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Found 9 results

  1. I have a Christian fiction story that contains a little bit more than 20K words. Not long enough for a novel. I believe it could make a great movie or novel if I had some help to lengthen it, fill it out more. I am used to writing poems or lyrics that can tell a story in 3 or 4 minutes. Where do I go now ?? Who should read it ? I don't have $$ to spend but I would love some assistance. Perhaps even a collaborator? Help !
  2. I don't make very much money. I am not trying to. But I do get satisfaction from writing to promote God's Kingdom. I am looking for someone who wants to serve the Lord and who is competent and entertaining to co-author with. Someone who is willing to put themselves out there. I have written many novels. You can see some of what I write here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/D3NWARR3N I would like to add more novels to my Lucid Series, mostly to bring more attention to the first book. I also may be willing to help you with your project. I do all my own publishing and can do it for the both of us. you can reach me here: bigontraining@yahoo.com Den Warren
  3. I am told that I write in a fashion that is 'too dense'. I did a one chapter proposal, which the reviewer had me break into a 30 chapter book. He then took the first chapter and had me divide it into another book. So i have started writing 'papers' which I am happy to have someone else make it less dense. These are a couple papers. https://sensusplenior.net/wiki/Pneumnemonic_Hebrew_for_Beginners https://sensusplenior.net/wiki/The_Dietary_Law Thanks for looking.
  4. I am new to this. I have an idea for a story. I am not sure I can write the whole story but I have the title and the storyline. A young man becomes a pastor like his father before him. Nobody knew the years of sexual abuse this young pastor went through at the hands of his father. When the young pastor has a son of his own he vows that the cycle of abuse ends. I call it "The Altered Boy" What do you think ?
  5. Hi there, I'm looking for a Christian screenwriting partner to work with online or in the South Florida area. I've finished a screenplay for an animated fantasy-feature and am looking for someone to refine it with me. We would split rights and, all things going well, write more feature film screenplays together. If this interests you, please send me a message listing your fav films and shows. Thanks!
  6. Hi there everybody, My wife and I run an online Christian clothing website and are finding it very difficult to find the time to sit down and write articles frequently for our blog. We’re looking for a couple of writers to help out and produce articles which would keep our audience interested and re-visiting the site. Obviously, we would expect to pay you for your efforts and would be looking to forge a long-term relationship if that interests you. Please feel free to have a look around the blog as it stands now and see if you would be interested in helping us build something beautiful. https://christianclothingbrand.com/blogs/christianity-blog Articles could be on any topic that interests you, as they would be most passionate and interesting for you to write. Personal experience stories or just writing about what is relevant to Christians as a whole would be perfect. Ideally, we are looking for somewhere between 1300-1800 words as that provides a good read but at the same time it’s not too long. The best method of contacting myself or Lindsey is via the enquiry form on our website or just reply here. Email dialogue may be better if we would be discussing such things as remuneration. I very much look forward to speaking with you guys soon. God Bless! Martin
  7. I am in need of someone who is willing to take on a writing project which is my autobiography. The content is not only about my completely unbelievable life but also how I met Jesus and what He has told me along the way. After you've heard a few of my stories you'll completely be on board with this project. None of the people who have even witnessed most of the things I've been through have been able to believe what they've seen and from my own personal perspective I have never been able to understand nor has anyone else how these events could even be possible. If you don't believe in Jesus my story will completely make you a believer. I've written it out severel times over the years and have decided I would prefer an outsiders perspective more than my own. If you have any interest in being a part of this project please contact me. I have investors willing to fund this project as well as other media professionals who have expressed interest but I want the message to be made clear that Jesus is real and alive and always present. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  8. Looking for writing partner near South Jersey area. Ask for more details!
  9. Looking to collaborate with a Spirit filled Christian female writer, for a story to become a film. She doesn't need to be a screen play writer rather a writer of drama. I need a female's perspective. You will help create a few characters, some scenes and help tailor & polish up the story already in place. No immediate deadlines and no heavy stress. Initially this will be a project requiring one to work without pay and work on complete "Faith". Note : I am working with a $0. budget right now. However (Lord permitting) we will come to an agreement regarding the amount of compensation one will receive at some point down the line. So, I do intend on paying anyone involved. After you've consulted the master, you must believe that you've been lead to this assignment by the Holy Spirit. It needs to feel right for both. The writer should have an active prayer life and an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus. This is very important to me. Serious inquiries only from those whom have already brought this before the Lord. All is confidential. I'm hopeful to have a collaborator come on board by the end of the year. Thank you so much. God Bless! AC
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