wants to save their life  will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.”
    [ Mark 8:35 ]


    Fear becomes a boundary hindering the flow of God in us when we fail to look unto Him that is, trusting Him to make a way out, destroying the boundaries hindering His love in us. Such is those who have great love and faith; men who have fears, yet seeking God, trusting Him to displaced every fear by Love. When I say “by love,” I mean “to move forward.”


    Just like the Israelites, when God descended on Mount Sinai. All He wanted was a relationship, yet only Moses loved enough to come closer to Him, the others remained at a distance. This they said to Moses;


    “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die.”
    [ Exodus 20:19 ].


    Where love is lacking, fear lies therein. Many have failed and are failing to experience more of God all because of “fear.” Many fear, because the ways, the love of God is not the ways of men ( the fallen nature ). Fear is of the fallen nature, insecurity, self. When we walk in the love of God by Faith, all fears are dealt with to experience more of Him.


    If anyone is simple, let Him believe and accept Jesus as redeemer. Or as Christians, are we willing to know Him as Lord just as He entrusted His Life in the hands of the Father? There are many Christians out there, but how much truly are we a Christian? How much of Jesus dwells in us? That's what spells the difference.


    Jesus never called us for a religion, He called us for a relationship to become like Him, to become Christians, Christ-like.


    Evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed, first within and then through us. Christianity is a relationship not a religion, let us work on our relationship.

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