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Found 6 results

  1. We are interested in publishing personal short stories that are inspiring, engaging, and encouraging to Christians of all ages. Stories do not have to be religious, rather, they should be stories that show the Lord’s hand working in our lives or the lives of others. These stories should be powerful rather than preachy. The stories may be true, factual, historical, and based on actual true-to-life stories and situations of famous or infamous people. The stories may also be in parable form. Please click on the link below to download Writer’s Guidelines and submit your story! We are looking forward to reading your submission! https://mindsetgo.info/stories
  2. We are seeking married women writers to contribute a variety of short articles about marriage for our website. Writers will receive full credit for published articles. Writers may submit one article a month or up to 10 articles a month. A biography page may be available for writers who frequently submit and whose articles are regularly accepted. Negotiable. Most Christian genre considered. We will begin accepting submissions on August 10, and accepted submissions will published as early as August 21, 2020. What will you write? Something funny? Inspiring? We'd love to hear from you! For more information please pm me.
  3. A new quarterly magazine seeks writers to write articles to help the people in Africa know God and the power of grace. This is solely a voluntary position. Interested persons should email me at aurorachristianmedia@gmail.com.
  4. Not really a writing job, but very similar. Not even sure if it's right for me to ask this of someone since I can't pay them, but was wondering if there was any interest out there.... I have a new fantasy book series I am working on. There are a lot of new and fantastic races that are introduced in my story (in fact, there aren't any normal races - no humans, elves, dwarves, etc.) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking some of my descriptions and sketching out a general look for each race? If I ever publish, I would love to include a appendix with the concept art for each of the races for the readers to look at (that's probably a long way off, though). I love art, but have absolutely no talent for it. The backdrop would be comparable to a medieval type cultural setting (as far as clothing and technology, etc) Here are some examples - - The main protagonist is an Aygiff - Aygiff's can shape shift to different animals. Aygiff's have pointed ears that lay back against their heads, their hair is typically kept short with a rattail behind. The main protagonist has heterochromia with one eye emerald green, the other cobalt blue. aside from those descriptions, he'd look pretty typical. - oh, typically a more deep tan skin tone Alacrin is a race who have an affinity toward insects. They are a smaller race, perhaps 4' average. They have light green skin (perhaps mint or lime green), short pointy ears with tufts of hair at the top, and a mohawk array of hair on top of their head Cerateceans are a large, muscular race (roughly based on orcas) - no hair, a rounded skull with a slightly flat, but extended (but not elongated... if that makes sense) face with rows of sharp teeth in their large jaws, they have strong fins, or bony blades covered in skin that stick out from their forearms. dark, slimy, amphibian-like skin - many have white splotches in their skin of different designs. Evianians - Male Evianis are rather normal looking, but they have wings attached to their back and matted feathers for hair. The females can't fly and don't have wings, but they also have feathers for hair, but they also have feathers decorating their arms and upper bodies They are typically tall, slim, and refined. While the male feathers can come in many colors, they are usually one solid color and not as bright as the females colors which can be a bright array of different tints. - for example, two support characters are a male and female Eviani - the male has cyan colored wings, and the female, his sister, has predominantly cyan colored feathers, but also has some greener and some bluer feathers as well, all blended in in a spectacular way... (hopefully that description makes sense...) Just a few examples... so far, other races are - Faehin, L'entia, Vaelintry, Neulauhdian, Maunin, Loxor, Naksian, and Scyphozomian. If you are interested or think this might be fun, please let me know
  5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for A Game for Good Christians’ Anthology of Honest Spiritual Literature [working title] We’re looking for works that look into the face of the Divine, knowing they could be turned to stone, or burned up in glory. In the poetry of Psalm 18, the writer finds the divine to be a source of strength and comfort, employing the image of a deer placed on heights outside of harm’s reach. In the poetry of Psalm 42, that deer is now panting for the missing streams of life, diverted by an absent or forgetful God. Now compare Psalm 23 to Psalm 88. Exodus to Lamentations. Ruth to Job. That’s what we’re looking for. Works that look refuse “to minimize the importance and dignity of life.” Works that “reinforce our sense of the supernatural by grounding it in concrete observable reality.” Poetry: 1-5 poems, totaling up to 7 pages of material. Micro/Flash Fiction (less than 1000 words): up to 7 pages of material. Fiction: one (1) story per submission, up to 5,000 words. Creative Non-Fiction: one (1) piece per submission, up to 5,000 words. Dramatic literature: up to 7 pages of material. Previously published submissions: No. / Simultaneous submissions: YES! / Multiple submissions: Yes. Submission Fee: $4 / Payment: Contributor’s copy. For more information: https://www.agameforgoodchristians.com/anthology
  6. Faith Filled Family Magazine is a digital monthly magazine helping families to live victoriously in Christ. We need writers for the following topics to fill up the September issue. Please email aaddo-boateng@eyeworship.org which topic you will prefer and she will confirm. Deadline for submitting is August 15 2019. 5. Why is it important for parents to teach their children to like who they are? How do you teach your children who they are in Christ? What effect does it have on them when they have a firm foundation in their identity? What happens when they just attempt to appease their friends? Discuss why it is important to always be true to how God made you despite overwhelming pressures to conform. 6. An increasing number of parents do not like the values being taught in public school as they sometimes go against biblical beliefs. How can a parent stand firm in their convictions and protect their children from beliefs that we know are biblically wrong? How do you have that conversation with your child? How do you strike that balance between showing them how to love on someone, maintaining their Christian values, and not presenting themselves as a "hater". 8. What do you stand for? What do you do when work tries to enforce activities that contradict your faith or make you uncomfortable? What if you are forced to support organizations that conflict with your moral beliefs? Do you continue to work there, stand your ground, or do you get out? 12. How do we bring Jesus back into our society, and back into our laws? Have we deviated from God and the foundation that our legal system was based on? How can we, as Christians, make a difference? Why are we reluctant to? 16. Discuss why someone might not be happy at work, and what God might be telling them. Why is it when we walk in God's calling over our lives there is joy? What does this feel like, and why should believers seek it? Incorporate how Christians can hear from God regarding their calling. What happens if they don't hear anything? 17. Has our sense of community declined? Do we make an effort to get to know our neighbours? Should we get to know our neighbours, biblically? Why is this? Is it important to have a sense of community anymore? Can we regain/strengthen our sense of community? 19. Are our children being equipped for the real world once they graduate? Discuss whether they are well-equipped both intellectually (capabilities) and whether they are capable spiritually. Is our education system falling short? In what areas? What needs to be improved? Use the Bible as much as possible to support your argument. 20. How do we initiate change in our world? Why should everyone seek to make a difference- no matter how "small" or how "large"? Why have we lost our passion to make a mark in this world? Discuss why apathy happens to some individuals, and how to break out of it.
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