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    When Jason Fentris, Kyne Goodrum's double, finds out his dad is still alive, he and his friends head out to rescue him from the Mob, confident in their newfound superpowers. But the Mob isn't going to let Jason's dad go quite so easily. After all, there's a contract out on him - and they have a rep to protect.

    In Lynvia, angry dragons are demanding assistance in hunting down a band of thieves - thieves dressed in the green uniforms of the royal Lynvian guard! These imposters have entered the forbidden dragon graveyard and made off with various dragon body parts... But what could anyone want with old dragon bones?

    Middle School is the least of Kyne Goodrum's problems.
    That is, it would be if he could take his dragon along.

    When Kyne moves to a sleepy little town in Tennessee, he has no
    idea the house his family is moving into is 'haunted'. He begins having
    dreams of a world where dragons live, where magic really works, and
    for some inexplicable reason, everyone he meets is trying to kill him!

    He spends each day dealing with bullies and burned-out teachers, and
    each night running for his life. When's a guy gonna get some sleep?
    His only friend is a sarcastic dragon who seems to know much more than he's saying.

    Spraypainting the cat? What was he thinking?? With four year college degrees under our belts and a dab of training in Child Psychology, my wife and I thought we were ready for anything when it came to this parenting gig. We had no idea we would be outnumbered and outgunned. From diet to riot, meds to charts, we've tried it all, to train up our ADHD kids in the way they should grow. From the Home School of Hard Knocks, our four ADD and ADHD kids have taught us more about coping and planning ahead than any four year college degree could have, especially when it comes to understanding what goes on in the mind of a five year old in a Buzz Lightyear costume flying on a treadmill. To Infinity, and Beyond. This is the chronicle of two adult ADD parents and their four ADD/ADHD kids living in a loving madhouse with four neurotic cats and a snow white bi-eyed monster dog that eats trees.Inside you will find more laughs and maybe some help and advice for what to do with the ADD kids in your own home, from someone who's Been There, Done That.

    Joanna Alonzo
    A Christian Rock Star Romance

    This is a story
    About making music,
    And touching the supernatural.
    About creating art,
    And embracing the radical.
    About taking risks,
    And rejecting the typical.
    About choosing love,
    And forgiving the prodigal.

    This is the story of childhood sweethearts,
    Nolan and Serene,
    Who painted and played glimpses of heaven,
    Lost themselves in all the fame and wonder,
    And found themselves still longing to be together.

    An aging warrior called out of retirement.
    A gentle giant of extraordinary courage.
    Eleven brothers seeking redemption.
    Europe is in flames, presided over by an ancient evil bent on destruction, death and damnation.
    Looks like a job for Heaven's Irregulars.

    Joanna Alonzo
    The Woman in the Wilderness is a journey, yours and mine. It’s 40 days of seeking the heart of God. It’s 40 days of coming away, of allowing Him to allure you, to lead you into the wilderness and to speak gently to you.

    This devotional is about your wilderness seasons, times you've felt Him beckon and draw you to seek out the God Who has always been with you, and yet is Someone you have to search out. Like a precious pearl buried in a field.

    Each day of this journey begins with the story of a woman, who is going through a fantastical wilderness in search of her beloved. She faces obstacles and meets a variety of characters. She deals with both defeat and triumph. Accompanying her part of the journey is a section called Manna, which reflects on the word of God and how her journey parallels a Christian's life.

    Every Christian in serious and ardent pursuit of Love Divine has, at some point, been The Woman in the Wilderness.

    If any of these resonate with you, maybe you are her too.

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