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  • The Launch of the Jesus Series of Books (Set B) on Apple

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    Diamond Books

    We are just announcing, at long last, progress with the Set B books of Diamond Books which are available as individual eBooks for just 99p each on the Apple platforms. They can be accessed by typing in 'Diamond Books Jesus' in the Book Store. This set of 16 books introduces young children to who Jesus was (and is) and what He came to do. It is written for 4–5 year olds but older children can enjoy the series, too, maybe helping their younger siblings to read!

    We have been trying to get these books onto the Amazon platform but our experienced designer, as yet, has been unable to do this. If you have some expertise in this field, do offer your help please!
    We still have a stock of The Creation Series (Set A), consisting of 8 books, to read to 3–4 year olds. We are endeavouring to find markets amongst spiritually hungry children in this country as well as abroad. We have already sent a consignment of these to over 100 children in Pakistan and we have a link with India also. If you could help with the distribution of these books just let me know, then I can get them to you or you can order them from the website. I am still wanting to find a Diamond Book representative in each county of the UK to give/sell these books, even in a small way, to hungry children.


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