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  1. Nicola

    Chapter Headings

    Genre counts here. Sci fi and mystery are two where time is important. It can be a helpful anchor or an annoying distraction depending on how it is referred to in the body of the chapter. The characters need to interact with the time stamp to make it relevant.
  2. Nicola

    Christian Writing I feel a draft

    Congratulations! I admire your method and immersion in your writing. Will you now put it in a drawer and wait for the dust to settle? You deserve a break.
  3. Nicola

    Christian Writing Do you feel for your characters

    I weep when characters die in my stories. Some people get really angry with me for killing them off. There is more danger from fans than from my tissue box! @zx1ninja you write very compelling humans and aliens. I wept when they died.
  4. Nicola

    Opinions on a question posed

    I hope we won't stay strangers very long! Thank you for asking this important question. We need to ponder it regularly. What glorifies God, what glorifies me? Do I get a rush every time someone reads my words and gushes about them? Do I recognise my Source? It sounds like you have combat...
  5. Nicola

    Christian Writing How many times

    I'd say that was mostly a Pauline saying for his times, but that may be too narrow. Concentrate on Paul, though. If you use a reference bible, one verse leads to another. There is a false doctrine that has to do with death as sleep. It is more about doing nothing or being put in stasis after...
  6. Nicola

    Twitter Pitch Parties: Are They Worth It?

    I got an offer to pitch to Monster Ivy Press. They read my first pages and said I wasn't edgy enough for them. But I was grateful that they gave feedback. It is a good exercise in elevator pitching. You have very few words to convey your brilliance.
  7. Nicola

    Christian Writing Poll: How many stories are you writing?

    Editing book 2 of the Leoshine series. This requires much rewriting. Writing flash fiction for Medium and Sci Fi Shorts. Poems when they happen. Writing magazine articles on TCK related themes
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    All things in moderation. Stay away from lists. This is what I learned here today. I like to be poetic and use metaphor instead of adjective. Sometimes a simple adjective is a breath of fresh air to a reader.
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    Science Fiction Sweepstakes

    Thank you. I like it too. Good to hear from you!
  10. Nicola

    Science Fiction Sweepstakes

    Thanks for stopping by!
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    Science Fiction Sweepstakes

    Hello! Have you heard of AuthorXP? I decided to give them a try in promoting Leoshine. The best part is, it is not a subscription. I really appreciate the pay per service model. Well, Here's the link! Check out Leoshine's cover. It is very different from the other covers in this promo. I make...
  12. Nicola

    Brandon Sanderson v. Audible

    Thanks for the mention, @Claire Tucker , @Zee, and @carolinamtne ! I gave up on Audible after I spent 80 hours producing a book that had been scammed. I had no idea the people hiring me on ACX did not own the manuscript. There is Audiblegate too. I am working hard to edit and produce Leoshine...
  13. Nicola

    My First Book!!! The Road Goes Ever On and On A New Perspective on J. R. R. Tolkien and Middle-earth

    Congratulations! This is most intriguing. I rejoice that interest is keen.
  14. Nicola

    Calling all Science Fiction Fans

    I love the images they are creating to go with my stories. This one makes me weep with poignancy. It is an origin story for Resham, a major player in the Leoshine Series. They have a Black Friday Sale
  15. Nicola

    Christian Writing I Don't Normally Write Leading Dialogue Tags But...

    Thank you! You are a great resource for editing!
  16. Nicola

    Christian Writing Critique the title and cover of my next book

    The ideas are sound. They just need a little nuance. Best selling covers have layers. @Travis Williams should weigh in on this. He is a master of layers. Graphic designers wield the magic of architecture. The Golden Rectangle and all. For instance, I would put a fly in the top right hand...
  17. Nicola

    I now understand why so many famous writers are jaded.

    Let's make one thing clear. This is not a writer's group or club. We don't do any of that teenage stuff to promote our own voice. We do share hilarious cartoons and practice scathing wit. Writing may or may not go unnoticed. I am deeply grateful for you people!
  18. Nicola

    Christian Writing I Don't Normally Write Leading Dialogue Tags But...

    Talking about audiobooks, as a narrator I need to know who's voice I need to adopt for the coming speech. Put the tag at the beginning or near the beginning to avoid confusion in narrator and reader/listener. I had an editor who insisted on tags at the beginning. It must have been in a style...
  19. Nicola

    Christian Writing "We're In A Tight Spot!"

    I had Avram swear that no one in his kingdom would kill Wol. Yet Wol had to die brutally by someone's hand for the story to complete. Then I realised that one person did not swear allegiance to Avram. Someone small and unnoticed...
  20. Nicola

    Calling all Science Fiction Fans

    SciFi Shorts SFS Publishing showcases the best new flash fiction, reviving the golden age of sci-fi pulp. This is a new subscription magazine for those who enjoy science fiction in very short doses. I am excited to be on their writing team and hope to offer something off even their expected...