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  1. Claire Tucker


    It depends a lot on the context (and the genre, as you mentioned). The example you gave is fine, in my opinion. The reason editors will advise you to make the sentences shorter is because that helps with ease of reading. Shorter sentence = easily understood = more accessible for readers. But...
  2. Claire Tucker


    I like one of the closing comments of the article Rachel Jack shared: When it comes to editing, I don't hate adjectives. Adverbs are okay, but if you can find a stronger verb that doesn't need the adverb and is suitable to the character's voice, then use the stronger verb. Here are some of the...
  3. Claire Tucker

    Brandon Sanderson v. Audible

    @Zee is correct. @Nicola is our resident narrator. What you might want to look into instead of doing an audio book is releasing the book as a podcast. That is one way you can can narrate it, but I'm not sure how you would monetize it or even you could. The Novel Marketing podcast has some...
  4. Claire Tucker

    Let's practice writing bios

    Fun idea! Here's mine: Only thing that's sort of missing is that I'm on a quest to find the dragon the Drakensberg is named after ...
  5. Claire Tucker

    Getting a Book Cover

    Most of the designers I know personally do a lot of fantasy and don't really go for thrillers. Your best option is to take a look at 100covers or reedsy. I didn't see any thriller/suspense cover designers on reedsy, but it could be worth asking for a quote regardless. Another option is to see...
  6. Claire Tucker

    Getting a Book Cover

    The best way to get a decent cover is to hire someone who is a book-cover designer in your genre. Getting a custom-made cover will cost you anywhere from $100 (the cheaper options) to $500 (designers with experience) or more. Another option for a cover is to purchase a premade cover. From what...
  7. Claire Tucker

    Thoughts on domain name

    Yeah, that's money I don't have. And I'm stubborn and don't want to play in to people's hands since that's what they'd want me to do 😅 😂
  8. Claire Tucker

    Editing Courses Sale

    My pleasure!
  9. Claire Tucker

    Thoughts on domain name

    I saw that as well. I feel like that might be someone who's bought the domain with the intent of making money selling it at some point, which activates my stubborn streak 😅.Thank you for your input! Thank you for your input! I appreciate it. I had actually considered the
  10. Claire Tucker

    Thoughts on domain name

    So it would be for my writing in general, not for a specific book. Thank you for your input! Yeah, that's kinda my feeling. I considered combining my writing and editing into one website last year when I was getting ready to launch my editing business, but then realized that they were two...
  11. Claire Tucker

    Thoughts on domain name

    Hey, everyone. I hope you are all having a fantastic week. So I'm looking at setting up a website for my writing at some point next year, which means I am considering what domain name to use. Someone has already bought, so that's not an option for me 😞. Right now, I'm tending...
  12. Claire Tucker

    Editing Courses Sale

    Hey, everyone! If you've been toying with the idea of becoming an editor (or are just wanting to brush up on your editing skills for self-editing purposes), then you'll be happy to hear that The PEN Institute has a sale running at the moment! All lesson packs and webinars are 50% until...
  13. Claire Tucker

    One at Time...

    I have one "main project" that I work on (either drafting or revising), but will also have a small project that is my "playground." It doesn't really matter what happens with the playground project, it's just there for me to mess around with (I usually add a short scene a week), but what it does...
  14. Claire Tucker

    Christian Writing "We're In A Tight Spot!"

    I had a showdown between a god of the desert (so supercharged powers) and a shapeshifter (she had her mortal love interest back her up). They "lost." How I got out of it was having the god decide to punish the shapeshifter by killing her love interest but leaving her alive. That became kinda...
  15. Claire Tucker

    Christian Writing I Don't Normally Write Leading Dialogue Tags But...

    What fascinates me with the placement of dialogue tags is how their position can hint at the flow of the conversation. Putting them before the dialogue suggests a slight pause before the individual speaks; putting them in the middle can lend a dramatic pause midsentence; putting them at the end...
  16. Claire Tucker

    Editing courses

    I've taken courses through a South African online college and through the PEN Institute. Between the two, the PEN Institute was the best.
  17. Claire Tucker

    Christian Writing Debate Topic: Should Christians Kill the Enemy?

    This is a challenging question for sure, one that few Christians agree on. One of the men I greatly admire is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was a pastor in Germany when Hitler came to power and was opposed to Hitler from the start, when the first anti-Semitic laws were passed. Bonhoeffer was also a...
  18. Claire Tucker

    Editing courses

    This depends on whose writing you're talking about. Part of an editor's power is that they aren't the creator of what they're editing. That reduces the emotional connection to the work (although I do react emotionally to pieces I've edited) and gives us the perspective of "this isn't working" or...
  19. Claire Tucker


    The Story Embers team are running a giveaway with some really great prizes. It ends on October 7 and has three (yes, three!) winners. Here's a link to check it out and sign up: (By signing up with that link, I do...