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  1. Nicola

    What Christian fiction books have you enjoyed?

    I am enjoying Ella Walker Henderson. It isn't overt Christian themed. I read mostly up and coming authors, like those on this site! We all have our ways of presenting Jesus and His message to the world. My Leoshine series is pretty overt. There are crosses on the cover. God speaks and the...
  2. Nicola

    Prayer Request Prayers please for daughter

    Praise God! Those storms are vicious! I wonder how the sea creatures survive them.
  3. Nicola

    Leoshine, Princess Quarry Cover Reveal Parties!

    Does that mean you're coming to the zoom party? That would be very special! You can bring your kids. They will have fun with the games.
  4. Nicola

    How To Discern Honest Christian Fiction

    Balance. All things in moderation and with a gracious motive. This is what I think of when I read your words. I recently read Of Wind and Lightning (book 1) and Of Plains and Fire (book 2) by Ella Walker Henderson She did a terrific job at balancing the light and dark of human nature. There is...
  5. Nicola

    Christian Writing Writing Is Hard

    Great story! $1 for Leoshine, Princess Oracle $5 for the publishing costs $20 for the years of labour on the story. Seems like a deal to me! I want to be Steinmetz too! Listening to the voice of the machine. Feeling the heartbeat. Knowing the internal structure so well that I can zero in on...
  6. Nicola

    Reading other people's work

    "Spoiled for reading." Once we know what goes on behind the scenes, we never find the stage lights so honouring. @Shamrock, I understand the disappointment of not finding good books. That's one reason I write! I want to read something written the way I want it written. We are also in a craft...
  7. Nicola

    Leoshine, Princess Quarry Cover Reveal Parties!

    Because one is just not enough! On October 15th we will reveal the cover for Leoshine, Princess Quarry, book two in the Leoshine series, designed by Travis Williams This reveal will be in person at the Okotoks Library (That's in Alberta, Canada I don't know how many of you can come!) Register...
  8. Nicola

    ISBN 101 Needed

    Move to Canada. The ISBN's are free here!
  9. Nicola

    Christian Writing Fill in the blank (what would YOU do?)

    As an unwise father, I run over there with a baseball bat and have a good old slugfest with anyone thinking about looking at my daughter. Likely I get beaten up and maybe die. I don't help my daughter any. As a wise father I let my daughter walk over to me at the car. I make myself look tall...
  10. Nicola

    Christian Writing A Sea-Change of Opinion About Self Publishing

    Who are the new gate keepers going to be? Readers have always been the gatekeepers traditional publishers wanted to keep happy. Traditional publishers just got a bit arrogant about what readers really wanted. Time is the best gatekeeper. If a book is still selling a year after launch, it is...
  11. Nicola

    Christian Writing Don't miss this article with a list of great writing sites

    Thanks for posting, Lynn. I look forward to checking them out. Nice to see our alumni on the list!
  12. Nicola

    I’m Scratching my Head…

    What an interesting topic! Thanks for starting it, Zee! Do we have a psychologist in the house? All writers are amateur psychologists, but it would be good to hear from a professional. Eve thought she knew better than Adam. And God for that matter. She went with the ultimate "bad boy." Humans...
  13. Nicola

    Christian Writing RC Sproul On What Makes For Christian Art

    I'd go so far as to say any depiction of creation or imagination that does not reflect truth and redemption (which is what beauty is made from) is not art no matter what the world view of the "artist" is. Some people produce to shock and reflect ugliness. They make us more aware of the ugliness...
  14. Nicola

    Please help with my antagonist!

    This reminds me of the joke about the police checking on the search history of a writer! "What have you been up to?"
  15. Nicola

    Christian Writing Effects of Colored Images to the Cost of a Book

    And when you find an answer, please reply here! Sorry I can't help you.
  16. Nicola

    Crawdad has written a book!

    We know the work that you put into this book! I'll be watching for the launch!
  17. Nicola

    Crowdfunding for a Children's Book

    She raised 43% of her goal in 3 days! I am so happy for her! Still 28 days to go!
  18. Nicola

    Crowdfunding for a Children's Book

    She raised $575 in her first day! It is a lovely book with delightful illustrations. The author is a sweet, humble author who struggles to put herself out there. Yet her writing has build her an audience.
  19. Nicola

    Crowdfunding for a Children's Book

    It is a cute book about being grateful. The kid doesn't want to go to bed so she tries out the animal's beds and learns that blankets and pillows are pretty comfy.
  20. Nicola

    Crowdfunding for a Children's Book

    Marcia Lee Laycock has a new book, Merrigold's Very Best Home launching soon. She is doing an Indigogo campaign to pay for publication costs and a facebook event to kick it all off tomorrow at 11 am EDT. 9 am MDT. I'll be there! If you can't come, consider buying the book from the campaign and...