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  • A Little Of My Story

    John Stinson
    • devotionals

    When I was a young teenager I got involved with a gang that was called the nation of gods and earths. There other name is the five percenters. They were a very rough group of teenagers. The gang I was in had an influence on all the teenagers that guided them either to jail or prison and in most cases both. The gang had a propaganda that taught hatred against the white race so it was a racist group. The reason why it was a racist group was because the man who started it was a racist man. The man who started it was called Clearance 13x Smith. He was a criminal and that is why there was a great influence from the gang to influence the teenagers who got involved in the gang to go either to jail or prison or both. Jail and prison was the place that all of us ended up some time in our lives when we were in the gang. Jail and prison was the only destiny for all the teenagers who were in the gang and jail was were I ended up, but not prison. All of the teenagers that were in the five percenters the same time I was; they all ended up in prison, except me. The only lockup I been in was the city and county jail. Jesus was the complete reason why I didn't end up in prison. Many of the teenagers I hung with back then committed some very serious crimes. These are some stories so you can see the kind of teenagers I ran with. There were two teenagers I ran with who were called Shabazz and El-Seek. By the way, when a teenager got into the gang, the teenager who put them in it would change their names. Changing your name was mandatory. My full name when I was in it was Lord Creative King Jahmeek and the last name was the name of the god the Moslems worship which I refuse to say, but you should know what it is. Back to the story: There were two teenagers I ran with who raped an old white lady in 1984. Both of them got 18 years a piece. When they got out, one of them when back to prison for another rape and the other went back to prison for stabbing his mother to death. Another teenager I ran with killed a college student at a bar one night for no reason at all. He did it because he had a desire to kill someone. He has been released and is doing very good. Another teenager I was extremely close to grabbed a police officers gun and shoot both police officers. He will never get out. I remember one time we went to one of his girlfriends house unannounced and she had another guy there. We stayed a brief moment then we left. As we were out in the hallway he said to me, yo Jahmeek I am going to kill that guy, so I said, yo, lets go it aint worth it, so we left. If I hadn't stopped him from killing that guy he would have been in prison for that instead of shooting those cops. Jesus always gave me a sense of awareness that other people don't have. I remember when I was 18 I was involved with this drug kingpin. He had the best cocaine than anyone else so we were making a lot of money. I said to him one day that the police is watching us. Now he was a grown man. I got connected to him because I was dating his daughter. I said to him, the police is watching us. He said to me, you are just paranoid the police don't even know about us. So I left him alone along with his daughter. One day his daughter called me crying on the phone and she said, you were right, the police was watching my father. 50 people went to jail and than prison. One time when I was living in Birmingham, Alabama I was living in this apartment complex. Everyone who lived there got their apartment broken into excepted me, so for the reason, everyone thought it was me who was doing the break ins, but it wasn't me. One time I brought this very nice Buick Park Ave and after I brought it, I brought it to a friends house so he could see it. The first thing he said to me is, John you better get a club for that car because that car is a target. Well, sure enough someone tried to steal the car, but they didn't get it. They broke the steering wheel column, but they didn't get the car. We don't know what scared them off, but some thing did. I can go on and on with testimonies. Some you wouldn't believe. Those testimonies aren't testimonies compared to other testimonies I have.  When I was a teenager I ran with some very, extremely, rough teenagers. I wasa drug addict and an alcoholic when I was a teenager.     

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