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  1. Praying for you, your family, and your doctors as they care for you!
  2. Well, I loved your current newsletter! So, I think they will be a perfect fit for me! Thank you so much for the link! I am signed up and looking forward to reading more!
  3. Thank you Carolina! It is nice to meet you, too! I do hope to be around here more again. It has been nice to see I still have old friends on here! And, thank you a million times for finding the author of the poem! I don't know why my search turned up nothing. I am thinking I need to brush up on my researching skills! Haha!
  4. Maybe could be stress in combo with that, too... seems like March was the kick off for a really rough spring/summer, in more ways than one. I am glad that you are starting to feel some better. I will be praying that each day is easier! God is a miracle worker! Thank you for the link! I will enjoy reading it thoroughly! And, I would definitely like to sign up! Yes. I have an IG account, mostly for photography, but I have heard things from others along those lines. And, you are right... unless you are "important" (to them), it doesn't really matter. Thank you
  5. Praying for the safety of your city!! It is scary times we are living in! Are you in a safe area? Away from downtown??
  6. I can't imagine how difficult that would be. And, I am sure, the stress didn't help your fibromyalgia. Kind of a vicious cycle, each exacerbating the other. Has it been better since you have slowed down? I am glad you are still writing, though. I always enjoyed reading your posts/submissions. Where do you post your newsletter? Is it online or something you send out?
  7. Yes, I am well! I hope you are too! I took a little time off writing, but yes, I have been exploding with words! Especially within this past year. You, too I hope?
  8. It is good to see you too, Lynn! It's been a long time!
  9. Hi Lynn! Thank you! That name sounds right. I think that's him! I appreciate you checking! Yes, I really only wanted to post it with my writing quotes on Instagram, but I didn't want to if I couldn't give him credit for it, at least. I also, hoped to get his permission to do so if I was able to find him. I love this piece and have always felt it should be shared! Thank you so much for your help!
  10. Hello! Years ago I was pretty active on this site. While going through the pieces that were asking for critiques, I came across this amazing work of poetry. I commented, and then saved it into a document on my computer for inspiration. I went looking for it, as it came to mind, and I realized that I never wrote down the author's name. I am hoping the author is still here, or at least someone who has also read it and might know who it is. I have searched online hoping that it was posted elsewhere but have not found it. And, I have no idea how to weed it out here, if it would even still be able
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