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    Joanna Alonzo
    A Christian Friends-to-Lovers Romance

    This is a story
    About growing up in church,
    And rebelling against it.
    About breaking a heart,
    And finding a way to mend it.
    About hearing God’s voice,
    And trying to obey it.
    About avoiding expectation,
    And learning to defy it.

    This is the story of an unlikely couple,
    Max and Crazy Jenna,
    Who from Sunday School to adulthood,
    Ventured to and from the prodigal's path,
    And ended up finding each other.

    Joanna Alonzo
    A modern-day Christian retelling of Beauty and the Beast

    A beauty who cuts herself to cope.
    A beast who steels himself to survive.
    A beauty and a beast who need healing from their scars.

    Life yanks Calysta Daniels out of her comfort zone when an odd request from a stranger becomes the only option to keep her father out of jail.

    Brendan Keefe is perfection-turned-beast. The last thing he wants is to grovel at the feet of this imperfect young woman, who happens to be the only way out of the curse he got himself into.

    Will Calysta's history and brokenness help reach out to a beast who considers himself beyond redemption? Or will Brendan's stubbornness deprive him of the love he so desperately longs for?

    Chuck Kralik
    Hello, friends! I am pleased to announce that I have a devotion published in the soon-to-be released March/April issue of The Upper Room devotional magazine. I'll post a link on the date it appears in the magazine. In the meantime, check out all of my writings at www.chuckkralik.com.


    The Legend of No Bark Park is a story of ultimate triumph. Ripped from the tranquility of Melancholy Pond and thrust into action packed adventure, the characters face hardships and overcome impossible odds.
    Two turtles set off on a journey that will not only reshape the landscape of a very special park, but will also rewrite their own destinies. Jump into the book and experience what happens when a fast paced, dangerous world collides with the slow determined pace of two best friends. These two experience life, death, adversity and what it means to never give up.
    Along with a larger than life dragonfly that moves so fast she almost flies off the pages, these unforgettable characters capture your attention and demand you don't look away. Blink and you might miss astonishing feats. Dodging death on multiple occasions, they press on chasing a mysterious beast that terrorizes their peaceful home.
    Reignite your imagination and return to a time when you believed the impossible is possible. Unsavory characters and even a crippling injury will not stop The Legend from fulfilling his destiny to soar high in the branches above No Bark Park.
    Open the cover and discover the mysteries of this very special place. These characters will grab you by the hand, pull you into their lives and challenge you to revisit your own dreams!

    Complete at 28,000 words, The Legend of No Bark Park is a kid’s book written in the spirit of the bedtime story.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    Chris Crider

    Mike Morrison
    Haunted by the sins of his father from WWII, Cason Lang has been ostracized by the academic and archaeological communities alike. Having spent the last decade trying to claw his way out of his father's shadow, he is presented with a unique opportunity promising to fulfill just that. The Huntsmen, a secret government organization, works to track and find the lost treasures of the world.

    After discovering a traitor within the organization, Cason and his new team of experts now must race against the rival to locate the Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible. Little does Cason and his crew know, there is a greater treasure described within one of the lost texts. Opposed by a group of specially trained individuals and dealing with new information about his father, Cason will embark on a journey from the United States to Japan, Russia, and the isle of Crete in search of a once unknown mystical artifact.



    By Guest, in Publishing Credits,

    The Definitive Guide to Studying The Bible, on Faith Filled Family Magazine. I found them through this REALLY cool Christian writer's website.. "christianwriters.com".

    Den Warren
    In a dystopian cyberpunk world, a young boy dares to ask if God is real. After analysis, a series of androids determines that God does exist. They are designed to promote and protect the truth, which results in conflict with the government.
    This book was awarded the Reality Calling Badge for Redemptive Fiction. (You can read a thorough review at the link.)
    The Lucid Series: Android Uprising is acceptable for young adults.

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