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  1. Jeff Potts

    Twitter Pitch Parties: Are They Worth It?

    Heh, yeah...Monster Ivy. I tried submitting there a few years back. My stuff is a little on the edgy side. They had manuscript submissions. I received a rejection in less than 24 hours. I don't even think they bothered to read the manuscript. One can only speculate as to why...
  2. Jeff Potts

    The long, painful slog to publish.

    Never cross the streams.
  3. Jeff Potts


    I provide the highest quality drivel available in print.
  4. Jeff Potts

    Twitter Pitch Parties: Are They Worth It?

    If you're talking #PitMad, then yes - don't bother. It is a system that is loaded with cliques and flooded with tens of thousands of people posting pitches. And the space allowed isn't large enough to do the pitch justice. If you really desire being published traditionally, go through the...
  5. Jeff Potts

    The long, painful slog to publish.

    My next book, THE WIZARD'S STONE, comes out March 3rd. Right now, it's in preorder. It has typos in it (hence the motivation for another post I put up). Typos that I might normally fix, and push to the distributors (especially seeing that no one has a copy of the book yet), except I'm scared...
  6. Jeff Potts


    When you read through your book and start getting annoyed by constant explanations of mood and expressions, or when your beta reader mentions it, then you know you need to cut back on the adjectives. Until then, in the rough, let your adjectives flow. Though, by changing your style (voice) you...
  7. Jeff Potts


    The way I see it, your job as a writer is to: Help paint a picture in the mind of the reader, Tell a story, Keep the reader from being bored or confused. You use anything that ticks off all three items on that list. This includes adjectives. I am a horror buff. The last Steven King novel I...
  8. Jeff Potts

    Christian Writing Poll: How many stories are you writing?

    The second option, with a caveat. My books are all related.
  9. Jeff Potts

    Marketing to Christians

    We really need to know the genre, as there are some of us who might be able to help.
  10. Jeff Potts

    General Discussion And my Big News!

    I came looking for an image of cookies. WHERE ARE THE COOKIES?!?!?
  11. Jeff Potts

    General Discussion I Had an Interesting Meal...

    I saw the word "Ludefisk," and instinctively retched. It was almost...Pavlovian...
  12. Jeff Potts

    Opinions on a question posed

    Did you ask her how much she made on her writing annually? Does she give her writing away? Is it personal gain to make money with your writing? I am seriously tired of the high-sounding platitudes thrown around as profundity. Wasting a gift given to you by God is just as bad as using that...
  13. Jeff Potts

    Brandon Sanderson v. Audible

    I'm pretty sure the smart actors have their likenesses trademarked. That should include voice, as many of them are voice actors as well.
  14. Jeff Potts


    A review of THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB by The Cave and the Cross. (Short answer: B+)
  15. Jeff Potts

    Christian Writing publishing companies

    I'm gonna hold you to that one! :D
  16. Jeff Potts

    Christian Writing publishing companies

    A hard lesson I learned is: no one wants anything from a new author. When I offered THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB for free in exchange for an e-mail address to build a mailing list, I got three bites. That's it. And this was with advertising on Facebook. In my opinion, you will get far more...