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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! Soon I have the chance to pitch my book Jesus and Me as a cartoon series, and they asked for a pilot episode (and a show bible). I've created a ten minute script but I'm nervous I've missed something obvious as I'm new to screenwriting. Is there anyone experienced in this who would be willing to look over the pages and tell me if I've got any of the technical jargon etc wrong? Thanks, Joshua
  2. Hi everyone, I have recently joined this website, and I am looking for a way to jumpstart the dream of mine of the book that I wrote, What Does It Mean To Be Free?, being published. I feel as if God has given me this dream of becoming a Christian writer, and also of the book being published. I have posted the entire book What Does It Mean To Be Free? in The Reading Room on this website. I would be delighted if you would read the book. I would appreciate any feedback, ranging from what could be improved in the book, to what are the pos
  3. Hello Everyone! I am writing this post to inform you all that I just launched my Blog today! I was hoping you all could check it out and give me some feedback. the website is: http://www.christian-thoughts.com Thank you all in advance! Peace & Blessings, Grace
  4. Peace, Like Solomon Never Knew is part commentary on Ecclesiastes, part foray into eschatology. It proposes a novel historicist framework for Bible prophecy related to the end times based on Ecclesiastes, Job, Psalm 119, the story of Noah from Genesis, Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, and Revelation 2-3. I doubt you have ever seen anything like it before. I call it computational eschatology. (There is Some math involved.) I DO NOT set a date for Christ’s return. (The earlier the better, in my book.) I would like to swap critiques. I am open to reading fantasy, sci-fi, YAF, Christian non
  5. Hi! If anyone of you picked up a free copy of my ebook, Memory Lane Was Moved, while I had the five day promo, I would encourage you to let me know if you found any spelling/grammatical errors. This would be a big help to me as I want to make my ebook available as an actual book but would like to make sure it doesn't have any mistakes. Just letting you all know that I am aware that the book has several fragment sentences. However, I did this on purpose as it is a style of writing that the late Andrew Clements incorporated into his middle school novels (by the way, shortly befo
  6. Hi, everyone! I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a free children's ebook that I'm publishing tomorrow and reviewing it. It would be so encouraging! Here is the link to the book. It will be free for five days starting tomorrow. Below is the synopsis of the book: When eleven-year-old Travis wakes up in a strange room with no memory, he embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Teaming up with Sadie and her older brother Robert, Travis uncovers his past with surprising results. He encounters Larry, a mysterious man who appears to have known Trav
  7. Hey, y'all! So a while ago, I posted a lot of covers for Links of the Two Worlds... until I finally got to one that's not terrible . I will release the next book in the Rise of the Royals series in January, so I'm trying to get stuff like cover design out of the way. Be brutally honest (I can take it, lol): What do y'all think of this cover? Here's Links of the Two Worlds' cover, just for the sake of comparison:
  8. So, a couple weeks ago I posted a cover done by a friend... the feedback I got on it wasn't very great. I've made a cover this time, and though I'm not emotionally attached to it like I was the other one, I think it might be a little better (I really miss the chain, though ). The genre is middle grade fantasy.
  9. I'm looking for some feedback for writing prompt mockups. I am making some pins for Pinterest and would like to get some second options on backgrounds and readability. Thank you!
  10. Is it eye-catching enough? Does it flow well? Does something look off? Does it go well with the fantasy genre? WOULD YOU READ IT?
  11. SO...I changed the title of my romance, because I was done with tearing my hair out over how to incorporate a café into the mess that was my cover. Yes, the cafe's important to the story, but it's not THAT important. What do you all think of this cover (and this title?) Questions? Comments? Problems?
  12. Thanks so much, everybody who's weighed in on this, especially Lynn, EBraten, Shamrock and Clair Tucker! Now I'd like to take a poll on these two designs. All other things being equal, if you were in the mood to read a romance, which one would you pick up/click on? (A) or (B) ?
  13. So I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing this, but I uploaded a cover idea for my romance story. Granted, this cover image doesn't scream "romance" but I'd still like to hear feedback. I modeled it off book covers that have caught my eye in the past, and only just today realized that none of those books were romances...
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