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    Happy New Year 2022 Everyone. The message to begin this year is about God's Gift of Redemption. He did it for The Children of Israel and His Perfect Plan will do the same for us.

    Diamond Books
    We are just announcing, at long last, progress with the Set B books of Diamond Books which are available as individual eBooks for just 99p each on the Apple platforms. They can be accessed by typing in 'Diamond Books Jesus' in the Book Store. This set of 16 books introduces young children to who Jesus was (and is) and what He came to do. It is written for 4–5 year olds but older children can enjoy the series, too, maybe helping their younger siblings to read!

    We have been trying to get these books onto the Amazon platform but our experienced designer, as yet, has been unable to do this. If you have some expertise in this field, do offer your help please!
    We still have a stock of The Creation Series (Set A), consisting of 8 books, to read to 3–4 year olds. We are endeavouring to find markets amongst spiritually hungry children in this country as well as abroad. We have already sent a consignment of these to over 100 children in Pakistan and we have a link with India also. If you could help with the distribution of these books just let me know, then I can get them to you or you can order them from the website. I am still wanting to find a Diamond Book representative in each county of the UK to give/sell these books, even in a small way, to hungry children.

    Den Warren
    . . . In an age of pervasive artificial intelligence, control of all areas of life is at stake during a futuristic war that many think will determine what life will be like forever. . .
    The Independent States of America had never seen things the way that nations like neighboring Homeland and all their allies had. Fearing total annihilation, they had no choice but to fight a desperate war that left no room for error.

    Peggy H.
    You're Never Alone is a Bible study about suffering. It is best summarized as follows:

    “God, why does it hurt so much?” “Don’t You realize, God, that this hurts us?” “Don’t You care enough to stop the pain?” What does it mean to God when we experience pain and suffering? Is God uninvolved and insensitive to our hurting? In a broken, pain-filled world, these are certainly legitimate and reasonable questions that deserve a biblical response. So what you hold in your hands is a Bible study on suffering. As you explore the topic of suffering in these pages, you will be taken on a journey through the lives of Job, Jeremiah, Elijah, Hosea, John the Baptist and other New Testament characters, all of whom experienced similar yet different aspects of suffering, and emerged from their experiences with a more profound relationship with God and comforted in their faith. As you work through this Bible study, it is my hope and prayer that you will grow in wisdom and knowledge as you encounter the presence of God and learn about His “Divine Companionship” in the midst of suffering.



    By 777t, in Publishing Credits,

    Aloha Faith Family! 

    I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and continue to carry the celebration to the world. My first faith-based children's book was published on THANKSGIVING day, on Barnes & Noble. It seems to be free to view the eBook. I would like to invite and ask all of you to a honest positive reviews and please spread the word. If you decide to purchase, I would like to say thank you in advance. 10% of the revenue will be going to help the Chrisian churches in Glendale, Ca. ❤️  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-journey-of-princess-tia-tia-jh/1135193378?ean=2940163164165

    Guest Tammy Spears

    "Flutter of an Eye"

    By Guest Tammy Spears, in Publishing Credits,

    My name is Tammy Spears and I am the Author of inspirational poetry book "Flutter of an Eye". I wrote my poetry book in memory of my Mother Diana Hullings who passed away in 2007 at a young age of 61 from lung cancer. My Mother was my inspiration in life and I wanted to dedicate this book in her memory. I hope my book will touch your heart and soul as it did for me when I was writing it. I would love to share my inspirational poetry and see what an "IMPACT" it has on all who reads it. Let us "Come Together" on "The Walk" and make my "Dream" come true! God gave us this "One Life" to live, won't you "Take Me With You" and help me make "Our Mother" proud? The titles in ("quotations") are poems that are published in my poetry book "Flutter of an Eye" and the book is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and iUniverse.com. You can view my blog on iUniverse.com at https://blog.iuniverse.com/iuniverse-advice/poet-tammy-spears-discusses-new-her-collection-flutter-of-an-eye/

    Thank you for your support and God Bless You!

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