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  1. lynnmosher

    Audio Books - Your suggestions on where to publish.

    Discord? Seems like an odd name for it. An omen???
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    Tech Support quesion

    Hmmm...I've never seen it. Seems odd, doesn't it? 🤔
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    Christian Writing Copyright Poll

    Oh, no! That's okay. Not a waste of time. This is one of the top subjects that needs discussing. ::D
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    Christian Writing Copyright Poll

    Well, actually, you don't need to copyright your work before sending it to a publisher. They will copyright your book in your name. Your work is copyrighted the moment you write it. However, if it ever became a legal case, having a copyright adds protection.
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    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    LOL I know. And I knew what I said didn't come out right. I meant other Kentuckians like me! :D
  6. lynnmosher

    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    I concur, Johne! Great fun! ::D
  7. lynnmosher

    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    Yup! And I believe there are a couple of other Kentuckians close to me. ::D
  8. lynnmosher

    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    Oh, yes, Zee! When you're around such great people quite often like we are, you can't help but consider them friends. ::D And sorry, William. I'm not near you. 😩
  9. lynnmosher

    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    LOL Great way of coping! Too fun! Thank you for the giggles! 😅 Which reminds me. A few years ago on this day, I claimed it to be National Giggle Day. So this is the meme I made for it...
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    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    LOLOL Oh, Accord, you are too funny today! Did you swallow a humor pill? 😅
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    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    LOLOLOL Oh, that is toooooooo funny! 😅
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    General Discussion I’m Curious…

    Physically met? None who are members at this time. However, I did get to meet several members for dinner in 2010 at a writers' conference in Indianapolis. Great fun! I'm connected to a few now members on FB but other than that... ::D
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    Presidents' Day weekend giveaway

    Yikes! Somehow I missed this. So sorry, Z. Congratulations! Hope they do extremely well! :love:
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    Offical Launch of my Podcast!

    Awesome, Alley! Congratulations! Hope it explodes with bazillions of listeners! :love:
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    Flash Fiction Pieces are Getting Published!

    Oh, cool, Claire! Congratulations! I'll try to remember to read it. ::D
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    Poetry The Journey to Paradise

    Thanks for posting this, Officialfifi. Nicely done! I hope you'll hop over to Meet and Greet (which is unfortunately hidden at the moment) and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you. Go to the Christian Fellowship forum and start a new thread. Where it says...
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    The Cobbler's Elves

    Thanks so much for the story, HW. Haven't read this in ages. I did have to move your thread to Stories where it's a better fit. Thanks for posting. ::D
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    General Discussion I'm Stuck in the House For Two Days

    I have a question for you: what are your favorite topics? Old movies? Old TV shows? Songs? Learning something new? Cooking? Sermons? There are all kinds of videos on Youtube (not Youtube TV) that are free to watch. You could find things to watch for hours. Try it! And praying for you. ::D
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    General Discussion How to Get Your Book Into a Public School Library satire

    LOL I had no idea they have a book out. :D
  20. lynnmosher

    Thanks Giving give away

    Oh, dear! So sorry about that. But now it's the best to go! Praying they do well! ::D