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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, Peace be with all. Why did my post When the monster came disappear? I had two replies yesterday, one of those replies suggested that it be moved to the critque area. I found that a little off. Because when u write for therapuetic measures, and u have been through the absolute terrible and still going through it u don't need people critiquing u. It was put in the general section. Writing to me is also about writing for clarity and to clarify what I am living as well. I don't expect people to read it, nor do I expect ever to be a published writet. But I do appreciate my gift of writing that I can still have a voice and I can still have freedom to write what I need to. For most of my time here I am going to be the audience. GW
  2. I started a critique and wrote a paragraph or two, then I got a notification, and silly me, clicked on it and now my critique is gone. Is there a way to save a critique and come back to it to critique it? It usually takes me over half an hour to do critiques. I don't want to spend all that time on something and then lose it. Also, I do my critiques on my Kindle. I don't have a smart phone. Also, I still can't access the critique forum rules.
  3. Where do I put my author bio in my profile?
  4. Hello support, I wrote a reply to someones writing. However they took offence at it, and wrote to me in a way that is not ok. And I responded back to them, trying to get them to focus back on their post and writing and addressing what I have written. Because it went off topic. I don't want to discuss it, nor do I want to report this persons reply because had I not written on their post in the first place, they would not have written to me, and the whole situation would not have happened. I also saw my part in the provocation of this writer towards me, which means I saw the problems I had because of not writing in a direct, concise manner. And misunderstanding resulted. But I did see the problems writer and reader do have. I also see the problems people are having with communication. So in the end it will end up being valuable because a solutions will come. But for now If I can get it corrected, I would be grateful. GW
  5. There was a time in my life when i thought all hope was gone. I am certain the Lord softened my heart and when he did that, I became open to at least the possibility of hope. I found it in a movie. The more I try to write as a story teller, and not just telling something, the more I don't like spoilers. Forgive me if I'm vague. Or maybe I'm just being coy. In the movie, the main character was also in a 'all hope is lost' situation. He found hope, and with his God given talent, found a way out. I didn't see my way out, but I thought maybe if I just try to hang in there, that might be enough. The character in that movie, his story gave the the inspiration I needed to hold on to hope. I can honestly say, a movie saved my life. In a later movie, he died. Even though he wasn't ever a real person, he really was my hero. What else could you call someone who saved your life? And now my hero is dead. My mind knows he saved everything, so hanging in there was a great thing, but all my heart can feel is that he survived for nothing because he just died anyway. I really don't know how to handle this.
  6. Hello, When can I access the section for Critiques? I'm not sure how to become "established" and I still get the message.... Sorry, there is a problem We're sorry, the topic or section you are trying to access is unavailable at this time due to one of the reasons below. 1) You are a guest or new member. In order to protect the work of our members, the critique forum is only available to established users. 2) You are attempting to access an archived post. If you believe you have received this message in error, please let us know in the Support Forum.
  7. I've got a story I wrote, just over 6000 words long, and I'm not sure what to do with it. This is my first serious attempt at writing something, and I would like some feedback. Are these forums the right place?
  8. I was wondering, If I placed a short story (say 1,000 words) in the critique section, could I attach a small blurb to the story in the same critique, or should I start a second thread for this? Assuming it all stays within the word limit or the critique section.
  9. so I'm not sure how beta reading works... if someone is interested in beta reading my book, what's the protocol for getting that book to them usually?
  10. If I have a fully written book that potentially needs proof editing and extra pairs of eyes, would it be best to put in a job request for beta readers or enter it chapter by chapter into the critique section?
  11. I know for sure that I'm a member and I am signed in right now. I went to the critique forum to read a few stories, and got an error message like this: Error code: 2F173/H What is wrong? Whatever is happening, I hope it will work better next time. Thanks for making this site so fun to spend time in.
  12. Why are threads in a category with new posts no longer at the top of the list?
  13. Much to my surprise, I got blocked from commenting on a post from early November! Thank you! Hitting the "Next Uread Post" button can take me back in time, but a timely comment is better than bleating a red hearse.
  14. I'm really just being curious here, but is there a way to check one's critiques given-to-requested ratio? If so, how do I do check mine?
  15. I'm a pretty good critiquer, however I'm also picky about what I like to crit. (Genre, audience age, and subject preferences.) I'd like to offer help in critting a complete ms as a CP on here, but would like to list what I'm not into also. I just don't know where I should offer. I'm pretty sure not in the Critique and Feedback forum, and I'm not asking for help, so I doubt it would go into the Plugs and Promos. Where is a good forum to offer?
  16. I've tried to check the Critique Rules in the Critique and Feedback Forum, but I cant get through. It suggested that I let whoever's in charge know, by leaving my complaint here. Nevertheless, I've been able to post two of my non-fiction writings. "Oh, What a Month This Has Been" & "The Minor Works of God" are now available to read on the Critique and Feedback Forum.
  17. I would like to enter a poem that is mine and is published and copyrighted. Is it ok to put that information in or would that be a "plug" for the book that is not allowed?
  18. First, yay! I can finally see the "how to crit" rules on the critting forum. I was raised by someone with OCD, so I'm very must-follow-rules oriented, even without the perfectionist personality that's supposed to go with OCD. So, this is what I'm not getting. The post said, Does that 3000 word max include my instructions? Funny thing. The help I want is my chapter is too long, and I can't see what isn't necessary. It's 2822 words long and I'd like it to be closer to 2000, so I want help shortening it. BUT, it's also Chapter 1, Book 2, so I have to summarize what happened in Book 1, since no one here has read Book 1. I doubt I can do all that in less than 200 words. So no more than 3000 words with direction and story, or just with story? (Either/or is fine. Just figuring out how to do this in my must-follow-rules mindset.)
  19. I am happy to put material up for critiquing but would like to remove it once that has been done. I note one or two others have done this. What is the best way to do it? please?
  20. I am a new member and am not able to post to Plugs and Promos. Guidance, please?
  21. Just signed up to Christian Writers. Can anybody guide me on how to post a 'new subject' comment on a club forum page? Thanks!
  22. Hi, I have been locked out of the critique room. I have more than enough posts and I have been in there before. Now though I can't seem to access the room. I hope you can fix this for me. I am wondering if I inadvertently did something wrong. I know that at least one other person appears to have had the same problem. Thank you, Best regards, k river
  23. As in, any chance you have a pinned post somewhere for that? Because I know all my questions are Newbie Questions you must be asked all the time, so I was hoping to find where you posted most of the answers. And just because you'll ask me, "What's your questions," I'll list them so you know you have already answered these 20,000 times. (So if you have the answers somewhere I haven't found yet, just point me that-away.) And do know, much of this is said with a hint of humor hoping to give you a chuckle. (Sometimes people think I'm angry when I'm trying for funny.) -- Where do I find out which forum to post which kinds of questions. (My first question posted in wrong forum, so I know I'll do it again.) -- How do I make email notification thingy work right? (I had set it to just once a day, but it wasn't doing once a day, and man! I suddenly feel too popular in my emails. I've since set it to don't notify me -- I think -- but I really would like once a day. It's not listening to me. ) -- How long do I have to be on here or how many posts do I need to make before you entrust me into the Super-Cool-Kids-Club Forum, (which I think is for critiquing)? -- Is that forum unavailable for SERP bots? (As in, if we post our WIP in there, is it still private/not-considered copyrighted/not available for anyone who wants it online?) See? Even I know these are all newbie questions, and I feel so very shiny-new to ask, but I'm 70% sure you've got these answered somewhere on here. I just can't find it.
  24. Hi, I am brand spankin new here. I posted a poem in the reading area but the lines were all out of wack. making it very difficult to read or make any sense out of. I worked on it line by line saving as I went to try and rectify the situation for 3 hrs. I saved it I thought the poem was OK. However, when I just checked now it is still all messed up. Is there some way to fix the poem so it is in proper readable line /form / stanzas and can someone do this for me ?
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