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    Jacob Mooney
    "After watching evil spread unchecked throughout the world before the flood, angels descend in human form to intervene. But as their mortal forms are tempted by the very sins they came to eradicate, Enoch, a young villager, risks everything to ensure they do not fall as mankind did in Eden." Adapted from Genesis 6:1-4

    This has been a 15 year project. The potential of this mostly untold story has inspired me to continue trying to figure out what may have occurred, and then construct a plot that would do justice to it.

    The movie screenplay has been finished for a while, and the novel is in it's second draft, and both are available free on the website. My editor is going through it now with a fine-toothed comb ;-). I'm generally good with the big ideas, but poor with descriptions and details. However, beta readers (understanding that it's a second draft) so far have responded very positively to the characters and story.

    Not everyone agrees on the interpretation of these verses (imagine that!), but after a lot of research, I wanted to see the story come to life in a theologically plausible way, and in a way that would challenge and capture readers' attention - both secular and Christian. Too often 'Christian' entertainment is just preaching to the choir, and that wasn't what I wanted this story to do.

    I've written some blog posts with some of the background on the story interpretation, as well as my 'standards' for creating Biblical fiction - it was important to me that my work elevate the source material, not denigrate it in any way. Feel free to read those on the blog as well.

    The story assumes the traditional Genesis timeline and interpretation. In many ways it acts as a sequel to Milton's Paradise Lost. It pushes plenty of other boundaries already, so I felt the traditional Creation interpretation was best for the story I wanted to tell.

    Let me know what you think :-)

    Chuck Kralik
    Hi, everyone! I am happy to announce that my website www.chuckkralik.com has just surpassed 10,000 visits. Since March, I've posted 109 times on various devotional thoughts. I am so blessed to have so many people that make frequent stops at my site. Keep reading and sharing! If you have been blessed in any way through my writing, I'd love for you to comment on the Guest Book page at my site. Thank you so much for your continued support!

    Hi all, just finished updating the new look of my website. I posted a bunch of poems on my blog. Hope you get a chance to stop by and take a look. Would love to know what people think. And any improvements I can make. Right now I can't figure out how to enable comments. I have a request out to my hosting partner. Well, Enjoy!

    To God be the glory!
    Kari L. Greenaway

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