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  1. Shamrock

    Twitter Pitch Parties: Are They Worth It?

    🤣 They told me I was too edgy for them !
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    Came across.this a while.back. g Bimgo
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    Twitter Pitch Parties: Are They Worth It?

    I think it is yet another way for the organisers and writers to promote themselves to gain followers which be a big.part of using twitter nowadays.
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    Oh, yes 🤣 I think that is a potential issue I may have. I tinker with my work too much.
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    Other ipodcasts

    I have recently been talking to a colleague within the church who presents a 'God podcast' series. He interviews well known Christians about their faith & issues in the news. It got me thinking about if there might be milages in my doing something similar but with writers. I know that there...
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    Agreed. Sometimes it can be hard to take but often there is truth in it. My writing would be so.much the poorer.for not taking on board critiques.of my work..
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    Thank you every one. There is some really helpful info and advice. I agree about keeping sentences short for action scenes and not describing every single thing to the reader. So I guess - as I thought - it is a judgement call but the info/advice you have given has helped me sharpen up how I...
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    Great article @Rachael Jack. I like the way the writer balances the use of against the need to avoid. I suspect the art of discernment when to use adjectives and adverbs is the trick I need to learn.
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    How do you diceide which adjectives to use and which to keep.or bin? I know the general rule is that you.should use them sparingly. But removing all seems to me to make your writing very flat. Any thoughts?
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    Christian Writing Poll: How many stories are you writing?

    Writing a series but working on 2.MS.
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    Litopin Submissions

    Wow. You watched it. Thanks. Yeah, I got the feeling they were going for the.entertainment vote by all their references to me being a vicar. Need to do something about that. I agree with the YA label. Not my preference. Just gone through and cut of some of the adjective. The pitch has since...
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    Litopin Submissions

    Well that was an experience! The session went er, bad - One of the panel got up and went off screen - which I thought was rude given they had sat through the others. Didn't apologies for it or give a reason so based on his comment I guess he wasn't a fan. The other members of the panel were OK...
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    General Discussion And my Big News!

    Congratulations Paul. Now.put in a drawer and leave it to mature for few weeks. You need to give tourself space before you start revising and editing.
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    Marketing to Christians

    Interesting thread. Thanks for the advice Wes and Lynn. This is something I have started to think about for myself. Not that I have anything to publish at the moment.
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    YA detectives

    Thanks @lynnmosher. I think Angtha might be a little to young but I will look up the others. 👍
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    YA detectives

    I had a 1-2-1 with my editor today. We looked at my pitch for BROKEN TRUST which begins with: Kate Bruckholder meets Nancy Drew in this YA/NA coming-of-age suspense story set in the sleepy town Blossom Hill where Amish and English live peacefully side by side. She liked it but felt that Nancy...
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    Litopin Submissions

    Ages ago submitted the first 700 words of JUDAS to Litopia for their weekly youtube show 'pop-up submissions.' (I sent them a revised, updated version as it had been several months since submitting it) This coming Sunday it get critiqued by their panel of agents/publishers. YIKES! The show is...
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    Christian Writing Working with Beta readers

    If you are going to spend money on getting feedback get a developmental editorial assessment instead.
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    Christian Writing Plagiarist who stole 1000 manuscripts pleads guilty

    What a nerve. I can't imagine how I would feel if someone nicked my work. Gutted is not adequate.