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  1. Matt Braunlin

    Blog God the Thief

    The divine appropriation of popular culture I remember when I was twenty years old, I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart. I was in rough shape. I was running errands with my mother. I was not a Christian back then, but in my longing for healing I began to pray. My prayer was...
  2. Matt Braunlin

    Blog A Particularly Scrawny Opponent

    Scientism continues to have a hold on God's most beloved creations. Many people would sincerely like to believe, but think that his existence has been disproved by the discoveries of science. Of course, many do not want to believe, and are drunk with the pleasure of what they see as the...
  3. Matt Braunlin

    Two Skips of a Stone by Matt Braunlin

    Hello all. I have been posting for a few months and am really enjoying my experience here. This is a promotion for my novel, Two Skips of a Stone. It is Part One of a trilogy called Operation: Eleanor about a man named Jason Roberts who travels back in time to prevent World War Two. The...
  4. Matt Braunlin

    Blog The Great Trek

    Dedicated to Pastor Gord Abraham The following is a small sentimental reflection on a fundamental Truth of our relationship with God. The Bible is our ultimate source of understanding of the God we worship. In its pages we discover wonders and delights that teach us, in essence, how...
  5. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Mr. Potter's Picture

    . Potter from It's a Wonderful Life is the most sublime bad guy ever portrayed on film. Lionel Barrymore's flawless portrayal of this heartless monster captivates us every single year. You truly love to hate him. Today, Christmas Day 2022, I would like to examine just what makes this man so...
  6. Matt Braunlin

    Blog What Humility is not

    Thank you very much my friend! Hope you had a good Christmas!
  7. Matt Braunlin

    Blog What Humility is not

    As any reliable Christian will tell you, the darkest, most dangerous of all sins is Pride. Self-worship. Satan and his demons are consumed by pride. It was pride that compelled Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and to pass the blame before God when he confronted them on it. Pride...
  8. Matt Braunlin

    Blog And God said, 'Thou shalt chill out.'

    Im hoping to put all of these blurbs together in one volume at some point. When i can afford it lol
  9. Matt Braunlin

    Blog And God said, 'Thou shalt chill out.'

    And God said, 'Thou shalt chill out.' Christianity is under attack. Very powerful forces are at work in this world, trying to undermine and destroy humanity's one and only hope, and put a terrifying tyranny in its place. They will fail, of course. But here I will shed light on a sad and...
  10. Matt Braunlin

    Blog To Be Nailed on the Door

    [Having already finished this blurb, I want to add a statement at the top: I did not enjoy writing this. I am not happy having written it. As I reread it, it gives me nothing but feelings of sadness and stress and even fear. But I needed to write it, and I think you need to hear it, so here...
  11. Matt Braunlin

    Blog The Problem with Us

    When I took my first clumsy steps as a believer, I would always talk about Jesus dying for our sins. That he died for us, that he is our Saviour. Believe it or not, this talk represented the first barrier I encountered. The first wall erected by Satan that had to be knocked down. Now what on...
  12. Matt Braunlin

    Blog A Note on Biblical Structure

    A Note on Biblical Structure If you are a new student of the Bible, there is one thing you will likely notice pretty quickly: the chapters and verses into which Scripture is divided sometimes seem kind of weird. Bible chapters sometimes end in the middle of a story, with the last points...
  13. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Magnificent Insignificance

    Magnificent Insignificance Astonished Reflections on the Birth of Christ As I write, it is December 2nd, 2022. I have spent the majority of this year writing blurbs about my Savior, Jesus Christ. And now that the Christmas season has officially begun, there was no way I was not going to...
  14. Matt Braunlin

    Blog The Law, the Sinner, and the Son

    The Pentateuch (the first five Books of the Old Testament) contain many of the most beautiful and beloved stories ever told. They show God's interaction with his people on the most intimate level, from his step by step guidance of the patriarchs, to his liberation of his chosen people from the...
  15. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Bad Writing in the Bible (and why that's good) Part Four

    Finally, I am going to give God a chance to turn the tables here, by examining a portion of the Bible which, no matter how one looks at it, can only be a miracle: the Gospels. In case you are unfamiliar with the Bible, the Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark...
  16. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Bad Writing in the Bible (and why that's good) Part Three

    As I said in my introduction, God also has one continuing tendency: he has a bad taste in heroes. Our fictional heroes make mistakes, but God's heroes make MISTAKES. Jacob's clan is the quintessential dysfunctional family, his wives involved in a years-long baby-making contest, his firstborn...
  17. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Bad Writing in the Bible (and why that's good) Part Two

    Next, let’s look at chapter 7 of the Book of Numbers. The term that immediately comes to mind when I try to describe this chapter is 'literary suicide.' After the completion of the Holy Tabernacle and altar, the twelve tribes of Israel are called upon by God to make a sacrifice commemorating...
  18. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Bad Writing in the Bible (and why that's good)

    Part One After one of Rick and Morty's more blasphemous escapades, Rick informs Morty that their mortal enemy, Story-Lord, is trapped for eternity 'in every writer's hell: the Bible.' Now here's a doozie for you: while I would not word it that way, he's not entirely wrong. Obviously, the...
  19. Matt Braunlin

    Blog Elijah and the Coming Revival

    Elijah and the Coming Revival Of all Biblical topics I have researched, none -not a single one- inspires such stark and clashing interpretations as the second coming of Elijah. And yes, that is a thing. Elijah was a crucially important Old Testament prophet, appearing out of nowhere in 1...
  20. Matt Braunlin

    Blog The Results of Leadership

    Examining the Battles of Midway, Stalingrad and Britain The Second World War may be the single most Biblical event thus far in history outside the Bible itself. The triumphs and tragedies, sacrifices and atrocities, heroes and tyrants, the majestic scope and millions (maybe billions) of...