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    General Discussion Five People at Book Club

    Wes: I worked in a library for a few years. I was on the circulation desk. One of the things I had to do was read various authors in order to be able to assist the patrons with their selections. Janet Evanovich was one that I thought had some hilarious characters. The MC's grandmother was a...
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    General Discussion Five People at Book Club

    The people who are depicted really have some issues!
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    Hurray!!! I'm published again!

    Yes!! Congratulations on getting published. I am happy for you!!
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    General Discussion How Mainstream Media Gaslights Christians (and Everyone Else Who Disagrees with Them)

    We, as a people, got lazy. Our parents may have looked at things differently than those before them. My best friend's mother was raised in the Catholic church but married a man who had no religious affiliation. Her mother chose not to attend church because he didn't. Strange thing is this...
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    Blog Peace I Leave with You

    I read Tom's essay to mean personal peace. It is my understanding that we have to have peace in our hearts before we can expect to have peace in our cities, our states, our nation, and our world.
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    Meets & Greets Hello!

    Welcome Aline! It's so nice to have you in our group.
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    Meets & Greets Introducing myself

    Good evening from Indiana. Welcome aboard.
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    General Discussion Introverts in the Wild

    Very interesting. I remember when I learned to like being home alone. I once complained to a friend that hubby and son were gone. She had a husband and three children. I could almost hear the envy in her voice.
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    General Discussion Today it's...

    I love the fall. I will do some hibernating come winter. (Bleh, winter!)
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    General Discussion How Fashion Happens

    How you all were dressed looks normal to me! But then I had to give up fashionable clothes a long time ago. Skin allergies.
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    When I was in high school, I took Latin. I know, it's a dead language. I still remember SOME things in Latin: Pater Noster, qui est in (heaven), sanctficator nomen tuum. (Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed by thy name.)
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    General Discussion Ahoy, maties! Shiver me timbers! Guess what today is?

    Avast. you land lubber. (As you might tell, I am not fluent in pirate talk.)
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    General Discussion A Sunday moment...

    Lynn, Thank you for this message. Bless you in your work.
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    General Discussion The Pawpaws Are Plotting

    Thank you for posting this, @Sarah Daffy. It is really funny.
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    General Discussion Friday Funnies - Sept 15th Edition

    These are priceless. I enjoy seeing them. I need to laugh about something.
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    General Discussion Quit Throwing Shade On Her Part

    Can these get any funnier? Had I said anything like the daughter said to her mother, or to any adult woman, I would have at least heard about it for a long time.
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    General Discussion How Fashion Happens

    Her tattoo was amazingly large. She was in a two-piece swimsuit.
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    General Discussion How Fashion Happens

    My husband and I were in Florida several years ago. We were along the Gulf Coast. We sat on the beach and I "people watched". What I saw were several women with tattoos. One was amazingly large. I always think of seeing her when I hear of/ see people with a lot of tattoos along their arms. I am...
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    Christian Writing Writer's Question

    Interesting thought. Do we write because we love doing it or are we after the money? I'm not saying it is wrong to do it for the money. Some people do things in other fields JUST for the money.