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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently finished editing a book that has been on my desktop for quite a few years now. I feel that God has given me the dream of the book being published. The book is titled What Does It Mean To Be Free? and in the book I talk about what it means to be free. I talk about my life experiences that have either made me go further down the path of being free, or less so. I also reveal some of my deepest secrets. The book talks about how going to God is the best and truest way to become free, and how one can be truly set free in God.
  2. Finally sat down and finalized the edits from this and another forum I'm on, fixing and updating all the critiques graciously given to me so far. I think it may be ready for beta reading now. I have a number of beta readers on it right now, but they are from friends, and not writers themselves, so it's more of an audience read for me. I would love any further help that you are willing to give toward the book. The easiest way for me to share the book would be to share it through google docs, which I would only need your gmail address for. In that format, you would be able to direct
  3. Hello fellow writers and workers in the Lord! I'd really appreciate some reviews for my new preteen Christian adventure called: Jesus, The Good Trouble Maker. I thought I'd make it more appealing by dramatising some of it - take a listen - and if you would like to review the book (it's about an hour and fifteen minutes long read), please let me know! https://soundcloud.com/joshua-cartwright-455440635/jesus-the-good-troublemaker-book-chapter-10 Enjoy! Joshua PS. The book is available on Amazon [book:Jesus, The Good Trouble Maker: Hero? Enemy
  4. Hi, I’m seeking several beta-readers to read my fantasy novel and provide feedback on the plot, characters, prose, etc. Brief description of the novel: The heir to the most powerful house of the kingdom and the Crown Princess lose everything in a single night. Together, they must embark on a journey to save their lives and seek help to recover the kingdom from the claws of corruption, lies and manipulation. In the journey, they uncover dark secrets of mythical creatures hidden in the depths of the sea and the land. What sacrifices will they have to ma
  5. Hello, Newbie here. If you're interested in the following, I'd love to hear from you and would be very appreciative for feedback and insights. I have two readers lined up but both have personal connections and I know many of you could really help. Book's tease: A struggling man and a charming, yet hurting boy share a cosmic connection as they team up to stop the boy’s father from disappearing forever, each hoping to find wholeness and healing in the process. In their race against a powerful curse on the boy's father, all the two must do is learn to fly, love the
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for 3 or 5 beta readers for a 17k word story. I am happy to beta read in return. Here's a brief description of the story: How far would you go for your best friend? Retired search-and-rescue dog, Hector, is forced to find out when he is separated from his master in the beautiful and rugged landscape of Mpumalanga, South Africa. Desperate to be reunited, Hector sets out on a journey that challenges his determination and defines what friendship means for his master. Let me know if you're interested and I'll PM you.
  7. I have now (almost) finished the book of meditations based upon the events of Holy Week and am looking for beta readers. The MS is 15K. It has 12 meditations. Each one has an exercise and a prayer accompanying it. The meditations are written from the POV of one of the people who are mentioned in the Passion narrative: i.e Pilate, Judas, Mary Magdelene. It is aimed at church groups, home groups and individuals. The exercises are deliberately designed so that the worship leader or clergy don't have to do a lot of prep.
  8. OK - I am going to stick my neck out here and ask for someone to read the plot outline for my new WIP. This is not something I would normally do but as I am venturing into writing a story placed in a setting I am not familiar with but exists, I think it is appropriate. I have researched (and still am doing so), it makes sense to me to see how viable the premises is before I start writing the story in full. The plot has been proofread so it should be a fairly clean copy to read. Ideally, I would like someone here who knows about the Amish community or has read extensi
  9. Hey guys, Is Jesus: Hero? Enemy? Or... the Son of God I'm looking for some readers to follow Jonathan, 12 - a young stonemason who works on Herod's Temple at Jerusalem. Jesus is his hero but once the adult's starts bad-mouthing Him - Jonathan must decide. Will he follow his friends and teachers? Or will he follow this rebel rabbi who might be ... the Son of God. If you'd like to read this preteen novel set in a realistic First Century Jewish world, please let me know. It about 90 pages and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The book is not released for a few days but
  10. It’s that time again...I’m within just a couple of chapters of finishing the latest installment in my romantic suspense series, and I’d love to find some beta readers to tell me everything I need to fix. It’s ok if you haven’t read the previous books, because each one is relatively independent.
  11. Hello everyone, Diamond Books are looking for a professional artist who has a Jewish background. We are looking for someone to help with the illustrations of Set D and Set E books (for 5-6 year olds). Ideally they should be a believer but it is not essential. If any has any information could you get in touch by sending an email to: sean@quoakle.com Kind Regards
  12. Hello all. My memoir is ALMOST at the point where I'll be looking for some feedback. I'm hoping to send it out to betas within the next week and by the end of this month at the latest. I thought I'd check here first to see if there's anyone that would be interested in reading it. A few notes, my target audience is women (not sure men would find it interesting). Also, by the end I've learned some Christian lessons but I do share about my secular experiences prior to that moment. So fair warning, it's not explicit but I did just want to warn you about that. I'll paste my preface belo
  13. Looking for beta readers that are open to take a look at a Superhero, Science Fantasy, Supernatural Epic Fantasy book. The intro to the book is a little rough and still needs work but the plot is all there, as you progress through the book the reading gets smoother. As of right now I'm about halfway through the 3rd draft atm and already plan to take another run through the book but I would really like feedback, critiques, and opinions on the enjoyment of the book at this point. I know this book and genre might not be something that is appealing to many people here but if anyone has
  14. Hello, everyone! I was hoping to find beta readers for my novel - Giovanna and the Mysterious Absium. It's a middle grade high fantasy with some elements of hard fantasy. It's aimed at 9 to 12 year olds and leans a bit more towards a female audience (so I'd especially appreciate feedback from female readers). It's mostly action and comedy, with a bit of mystery thrown in. What's the book about: Eleven-year-old Giovanna always wanted to be a Warrior – no, more than that – she wants to be the greatest swordswoman on the planet! She’d spend hours daydreaming about protecting ot
  15. Now it's the Penguins' turn to look for beta readers. This is a children's book with three or four excellent illustrations per chapter. I haven't written a blurb for it () yet. It is the adventures of Penny and Guino, two fairy penguins, and their adopted son/nephew Al, an albatross. They live on Phillip Island in southern Australia. Issues include finders-keepers, stolen golf balls, a missing human child and a missing penguin chick, "righteous" anger, differences, and growing up.
  16. I hope to have GA ready for beta reading by mid July and am now seeking volunteers. I am happy to beta read in return. Granny Annie is the 3rd & final book in The Sphinx series. Word count 65K. Brief (very rough) description below Can the present, save the future by healing the hurts of the past? When silver fox Granny Annie turns up unexpected one evening at the Carter ranchhouse where 13 year old Iris Henderson lives, Iris finds herself on a collision course with her grandmother. She must find out the secrets of the past which have drive
  17. My one-sentence blurb for Escape is "Who succeeds with a second chance: the woman running away from an abusive relationship, the abusive husband, or the angry horse?" Escape is 59,000 words. It takes place in the present in Montana, from two points of view--the woman and the husband. I have identified it as a modern Western romance. (There are no x-rated scenes.) I would like help/advice on improving the characters, whether the plot holds together, and whatever needs to be fixed. I am willing to read in return.
  18. I’m looking for beta readers for a clean Christian thriller with a strong sushi related sub theme. This novel is currently just barely past alpha stage, but I love any and all feedback! Reply to this thread and I will send you a link to a comment-able Google Drive copy! There are two possible covers attached.
  19. So I feel like I was just here, asking for beta readers, but hey, whatever. I’m back. (Coronavirus lockdowns do strange things to you.) Anyway, I’d appreciate some beta readers for my newest novel, “Means of Grace” a.k.a. “Means II.” It’s a suspense/thriller novella, about 38,000 words. I’m in the process of cleaning up the final chapters and sending them through the Critique Forum, so if you’re interested, you should get your Beta Reader’s copy in less than two weeks. I’d be happy to beta read in exchange, if anyone is interested in that. Than
  20. I've sent this through the critique forum in parts and applied almost all of the feedback I got. Now I'm looking to get a round of betas. It's a fantasy called "Links of the Two Worlds." If your interested could you please fill out this form? Thank you so much in advance!
  21. I had arranged a beta reader to read this work after editing it as a result of the first round of reading. Unfortunately, that person is unable to do to it now for various reasons (family etc.. & it is not someone from here). So, I am looking for someone to read it before I get it professionally proofed/copy edited. Happy to read in return. Please PM if you are interested. The work is 70K long.
  22. I am seeking manuscript critique for a new historical novel based on my family's journey from Ireland to San Francisco titled The Dunnes of Brittas. Grandiose and fascinating letters of our heritage written by an elderly aunt had floated around my family for years. My father thought they were all hogwash. As I researched these letters I found that they were indeed NOT hog wash but just a glimpse into a complex and inspirational family history that begins in the early 1800s in the Irish midlands. The illustrious Dunne family had occupied land in the heart of Ireland since, well, forever. In 182
  23. So my short romance novel has already been through a round of super-helpful beta readers on this site. Based on their feedback, I’ve made enough editions and changes that I feel a second round is in order. Anybody interested? I’d love more help, and I’d be happy to beta read in return.
  24. Hi Everyone, I am looking for a critique partner/beta reader for a novel I’ve been working on for a few years. This is novel 1/part 1 of a three-part series. Part 1 has been through about five or six rounds of revisions by me, and I’m currently revising part 2 and 3 for the third and second time respectively. I’d love to exchange work with 2-3 others to get some general feedback, particularly on content. I’m not particularly concerned with grammar until I get the content where it needs to be. I am willing to beta read in exchange. I read thrillers, romance (both historical and
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